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Oscar Kashima


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Character Information

Name: Oscar Kashima

Nickname(s): Oscar, "Void Drifter"

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Altered)

Age: 25 (Ages extremely slowly)

DOB: 19th of March

Blood Type: O-

Physical Appearance

Height: 188cm

Weight: >80kg

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: White

Physical Description: Has the body build of a gymnastic athlete, meaning he is physically very well fit, but it's hard to notice when he's wearing clothes.
His body is slightly enhanced due to him having been in the void, meaning that he is much faster, stronger, more durable/resilient and can jump higher than any normal human being.

Personality & Traits

General Overview: Reserved, calm, kind and somewhat analytical (also somewhat lazy), gets serious when the need arises. Oscar is also a bit shy around girls.
One of Oscar's flaws is that he feels unworthy, which means that he feels like he doesn't deserve to be complimented or that the nice things people say about him are true, because he has very low self esteem.
Another one is that he'll do whatever he can to help his friends/loved ones, so far as giving up his life to save/protect them, even though he can normally be somewhat lazy.
When it comes to Oscar's preferences in women, he has a thing for long white hair and glasses. (Oscar also has a crush on Erin) 
Oscar is also the kind of person who gets really embarrassed about romantic and lewd stuff, but doesn't mind them at all. 

Strengths & Weaknesses: Oscar specializes in close quarters combat (until later on) so he is weak against ranged enemies. Oscar's powers are currently weakened and he needs time to regain his former powers, which will take a long time.


Weakened state: (current)


Health Drink

[Consumable unique to Oscar, this is not a skill.]

Oscar gulps down an energy-filled health drink, then recovering his hp and phase force by an X amount.

Hundred Fists


This skill has a EX version that unlocks when Oscar fully regains his powers. This skill will be removed and replaced with it.
EX version: EX Hundred Fists


Oscar punches repeatedly X times with speed that surpasses any normal human in an area in front of him, has a chance of sending the enemy flying backwards.

This skill decreases incoming damage by X for the enemy's next attack.



This skill has a EX version that unlocks when Oscar fully regains his powers. This skill will be removed and replaced with it.
EX version: EX Biomagnetism


Uses magnetic force to pull distant enemies with it (can also be used to push enemies away) and then hitting them with a Phase Force-charged punch
(If enemies are 20 meters away or a bit further, requires an extra roll to determine whether it will affect them or not.)


Advancement - Biomagnetism: Enhancement

Restores X HP and Phase Force during the pulling with magnetic force.
Decreases Physical Defense by X for X turns for the targets hit by the punch charged with Phase Force.

Acquirement Condition: X

Oscar gets a slight power release at some point, obtaining the skills listed below this line:

Void Blink




Oscar concentrates Phase Force into his feet, detonating the ground in front of him and inflicting damage.

This skill's explosion lifts enemies off the ground (also works on downed enemies), inflicting knockup.

When Oscar fully regains his powers, he will obtain the following skills below:

EX Hundred Fists
Replaces existing skill: Hundred Fists

Charges both fists with Phase Force and shoots Phase Force energy balls through them, inflicting damage on a 6-meter radius in front.


This skill decreases incoming damage by X for the enemy's next attack,

EX Biomagnetism
Replaces existing skill: Biomagnetism

This move has three different casting options:

1. Instantly explodes Phase Force and creates a magnetic field of orbs that lasts X turns, inflicting X damage on a 5-meter radius around Oscar.
2. Oscar releases a Phase Force beam (looks like a damn Kamehameha but gold-ish and has an electric effect around the beam) 20m forward in a straight line, inflicting damage.
3. Same as the old Biomagnetism; Uses magnetic force to pull a distant enemy with it (can also be used to push enemies away) and then hitting them with Phase Force-charged punch
(Also keeps the advancement effect for 3rd option)

Void Prime
[Special Move]

Oscar focuses his mind, concentrating most of his Phase Force into one of his fists, then dashing towards his enemy. Upon collision with his fist, it releases the accumulated Phase Force with a small delay, causing a void implosion on the target which has a high likelyhood of wiping it out of existence.

This Phase Force explosion attack always inflicts damage.



Ambitions: Oscar wants to get to a point in his life where his past is not an issue for him, and regain his lost power. He also wishes to work on his social skills and hopefully get a girlfriend. (Heh.)

Hobbies & Interests: Likes to play video games, listening to music, watch anime and read manga on his free time. Oscar also hits the gym every day to stay in shape.

Life History and Relationships

Family: Doesn't remember anything about his family, most likely deceased.

Oscar somehow ended up in some kind of void/different dimension for 15 years, and then ended up in Oretaria. He was then found and assigned to Orteria's army, then later on to Trinity.
After he had awoken they diagnosed him with amnesia, then he found out that he had some kind of mysterious power which they named "Phase Force". Apparently both humans and monsters can have Phase Force, and it is somewhat similar to Ki, the difference being that it can also be surgically implanted into somebody, which is what makes it unique from Ki. The only significant thing that Oscar remembers from his past is his martial arts training and skills needed for living a normal life.
The people who examined Oscar's body gave him the nickname "Void Drifter", and also told him that his Phase Force seems to have weakened for some reason, and that it should return to its former state eventually as he continues training and utilizing it in combat.


Education: Past life skills

Languages: Common; English, Finnish and Japanese 

Starfleet/Military Service Information

Assignment: One of Team 1's tactical specialists.

Service Record: -

Service Medals: -

What Oscar looks like:

Oscar of the Sakura Empire.png

Edited by Oscar
Some personality updates, etc.
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Armor Class: 10 (Base) +3 (modifier) 


STR = 17  +3
DEX = 13  +1
CON = 13  +1
INT = 8  -1
WIS = 13  +1
CHA = 7  -2


Ranged Combat - 5 6
Close Combat - 10 23
Martial Arts (Kick Boxing- 10 23
Leadership - 3 3
Civil Engineering - 3 3
Equipment Repair - 3 3
Information Systems - 4 4
Intelligence Gathering - 3 3
Domestic Skills - 4 4
Survivalism - 4 4
Medicine - 6 8
Research/Innovation - 3 3
Piloting - 5 6
Diplomacy - 3 3
Bio-mechanic Mastery - 10 23
Ki Energy (Phase Force Mastery for Oscar) - 10 23

Total used 140 of 150
Staff approval of 10 remaining points for later use.

Edited by Oscar
Removed unnecessarily displayed skills with no points in them
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