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  • This page lists information about a new initiative offered by The New Universes Project in its nonprofit charitable purpose to help role-playing and simming remain a viable activity for generations to come. In addition to our role plays we offer community programs to further role-playing, allowing people to have fun and stay connected with those close to them to continue to get the support they need. This new initiative in helping with that mission provides free website hosting to individual role plays, groups and inter-organization sites helping to combat barriers to effective writing, effective community building and allowing organizers to focus on what really matters... Their writing and supporting their communities. Below is what will be offered to those given this offer of hosting.

    - Free Domain Name (Limited; available based on donations)
    - 1 GB of Disk Space
    - Unlimited Bandwidth, E-Mail Addresses, FTP Accounts, Sub-domains, SQL Databases and Add-On Domain Accounts
    - Free basic installation support for WordPress, Nova, IP.Board, Xenforo and SMF.
    - 24/7 Site down/Service offline support
    - Technical advice, service consultations and customer service during normal TNU business office hours (12 PM - 6 PM daily; 12 hour response time; phone support available to US based participants only)


    Legal Note: As a part of theses services we require that an organization actively use the hosting provided. We will use an industry standard Acceptable Use Policy and Service Level Agreement to guide the operation of this service. 


    If you are interested in applying please note that you must register an account on this site and then complete this application. A member of our staff will contact you soon.

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