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Murasashi Command-Interdiction Cruiser and AI module insert


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Ship Class: Secular-Class Interdictor-Command Cruiser
Length: 3 Kilometres (9800 feet)
Width: 800 meters (2600 feet)
Mass: 48 million metric tons
Engines: 6 Oprhios Energy System Jupiter-5s
Hull Armor: Titanium-C Composite Armor
Shielding: Class-3 M65 Shields
Sensors: 3 Long range ship scanners, 2 short range combat scanners, 2 comms splice scanners, 1 close range stealth scanner

2 Type 56 Magnetic Rail Cannon arrays
6 Type 92 554A1 Naval Rail Cannons
10 11B5V Concussion Missle Batteries
20 M99 50mm Point Defense Batteries
20 883BV 100M Deck Guns 
15 55M2 Ion Cannons
1 EMP/Nuke Cannon
4 Gravity Well Generators
2 Weapons Guidance Jammers

3500 Navy Crew (1000 Officers, 2500 Enlisted)
300 Repair and Service Driods
6000 Marines
1500 Army Troops
800 Special Forces
500 Orbital Drop Pods
24 Fighter/Interceptors
60 General Infantry Dropships
48 Cargo Dropships
8 Base Droppods
6 Heavy Cargo Dropships
100 General Purpose Combat Transport Vehicles 
57 Main Battle Tanks
2 Modified Main Battle Tanks (Photon Artillery Cannon)
Various amounts of atmospheric gunships


AI Module:

Kitchen is massive, with 3 refrigerators 2 stoves 2 sinks and an island with 3 different ship models on it.
Dining room has a large table that is able to seat 12 people.
Living room has 2 large sofas and a 25 inch plasma TV

2nd deck overhangs the kitchen and provides a balcony like view of the living room and has a bar and several tables for relaxing. Door in the bar leads to a room filled with various alcoholic drinks and liquor. 

3rd deck is Sashi's room. 
5 bookcases line one wall filled with various manga dvds and figures
sitting by the door to a rather large walk in closet and bathroom is a large makeup vanity with a few wigs on the table, by the closet door is Sashi's rather large bed and drawers on either side 
Next to the door is Sashi's desk and terminal with a small reference bookshelf and 2 trays of papers, in the middle is where a sakura endorned white guzheng sits with various sheets of music and a binder around it
Bathroom is also large in its own right with a toilet, 2 sinks, a bathtub large enough for 4, and a large shower stall with granite and marble flooring and a small closet of bathrobes
Closet has 3 parts to it one for normal casual and uniforms another for shoes and boots and the third for Cosplay outfits.

Below the kitchen/dining/living room is a hanger that can both hold Sashi's personal Sabre, the Shadow and a heavy transport. The heavy transport currently holds a matte black Reventon, a silver and gold Centenario, and a grey Aston Martin DBS. 

Behind all this is the AI monitoring room which is a long hallway like room with the Orb and a series of processing cores

Life Support systems:

A Medbay above the monitoring room and behind the kitchen and dining rooms.
A Water recycling and purification system and an air filter scrubber and circulation system
Storage with supplies for surviving anywhere and everywhere
A fuel cell storage linked with the engine at the back

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