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Character List (Players/NPCs)


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Characters by Division:
TUC/EU Oversight

Mith Gorth Goth - EU Council Chair/The Right Hand of God
Ellie "Nore" Tessa Ph.D MD - EU Scientist
Naomi Westbridge - EU Council Member/Empress of the Aloris Alliance
Elios Adams - EU Council Member/Mith's Assistant
Captain Gainz – EU Council Member
Arisa Eirini/Norinette – EU Council Member/Galactic Federation National Security Adviser
Setsuna Arvonus Ph.D - TUC Council Representative for Arvonus Corporation
President Lady Hukari Carain - President, Galactic Federation
Jake Noris – Chief of Staff; Galactic Federation
Scott Johnson Ph.D – Chairmen; Inter-Universal Technology Command
Kai Arvonus Ph.D - President, Arvonus Corporation
Ed Lawson - President, Lonhorn Corporation

Orteria Royal Family:
Elric "Ric" Shoji - Sumire's Father/Abdicated King
Queen Regent Sumire "Remi" Rembrant - Governor of Orteria/Orteria Military Commander-in-Chief
Eru Yuna - Commander and Judicator; Royal Security Service
Yuki Rembrant - Remi's Adopted Sister/Princess of Orteria
Ellen Hayes - Remi's Bodyguard
Estelle Tonwell - Sumire's Butler

Royal Military Authority:
General Aidan Thornton - Sumire's Fiance/Royal Military Authority Chairmen
Admiral Yuka Layton – Deputy Chair, Royal Military Authority/Commander; Trinity Combined Service
Rear Admiral Lumiere “Lumi” Trouve M.D., Ph.D - Administrative Services Commandant/Adjutant; TFS Lavie
Brigadier General Brigid Merkara - Security Services Commandant
Rear Admiral Erin “Ari” Mizriki - Military Intelligence Commandant/Commander; New Sector Operations Command
Captain Tinya Pryde - Logistical Services Commandant
Rear Admiral Sarissa Slane M.D. - Chief of Medical and Surgical Service
Rear Admiral Kelby Steiner - Chief of Research and Development

Trinity Command Personnel:
Commander Haruka "Haru" Sumimori - Commander; TFS Lavie/Science Team Lead; Trinity Combined Service unit assigned to NSO
Lieutenant Emily Quartermaine – Assistant to Admiral Layton
Commodore Yukari Solaros – Commander; HSF Iris (HSF has a different rank system; Commodore is Captain in their system)
Commander Tereana "Tere" Wilhim – Commander; TFS Millennium
Lieutenant Commander Sigmund Petersen – Adjutant; DFS Providence
Lieutenant Erik Slatern – Operational Management Support; Trinity (Currently Assigned to DFS Providence)
Lira – Adjutant; TFS Millennium
Commander Jeff Godwhin - Information Management Specialist/Assistant to NSOC Commander
Commander Ardent Dawn - Commander of the Ardent Dawn and Seleni's Aide/Personal Assistant to General Thornton
Marine Captain Persephone "Seph" Larson – Trinity Command Security Commander
Commander Ayano Layton - Commander; Elite Missions Unit

Tactical Operations Team 1
Commander Selaniphi "Seleni" J. Kiirmant – Commander/AI; TFS Murasashi/Team One Commander
Kessler Ryzka - Pilot/Tactical Operator; Team 1
Ensign Sanya Isilme - Tactical Operator; Team 1
Jack Pine – Tactical Operator; Team 1
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kirin Dragmawl - Tactical Operator; Team 1

Oscar Kashima - Tactical Operator; Team 1

Ryuji Yamamoto - Sniper Team Lead; Team 1

Makigisa "Maki" Tahoshi - Sniper Team Support; Team 1

Ensign Tory Trace - Systems Specialist; Team 1 (Support)/Chief Engineer; TFS Lavie
Ensign Ayasha Thornton - Medic; Team 1 (Support)
Captain Ariel "Mina" Welheirmina - Tactical Operator/Medic; Team 1 (Reserve)
Lieutenant Sarah Pine – Tactical Marksmen/Tactical Operator; Team 1 (Reserve)

Lieutenant Trent Raven – Chief of Tactical; TFS Lavie
Lieutenant James Ross Ph.D – Security Officer/Chaplin; TFS Lavie
Neera Pine - Security Officer; DFS Lavie

Lieutenant Hitomi Rio M.S. Str Eng – Chief Engineer, TFS Murasashi
Lieutenant Nedious "Ned" Luminos Ph.D – Assistant Chief Engineer/Blacksmith, TFS Lavie
Lieutenant Zoe Middleton – Quartermaster/Operations Officer, TFS Lavie
Lieutenant Niklas Blom M.D., Ph.D – Robotics Specialist/Medical Technologies Support, TFS Lavie
Lieutenant Owain Danforth Ph.D – Research and Development Specialist, TFS Lavie
Seraphina Cerulius – Research and Development Specialist, TFS Lavie

Medical/Scientific Support
Lieutenant Commander Thomas Petell M.D., FACS – Chief Medical Officer and Surgical Specialist, TFS Lavie
Lieutenant Ai Roslin PA-C, NREMT-P – Emergency Medical Services Coordinator; Trinity/Paramedic Team Lead; TFS Lavie
Lieutenant Junior Grade Natsumi Yaname M.D. - Medical Officer; TFS Lavie

Intelligence/Information Services
Lieutenant Yumi Aki-Bella M.D. – Interrogation Specialist; DFS Lavie
Commodore Sakura Carain – Political Liaison to the President; Trinity

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dale Flint – Pilot/Training Officer, DFS Lavie

Other Worldly Beings
Adar - Ancient Wolf (Not much is know about Ned's companion)

Former Members
Lieutenant Commander Flennel "Flan" Lanreth - Executive Officer; Team 1 (Presumed dead)
Drass Kebron – Lavie Marine Commander/Tactical Operator; Team 1 (Reserve) (Reassigned)
Kyle Dee - Tactical Operator; Team 1 (Reassigned)
Lola - Civilian (Disappeared)
Samantha – Remi’s Love Interest (Disappeared)
Siegfried Klinge – Assassin/Remi's Love Interest (Disappeared)
Isabella Pine - Jack's Ex-Wife (Left)
"Nick" - Clone Marines Commander (Killed in a blaze of glory)
Thorn Ironhart - Remi's Assistant (Resigned)
Lieutenant Jordan Phillips - Lavie CAG (Reassigned)
Captain Frank Sterling - Marine Commanding Officer (Reassigned)
2nd Lieutenant Leon Alexander - Tactical Operator/CQC Specialist; Team 1 (Reserve)
Ensign Valkyrie Ronas - Pilot; Team 1 (Reserve)
Lieutenant JG Katarina Johnson - Infiltration Specialist; Team 1 (Reserve)
Lieutenant Commander Charlie Levittson – Chief of Fleet Logistics; Trinity
Lieutenant Koto Kengori – Chief of Security; DFS Lavie

Kenneth Sinclair - Systems Specialist; Team 1 (Reserve)

Lieutenant Leland Pierce - Security Officer; DFS Lavie

Major Andrew Weaver - MSA>Trinity Marine Detachment Commander

Lieutenant Commander Cameron Soran-Ward – Chief of Trinity Intelligence

Jayce Loren - Remi's Assistant
Warren Glastiel - Research Specialist on the Swarm; Trinity/Engineer; ECS Nuance
Kenzie Sholtz - Captain; ECS Nuance
Kassie Parker - Student; Marisa Academy/Remi's Love Interest
Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Ino - Seeker Co-Pilot and Lavie Security Chief
Lieutenant Mimi Sorinson - Combat Commander/Gem Tactics Specialist; Team 1 (On Loan from the Alchemy Commission)

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ezri Deparra – Science Officer, DFS Lavie
Misa Kitsuki M.D. – EU Assistant to Gainz/Biological Augmentation Specialist
Ensign Hax Saw M.D. – Biological and Mechanical Research Specialist 
Josh Orin – Nurse Practitioner; DFS Lavie
Lieutenant Risa Ward - Alchemy Commission Specialist
Raki Kami – Ramen Shop Owner
Vanilla – Gainz’ Love Interest
Takeko "Akane" Hassam – Student; Marisa Academy/Remi's Ex-Girlfriend
Lai-Lee Echels - Orteria Nobility
Lieutenant Commander Kiyoko Ino – AMC Command Liaison; Trinity

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"Cheer up, life is too short to be sad all the time." - Misuki Raion

“You thought the world would be better off without you... I understand that now but you know it’s not true... The world is better with you in it.” - Yukari Solaros

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