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Trinity Ships


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ODS Kusanagi - Orteria Royal Military Flagship
CO: Sumire Rembrant
XO: Aidan Thornton 

Onyx Cityship - Trinity Command Base
CO: Jeff Godwhin
XO: Lexi Ashworth

TFS Lavie – Fleet Flagship; Assault Ship (current assignment)
CO: Erin Mizriki-Clarke
XO: Aidan Thornton

(when not on special assignment)
CO: Lumiere Trouve
XO/CTAC: Trent Raven

TFS Providence – Carrier; Flagship Defensive Support
CO: Brigid Merkara
XO: Sigmund Petersen

HSF Iris – Light Assault Ship
CO: Yukari Solaros
XO: Johnny Test

TFS Requiem – Assault Ship
CO: Lilliana Ironwhite

TFS Millennium – Light Assault Ship
CO: Tereanna Wilhim

TFS Murasashi – Carrier; Combat Support Operations
CO: Selaniphi Kiirmant
XO: Hitomi Rio

TFS Ardent Dawn – Combat Support Operations
CO: Ardent Dawn

TFS Vanguard, TFS Excel, TFS Reach - Defense Ships of the City Ship (Vanguard Carrier and Two Saber Class)

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