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January 2020 Update


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to provide some updates on the progress of our release. We last provided an art patch in December midway through the month. We had hoped to release a patch after that but were unable to do so. I wanted to provide some information on our current status.

- First we are planning to release the second quarter of the game by the end of this quarter; the reason for this is we have had to make grammatical and script updates which required us to rebuild parts of the code. This is taking time with our limited editing staff.
- Both of our primary artists do this as a hobby and are not full time so background art is coming slower than initially anticipated.
- We are also knee deep in trying to update a security patch in the Android build. This is currently taking up my time outside of my primary job along with the editing mentioned above.

In short a lot is happening and we are still responsive as can be seen on our Discord. We will be releasing a patch when it is good and polished so that the community can see our best work.

Thanks for reading and for supporting indie development,

Josh (Atsumari)
TNU Productions

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