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Tory Trace

Tory Trace

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Ensign Tory Trace

Name: Tory Trace

Position: Systems Specialist

Second Position: Marsia Academy Student

Rank: Ensign



Character Information

Gender:   Male
Species:   Human
Age:   25


Physical Appearance

Height:   5'8
Weight:   192
Hair Color:   Blue
Eye Color:   Blue
Physical Description:   https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3212215



Father:   Henry Trace
Mother:   Linda Trace



Personality & Traits

General Overview   WAs somewhat anti-social from the pain in his leg until his Exo leg was installed. Now he is working on his social skills
Strengths & Weaknesses   Unable to run well despite Exo Leg enhancement.

Expert in computer coding

Relies heavily on technology
Ambitions   To create robots with AI personalities

Create Many VR programs for various purposes
Hobbies & Interests  

Constructing miniature robots with AI personalities
VR Gaming
VR program coding



Personal History  




Before entering College, he was involved in a serious accident that left his left leg impaired and in pain. This caused him to become anti-social due to the constant pain. Only recently did he complete construction of an Exo Leg enhancement that provided relief to his pain for walking. He is a VR gamer and an aspiring VR programmer as well as developing AI for small robots.

He has a personal AI named EVA to support his work in coding that runs on a core he wears on his body.

Service Record  




Recently drafted into service from College. Given the commissioned rank of Ensign upon qualifications in Electronic Warfare and General robotics engineering. Currently assigned to Electronic Warfare support of Trinity Tactical Team 1. Duel weld pistols with an option for electric charge shots to damage robots


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Ranged Combat - 7 [11]

Close Combat - 0

Martial Arts (Fill in type) - 0

Leadership - 5 [6]

Starship Engineering - 8 [14]

Civil Engineering - 7 [11]

Equipment Repair - 10 [23]

Information Systems - 10 [23]

Intelligence Gathering - 7 [11]

Domestic Skills - 5 [6]

Survivalism - 3 [3]

Medicine - 0

Research/Innovation - 10 [23]

Piloting - 0

Diplomacy - 0

Gem Concentration - 5 [8]
Gem Specialization (Yellow) - 7[11]

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