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Player Characters List

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This list includes a players primary character and their four other secondary characters. Limited other NPCs are included in this list as it is used for tracking purposes and as a master list. This list is organized by player.

Atsumari (GM1) (Josh)
Haruka "Haru" Sumimori - Alchemy Commission Gem Researcher/Chief Science Officer; DFS Lavie
Erin "Ari" Mizriki-Clark - Orteria Royal Military Authority Intelligence Chief/Commander; DFS Lavie
Mari Cecilia "Mira" Lowin - Chief Holographic Mapping and Stellar Cartography Officer; DFS Lavie 

Makigisa "Maki" Tahoshi - Field Operations Support Agent; SNIEF; Laviesta Government
Kiyoko Ino - Mech Pilot Trainer; DFS Lavie (Primary Supporting Character)

Sumire "Remi" Rembrant - Queen; Orteria (Primary Supporting Character)

Tugar (GM2) (Brian)
Aidan Thornton - Chairmen; Orteria Royal Military Authority
Ayasha Thornton - Medic/Nurse; DFS Lavie
Niklas "Nik" Blom - Robotics Specialist/Medical Assistant; DFS Lavie
Sarissa Slane - Chief Medical Officer; Orteria Royal Military Authority

Brigid Merkara - Marine Commander; DFS Lavie

Kim (Story Team)
Sanya Isilme - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie

Aqace100 (GM3/Story Team)
Scott Johnson - Chairmen; Inter-Universal Technology Command

Tuncecine (Council)

Ryuji Yamamoto - Field Operations Agent/Sniper; SNIEF; Laviesta Government
Owain Danforth - Alchemy Commission Researcher

Ellen Hayes - Sumire's Bodyguard
Takeko "Akane" Hassam - Sumire's Ex-Girlfriend
Ardent Dawn - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie/Adjutant; Ardent Dawn
Selaniphi "Selani" Kiirmant - Chief HELM; DFS Lavie/Adjutant; Murasashi

Jack Pine
Jack Pine - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
Sarah Pine - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
Kessler Ryzka - Shuttle Pilot; DFS Lavie
Seraphina "Sera" Cerulius - Scientist; Trinity
Neera Pine - Security Officer; DFS Lavie
MomoSS (Council)
Captain Gainz - EU Guardian
Vanilla - Skynet Biological Research Specialist

Players with one character (Non-GMs/Staff):
Hikaru Ino (masorin) - Chief of Security; Oynx Cityship/DFS Lavie
Tory Trace (hellsangel) - Chief Engineer; DFS Lavie
Kirin Drawmawl (keving) - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
Oscar Kashima (oscar-senpai) - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
Valona Longweave (Angel) - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
Desiree Allard (comicfan86) - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
William Shert (Rockyeah) - Assistant Engineering Officer; DFS Lavie
Tim Rogers (slimjimtim) - HELM Officer: DFS Lavie

Key NPCs:
Ellie "Nore" Tessa Ph.D - EU Scientist
Natsumi Yamane M.D. LCSW - Chief Medical Officer; DFS Lavie
Arisa Eirini - EU Guardian
Lilliana "Lily" Ironwhite - Commander; Skynet Space Fleet/SFS Requiem
Lumiere "Lumi" Trouve - Adjutant; TFS Lavie
Mimi Sorinson - Gem Specialist; Alchemy Commission
Ayano Layton - Mech Pilot Trainer; Orteria RMA

Awaiting Confirmation if they are staying:
Jackson Moore (blinkjett)  - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
Kenneth Sinclair (limitofquestions) - Chief Operations Officer; DFS Lavie

Andrew Weaver - Marine Liaison; MSA
Emily Quartermaine - Trinity Commanding Officer's Assistant
Cameron Soran-Ward - Chief Intelligence Officer; DFS Lavie
Ezri Deparra - Scientist; Trinity
Leland Pierce - Security Officer; DFS Lavie

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Primary Character Descriptions

Erin "Ari" Mizriki - Commanding Officer; TFS Lavie/ORMA Intelligence and Tactical Services Chief (Played by Atsumari)
Introduced In: Connections
Weapon of Choice: Martial Arts/Judgment/Blue, Purple and Grey gems
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Hair/Eye Color: Auburn/Hazel
Height/Weight: 5' 1”/ 115 lbs

Description: Ari is a journalist turned soldier from Earth of the 21st century in Universe 001. She ended up in this time as a side effect of doing work for Temporal Security without knowing about it with her lover Brandon. She has an almost tsundere-like personality. She has been of help to the crew acting as the ships information gatherer and then acting as the ship's head of security. After Brandon's death she is confused about her life's prospects and confided in Sarissa; she has also become less aggressive as a result. Sarissa and Ari are in a intimate though less sexual more platonic relationship and have telepathically bonded. She has now become the female lead of TNU as of mission 9's intermission and the second part of season 2. Following multiple nearly failed missions and the loss of Earth Ari has begun to understand her own limitations and has started work to construct weapons, machines and learning to rely on others to help make her stronger and better able to prevent people ending up like Brandon. She pilots the DCU-02 Judgment. She has become less secretive about her love for anime and computers and has even begun studying robotics and programming with Remi's help. Ari is more or less Remi's older "sister." Ari is romantically involved with Aidan Thornton, Hikaru Ino and Jack Pine.

Aidan Thornton - Executive Officer, TFS Lavie/ORMA Chairmen (Played by Tugar)
Introduced In: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt
Weapon of Choice: Battle Suit/Service Pistol
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown
Height/Weight: 6’ 4”/ 245 lbs

Description: Aidan has a daughter and is a native of Earth as part of an Indian culture. Aidan is a marine veteran whom joined what would later be the Trinity Organization in an attempt to redeem himself from a nearly failed career. It is there he met Yuka Layton. Yuka and he became romantic partners only to part ways due them realizing they wanted different things in life. Aidan still would protect Yuka but does not like the person she has become. Aidan would then offer support to Sumire and Ari in their lives during times of trial for the girls eventually leading into him starting a romantic relationship with the two and accepting Sumire's engagement. He is now in a polyamorous relationship with the two and others.


Seleni Kiirmant - Tactical Team One Commander, Trinity Combined Service/Murasashi AI (Played by Kiyoshi)
Introduced In: DFS Lavie
Weapon of Choice: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (Appearance) 50 (Physical)
Hair/Eye Color: Black/Green
Height/Weight: 5’ 5”/ 142 lbs

Description: Seleni is the Human consciousness that controls the Murasashi. She is a former Confederate soldier killed in the line of duty and revived to serve the Confederates. She became lost in space after a mission gone wrong. She is part of the resistance forces whom were trying to take over the Confederacy from its corrupt tyrannical government. Seleni agreed to help Trinity on a limited basis in exchange for their help repairing her but throughout her time here she has become attached to some of her friends here. She has told others about the loss of her female partner whom was tortured and murdered to get at her. Seleni is now in a Human body created by ITC’s Medical Research Unit similar to Lumiere however her body is more cybernetic than Lumi’s at her request. Seleni is romantically involved with Hitomi Rio and Sumire Rembrant. She is currently pregnant and this on reduced duty with Mimi Sorinson taking on the role of commanding team one in the field. Her adjutant Ardent Dawn is acting as her eyes and ears out in the field.

Hikaru Ino - Orteria Royal Family Member/Tactical Operations Commander; Trinity Combined Service (Played by Masorin)
Introduced In: Shattered Stars
Weapon of Choice: Negotiation and his skills learned while in combat on his own.
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Hair/Eye Color: Black/Blue
Height/Weight: 5' 7”/ 126 lbs

Description: Hikaru is Kiyoko's twin brother and the two are romantically involved. Hikaru has lived by his sister's side for most of his life only being separated from her following their father's attempt to kill him for daring to defile his sister. During this time Hikaru became more brash and aggressive but still is the more people oriented part of the team. Hikaru and his sister also have an odd obsession with collecting random trinkets and objects from places they serve as well as fantasizing about death and torture. During his time away from her he also saw more of the side of war she protected him from by becoming injured herself or talking the shit so her "little brother" did not have to. Hikaru has sense become that protective of her trying to do the same leading to a rivalry between the two about one protecting the other from protecting the other from bad stuff. He is romantically involved with her, Erin Mizriki and Sumire Rembrant whom counseled him during the times in which his sister and Erin were unreachable.

Arisa Eirini - Human Half of Arisa (PPC)
Introduced In: Marsia Academy: The Third Wave
Weapon of Choice: Swords/Magic
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair/Eye Color: Red/Grey
Height/Weight: 5' 2”/ 102 lbs

Description: Arisa's second form which her soul inhabits is a high school girl whom allows her to learn about humanity by actually being human. Arisa was born into this body and has lived as her for quite some time but only realized who she was when she met her other self. The two are now similar in personality as both their selves have met. Eirini is a student at Marsia Academy and the Student Council Vice President. She also moonlights as the half of Arisa which goes on missions so that Arisa's polymorphed self can stay and protect Hukari.

Jack Pine - Tactical Team One Member (Played by Jack.)
Introduced In: ERNB: DFS Lavie
Weapon of Choice: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Hair/Eye Color: White/Crimson
Height/Weight: 6’ 2”/ 220 lbs

Description: Jack is a man from an alternate dimension whom came to end up in Universe 001 by happenstance. He commands the military resistance organization called Section 6 under a group called the USO. He has a horrible past and lost one of his sisters to a raid by enemy forces. He joined Trinity to help keep these people safe and use his skills to the best of his ability. He is romantically involved with Sumire Rembrant and Erin Mizriki.

Dr. Scott Johnson Ph.D - Chief Research Scientist (Played by aqace100)
Introduced In: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt
Weapon of Choice: WMDs
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Hair/Eye Color: Blue/Brown
Height/Weight: 6’ 1”/ 200 lbs

Description: Dr. Johnson works for ITC and helps manage the ship's research and development operations. He is not fond of combat and prefers to develop things rather than fight. He initially was brought in to care for RINZ but now does much more for the crew. He is in a platonic relationship with Seph Larson.


Sanya Isilme – Appears Human (Played by Kim)
Introduced In: ENRB: DFS Lavie
Weapon of Choice: Gem Magic
Gender: Female
Age: 25?
Hair/Eye Color: Dirty Blonde/ Silver
Height/Weight: 5' 7”/ 145 lbs

Description: Found drifting in a crystalline chamber in a state of suspended animation, Sanya is a humanoid of unknown origins. She lost her ship and is unsure of when and where she is. She speaks a form of Elven and has a purple gem embedded in the center of her chest. Her mastery over the purple “heartstone” is a point of curiosity. Adopted into the crew and given a commission, Sanya seeks to find a new purpose as she tries to piece together the mystery of her lost memories and time. Frequently found butchering her mastery of Earth expressions and experimenting with various flavor combinations in the ship’s kitchens, she is upbeat despite her inherent sense of lose and loneliness

Mains without Write Ups
Ayano Layton
Maki Tahoshi

Primary Player Characters not in the main Cast
Ellen Hayes - Sumire's Bodyguard
Andrew Weaver - Marine Liaison; MSA
Tory Trace - Chief Engineer; DFS Lavie
Kenneth Sinclair - Chief Operations Officer; DFS Lavie
Valona Longweave - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
Kirin Drawmawl - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
Jackson Moore - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
Oscar Kashima - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie

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