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  1. Veil seeming orbiting some of the friends she's known, however on a day as particular as this, activity was slow so she people watched the staff, guardsmen and the humans she now watches to pass the time, always waiting on standby incase a threat may aris-- thump.. thump.. thump.. veil felt she looked towards the direction of the arms testing range as she feels a familiar person. she navigates her way and see's Aiden practicing with a pistol and a couple of unidentified weapons. Veil before appearing projects behind the door, properly entering the area minding privacy now knocking on the door
  2. Name: Veilfloe Rank: Servant Gender: Female Species: Classed as "Embodiment of Water" Age: 26 Physical Age: 22 DOB: 1/22/???? Blood Type: Blue Gem Synthesis Ki Type: Water/Ice Physical Appearance: Height - 5' 9" Weight - 155 lbs Hair Color - Pale Blue with Faded Cream Tips Eye Color - Amber Physical Description: With sizable Hips, a Short-Bob Hairstyle and a cold chilly body with pale blue skin she stands at 5ft 9in with an Icy Aura. her Body is essentially made out of Energy that is Emitted by Blue gems
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