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S5M1 - Subplot: What The Future Holds (Atsumari/Masorin)


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Erin "Ari" Mizriki
Hikaru Ino
Admiral Mizriki's Office/Ino Twins Quarters
November 18th 4566; Late Night

Ari finishes the review of the data she was looking at; there would be plenty of time to build a plan off of all this information. She should take time to relax; plus she and Hikaru's last time together was interrupted but that was life in this job... Always interruptions... She sent him a message to see if he was available.
Hikaru wiped some sweat from his brow at the moment he was working in the mech bay. Despite being the head of security and technically not having to be down here anymore, he still found time to work on he and his sisters machine, eventually the two of them would need it. He blinked when he got the message from Ari, and nodded. 'Yeah i'm free where do you wanna meet up?'
Ari replies to him over VX. "Your room?" She suggested.
Hikaru pulled himself away from the mechbay, and started heading back to his room. Agreeing that it was a good meeting point, it would take him a few minutes to get there. 'Lets take a shower together, I'm kinda messy :P'
Ari replied with a wink emoji as she headed to his room. Once he arrived she was already sitting on his bed as she undressed. "You said a shower..."
He pointed to the fact that he was in a skin tight pilot suit, blue and white the thing showed off his curves and butt leaving about as little to the imagination as possible. "It doesn't breath that good, so if we hopped into bed, I'd be sweaty and stink." He said with a soft smile, he started to unzip the thing and pulling it off his body, smooth chest, small scratches, a few scars from where he had been stabbed in the past, but for the most part clean and strong upper body muscles, pulling off the suit revealed that there wasn't anything under it, he opened the door to the bathroom. Stepping inside, and sent a quick message to Kiyoko, just letting her know that Ari and him were using the room so she wouldn't be suprised if she came home
Ari followed him in. She wondered why he hadn’t had the scars healed but she didn’t ask. By this point any injury marks on her body were gone. There was a lot of good things about this future. She untied her twin buns and entered with him turning the water to the right temperature immediately. She seemed to have experience doing that. She did after all enjoy shower sex even if it didn’t happen very often. “So... how was your work?” She asked massaging his shoulders with now soap covered hands.
Ari's hands on his shoulders elicited a soft moan as he was touched, and he looked at Ari for a moment a soft sigh escaping him as his tension seemed to melt for a moment. Her hands were very skilled, letting her rub his back as she asked him about work he closed his eyes. "I miss piloting, all the safety checks, security check points, most of my day is paperwork I feel like my hands are gonna fall apart." He sighed for a moment. "Running a ship has way more beurocracy than I thought it would... still better than being on a planet where everyone will bend over backwards to pamper and kiss my ass."
 “I would much rather be doing more with my body then I’m doing but... we both will survive... obviously being in intelligence and command most of my job is literally sitting behind a desk tabulating data or planning how not to get you guys killed... does seem odd that they would like a 23-year-old journalist command though... eh... i’ve been told I’m excelling but I think this is a little beyond excelling I mean I’ve been here six months... kinda a genius if I’m moving that fast; either that or I’m lucky as fuck... or maybe you are and your lucky just rubs off on me when you tie me to the ceiling.” She teased. She moves to cleaning another area of his body as the water hits them both.
"They were desperate for new blood. You have a unique perspective on the world, heck your better than the admirals and officers I've worked for in the past." He said with a small chuckle. "Though I am pretty biased." he turned around towards her, and pressed her shoulders down forcing her down onto her knees in front of him, her eyes at level with his cock, but he just played it off like he was washing her hair, adding shampoo to run through her hair as he held her down.
 “Yeah; your fucking me; I’d say that’s pretty biased...” she chuckled. As he lowered her she looks up at him then shrugs “could just say... get on the floor and suck my cock...” she said coyly. She then cleans his balls and shaft  rinsing them as she massaged. Once they were rinsed she takes his shaft into her mouth.
 "Yeah i could, but." He shivered for a moment a moan escaping himself. "But your so well trained that I don't even have to say it." He moaned when she put his cock in her mouth, he gently pushed her head deeper down, his hand gripping her hair as he invaded her mouth deeper down.
Ari started bobbing on his dick using her tongue on his tip. “Trained am I... I’m gunna train you into the shower wall; I ain’t your dog...” she said over VX so she could continue her work. She puts more pressure sucking harder on his dick as if trying to punish him.
"Your a good girl. Not perfect I still can't get you to say Hi in public most of the time, but I'll eventually get my way with you." He said though he winced occasionally feeling pleasure from what she was doing it made him moan and have to pause for breath, his legs trembled for a moment. He knew full well that if she kept that up he was going to cum rather quickly, he had plenty more of course between the two women in his life he was so high strung that it was impossible for him not to be so eager. "But your damn right your my dog... I'll even prove it.... Now hold still and have a treat." :white_heart:
 “One of these days Lt. Ino...” she said nipping him lightly for the dog comment but then continuing and going faster. Right as he was about to cum she stopped standing. “Bark bitch; then I might be nice enough to let you cum; unless you want your next gift from me to be a chastity belt; then who’d be in charge of this relationship dear boy...” she held him close purposely pressing herself against him to arouse him leaving him wanting.
"Nmn." He groaned as he was so close only to be teased and pushed around told to bark, and he looked at his lover his legs shivering for a moment. "Since when did you get to be the dominant one." He said with a small amusement. He slapped her ass spanking her as hard as he could, trying to regain control of the situation as he pulled her closer and pushed her into a wall. "I thought you wanted to have less control, that it was taxing to be the problem solver all the time, wouldn't it be better to let me be the owner who cares for his little pet?" His fingers went between her legs, touching her not so gently finding her clit, rubbing it as he held her.
 “I dont want to be treated as your sex toy; that’s why I did this... merely a reminder...” as he started rubbing her nub she nipped at him. “You can have partial control; I like you... toying with me... not calling me names and degrading me... doing that gets you tied to a bed so little Erin can be on top...” She grabbed his shaft rubbing him off as he pressed against her nub.
Hikaru blinked for a moment he actually seemed to pause for a second all his motions. "Ari..." He looked at her genuinly confused for a moment. "I... You do know I'm not degrading you when I say your my pet and all that stuff right? Well I guess it can sound kind of condescending but um..." He blinked for a moment how was he supposed to explain pet play and all of that stuff. He hadn't meant for it to be degrading... oh man if she found this bad he was going to have to throw the leash and collar into the trash before she found what he had made for her. "I mean..." He blushed softly. "I say that stuff out of genuine affection your not my toy, but I do want you to be mine."
 “Eh... when your ex ties you to a vibrating dildo for hours leaving you there to cum your heart out... whatever... no harm; just erm.... like... I dono...” she felt bad for asserting herself now. She got back down and went to finish him off as a form of apology for her ruining the moment.

(Since we did this in chat we can continue from here in a forum post; I figured this might be easier to do and if we ever decide to do more in chat I can just clean it up and post it... For the couples who do their own things I think I might make individual forum threads that way folks can keep their relationships out of the main plot if they want to (even though its all related but *shrug*)

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