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Maki Tahoshi & Mega


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Character Information
Name: Makigisa Tahoshi 
Nicknames: Maki
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 20
DOB: Januush 8 Year 68 of the HS Calendar 
Blood Type: O +/-

Physical Appearance
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 115
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue/White
Physical Description: See Picture

Personality & Traits
General Overview: Maki is a stoic person who would rather not show emotion or get involved in others affairs. To her such things create drama and she hates drama. Maki is a member of the SNIEF Tactical Operations Unit's Advance Team. She provides support to Ryuji acting as his look out and scout. Maki was born on the battlefield and raised by her parents in SNIEF so combat is normal to her. She sees nothing wrong with battle or war and is quite accustomed to blood. 
Strengths & Weaknesses: Maki is fast, nimble and quick on her feet. She is quite adept at repairs and other supporting functions in battle. Her people skills could use work though and her pain threshold is TOO HIGH.
Ambitions: Maki doesn't really know what she wants to do with her future... Maybe own a pet someday.
Hobbies & Interests: Maki enjoys caring for animals, being of use and calmness as much as she is used to war and conflict she would prefer calmness; in mind body and spirit. Outside of work she meditates, collects pictures of animals on her smartphone and reads detailed manuals about things she and her teams use. It was also revealed that she has a love for food and the stars.

Life History and Relationships
Family: Maki's mother and father are SNIEF agents. She has no siblings.
History: Maki used her skills to excel in her job from a young age though she has always fulfilled a support function she is great at it. She is contracted with a light Atsikai which provides her the ability to heal and cast support buffing spells that will increase accuracy, fire rate and defense.

Education: Maki completed high school through correspondence courses and has finished a college certificate in office admin work.

Languages: Standard

Service Information
Assignment: Field Agent Support Specialist; Super Natural Investigation and Elimination Force; Laviesta Government Hen-Shu Empire
Rank: First Lieutenant; Laviesta Marine Corps; Atsikai Special Response Unit on Assignment to SNIEF 
Service Record: She has worked out of the SNIEF HQ under Atsuna since her training was completed. 
Service Medals: None.


Armor Class: 10 (Base; humans) +/- (modifier) 



STR = 12
DEX = 18
CON = 15
INT = 16
WIS = 18
CHA = 14

Modifiers Documentation

6–7    −2
8–9    −1
10–11    +0
12–13    +1
14–15    +2
16–17    +3
18–19    +4
20–21    +5


Ranged Combat - 10 23
Close Combat - 5
Martial Arts (Fill in type) - 4
Leadership - 3 
Equipment Repair - 10 
Information Systems - 4 (Higher levels beyond Tier 1 require formal training)
Intelligence Gathering - 5
Domestic Skills - 5
Survivalism -  6
Medicine - 10 23 (Higher levels beyond Tier 1 require formal medical training)
Research/Innovation - 5
Bio-mechanic Mastery - 10 23
Atsikai Affinity - 7 14 (Specific to characters with a contracted spirit; not normally granted without staff approval) + 3


150 - Existing Players Starting when system implemented

Atsikai Name: Mega
Atsikai Sphere: Light
Description: Mega is an invisible force surrounding Maki around. If she wants to be seen she appears as a locket around Maki's neck. Mega provides Maki with the powers to buff and heal as well as camouflage herself. Mega is formerly a female warrior before becoming an Atsikai.

INT: 17

CON: 12

STR: 7

CAR: 11

DEX: 12

WIS: 13


Ranged Combat - 3

Bio-mechanic Mastery - 10
Gem Concentration - 10
Gem Specialization (Blue/Purple) -  10
Partner Affinity - 10
Ki Energy - 10
Ki Energy II - 10 

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