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Mission Primer (Old)


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In an effort to help explain more of what is happening to players since I have started discussing further details of the story with the GM team I will be posting mission details here so people have an idea of what is actually going on within the larger story.

Following the defeat of the Swarm the Federation Senate felt there was a need for a new enemy; something for humanity to focus its anger into. After gathering intelligence they found information about a group within the Orteria Nobility that that wanted a change in government on Orteria and for the Sovereignty to become its own Empire once more. Behind that group planning a coup d'etat was a cult which had plans to bring back the Phoenix using the energy crystals they had gathered from the fragments spread across the galaxy after Flennel sacrificed herself to the Gems. The cult hoped to use this power to revive the Phoenix. The Senate Special Services Committee dispatched one of their clandestine agents to infiltrate the cult and use the revival of the Phoenix to their own advantage; giving them an enemy to fight again. Trinity intervened and stopped the coup. They also captured the Senate's agent and recovered the newly revived gem energy version of Flennel whom had changed considerably due to her revival and partial amnesia. 

Once it was discovered that the Senate was involved Sumire authorized the Lavie to go on a clandestine mission led by Aidan and erin to ensure its success. The crew would also take some Orteria Soldiers with them. The Lavie soon leaves and heads for Earth II to confront the Senate. After arriving at the point where they were going to deploy their team a Starfleet task Force stops the crew; they were told by Adams of the EU that the Lavie crew would be coming. Erin sends down a team to gather information and prepare for a counter assault only for that team to be further interfered with by the EU sending more crew to the surface. it is there that they discover the Cult was already on Earth and wanted to teach the Senate a lesson however they were stopped. The Senate Committee behind all this meanwhile was planning for their next move only to be slaughtered by an unnamed woman. Now the crew must answer the remaining questions and deal with what remains of the Cult as well as also check its own loyalties; especially those to the EU following Adams and Mith's continued meddling in Humanities affairs in spite of them saying they had bigger fish to fry. 

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