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Important Information (Read Before Posting)


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This section is for individual role playing threads. This does not mean log threads. Logs can be posted in the logs forum. Group chat posts for the main story need to go in the main mission area. If you have a side thread in here between characters and complete a chat post between them you CAN post it in the thread just clean up and make it look nice. In order for all posts to line up properly with where the story is and canon it is asked that side stories be kept in here and the main missions be kept in their own area. If there's something related to the mission occurring in a side post please make sure it occurs in both "sides" of the story; this would mainly apply to main cast members and a GM would likely already do this for you but I am still posting this here anyway. When posting please be sure to follow our standard format for the start of posts and keep your tense to third person past. Here is an example of the standard format



Character Name
Location name, State/ship or whatever name - Sector/planet whatever name
Date and time in GST

This is your post body here.

If you have any questions about formatting please feel free to ask. Note that your thread can last multiple missions as really side stories would sort of be their own thing as long as they make sense and line up in context.

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