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Ardent Dawn Specs


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Ship Class: Ardent-Class
Length: 485 meters (1,590 ft)f
Width: 152 meters (499 ft)
Height: 112 meters (367 ft)
Mass: 1.8 million metric tons
Engines: 4 Tumlak Ion Drive Engines, 4 Type 72 Ion Fusion Engines
Hull Armor: Titanium-C Composite Armor
Shielding: Class-3 M65 Shields
Sensors: 3 midrange sensors

6 11B5V Concussion Missile Batteries
4 M99 50mm Point Defense Batteries
4 883BV 100mm Deck Guns
2 55M2 Ion Cannons

250 sailors (35 officers, 215 Enlisted)
20 Marines
2 DSTC-29 Pelicans
2 SFSC-99 Halberdier Interceptors

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