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Name: Princess Evalonia Valona Longweave-Greentail-Wave


Codename/Callsign/Alias(s): The Black Angel, Black Kiss (former name, from masked wrestling career), Angel Raben


Sex: Female


Age: 25 (Physical Age) 30s-40s or more (Real/Spirit age)


Species: Aurin (Catgirl/Neko etc bascially)


Home-world/Universe: Custom Universe Built off of the Wildstar universe, although other versions of her exist to. This one is the original. Home planet by birth and childhood is Arboria, homeworld by current place of residence is Nexus.


Brief Visual Description: Nah, I'll link a pic, or maybe a few, including possible screenshots. Ok, maybe I will add some stuff here at some point.




Firearms Training: Y, Multiple


Martial Arts Training: Y, Multiple


Elemental/Magic/Psychic Training: Y, Multiple, especially powerful with life magic(s).


Misc. training: [Y/N] [If so, please specify]  Trained in different languages/dialects, diplomacy, and leadership, as part of her training to be Matria of her Village on Arboria. Other skills, too.


Pre-recruitment Career/Occupation: Multiple. Jack of all trades. Job(s) used as cover up for her work as part of her faction, and/or other purposes.


Faction: The Angels


Faction Rank: (One of) Founder & Leader. Known as the "Black Angel".

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