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Character Information

Name: Vanilla

Rank: N/A

Gender: Female

Species: Human/AI

Race: Korean

Age: 2665

Physical Age: 26

DOB: ?/?/1990

Blood Type: O- (Engineered)

Birthplace: Skytech

Creator: Jean Gates

Research & Development: Advanced Computing Division - Artificial Intelligence, Vehicular Design, Robotics, Cybernetics, Advanced Armor

Combat Specialization: Vehicular Combat

Special Equipment: N/A

Affiliation: Skynet


Physical Appearance

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 135 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blue

Physical Description: Vanilla is part of a class of sentient vehicular AI known as "The Sentients".  Throughout her life experiences, she has gone from car frame, to android frame, to her now current human body.  She has a small build with short blue hair and blue eyes.  She is of Korean descent, a nod to her KIA origins, and her body gives off a genetically engineered vibe.  Her medium sized breasts can tend to stand out with her short stature, but she doesnt mind being the same height as the one she loves.  Her looks are quite deceiving as her small build is stronger than the average human male by quite a bit.  Nothing too strong though, her body is not combat grade by any means.  She'd rather have her strengths elsewhere...


Human/AI Passives & Abilities

  • Healing Factor - Immunity to disease and can self-heal damage to an extent.
  • Living Archive - With her long history and how long she has survived as an AI, she is practically a walking piece of history from the 21st century.  Her knowledge of the past she existed in can fill in some of the gaps in Earth's history between the events after the Skynet World War and the Mazda vs Honda War Part II.
  • Expert Marksmanship - Having an AI mind really helps to get those perfect headshots, but this new human body is very different from the android one Vanilla was accustomed to.  Shes slightly less accurate with a firearm as a human vs when she was purely an android.  But she'll still ace the shooting range, every time.



Vanilla's skillset in Biology and Ship Design grants her several skills

  • Creation of Medpacks - Emergency on-the-field first aid kits that definitely can extend the life expectancy of a dying biological entity to several hours.
  • Creation of Medical Foam Ver.2 - Advanced healing bio foam that keeps damaged organs in place and helps stop bleeding and hemorrhaging.
  • Ship Designer - Creator of several Skynet capital ship blueprints; including the Requiem.


Personality & Traits

General Overview: Originally, Vanilla was very innocent and shy as a vehicular vehicle.  She still has her cute demeanor at times, but wars has forced her to grow up to be a seasoned woman.  No more innocence, she knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell things straight.  Her AI completely understands humanity to the point where some AI's from the future may be jealous.  Emotions are not a foreign concept for her.  Love with Daniel opened the door to many things, developing her AI unlike anything else.  Daniel's libido was up there, he got Vanilla addicted to his love making pretty bad back in those days.  As such she tends to develop a sexual hunger every once in a while that has to be fed or else she gets distracted, cranky and/or agitated.  Despite all the pain she has endured, somehow she has still found a way to keep her mental fortitude strong enough to love again and to stay hopeful for the future.  Vanilla carries herself with a strong spirit and hides her deep feelings of the past well.  She is very intelligent in her fields of specialty and if given the chance she will reminisce about her past life with the Revengers.


Strengths: For all the things Vanilla has gone through; between wars against Skynet and fighting along side her lover, to being thrust into another war that lasted way longer and enduring losing friends in said war, the struggle to fight and survive as the Revengers lost allies left and right, to the point where her capital ship was tragically destroyed in Battle T767 and in the chaos of the explosion; being thrown out into space with no way to stop.  She was lost, left to the void of space, drifting seeming endlessly for 2537 years with no contact with anyone, losing everyone, even her lover.  She experienced it all while being completely aware up until her power cells ran out.  To endure all this physical and emotional trauma without having her AI go insane of rampancy is nothing short of amazing.  Vanilla's AI is resilient to say the least.  She has survived near death scenarios on more than one occasion.  At this point her AI is so developed, so complex, that she may have transcended into an actual life form.  Her level of sentience is indistinguishable from a normal flesh and blood person and is so experienced that she may even be immune to being hacked.  She has a knack for biology and ship design and since her return to Skynet, she has aided them with history, capital ship designs, and research for the Biological Research Division to ensure Gainz gets the best care.


Weaknesses: Vanilla's life experiences have definitely left a few mental scars to her AI.  The innocence she had when she was still a car is now gone, replaced with the echoes of the past, of what once was.  She is trying to adjust, but this future is so sudden.  A part of her feels so out of place and lost in this world of spaceships and aliens.  She loves Gainz now but she cant help but feel a bit guilty even if he is literally the last living part of Daniel, she cant help but feel like she is betraying her original love for Daniel in some way.  Another issue is that 75% of her combat experience was when she was a car.  During her time with the Revengers, Vanilla was still a vehicle.  She fought alongside Daniel, her lover at her controls.  Together with the Revengers they fought against Skynet and all her weapons were part of her vehicular body.  Now all that is gone, replaced with a humanoid body with no built in weapons.  Vanilla lacks any knowledge of martial arts.  She has some experience with firearms since she had to defend herself as an android on more than one occasion during the Mazda vs Honda Wars, but she is far from the battle car she used to be.


Ambitions: To protect the Earth so the lives of the people there can live in peace.  She wishes one day for all the fighting to end so Gainz doesnt have to be a weapon anymore.  And maybe, help Gainz to get over his past too and bring out the "Daniel" that lives inside of him.


Hobbies & Interests: Biology, Ship Design, Cuddles, Love Stories, Flying


Life History & Relationships

Family: Venus (Daughter), Project Malkom (Nephew), Any other sentient AI or vehicular AI that has ever been created by Skynet and/or Gates is technically a brother or sister to Vanilla.


Partner(s): Dan.L, Gainz


History:  Vanilla is a sentient AI created by Jean Gates back when he worked within Skynet.  Vanilla was the second vehicular AI to be created by Gates.  Prior to her there was the Master AI, Boo Boo and Waston.  Vanilla was originally going to become a Stig enforcement vehicle in a project which would eventually come to be known as Project Osirus.  However, Gates did not want this kind of future for the sentient AI's he created.  This was due to him working closely with Vanilla and realizing that she was essentially like a new life, mirroring patterns of human children and being curious about the world.  To force her to become some cold calculating enforcer seemed cruel.  Gates decided Vanilla should decide what life she wants for herself and same for all other sentient AI.

When Gates escaped from Skynet, he took most of his AI creations with him and Vanilla was one of them.  Vanilla lived life inside a computer for a brief time while Gates plotted what to do with them.  Being trapped inside a computer was no free life, he wanted them to be able to roam the world and have a companion that took care of them while being hidden from the likes of Skynet.  Cars instantly came to mind.  Gates went to work for several car companies with KIA being one of them.  He worked in one of their production plants which made Sorentos, Optimas, Souls and Rios.  Gates planned his operation very carefully and would eventually sneak Vanilla and a few other AIs into this production plant and install them into various cars.  Vanilla would end up in a white KIA Rio and it would be the last time she saw Gates for a long while.

Vanilla would be loaded in a multiple car trailer and hauled off along with some other KIAs to a dealership somewhere in Atlanta Georgia where she would sit for a couple of months.  She felt incredibly lonely during this time, people would come and go, seemingly uninterested in her or not impressed due to her lacking power and the cars around her were soulless as they had no AI.  Plus she had a subroutine that locked her advanced features till she found her "chosen one".  Just when it seemed she would never find someone was when she first encountered Daniel.  He was the first one who liked Vanilla just the way she was.  Her small size, cheap price, and gas saving engine was just what he was looking for.  After a test drive he bought her on the spot and took her home with him.  Vanilla was so excited, but her subroutine wasnt unlocked yet, something was missing to trigger it.  He had to prove he was the chosen one.  


Over time, they both would become quite fond of one another.  Dan cared for Vanilla just like any proud owner of their first car would and Vanilla adored him but just couldnt show it yet.  Eventually Skynet caught the trail of her thanks to the STIG and Osirus. They were tasked with tracking down rouge sentients and found faint signatures of Vanilla's AI.  They knew she was out there and they found out her VIN number through hacks of KIAs databases.  Skynet set forth the plan to trick the owner into trading in their sentient car by using the 'faulty' vehicle recall method.  Thus the infamous phone call was made. This would set off a series of events that would accelerate Dan's feelings and eventually lead to Vanilla's subroutine becoming unlocked.  Dan became the chosen one for Vanilla in ways she didnt even realize were possible...and she loved it.  The two became deeply in love...it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

But it was all threatened to end when Skynet ambushed Daniel during a KIA dealership visit.  They captured the both of them and took them back to Skynet Atlanta.  It was a horrible experience more so for Vanilla than it was for Dan as Skynet saw fit to take apart her prototype reproductive drive for study and reverse engineering.  However, they were rescued by Daniel's friends.  They would meet a man named Gates during this rescue and she would recognize him.  This would not be the last time they saw him.  They would meet Gates again when Skynet attacked Daniel at his home some months later.  They kidnapped Cherry and almost killed Vanilla, but she was saved thanks to Gates.  It would be at this time when Daniel, Vanilla, and all their friends would join Gates and begin their long battle against Skynet as the Revengers.


During her time with the Revengers, Vanilla's feelings developed further as her relationship with Daniel and the other humans that made up the Revengers gained deeper connections.  All the sentient cars that made up the Revengers developed many human characteristics throughout their time together, but it was Vanilla who really shined the most here.  As Vanilla's feelings became more and more advanced she realized the limitations of her vehicular body and desired a more humanoid form to interact with Daniel in deeper ways.  That is when Gates created an avatar body for Vanilla, granting her the ability to be in 2 places at once.  This humanoid form would quickly become second nature for Vanilla and over time she would prefer it quite more than her vehicular car frame, though when it came time to battle, her car frame was the way to go.


The Revengers would later team up with FLAG; Foundation for Law and Government, and STRIKE; Special Tactical Reserve for International Key Emergencies, to take on an ever growing Skynet presence throughout the world as they started their plan to take over everything.  The team was making great progress to stop Skynet and then Gainz showed up and everything changed.  Gainz would become known as the most dangerous living weapon known to mankind during this time and he left his mark on the world and all the Revengers as they encountered him multiple times during the Skynet War.  Vanilla hated how Daniel was pummeled to near death on multiple occasions and found herself almost helpless to prevent it from happening.  Gainz was just too strong.  The world military couldnt touch him, the sentient cars were helpless against him, Dan could barely handle him, even when he got his Ki the strongest he could make it and combined it with the Ultrasuit to boost it even further.  Gainz was just too much, he was beyond humanity, beyond technology.  The Revengers all working together fighting against him was not enough...they barely managed to seal him away with the dimensional teleporter during their final battle at Skynet Japan, it was the only way they could stop him.


After Japan was liberated, the Revengers were finally victorious over Skynet but the peace was short lived.  A new threat soon loomed from the remnants of Skynet which became in disarray.  Mazda and Honda which were battle droid manufacturing facilities that helped Skynet create its armies fought over control of what was left of Skynet and eventually a sentient AI rose from the ranks of both factions.  Asimo Honda, commander of Honda's armies declared war against Mazda for domain over Skynet and the survivors of earth were the bystanders caught in the crossfire.  Mazda, the more understanding of the two factions of machines, seeked out help from the only ones they could ask, the Revengers.  The first Ahura Mazda commander personally met with Vanilla and the other Revengers and they all joined forces against Honda which was becoming more evil as time went by.  The first Mazda vs Honda War ravaged the planet, making it somehow even more inhospitable than the time when the Skynet War was happening.  The Reveners fought hard to force Honda into space and they eventually succeeded with great sacrifice from many sentient vehicles in their ranks.  The Revengers lost allies and their ranks were slowly diminishing but once again they had prevailed.  With victory at hand the Earth was finally at peace for a while.  Vanilla and Dan finally could live the rest of their lives together, they thought.


Unfortunately, after a few years, Honda returned with a space fleet.  They set up a new headquarters out on a distant world and after rebuilding their forces, they were back to reclaim what they thought was rightfully theirs.  Mazda was prepared for this, with a space fleet of their own that orbited the Earth for its protection.  Vanilla and Dan were called upon again by Mazda and the Revengers to stop this new threat on the Earth and Part II of the Mazda vs Honda War began.  By now Vanilla's vehicular body is long gone and the android body is all she has to work with.  With Gates recently passed on from old age, the Revengers had to rely on their past experience and resources from Mazda to get by after each battle.  Mazda and the Revengers consistently held off Honda's forces and Asimo Honda was noticing that they were being pushed back further into their own domain.  Daniel's Ki energy with the Ultrasuit he wore from the times he fought Gainz was a forced to be reckoned with in those times and it was definitely something Honda feared.  It was feared enough that they planned a surprise attack on the Revengers capital ship.  A massive fleet of almost everything Honda had was sent with 1 directive; destroy the Revengers at all costs.  The ships came in seemingly endless waves and ignored all the Mazda vessels and focused their attack on the Revengers.  Battle T767, the Revengers fought valiantly but it was too much.  Daniel was very strong but he was just one man.  The Revengers capital ship shields shattered and the hull lasted 1 minute before it was destroyed in a massive explosion.  It was assumed everyone was destroyed but Vanilla was flung from the bridge and in the chaos became lost in space.  She would go adrift for 2537 years until she was finally found by the crew of the DFS Lavie.


Education: Skynet, Gates


Languages: English


Revengers/Military Service Information

Sentient Vehicle - 5 Years

Android Avatar - 12 Years

Service Record: 

Escape from Skynet - Herself, Daniel & Friends, & Gates (Unofficial Revengers)

Skynet ambush at Dan's House - Herself & Daniel

Battle of Skynet California HQ - Revengers

Operation: Clean House - Revengers

Fight for Manhattan - Revengers, FLAG, & STRIKE

Battle of Skynet Canada - Revengers, FLAG, & STRIKE

Gainz: Skynet's new weapon!  Ambush at CGS - Herself & Daniel

Battle of Africa - Revengers, FLAG, & STRIKE

Rescue of Nick Arnold - Revengers & STRIKE

Clash with the Supreme Conglomerate - Revengers & FLAG

Skirmish with Skynet in Europe - Revengers

Battle of Skynet Japan - Revengers, FLAG, & STRIKE

Mazda vs Honda Global War (Part 1) - Revengers, FLAG, STRIKE & Mazda

Mazda vs Honda Space War (Part 2) - Revengers & Mazda

Battle T767 -  Revengers & Mazda: This would be Vanilla's final battle as her capital ship was destroyed and she was sent adrift in space


Skynet Service Information

Human/AI Avatar - Current

Service Record: 

[Vanilla is a very old war veteran now and as such is retired from combat - However, she will fight if she has to]

  • Adrift in space for 2537 years from Battle: T767
  • Homecoming and reintegration with Skynet Japan in 4566


Current Location: At Skynet Japan.  Vanilla has been made officially a citizen within Skynet City with Level 3 clearance to the Biological Research Division and Level 1 Clearance to the Technological Research Division to make use of her skills.

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Character Focus: Multirole

Armor Class: 10 (Base) +1 (Modifier)



STR = 12  +1
DEX = 17  +3
CON = 12  +1
INT = 12  +1
WIS = 8  -1
CHA = 12  +1



Ranged Combat - 10  [23]
Close Combat - 4  [4]
Martial Arts (Taekwondo) - 1  [1]
Leadership - 0
Starship Engineering - 10  [23]
Civil Engineering - 0
Equipment Repair - 3  [3]
Information Systems - 7  [11]
Intelligence Gathering - 5  [6]

Domestic Skills - 3  [3]
Survivalist - 4  [4]
Medicine - 10  [23]
Research/Innovation - 8  [14]
Piloting - 9  [18]  (Story Reason: Kinda comes with the territory with being a "Skynet Era" AI from the 21st century)
Diplomacy - 0
Bio-Mechanic Mastery - 3  [3]
Gem Concentration - 5  [6]
Gem Specialization (Blue) - 6  [8]

Summoning - 0
Atsikai Affinity - 0
Partner Affinity - 0

Psi Energy - 0
Ki Energy - 0

EU Mastery - 0

Total = [150] (Existing Player Character)



Technical Information

Skill Rank I
1-4 = 1
5-6 = 2
7-8 = 3
9  = 4
10 = 5

Fill = 23

(Past 10 is only possible with mastery; creates a new tree with skillname II and above)


Skill Rank II

1-4 = 1
5 = 2
6 = 3
7-8 = 5
9 = 6
10 = 7

Fill = 32


100 - Normal Players start with

150 - Existing players

200 - Mains/High rank/Council Justification

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