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  1. Ship Class: Ardent-Class Length: 485 meters (1,590 ft)f Width: 152 meters (499 ft) Height: 112 meters (367 ft) Mass: 1.8 million metric tons Engines: 4 Tumlak Ion Drive Engines, 4 Type 72 Ion Fusion Engines Hull Armor: Titanium-C Composite Armor Shielding: Class-3 M65 Shields Sensors: 3 midrange sensors Armament: 6 11B5V Concussion Missile Batteries 4 M99 50mm Point Defense Batteries 4 883BV 100mm Deck Guns 2 55M2 Ion Cannons Compliment 250 sailors (35 officers, 215 Enlisted) 20 Marines 2 DSTC-29 Pelicans 2 SFSC-99 Halberdier Interceptors
  2. Murasashi Ship Class: Secular-Class Interdictor-Command Cruiser Length: 3 Kilometres (9800 feet) Width: 800 meters (2600 feet) Mass: 48 million metric tons Engines: 6 Oprhios Energy System Jupiter-5s Hull Armor: Titanium-C Composite Armor Shielding: Class-3 M65 Shields Sensors: 3 Long range ship scanners, 2 short range combat scanners, 2 comms splice scanners, 1 close range stealth scanner Armament: 2 Type 56 Magnetic Rail Cannon arrays 6 Type 92 554A1 Naval Rail Cannons 10 11B5V Concussion Missle Batteries 20 M99 50mm Point Defense Batteries 20 883BV 100M Deck Guns 15 55M2 Ion Cannons 1 EMP/Nuke Cannon 4 Gravity Well Generators 2 Weapons Guidance Jammers Compliment: 3500 Navy Crew (1000 Officers, 2500 Enlisted) 300 Repair and Service Driods 6000 Marines 1500 Army Troops 800 Special Forces 500 Orbital Drop Pods 24 Fighter/Interceptors 60 General Infantry Dropships 48 Cargo Dropships 8 Base Droppods 6 Heavy Cargo Dropships 100 General Purpose Combat Transport Vehicles 57 Main Battle Tanks 2 Modified Main Battle Tanks (Photon Artillery Cannon) Various amounts of atmospheric gunships AI Module: Kitchen is massive, with 3 refrigerators 2 stoves 2 sinks and an island with 3 different ship models on it. Dining room has a large table that is able to seat 12 people. Living room has 2 large sofas and a 25 inch plasma TV 2nd deck overhangs the kitchen and provides a balcony like view of the living room and has a bar and several tables for relaxing. Door in the bar leads to a room filled with various alcoholic drinks and liquor. 3rd deck is Sashi's room. 5 bookcases line one wall filled with various manga dvds and figures sitting by the door to a rather large walk in closet and bathroom is a large makeup vanity with a few wigs on the table, by the closet door is Sashi's rather large bed and drawers on either side Next to the door is Sashi's desk and terminal with a small reference bookshelf and 2 trays of papers, in the middle is where a sakura endorned white guzheng sits with various sheets of music and a binder around it Bathroom is also large in its own right with a toilet, 2 sinks, a bathtub large enough for 4, and a large shower stall with granite and marble flooring and a small closet of bathrobes Closet has 3 parts to it one for normal casual and uniforms another for shoes and boots and the third for Cosplay outfits. Below the kitchen/dining/living room is a hanger that can both hold Sashi's personal Sabre, the Shadow and a heavy transport. The heavy transport currently holds a matte black Reventon, a silver and gold Centenario, and a grey Aston Martin DBS. Behind all this is the AI monitoring room which is a long hallway like room with the Orb and a series of processing cores Life Support systems: A Medbay above the monitoring room and behind the kitchen and dining rooms. A Water recycling and purification system and an air filter scrubber and circulation system Storage with supplies for surviving anywhere and everywhere A fuel cell storage linked with the engine at the back
  3. Name: Ardent Dawn Nicknames: Dawn Gender: F Species: Ship AI Android Age: 22 DOB: June 10th Blood Type: N/A Physical Appearance Height: 5'7" Weight: 167 IBs Eye Color: Sea Green Hair Color: Silver White Physical Description: Frail looking and with slim build, but well endowed. Personality & Traits General Overview: A named Destroyer, which is rare within the Confederate navy, assistant to Seleni and her personal maid and caretaker as well as her personal escort ship. Strengths & Weaknesses: Despite being an android, she is suspectable to hacking. Also will obediently follow demands if Seleni's life is threatened. Ambitions: Wishes to serve Seleni and her family. Hobbies & Interests: Serving Seleni, and staring out into Space. Life History and Relationships Family: Sisterships Ardent Seraph and Ardent Valkyrie, Command Ships Secular, Murasashi, Pheonix, and Eternity History: Served alongside her sisters Seraph and Valkyrie under the command of Seleni until a mission that went wrong. Education: No Formal Education, mainly self taught. Languages: Common. Starfleet/Military Service Information Assignment: Locate and Protect the Murasashi Asset until task force is able to retrieve asset. Service Record: Assigned to protect the Endurace, a Vengeance-class dreadnaught under the requests of Task Force Commander Kyra Stephson and Fleet Admiral [redacted]. Reassigned to escort the Murasashi. Service Medals: None.
  4. Character Information Gender: Female Species: Ship Ai Age: 52 Physical Appearance Height: 5'5" Weight: 142 IBs Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Emerald Physical Description: Slim with waist length hair with green highlights. Personality & Traits General Overview: Usually quiet and obedient when on duty. Rarely shows any emotion when on duty as she believes that emotions get in the way of the task at hand. Strengths & Weaknesses: Seemingly quiet and reserved at times. Cares greatly about those she cares about and will give anything to ensure their happiness. Also easy to anger at times. When angered she is likely to adopt a cold and uncaring attitude to those who angered. Hobbies & Interests: Likes reading vampire novels and manga, occasionally draws. Personal History As the eldest child to the Governer of Themalov, she was expected to rise agmost the ranks of the elite and eventually become the governer herself, instead Selaniphi enlisted in the Confederate navy. Disappointed but not discouraged her parents still chose to support her throughout her time in the Officers Acadamey. Her swift rise in the ranks was attributed to the ability to assess the situation and bring those around her to accomplish the goals. She was referred by the Admiral of the 3rd Reapers Fleet to the elite training program to further hone her skills as a possible Task Force Commander. Service Record Assigned as Captain of the Athens-Class Heavy Frigate. Participated in the Invasion of Chelsator IV and V and awarded the Confederate Swords of Valor for singlehandily driving off Insurgent Forces whilst defending the evacuation of civilians , Defense of Valactour alongside the Home Defense fleet. KIA over the Defense of Themalov. Awarded the Confederate Cross and Crown for actions above and beyond the call of duty posthumously. [Redacted] Assigned to Vengeance-class dreadnoughts as assistant to Fleet Admiral [Redacted] of the 7th Special Tactics Fleet. [Large portions of paper files are blacked out only leaving dates and times and a single name "Kyra Stephenson"] Assigned to the Murasashi as requested by Command Admiral [Redacted] to be commissioned towards the 3rd Reapers Fleet. Lost comms over Tenchort. Possible Rebel and Insurgent sabatoge or interdiction suspected. Secular and Pheonix were sent to find her as there were not enough debris to indicate her destruction.
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