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Ryuji Yamamoto & "Prome"


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STR = 13
DEX = 17
CON = 12
INT = 11
WIS = 15
CHA =13





Combat/Strength (Physical Strength and Dextarity)
Ranged Combat - 10 (23)
Close/Martial Combat -10(23) 
Feat of Strength - 

Deductive Reasoning (Mental Reasoning, Deduction and Analysis)
Leadership -8 (15)
Information Systems - 
Intelligence Gathering -

Item Identification/Apprisal - 

Diplomacy -

Engineering/Academics (Engineering and Academid Diciplines) 

Piloting - 

Starship Engineering - 
Civil Engineering - 
Repair - 
Research/Innovation -

Life Skills (Life, Biology and Survivalist Skills)
Domestic Skills - 10 (23,)
Survivalism -2 (2)
Medicine - 

Special Skills (Magic, Energy and Flow Related Skills)
Concentration (Physical) - 
Gem Specialization (None yet) - 
Psionic Energy -
Ki Energy - 6 (9)
Special (50 points (gm notes)

Restricted Skills (Staff approval required for these skills)
EU Mastery - (GM Skill; system limit 5)
Summoning - 
Atsikai Spirit Affinity -10 (23) 
Atsikai Spirit Affinity 2 -10(32)
Partner (Familiars or Specialized Pets) Affinity -





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Ryuji is someone who never takes his work too seriously, when he worked for the agency he mostly took care of the agents who were too focused on their work. Before he worked in the agency he was part of a sniper team he wasn't the worst, when he retired from military life he got dragged into agency life. He eventually met his own spirit and contracted with it. "Prome" is a creation of man not a natural spirit so its power is weak, something Ryuji will have to figure out.

Character picture:


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