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Sarissa *******- Slane


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Character Information

Name: Sarissa *******- Slane
Nicknames: none

Gender: Female

Species: Dark Elf

Age: 76

DOB: 4490

Blood Type: R  Negative 

Physical Appearance

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 175

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: black

Measurements: 40-34-39

Physical Description: Measurements: 40DD-34-39

Curvy and substantial. Smooth ebony milk chocolate skin, with piercing amber eyes. She is not a light woman, but she isn't fat. There are a few extra pounds due to middle age spread, but to take it for granted that she is weak and soft would be a huge mistake.

Personality & Traits Likes to meditate in odd places. Not a believer in religion per se, tolerant of others views if not oppressing others, tends to mumble to herself thinking aloud without involving others.

General Overview: Sarissa is an accomplished doctor, with a large family. Very logical, but striking beauty.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Mental discipline, strong muscles. Some bedside manner. Not great with humor.

Ambitions: She has her family. Now with them grown adults, she wants to make a commitment to the service of others.

Hobbies & Interests: 6 and 12 string guitar (for dexterity) as well as  Lyre.

Life History and Relationships Married to Quinton Slane 30  years ago.  He is 52 now.The pair have 4 children.

Family: Harlan 28, T'Lea 26(twin), Solkir 26 (twin), Lynna 20


Born in the Lothean capital city, she lead an ordinary life for an Elven child. Her drive to the sciences being normal, she also felt a desire to be more of an asset to her fellow beings. After finishing the proper schooling Sarissa attended Medical school.

The next 20 years were spent with her nose to the grindstone so to speak. She finished her training, internship, and moved a staff position in general surgery. In 4537, she met Quinton Slane, her future husband. The two did not hit it off immediately as they had differing view points. Long discussion into the nights led to them realizing that they were suite for each other. "Logically matched" Sarissa said. They were married and shortly they had their first of four children Harlan.

Sarisa had no objections to moving to Earth when she was offered Chief of Surgery at a Hospital in Arizona. Then the twins T'Lea and Solkir were born. Life proceeded normally and several years later they had they last child Lynna in 4546.

She was offered Chief of Surgery at a larger hospital in Southern Florida. She was there for 7 years when the increased activities and her youngest daughter was in college that Sarissa felt the need to do something else in her career. She inquired as to positions in Trinity and was informed she would need some remedial training to learn how to be a military officer. Now he Assistante Medical Officer for the entire fleet and pregnant right before the destruction of Earth, 

Education: Elven medical program, starfleet academy. Doctorate in comparative biology, pharmacology, and xenobiology.
Career history: Attended Medical School from 4510-4518 Doctorates in comparative biology, pharmacology, and xenobiology.

4518-4522 Internship at Shalara Medical Center. At the end Sarissa earns full doctoral status and hospital privileges.

4523-4540 General Surgery at Shalara Medical center.

4540-4555 Chief of Surgery at Kingman regional Medical center

4556-4563 Chief of Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

4564-4565 Officer's Candidate School

4565 Assigned to Utopia Planetia as Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

4566 Reassigned as Chief Medical Officer, DFS Lavie
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STR = 18
DEX = 17
CON = 12
INT = 15
WIS = 17
CHA =13

Ranged Combat    4    4
Close Combat    8    14
Martial Arts    10    23
Leadership    6    8
Starship Engineering    2    2
Civil Engineering    0    0
Equipment Repair    5    6
Information Systems    6    8
Intelligence Gathering    2    2
Domestic Skills    5    6
Survival    6    8
Medicine    10    23
Medicine Adv    10    23
Research/Innovation    6    8
Med Adv 2    10    32
r/d 2    1    1
Piloting    4    4
Diplomacy    2    2
Bio-mechanic Mastery    10    23
Gem Concentration    2    2
Gem Specialization    0    0

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