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Ayasha Ruth Thornton


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Ensign Ayasha Thornton

Name: Ayasha Ruth Thornton




Character Information

Gender   Female
Species   Human
Age   19

Physical Appearance

Height   5' 11"
Weight   172 pounds
Hair Color   dark brown
Eye Color   hazel
Physical Description   36C-30-34
Athletic build. Muscular but not overly so. Slightly normal tanned look. She normally wears her shoulder length hair in a pony tail to keep it out of the way.


Spouse   None
Father   Aidan Thornton
Mother   Carol Alt/Thornton
Brother(s)   none
Sister(s)   none
Other Family  

Riordan Thornton (grandfather-deceased)
Waneek Thornton (grandmother-deceased)


Personality & Traits

General Overview   She inherited her father's temper but her mother's compassion and brains. Laid back normally, but can be whipped into a frenzy when it's something she feels strongly about. Open to new ideas, but sometimes stubbornly clings to things ( wonder who she got that from??)
Strengths & Weaknesses   Driven when it's a task she likes. Coordinated and organized.
Easily excitable, and sometime easily frustrated.
Ambitions   To be Chief Medical Officer on a Starship or Starbase
Hobbies & Interests  

Flute, firearms, martial arts.



Personal History   Growing up as a Marine brat, Ayasha (Eye-ah-sha) led privileged life. She saw a large part of the Federation territory, as well as acquiring a vast amount of knowledge on the sciences over the years.

Aidan and her mother Carol, had always put her first, and it showed in her drive to be the best in school.

Her belief in the Native American creator was something Aidan hasn't pushed on her, she took it upon herself to learn the religion from her grandparents when Aidan wasn't around.
Service Record  

4565 Finished high school
4566 Entered Federation Academy for Medical

4566:Thrust into the limelight, she was aboard the mass evacuation of Earth to Earth 2, then was transferred by the Government to the USS Lavie as a combat medic. 




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STR = 15
DEX = 17
CON = 17
INT = 16
WIS = 15
CHA =14


Ranged Combat 5 7
Close Combat 10 23
Martial Arts 9 18
Leadership 5 7
Starship Engineering 2 2
Civil Engineering 0 0
Equipment Repair 6 9
Information Systems 3 3
Intelligence Gathering 2 2
Domestic Skills 5 7
Survivalism 7 9
Medicine 10 23
Medicine Adv 6 9
Research/Innovation 2 2
r/d 2 0 0
Piloting 5 7
Diplomacy 3 3
Bio-mechanic Mastery 6 9
Gem Concentration 5 7
Gem Specialization 3 3


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