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Major Andrew J. Weaver (WIP)

Director Krinn

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Character Information
Name: Andrew Jordan Weaver
Nicknames: The "Iron Knight"
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Cyborg)
Age: 2,578 (see description)
DOB: <Classified>
Blood Type: Oh Negative

Physical Appearance
Height: 6'0
Weight: 236 lbs.
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Physical Description:
Appears to be at most 35 years old when in fact Andrew is 2, 578 standard years old.


Andrew is a solidly built man apparently in his late twenties to early thirties with neck length dark brown hair and a pair of blue eyes which can be considered “piercing” or “focused”. His two hundred and thirty six pounds are mostly muscle packed tightly onto his six foot frame in a way much like the heroes from 80’s action movies but not in a bulging bodybuilder kind of way but tightly compact and deceptive in appearance.


He has a number of scars across his body from various combat actions over the past decade or so of soldiering but the most notable one is his right arm and hand all the way up into his right shoulder and parts of the torso there has been replaced with an advanced cybernetic replacement due to a severe injury he took during an event classified by the Terran Dominion over a decade prior. This replacement limb is composed of a unique trans-flex metal which allows it to react like a real flesh and blood arm complete with the ability to feel sensations and such.


Normally Andrew can be found in a simple pair of black slacks and a button up black shirt with a pair of size ten men’s special tactical boots or in his  combat kit which is in black and dark grays, but in either state he is never without a small array of knives and one of his signature handguns.


Andrew has a strong voice with a hint of a husk to it due to damage to his vocal chords in the same event that lead to his cybernetics and he speaks several languages including the now long lost (by 4566) Navajo and Quilute languages fluently which he has taught to the members of his unit, Fireteam Osiris.


Personality & Traits
General Overview:

While on duty, Andrew is a solid example of a professional soldier and holds himself to several of the ideals of the Old Earth United States Marine Corps, but the particular branch of the Alliance military that he serves as apart of is more akin to the Old Earth French Foreign Legion.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

-Strengths: Capable leader, strategic thinker, loyal

-Weaknesses: More than happily willing to put himself into harms way for either his duty or those that he cares about, vengeful at times, tends to love too deeply.

Ambitions: To eventually retire from the military life and grow old with the woman that he loves.
Hobbies & Interests:

Life History and Relationships
Family: Commodore Yuka Layton (Cousin), Hitomi Rio (Girlfriend??)

What little is known of Andrew's past is this-he was born four years prior to the birth of his cousin Yuka and would often "protect" her from thunder during the rare sleepovers that would happen when they were children as their respective sides of the family lived so far apart but nonetheless to Andrew, Yuka was closer to him in family than some of the family that he would see more often and when Yuka's supposedly died at such an early age along with her parents, it devastated young Andrew but things were only made worse when his parents started to drift away from each other in their own grief-his father blaming himself on having to pull out of a planned family vacation which in turn (in father's own mind) the deaths of his brother and his young family while Andrew's mother simply wanted to move past it.


As such both of his parents were not there to help a young Andrew who was dealing with his own grief, grief that he dealt with by burying himself in his studies and various hobbies and before his parents knew it, he was leaving for college after he gained a scholarship to Worcester Polytechnic Institute at sixteen, not realizing that he had driven himself to this point while they had all but ignored him.


Over the next decade or so, Andrew would gain two degrees and right when he was about ready to try to slow down himself...he simply disappeared from the world shortly after his thirty fifth birthday.


Ages later, Andrew was recovered from an unspecified location by a Terran Dominion research group lead by a Doctor Rokk Astrovich, Andrew discovered that he had nothing in this new world and was bound and determined to do something about it and that lead to him making the decision to join the Dominion military as a marine-something that amusingly enough he was quite good at with his natural intelligence and keen eye, quickly rising through the ranks from an enlisted soldier to a mustanged officer in a couple of years, eventually being pulled into Dominion special forces where most of his military record was blacked out due to the kinds of missions that he was usually assigned to.


However one of the biggest and most painful times in his life came only seven year later when he was horribly injured during a mission that had gone wrong, leaving him with needing extensive bio-mechanical re-engineering including a sizable chunk of the right side of his upper torso including his entire right arm, however the cause for these injuries soon came to light when it was revealed that his girlfriend of five years had been cheating on him with Andrew's own commanding officer and the botched mission was his CO's attempt to "wipe the slate clean".


It would be this along with several other incidents that lead to Andrew and his squad fighting on the side against the Dominion during the civil war and afterwards, Andrew was even convinced by Rokk Astrovich, long now a friend and now a senator, to join his new splinter government in the Systems Alliance-which would be considered both apart of and an allied of the newly formed Galactic Alliance-as apart of the Alliance's new military, namely the newly developed Alpha Tactical Advance Command or ATAC of which he was given command of the first fully developed unit known as "Fireteam Osiris" and while his recognized rank within the Alliance is "Major", due to his standing within ATAC it is rumored to be as high as Lieutenant General, but these are simply a rumor.


After a running series of battles, Osiris would eventually come to the aide of DFS Lavie and her commanding officer which brought a complete shock to Andrew as it was revealed not only was his little cousin still alive but also somehow shunted into this new era as well-albeit a couple of decades behind him-and he was soon assigned by Alliance Naval Command to the Lavie which is where he would eventually meet Hitomi Rio, who he would eventually start dating after an almost decade and a half dry spell of not dating...but even then things started to once again turn downwards for him as the Hive War destroyed his original home world and..."choices"...by Hitomi would cause some possible minor issues between them.





Doctorate in Biochemical Engineering (WPI)

Masters in Languages (WPI)



English, Galactic Standard, Japanese, Chinese, Quilute, Romanii <insert alien setting languages here>

Starfleet/Military Service Information
Rank: Major (MSA/ATAC)
Assignment: Chief Military Strategy Officer & ATAC Operations Lead, DFS Lavie and Onyx.
Service Record:
<Majority is classified>
Service Medals:

Purple Heart

Combat Readiness (x5)

Sniper Marksmanship

Bridge Officer Qualification

Terran Civil War Campaign Ribbon

Hive War Campaign Ribbon


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