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  1. Name: Jahn Irons

    Nicknames: Jan though not his favorite

    Gender: male

    Species: augmented Human

    Age: 32

    DOB: 4534

    Blood Type: O+

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5' 10"

    Weight: 195 pounds

    Eye Color: Hazel, but they change to partially blue on occasion.

    Hair Color: Light brown

    Physical Description: slightly stock build. Light brown hair with light skin, and light freckling. Neatly trimmed van dyke (mustache and beard around the mouth only) Usually wears glasses. Not because they are needed for vision but they are advanced and can display more computer information when he is not near one.


     Personality & Traits: Very easy going but has a very dry wit and loves to crack jokes. He also tends to like to put anyone that thinks they are superior in their place. Friendly though sometimes shy. He will either talk your ear off or think he has taken a vow of silence. Love to eat. Not fast but strong with good endurance.



    General Overview: Former science and Engineering consultant to the New Soong Colony. He carries a doctorate in mechanical engineering and starship systems, as well a master’s degree in computer systems.


    Hobbies: Trombone. Baritone, French horn.

     Bicycles (vintage and modern)

    Good cook though his tastes are simple, not fancy.

    Old style comic books.



    Life history and relationships

    Family: Raised on one of the many shipyards, Jahn first toy was a tricorder. Had loving parents. Father was a ship designer and his mother a nurse practitioner. Older brother and sister, Bill and Anne. They are not very close but do talk mostly on holidays and time permitting, vacations.


    History: Showing an aptitude for numbers at an early age, he was encouraged to study and loves to learn new things. At 27 he completed his graduate work and accepted a job at Lonhorn industries. He was transferred last year to work at the orbital shipyards above the New Soong Colony.  In payment as a bonus for services rendered, the colony gave him mild augmentation. He as a small endo-frame of synthetic muscle, which gives him a temporary boost to 3 times human strength for 2 hours. He also has a modified VX positronic network which allows access to information systems, assisted computational skills and extra memory storage







    Ranged Combat - 9
    Close Combat - 9
    Starship Engineering – 23

    Starship Engineering II- 32

    Civil Engineering – 23

    Civil Engineering II-32

    Equipment Repair - 14
    Information Systems – 23

    Information Systems II- 14
    Intelligence Gathering -
    Domestic Skills - 12
    Survivalism - 6
    Medicine - 6
    Research/Innovation – 23

  2. Character Information
    Name: Timothy James Rogers
    Nicknames: Slim, Tim
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Age: 21
    DOB: 02/17/4545
    Blood Type: O+

    Physical Appearance
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 176
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Physical Description: A short guy with brown hair, brown eyes, and a look that shows he ready to help, no matter the situation, if he can help it.

    Personality & Traits
    General Overview: Is seeking a challenge out of life, he committed to serve his purpose. 
    Strengths & Weaknesses: Strengths: Smart. Weaknesses: Could use combat training at some point I suppose.
    Ambitions: Wants to help out as much as is needed of him.
    Hobbies & Interests: Likes big vehicles, outdoors, etc.

    Life History and Relationships
    Family: Mother, Father, and brother
    History: Tim spent most of his days enjoying his hobbies but wanted to seek out a bigger challenge from life and so he decided to pursue flight training from the Academy serving 2 years.

    Education: Basic 2 year advanced pilot class from the Starfleet Academy.

    Languages: English

    Starfleet/Military Service Information
    Assignment: Pilot of the Lavie and support ships.
    Rank: Pilot Officer
    Service Record: Only 2 years of required Military Missions from the Starfleet Academy.
    Service Medals: N/A


    Domestic Skill: 5
    Survivalism: 4
    Piloting: 10
    Ranged Combat: 5
    Long Combat: 4
    Medicine: 6

  3. STR = 18
    DEX = 17
    CON = 12
    INT = 15
    WIS = 17
    CHA =13

    Ranged Combat    4    4
    Close Combat    8    14
    Martial Arts    10    23
    Leadership    6    8
    Starship Engineering    2    2
    Civil Engineering    0    0
    Equipment Repair    5    6
    Information Systems    6    8
    Intelligence Gathering    2    2
    Domestic Skills    5    6
    Survival    6    8
    Medicine    10    23
    Medicine Adv    10    23
    Research/Innovation    6    8
    Med Adv 2    10    32
    r/d 2    1    1
    Piloting    4    4
    Diplomacy    2    2
    Bio-mechanic Mastery    10    23
    Gem Concentration    2    2
    Gem Specialization    0    0

  4. STR = 23+
    DEX = 23+
    CON = 20
    INT = 23+
    WIS = 17
    CHA =14

    Ranged Combat    10    23
    Close Combat    10    23
    Martial Arts    10    23
    Leadership    0    0
    Starship Engineering    2    2
    Civil Engineering    7    11
    Equipment Repair    10    23
    Information Systems    10    23
    Intelligence Gathering    8    14
    Domestic Skills    9    18
    Survival    0    0
    Medicine    10    23
    Medicine Adv    10    23
    Research/Innovation    10    23
    r/d 2    6    8
    Piloting    4    4
    Diplomacy    6    8
    Bio-mechanic Mastery    10    23
    Gem Concentration    8    14
    Gem Specialization    8    14

  5. STR = 15
    DEX = 17
    CON = 17
    INT = 16
    WIS = 15
    CHA =14


    Ranged Combat 5 7
    Close Combat 10 23
    Martial Arts 9 18
    Leadership 5 7
    Starship Engineering 2 2
    Civil Engineering 0 0
    Equipment Repair 6 9
    Information Systems 3 3
    Intelligence Gathering 2 2
    Domestic Skills 5 7
    Survivalism 7 9
    Medicine 10 23
    Medicine Adv 6 9
    Research/Innovation 2 2
    r/d 2 0 0
    Piloting 5 7
    Diplomacy 3 3
    Bio-mechanic Mastery 6 9
    Gem Concentration 5 7
    Gem Specialization 3 3


  6. STR = 17
    DEX = 17
    CON = 16
    INT = 15
    WIS = 12
    CHA =13



    Ranged Combat 9 18
    Close Combat 10 23
    Martial Arts 10 23
    Leadership 10 23
    Starship Engineering 2 2
    Civil Engineering 0 0
    Equipment Repair 7 11
    Information Systems 10 23
    Intelligence Gathering 8 14
    Domestic Skills 5 5
    Survivalism   18
    Medicine 6 8
    Research/Innovation 0 0
    r/d 2 0 0
    Piloting 6 8
    Diplomacy 8 14
    Bio-mechanic Mastery 0 0
    Gem Concentration 5 7
    Gem Specialization 3 3

  7. Character Information

    Name: Sarissa *******- Slane
    Nicknames: none

    Gender: Female

    Species: Dark Elf

    Age: 76

    DOB: 4490

    Blood Type: R  Negative 

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5' 9"

    Weight: 175

    Eye Color: Amber

    Hair Color: black

    Measurements: 40-34-39

    Physical Description: Measurements: 40DD-34-39

    Curvy and substantial. Smooth ebony milk chocolate skin, with piercing amber eyes. She is not a light woman, but she isn't fat. There are a few extra pounds due to middle age spread, but to take it for granted that she is weak and soft would be a huge mistake.

    Personality & Traits Likes to meditate in odd places. Not a believer in religion per se, tolerant of others views if not oppressing others, tends to mumble to herself thinking aloud without involving others.

    General Overview: Sarissa is an accomplished doctor, with a large family. Very logical, but striking beauty.

    Strengths & Weaknesses: Mental discipline, strong muscles. Some bedside manner. Not great with humor.

    Ambitions: She has her family. Now with them grown adults, she wants to make a commitment to the service of others.

    Hobbies & Interests: 6 and 12 string guitar (for dexterity) as well as  Lyre.

    Life History and Relationships Married to Quinton Slane 30  years ago.  He is 52 now.The pair have 4 children.

    Family: Harlan 28, T'Lea 26(twin), Solkir 26 (twin), Lynna 20


    Born in the Lothean capital city, she lead an ordinary life for an Elven child. Her drive to the sciences being normal, she also felt a desire to be more of an asset to her fellow beings. After finishing the proper schooling Sarissa attended Medical school.

    The next 20 years were spent with her nose to the grindstone so to speak. She finished her training, internship, and moved a staff position in general surgery. In 4537, she met Quinton Slane, her future husband. The two did not hit it off immediately as they had differing view points. Long discussion into the nights led to them realizing that they were suite for each other. "Logically matched" Sarissa said. They were married and shortly they had their first of four children Harlan.

    Sarisa had no objections to moving to Earth when she was offered Chief of Surgery at a Hospital in Arizona. Then the twins T'Lea and Solkir were born. Life proceeded normally and several years later they had they last child Lynna in 4546.

    She was offered Chief of Surgery at a larger hospital in Southern Florida. She was there for 7 years when the increased activities and her youngest daughter was in college that Sarissa felt the need to do something else in her career. She inquired as to positions in Trinity and was informed she would need some remedial training to learn how to be a military officer. Now he Assistante Medical Officer for the entire fleet and pregnant right before the destruction of Earth, 

    Education: Elven medical program, starfleet academy. Doctorate in comparative biology, pharmacology, and xenobiology.
    Career history: Attended Medical School from 4510-4518 Doctorates in comparative biology, pharmacology, and xenobiology.

    4518-4522 Internship at Shalara Medical Center. At the end Sarissa earns full doctoral status and hospital privileges.

    4523-4540 General Surgery at Shalara Medical center.

    4540-4555 Chief of Surgery at Kingman regional Medical center

    4556-4563 Chief of Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

    4564-4565 Officer's Candidate School

    4565 Assigned to Utopia Planetia as Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

    4566 Reassigned as Chief Medical Officer, DFS Lavie
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  8. Name: Nicklas Blom
    Nicknames: none
    Gender: Male    
    Species:Former human now android body
    Age: 82
    DOB: march 14, 4484
    Blood Type: irrelevant now

    Physical Appearance

    5 foot 11 inches
    220 Kilos
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    medium to dark blonde

    Physical Description:

    Light skinned. Since the android transformation, he appears to be a man in his his late twenties. Disarming smile and warm, short, but longer than regulation length hair, neatly styled. His appearance is usually meticulous. 

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview:
    After spending a lifetime in public service, Nicklas has a polished and warm demeanor. He can make friends easily. 
    Strengths & Weaknesses:
    Good at empathy and getting people to chat about themselves. When he decides you aren't on his side, he can easily forget about you. 
    None at the moment other than the desire to explore with his new found life. 
    Hobbies & Interests:
    Cross country skiing and biathlons. Classical piano. 

    Life History and Relationships

    Widowed (Elsa Nicole), no children. 
    Niklas took the job as planetary administrator two decades ago and ironically was considering retirement when the takeover by the artificial intelligence communities happened. A public servant all his adult life, paperwork and talking to people are skills he mastered decades ago. In more recent years, his health had become an issue with a degenerative muscle atrophy and onset of genetic dementia. When the takeover happened, Niklas was made to be an example of how superior an artificial life could be. While he hates that it was not a choice for him, the results have left him with a near immortality and a vitality that he'd missed. His body was destroyed after the conversion, leaving him with a choice to embrace the change.  

    Bachelor's degree in public relations. Now has the equivalent learning of 5 doctorates though he hasn't completed the internships for any one them. Works in medical and science divisions as needed. Was also given combat training

     English and Swedish

    Starfleet/Military Service Information none. 

    Colonial Magistrate/Governor - Vectorous IV 
    Service Record:

    Service Medals:



  9. Ensign Ayasha Thornton

    Name: Ayasha Ruth Thornton




    Character Information

    Gender   Female
    Species   Human
    Age   19

    Physical Appearance

    Height   5' 11"
    Weight   172 pounds
    Hair Color   dark brown
    Eye Color   hazel
    Physical Description   36C-30-34
    Athletic build. Muscular but not overly so. Slightly normal tanned look. She normally wears her shoulder length hair in a pony tail to keep it out of the way.


    Spouse   None
    Father   Aidan Thornton
    Mother   Carol Alt/Thornton
    Brother(s)   none
    Sister(s)   none
    Other Family  

    Riordan Thornton (grandfather-deceased)
    Waneek Thornton (grandmother-deceased)


    Personality & Traits

    General Overview   She inherited her father's temper but her mother's compassion and brains. Laid back normally, but can be whipped into a frenzy when it's something she feels strongly about. Open to new ideas, but sometimes stubbornly clings to things ( wonder who she got that from??)
    Strengths & Weaknesses   Driven when it's a task she likes. Coordinated and organized.
    Easily excitable, and sometime easily frustrated.
    Ambitions   To be Chief Medical Officer on a Starship or Starbase
    Hobbies & Interests  

    Flute, firearms, martial arts.



    Personal History   Growing up as a Marine brat, Ayasha (Eye-ah-sha) led privileged life. She saw a large part of the Federation territory, as well as acquiring a vast amount of knowledge on the sciences over the years.

    Aidan and her mother Carol, had always put her first, and it showed in her drive to be the best in school.

    Her belief in the Native American creator was something Aidan hasn't pushed on her, she took it upon herself to learn the religion from her grandparents when Aidan wasn't around.
    Service Record  

    4565 Finished high school
    4566 Entered Federation Academy for Medical

    4566:Thrust into the limelight, she was aboard the mass evacuation of Earth to Earth 2, then was transferred by the Government to the USS Lavie as a combat medic. 






    Name:Aidan Rowtag Thornton

    Position:Commanding Officer

    Rank: Major General


    Character Information

    Gender   Male
    Species   Human
    Age   39 (looks 20)

    Physical Appearance

    Height   6' 4"
    Weight   245 pounds
    Hair Color   auburn/red (red if he gets more sun)
    Eye Color   Hazel and green
    Physical Description   Aidan has a full head of dark brown/red hair due to his Irish heritage. There is very little on him that is excess and he works hard in the gym to keep toned. His skin is tan, getting darker when he stays in the field.


    Spouse   ex Carol Alt
    Children   Ayasha Thornton
    Father   Riordan Thornton-presumed Deceased
    Mother   Waneek Thornton-presumed Deceased
    Brother(s)   none
    Sister(s)   none
    Other Family  

    Fiances: Yuka Layton and Emily Quartermaine


    Personality & Traits

    General Overview: Typical marine lifer. He is no-nonsense and very much to the point. His sense of humor is present but very dry and acerbic. Very much an iron fist inside a velvet glove would be the best way to describe him. More than brutally ruthless when crossed, he tries now to take in all in stride unless it directly affects him.

    Ambitions: Aidan's goal was to serve the corp. A soldier's soldier. It wasn't his life choice but what life chose for him. Since the implosion of Earth and it's governments, he has thrown himself into the role life chose to deal him. Making the most good and fighting for what he thinks is right.

    Hobbies & Interests: Botany, swords and antique firearms. Non-typical aerobics and gym.


    Personal History  

    Familial/Relationship History: Divorced. He and his wife have a strained if amicable relationship. She had decided they can no longer be a couple while he serves in the Corps. Shortly after coming aboard the Lavie, he found out she was cheating on him again. Filed for divorce, it had been granted quickly with thanks to the President's office. He has a 19 year old daughter Ayasha (little one) that was living with his wife. She has since joined the Academy in the Medical field, much to the dismay and anger of his ex-wife.

    He had currently involved with the Commanding Officer of the Ship, Yuka Layton and her ex-lover, Emily Quartermaine, That was new territory for him. A three sided relationship. While not his thing, he was head over heels in love with Yuka, and therefore willing to get it a try. The relationship imploded for quite a few reasons. The biggest being Aidan didn't feel that Yuka was committed to him, and while he loved her dearly and knew she cared for him,  it was clear she needed time to figure out what she really wanted as it wasn't him, he was just one ingredient in a formula Yuka was still seeking. 


    After that he took command of combined forces chasing the bugs across known space. He and Sumire Rembrandt started to form a mutual admiration society, though he had to chase her across the fleet a few times, before convincing her, hopefully, that she was important in his life and while he would chase her, there were limits to how much crap he was willing to put up with. Soon the pair bonded on several levels in a manner either of them had expected. She a true princess with all the trappings, and he once a lowly private Marine, now commanding most of the armed forces. Along the way one expected wrinkle showed up in the form of Yuka Layton but from another part of the muliti-verse.  And now on the eve of another mission, this one to go after the heart of the corrupt senate. He finds himself able to finally fulfill a though months in forming in the attractive form of Erin Mizriki-Clark.


    Medical History: With nearly twenty years in the Corps, he has had his share of scars and holes and then some. Including multiple sword slashes on his chest and back.

    Aidan grew up in upstate NY on an apple farm. Not content with that pastoral life, he joined the Corps at 18 against his parent's wishes. During the first year, he met and fell in love with Carol, where she was quickly pregnant. Setting himself apart in the first few skirmishes he rose to the rank of E-4 when he was offered and opportunity to go back and commit to OCS in Starfleet academy to earn his commission.

    In the years that followed, he and Carol grew apart mostly due to his long tours and constant call ups to put out the next fire blooming on the horizon. Due one long drunken brawl, Aidan was dropped from Major to First Lieutenant. Working hard to put the past behind him, and finding his particular talents of need, he was again promoted to Captain and sent to his next duty station.

    After becoming the XO of the Lavie, he and Yuka Layton starting seeing each other and became nearly immediate soulmates.

    Service Record  

    4544: Enlisted in Gal Fed Marine corps. Straight leg infantry, 3rd Marine Division, company D
    4546: Promoted to Sergeant and was offer a chance to attend Officer's Candidate School. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in computer sciences as well as the usual for a Marine. Advanced Tactical and Advanced Hand to Hand.
    4548: Promoted to Second Lieutenant, reassigned to 17th Infantry, Mechanized.
    4549: Promoted to First Lieutenant.
    4552: Promoted to Captain, given Command of Delta Company, 17th Infantry
    4557: Reassigned to Special Operations under Admiral Louden
    4557-4565 Classified operations. 4561 Promoted to Major
    4565 Demoted to First Lieutenant after a drunken altercation that left three men hospitalized, charged with conduct unbecoming. The only reason he wasn't drummed out completely is that it was self defense. He took a guilty plea with the guarantee that he be transferred back to the Corps and out of Louden's grasp.

    4566: Second in Command of the Lavie. Made Captain (O-3), when he became XO of the Lavie. A meteoric series of campaigns against Androids, Bugs, and Damian, he is now the Commanding Officer of all troops and too many titles to count. 

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