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SFS Requiem 


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Here are the ships rough specs; most of the ship is uninhabitable outside of these seven desks. It is designed to be automated.


Ship Name: Requiem 
Registry: EPC-7071
Concept by: Special Operations Design Unit, Lonhorn Special Research
Constructed by: Federation Automated Fleet Design System, Skynet Technological Research Division
Administered and Commissioned by: Galactic Federation Starship Design Bureau 
Class and Role: Orient Phoenix Class (Space Operations Command Unit; automated mobile fleet command)

Skeleton Crew: 1 Officer, 75 Drones
Standard Crew: 20 Officers, 50 Enlisted, 25 Marines and 5 Science Personnel (100 crew)
Evacuation capacity: 1200
Decks: 7
Propulsion: Prototype Gem Hyper-Drive Jump System with 4 Impulse Engines
Shielding: Prototype Reactive Dampening System
Hull: Prototype Ultra Sensitive Nano-Armor with Reinforced Hull Plating
Other Systems: Fully Integrated AI, Observation Pack, Master Control System, Enhanced Long Range Sensors, Planetary Excavation Kit, Specialized Gravity Generation Unit, Anti-Bomb Secured Recovery Unit (Designed to deactivate and recover Nova Bombs; has not been tested), gem concealment system, anti-gem barrier
Tactical Systems:
8 Point Defense Rapid Fire Type M Marilion Torpedo Launchers
6 360 Degree Rapid Fire Phased Ion Cannons
6 Interceptors
4 Automated Mast Units
Deck Listing:
Deck 1: Bridge, Captain’s Office, XO’s Office, Briefing Room, Observation Lounge, Engineering Substation, Operations Room, Nano-Systems Control Room, Weapon Controls, Interceptor Pods (8), Missile Launchers (2), Interceptor pod lift
Deck 2: CMO’s Office, Medical Bay, Surgical Room, Science Labs, Marine Office, Marine Barracks, Officers Quarters (10), VIP/Guest Quarters(2)
Deck 3: Security Office, Armory, Brig, Officers Quarters (8), Engineering(2), Briefing Room, Hanger (Upper Part) (3), Life Support Controls, Computer Core
Deck 4: Kitchen, Captain’s Mess, Two Person Crew Quarters (8), Missile Launchers (4), Conference Room Locker Room, Hanger (Lower Part) (3), Flight Control Room
Deck 5: Officers Quarters (2), Two Person Crew Quarters (11), Lounge, Gymnasium, Weight Room, Scientists Quarters (5)
Deck 6: Transporter Room, Holodeck 1, Cargo Bay 1 and 2, Docking Control Room, Quarantine Area, Main Engineering, CEO’s Office, Drive System, Aux. Weapon Controls, Navigation Deflector Control Room, Impulse Engines (4), Back-Up Computer Core
Deck 7: EPS Manifolds, Other Systems, Air Lock, (Life Support Optional)Fusion Power Core Storage, Life Support Systems, Emergency Systems, Waste Processing/Recycling Center, Docking Ports (2)


The interceptors look like this:


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