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    Most important data that was created by myself and the story team leads has been posted. Individual users need to post their ships and bios now.
  2. Erin "Ari" Mizriki Aidan Thornton Oscar Kirin Dragmawl November 18th 4566; Evening Admiral Mizriki's Office/Holodeck 1; TFS Lavie <START SIM> Ari was now in her office looking over the files of the three newbies they had. "Like seriously I mean these guys seem like military rejects; but then again so did I when that Major shoved a job in my face and told me how stupid I was... I guess its time to see what he can actually do..." She messages Aidan to have one of the holodecks set to one of his marine battle simulations and for him to wait for her there. She then messaged Oscar simply telling him to report to the holodeck. Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:31 PM Aidan acknowledged the message, wondering when her lost command. He got up and started got the holodeck Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:33 PM I arrive to the holodeck after a bit, as I had been resting in case I was needed for something. "I'm here now." I yawn slightly and stretch a bit on the spot. Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:36 PM Aidan walked in. Tapping commands on the control panel. It faded as the scenery changed to a plain on Oreteria. atsumari 24-Jan-20 08:36 PM Ari soon arrives in her uniform. One of the few times she wore one. "Lets hope you are not as useless as my mother. So your superiors gave you to us... and you say you can be useful; at the risk of sounding like a bitch... Show us. Words a cheap." Added a recipient. (For when you get home Kev) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:40 PM "Sure, I can show you what I can do. But I can't use my biomagnetism for now.. I need a bit more time for that." He shrugs and takes his jacket off a bit after, clenching his fists several times and stretching some more. "So, what would you like to see first?" (edited) atsumari 24-Jan-20 08:45 PM "Well... How can I respond to that if I don't know what you can do in the first place; your personnel file didn't list much and I assume that was on purpose. This is a combat simulation; please treat it like an actual battle or I'll disable the safeties... Our medical team is pretty good at putting people back together if they get messed up." She chuckled. "and to show you anything you do won't harm the room..." She pulls out a lightning gem and attempts to fire lightning into the holodeck. The attack does not physical damage to the room. "Part of our systems in the training rooms is designed to prevent damage. Dr. Johnson could explain more but that is not important." Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:46 PM Aidan vx'd the ship. Power armor materialized over his body. He wasn't taking any chances with untested powers. Kevin made him learn that lesson. (edited) atsumari 24-Jan-20 08:47 PM At first a giant ant appears in the room; it is stationary. "Level one." The system replies. Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:49 PM The power armor shuddered at bit, Aidan unable to completely control the action (edited) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:50 PM "Well, I'm glad that I at least can't break the ship now. Not that I can recall most of my stronger moves yet." I take a combat stance, clenching both of my fists and staring at the giant ant. (edited) (I can't do much though, mostly basic attacks and dodges) (Since my moves aren't exactly ready for this rp, the stats are still fucked up) Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:52 PM (this ant is the size of a couch.) (fuck the stats, concentrate on the writing) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:53 PM (Ik, Oscar can beat that thing with basics alone) atsumari 24-Jan-20 08:53 PM (erm; you can use yoru guys abilities; just becuase they are not stated down in stone doesnt mean anything; this is as much for story as it is for the GM team and council staff to see what your powers actually are in a situation; basically preventing too much OPness) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:56 PM (Dunno about op, that thing will probably die if I use a few abilities) (For basic attacks it would take like 5-10 maybe) atsumari 24-Jan-20 08:57 PM (Write my boy) Tugar 24-Jan-20 08:57 PM (not if it tears you apart in two) (mwa ha ha) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 08:59 PM (So no dice for this battle, perfect.) keving 24-Jan-20 09:00 PM (I'm home now we're do you want me to come In at) atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:01 PM (up to you; just seeing how this new guys does in combat Kev) keving 24-Jan-20 09:04 PM Kirin sends a message to ari asking, "is there anything I can help with today or need to be done around the ship" Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:05 PM I quickly approach the ant and launch my "Hundred Fists" on it, depleting most of it's health, then launching another skill "Punch Through" in succession, finishing it off. atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:05 PM "Come to holodeck 1." She replied to Kirin. The bug was montionless as it is killed. Level 1 the creature does not fight back. "Completed. Level 2." Another bug appears but this one can move and spit acid. keving 24-Jan-20 09:06 PM Kirin starts to make his way to holodeck 1 as ordered Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:11 PM I takes a health drink out of my pocket and quickly gulp it down, increasing my damage for a bit. "Hope this one goes down quickly as well." (Does the bug get a turn? Or can I just smash it) atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:12 PM When he drinks the creature moves to the left and lets out a screeeeeee sound . It waits. (it tried to debuff you with fear) As Kirin arrives outside the notices a program is active. keving 24-Jan-20 09:15 PM Kirin approachs the door of the holodeck and looked at what program that is active and then proceed to buzz the door and waits for an answer atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:15 PM The door automatically opens keving 24-Jan-20 09:16 PM Kirin walks in and looks around to see what is going on Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:16 PM I stare at the ant, completely unaffected by the screech. "Trying to scare me, insect? Gimme a break." I clench my fists again as I grin. "I'll just smash it then." I quickly move to the ant's side and jump at the ant with "Punch Through", launching it up in the air. I then jump up to chase it and use "Neck Grab" to throw it at the ground, finishing it with a kick on the back of it's head. Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:24 PM (that's a lot of moves for one round) (especially and an the size of a lion) (edited) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:24 PM (Well okay, I could just kill it with one but I thought it would be going overboard) keving 24-Jan-20 09:25 PM (sounds like a monk move set get in close knockup ward then smash down in one turn) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:25 PM "Damn, I think I way overdid that.." I stroke the back of my head as I sigh. Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:25 PM (right now it training and more a writing exercise. Later during combat would be rolling to hit and dodge) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:26 PM (Yea, not to mention a move takes your turn so I'll hardly be able to chain my skills in real combat) atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:26 PM Ari turns up the difficulty since she feels he is getting too confident. Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:27 PM The computer announces "Level 3". Two ants appear, these are a redder tint, and start charging as soon as they appear. Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:27 PM (Unless the knockup is high enough I guess) keving 24-Jan-20 09:28 PM Kirin notices it is an training exercise sits back and waits to a point the new guy needs help Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:28 PM Oscar dodges the other ant's attack, then punches the other ant hard enough to send it flying backwards. "I think I overestimated these ants and used a bit too much power, I'll need another drink soon." (edited) Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:30 PM As the one ant is killed the other rights itself and spits a red acid towards Oscar. (edited) (brb) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:34 PM I use "Combat Dodge" to dodge the acid and move behind the ant, then using "Neck Grab" on it, smashing it into the ground and then kicking it so it flies and hits the (wall?), finishing it off. atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:35 PM As he goes to finish it off he is ensnared in an invisible web of sorts. keving 24-Jan-20 09:36 PM Kirin uses aura sense to see were the strings are attached to atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:37 PM A third bug is further away atop a building far off in the distance. It seems to just be launching webs froma distance unnoticed. Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:40 PM "Ugh.. Webs are always annoying, I hate it when they get stuck on my face." I use "Cancel" to get the webs off me, a small pulse emanating from me in a 4 meter radius. keving 24-Jan-20 09:42 PM Kirin lay his hand on his hilt of the sword and active the red gem, swinging the sword toward the creature setting it and the string a blaze with yellow and red flames Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:45 PM "Ah, thanks for the help. Right now I'm not really in a state where I could deal with enemies that are far away. Close quarters is where I am at my strongest after all." (I mean he gets ranged moves as he becomes more powerful so at the end he will be pretty balanced.) Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:46 PM The computer announces "Level 4, randomizing enemies". Two large mechanical spiders appear. The ground rumbles as they approach, their metallic black skin glossy in the noon sun. keving 24-Jan-20 09:46 PM (it isn't to bad to be versitile in close and range attacks) Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:47 PM (Hint, they weigh a ton each) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:47 PM (How high are we going with the levels?) Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:48 PM (Ask Josh) keving 24-Jan-20 09:48 PM (ok so they are slow moving spiders that can't be knocked up) atsumari 24-Jan-20 09:48 PM (probably not much further; I'm probably going ot move to a one on one before sleep soon; ast least people showed up though) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:48 PM (Fair enough) (I just need to know when it's the last level, since that's when I'll use my special move.) Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:52 PM The spiders get close enough to start spitting webs. Thick as a climbing rope, one latches onto Oscar and starts reeling him in. Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:54 PM I activate my "Empowered State" and chop the web. "Guess I'll go all out." keving 24-Jan-20 09:56 PM "I guess you got one I'll get the other or do you think you can handle both of them" Kirin ask Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:57 PM The other spider by now is within arms reach of Kevin and tries for a grapple with its powerful pinchers. (edited) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:59 PM "I think I can handle this." I drink another health drink to restore some of my depleted power and health. I then dash to help Kevin by landing a powerful chop on the pincher, loosening the grip so Kevin is released. (edited) Tugar 24-Jan-20 09:59 PM (you can break tritanium?) keving 24-Jan-20 09:59 PM Kirin rolls out of the way of the Pinchers and shoots balls of lightning at it to immobilized it Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 09:59 PM (Empowered state, normal state probably impossible) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:00 PM (no probably about it. Go break a leaf spring) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:01 PM (Fair enough, I'll edit it. But if I cast the special move now, Kev will get caught up in it) (Possibly) keving 24-Jan-20 10:01 PM (you won't be able to break tritanium with bear hands) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:01 PM (remember guys there are enemies that Marine fight.) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:02 PM (Yeah, if I had those gauntlet/brass knuckle-ish thingys I would probably be able to) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:02 PM One spider is immoblized, the other shrieks loud enough to cause physical pain. keving 24-Jan-20 10:03 PM kirin holds his ears due to the load noise of the shriek and lets out a scream of pain then a gust of wind starts to pick up (kirin is very sensitive to the load noises with enhanced hearing of the neko part of him) (edited) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:04 PM ( I don't think the robot spider cares ) keving 24-Jan-20 10:05 PM (i dont think they would either but i thought you guys might of cared) (edited) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:05 PM (teasing) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:05 PM The small health regen that my health drink gives me kicks in, but I still feel some pain and it shows up on my face. "Ugh.. How the fuck does a shriek cause physical pain, seriously..?" Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:06 PM (go shooting with me, you will learn quickly) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:06 PM (I need breakfast ) MomoSS 24-Jan-20 10:07 PM (Lol Tugar, i learned that the hard way not too long ago) (guns are fucking loud) keving 24-Jan-20 10:07 PM (tugar im pretty sure you know what is about to happen with the gust of wind starting o pick up) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:07 PM (Do people not wear ear protection when they go shooting, wtf?) MomoSS 24-Jan-20 10:07 PM (we DO, its loud even with it) (every shot felt like having a car accident) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:08 PM The immobilized spider starts to move again, it's spinneret throwing off a vast network of entangling webs, trapping the both fighters. It's partner moves in closer as it hasn't been impaired. Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:09 PM "Guess I'll have to use "that" then." atsumari 24-Jan-20 10:09 PM (I’ll be doing a one on one soon) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:09 PM (I'm down for that after breakfast) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:10 PM The other spider spews gas at the half immobilized pair. (poison gas. yes it's green) keving 24-Jan-20 10:13 PM as the gas starts to head towards kirin and the new member of the crew while they are partly immobalized kirin starts to chant the summing of fenrir Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:13 PM (what the hell is a fenrir) (you aren't going to kill the lavie are you?) MomoSS 24-Jan-20 10:14 PM (a cute puppers) (Lol) keving 24-Jan-20 10:14 PM (fenrir is a wind dog ill send you the file of all the summons and no it isnt going to destroy the lavie) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:15 PM (that thing the hulk fought in Ragnarok?) atsumari 24-Jan-20 10:15 PM (Ten minutes then we pause/end) keving 24-Jan-20 10:16 PM (the size of fenrir is no bigger than a size of the caster) (edited) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:16 PM I release a shockwave that blows the gas away, then pulling the spiders towards me with a wave of power. Then I immobilize them with a powerful stomp on the ground, hit them repeatedly, and then delivering a Phase Force-charged punch, sending forth a shock wave to attack the spiders. Then I slam the ground twice, creating a shockwave that finishes them off. (edited) (Special move logic) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:17 PM (no ants) keving 24-Jan-20 10:17 PM (it is mechanical spiders) Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:17 PM (Spiders, sry am still sleepy) (edited) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:19 PM As you shockwave the spiders, they self destruct, their fusion reactors go critical, blowing both of you off your feet. The holodeck resets to lined walls. (edited) Aidan chuckles. "Nice. You're both dead." Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:20 PM My consciousness fades as I used up the last of my power when I casted the special move. (edited) keving 24-Jan-20 10:20 PM (tugar did you get the file i sent you) atsumari 24-Jan-20 10:21 PM “ more like you killed all four of us good job.” Ari said smirking Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:21 PM ( i did. I know norse mythology fairly well, just tired) atsumari 24-Jan-20 10:22 PM (anything else or end?) Tugar 24-Jan-20 10:22 PM Aidan comments. "At least we have starting point to work on when sleeping beauty wakes up." Oscar-senpai 24-Jan-20 10:23 PM (I got nothing more for this one) keving 24-Jan-20 10:24 PM kirin walks over to the uncounsious new member and places a tailsman on him to start the process of his healing and stamina recovery atsumari 24-Jan-20 10:24 PM <end sim> Group Post Erin "Ari" Mizriki Ayano Layton Aidan Thornton Ardent Dawn Scott Johnson November 18th 4566; Evening Lounge; TFS Lavie <START SIM> After Ari and Aidan checked out the new team member Ari left heading to the briefing room. She began gathering together as much information about what was happening on Earth II as she could; after all an informed team would be a happy team and a less dead team. AidanYesterday at 8:27 PM (actually, we left orbit right?) (and if we have, which I think we did, comms blackout remains in effect) Inori YuzurihaYesterday at 8:28 PM (we have actually and yes it is) aqace100Yesterday at 8:29 PM (assuming my guy has his thumb up his ass in his office atm?) atsumariYesterday at 8:30 PM (yes we did and yes) (and Scott yes) (he is on lavie though and cant leave if he is coming with us) (cause blackout of comms and gem teleport basically we wnat noone to know we are coming) (secrecy) AidanYesterday at 8:31 PM (not every is on the lavie though, there are people back where you are.) aqace100Yesterday at 8:31 PM (.....my office is TECHNICALLY a fuck you to the story remember?) atsumariYesterday at 8:31 PM (still; if you are in the Lavie pocket space you cant leave) (like the ship is heaidn to a battle; some slack jawed senator or magicy dude hears w ecome; element of surprise gone; we get killed by an entire fleet o ships) AidanYesterday at 8:34 PM Aidan was in one of those rare moments where he had a few minutes of free time. He headed to the Mess hall for a quick snack and fresh coffee. They were serving roast beef wraps with avocado and horseradish mayo. He grabbed two along with fries, opting for a coffee shake and fresh apple pie topped with sharp cheddar. He sat down and started to work on his meal. atsumariYesterday at 8:40 PM As Aidan was getting food Ayano walked in. She got food as well. AidanYesterday at 8:41 PM His mouth full of food as usual when he spotted Ayano, he motioned for her to join him. Inori YuzurihaYesterday at 8:48 PM Dawn was in the room Seleni was assigned, sitting on the bed, in what looked like a state of meditation. aqace100Yesterday at 8:48 PM scott in his bunker making goodiebags for team 1 atsumariYesterday at 8:49 PM Ayano joins him nodding. "So between my mech training and all... what is going on exactly with you?" She asked. AidanYesterday at 8:53 PM He chuckled between mouthfuls. "Same here. Whipping up the tactical teams shape. You know the drill. Sharpen the edge, then sharpen some more." He took a sip of the shake. "Slighty weird with Erin and I sharing that big ass dual quarters, but no more than usual around here." atsumariYesterday at 8:56 PM "The one you used to share with older me?" Ayano said after taking a bite. AidanYesterday at 8:59 PM "Yeah. probably enough room there for 5 people, but rank doth have it's privleges." He paused for a second. "How are you settling in to the new situations. I know we haven't had much of a chance to commiserate much lately." He asked, genuinely concerned. atsumariYesterday at 9:05 PM "I mean; work work work... Like I haven't had much time to myself but that is to be expected I guess..." Ayano said shrugging. "Has other me even tried to talk to you or? and... So why you and Mizriki sharing a room... kinda the same arrangement you have with Sumire?" She probed. aqace100Yesterday at 9:05 PM scott also makes some SUPER cloaks for giggles AidanYesterday at 9:09 PM "Pretty much. Erin and I have more of a mutual admiration thing going on. We haven't have any time to do anything other than work, again as usual. I don't know if we will ever go that far." Aidan shrugged. "And no, your evil twin sister hasn't said so much as boo to me. Especially since we aren't exactly on the same side anymore." "I assume she put me out of her mind, as I have her. I'll never wish her ill, but we both made our choices." atsumariYesterday at 9:13 PM "Not on the same side? erm... Trinity works for Orteria though right?" She asked. Meanwhile as Ari is continuing to go through files she got an email with a literal wall of information. "Eh... where'd this come from..." The email it was contained to it had this emoji :uniflex: AidanYesterday at 9:18 PM "It's....complicated. Right now I just want to get this next mission over with and get us some breathing room." atsumariYesterday at 9:21 PM "I could definitely agree with wanting all this to be over... I still need to find myself..." Ayano said knowing that would sound odd but the whole situation was odd. AidanYesterday at 9:24 PM "I will help where I can, you know that. I hope I am not making it worse by being in your life." Aidan said honestly. aqace100Yesterday at 9:28 PM scott teleports to aidan with ceci and gives him a box with an improved strength suits for his new armour AidanYesterday at 9:28 PM (in the mess hall?) aqace100Yesterday at 9:28 PM (yes) atsumariYesterday at 9:31 PM (just magical appearing...) AidanYesterday at 9:31 PM Aidan's hand stopped halfway on it's journey to his service pistol. "I asked you to STOP doing that." he said to Johnson. atsumariYesterday at 9:31 PM As he appears with the small girl Ayano says. "Fuck; your as bad as the EU...." aqace100Yesterday at 9:35 PM i know you asked but i decided not to listen atsumariYesterday at 9:40 PM "And you just ignore me... Okay; cool... I'll ignore you." Ayano said to Scott. AidanYesterday at 9:43 PM "Hopefully I won't shoot you in something important Johnson. So what brings you here other than boredom and scaring people." Aidan said. aqace100Yesterday at 9:47 PM Sorry ayano I just was delivering a gift to aidan. Aidan I just like acting like mith in that regard maybe I should wear my armour when I teleport to you. AidanYesterday at 9:48 PM "No just sent a message first. but thanks for the gift." Aidan said. aqace100Yesterday at 9:49 PM Okie dokie smokey I'll make you another gift box for our next mission atsumariYesterday at 9:56 PM "He likes acting like those guys... Hum..." Ayano focuses on her food. atsumariYesterday at 10:24 PM <END SIM> Erin "Ari" Mizriki Captain Gainz November 18th 4566; Late Night Holodeck 1; TFS Lavie <START SIM> After having some fun with Aidan Ari left and headed off to the holodeck to tend to that violet flower she had been using as her basically only non-work hobby. MomoSSToday at 6:23 PM (ima roll LOL since gainz teleporation isnt mastered, theres a 25% chance he can end up somewhere else. So a 5 or less will cause that) atsumariToday at 6:23 PM (he could crush her plant) (lol MomoSSToday at 6:23 PM (a 4 xD) atsumariToday at 6:23 PM ) MomoSSToday at 6:25 PM For a while things are going as usual for Ari as she tends to her violet flower but then for a split second there is a strange sensation like theres someone else here and then poof! Gainz appears teleporting almost near on top of her and unfortunately landing on her flower. Gainz gets up haphazardly. "Oh I'm so sorry. Shit, that teleport didnt go well at all. My bad." atsumariToday at 6:28 PM As something starts to appear she steps back and Gainz appears having crushed the poor little flower she had been working on for months. "God damn it... Can't you just like use a teleporter like everyone else... I mean god... And your bad; guy what if you appeared inside of me... L2P... Learn to Powers.... FFS....!!!" MomoSSToday at 6:30 PM "Well they didnt exactly have any working teleporters at that bug planet anymore... and besides, if I always use the teleporter I'll never learn to master this ability. Speaking of that...I've been trying to work on the other stuff besides combat." Gainz says. He walks over to the plant and gently touches it to mend it back to life and have it stand up again. atsumariToday at 6:32 PM "I meant like use your powers to a teleporter; like memorize exact locations or something...And-" She was about to yell at him more but upon him repairing the damage she stops. "Your like a living blue gem or something... Cool... So how did fucking those humanoid bug things go for you; did you piss on someone's grave?" MomoSSToday at 6:35 PM "I fucked their shit up. The swarm from there wont be a problem anymore, indefinitely. Any remnants on other worlds will probably think twice before getting on the 'demon's' bad side again. How you guy's been?" Gainz said with a grin. atsumariToday at 6:38 PM "Orteria was fucked by a cult that thought it would be a cool idea to revive the Phoenix inside of a reincarnated, more magically epic version of Flennel Lanreth... You remember our engineer girl who made herself a badass gem suit... Yeah... totally not thought out well by that cult; as if they could control the Phoenix... Now we are hunting senators cause one of their contractors was sent to basically mind control people and use the Phoenix to be more badass... Yeah enslaving the galaxy, giving people something to fight... Typical government propaganda shit." She explains. MomoSSToday at 6:41 PM "The more things change the more they stay the same. Thats what Nicol told me once... The battle never ends, theres always someone else's shit waiting to get fucked up. I'll probably need to report to Skynet soon and see how things have been. I realize how much time has gone by now, sheesh didnt feel like that long. Vanilla's gonna kill me." Gainz said. The AI in his scouter commented "Impossible." "Heh, not literally." Gainz replied. atsumariToday at 6:43 PM "It has only been like a month but yeah; just up and leaving... Like you middle fingered me before you left but you didn't even tell her y ou were leaving; she will KEEL you; much death for you..." MomoSSToday at 6:44 PM "Well I...I didnt realize how much time goes by when going to different planets. You go off somewhere and to you its literally a couple days but to everyone else its...a month. I'll take it like a man." Gainz said. atsumariToday at 6:45 PM "So you wanna help us deal with these guys once and for all... so we can stop them from trying to revive evil demons... I mean being stupid is something we can deal with but; yeah "Lets revive the Phoenix" They kinda need to be taken out back and put to pasture." She said as if murdering corrupt senators was an every day practice. MomoSSToday at 6:47 PM "Senators... were they not those people we wrecked that other time?" Gainz asked atsumariToday at 6:49 PM "yes; some escaped. Aidan wants to go all Rambo with them and get himself killed; I am too young to get blown up by a crashed ship... Totally would be a waste of my good looks and talent." She teases. MomoSSToday at 6:51 PM "That it would be..." Gainz says as he approaches closer and gently nudges her with his hand. "I think another visit sounds like fun. Probably wont even work up a sweat, but there are other things besides combat that can do that." Gainz said with a grin. atsumariToday at 6:54 PM "Plus we dont exactly know what they have; if they are trying to revive the Phoenix something tells me these guys might have something else in mind or some super magical crap up their sleeves... I mean Skynet did make you after all and it was originally created by a bunch of smug science bastards locked in a room for generations... Imagine how much smug old men who wanna watch little girls undress could do with a lot of money and power... Probably not safe to let the pedo old men run around unattended much longer... We should castrate them." MomoSSToday at 6:58 PM "We will deal with them. Whatever they got planned...it wont be enough. Gainz says as he punches his fists together. He does it strong enough to where you can feel wind off of it like a mild shockwave. atsumariToday at 7:01 PM Ari turns off the program and the flower and snowy environment disappear along with her winter clothes. She is not just in her usual. "So... I think your quarters are still a thing... I mean we are on radio silence cause we dont want those guys ot hear us coming... And yeah... lots could be done ot pass time..." She said heading out of the holodeck. MomoSSToday at 7:02 PM "Before I head there, I should return to Skynet Japan and let Vanilla give me an earfull. I'm sure the people at the tech division has an update they wanna give to my suit as well...though honestly, I think its just for looks at this point. Let the folks know I'm back. I'll be in touch. Hopefully teleporting wont go bad this time around." Gainz says, he winks and gives a thumbs up. atsumariToday at 7:04 PM "You should also ask them where the Requiem is... Lilliana like disappeared; probably on purpose though... Knowing Skynet lurking is probably happening." Ari said. MomoSSToday at 7:05 PM "Hmm..." Gainz puts on his scouter and checks in on the Skynet network. "Shes not gone, shes in stealth mode." Gainz says atsumariToday at 7:05 PM (In short shes following them cloaked to make sure the senate doesnt kill them since they are of value to skynet; you know they can defeat Skynets enemies) "Stealth... so cloaking..." "But where... and why?" Ari asked. MomoSSToday at 7:07 PM "Probably. The Skynet I know back in the day didnt have this technology back then, but its the future so, I guess they better have something like that now, haha. Ah...lemmie dig in a bit more" Gainz says as he taps into his scouter. (Now Gainz since hes tied to the Skynet network would find out where she is. But me as a person has no idea where she would be LOL) atsumariToday at 7:08 PM (shes following the Lavie) MomoSSToday at 7:08 PM (Ah ok so shes right outside? LOL) atsumariToday at 7:08 PM (like I said making sure the Senate doesnt kill them) (yes) MomoSSToday at 7:08 PM "Hah, shes right here. Shes following you guys." Gainz says. "Shes about 1000 ft away from the Lavie" Gainz replies. atsumariToday at 7:10 PM "... Huh... would have been nice to have said something... Whatever though; its not like you say anything when you go places too..." Ari shrugs heading down the hall to her office. "Well... Go see vanilla... I will be in my office; we seriously gotta help you learn your teleporting power though...." MomoSSToday at 7:11 PM "I'm getting better at it you know, the more I use it the more I understand it. At first I was ending up all over the damn place. Was crazy some of the places I've ended up trying to go to and from here. I think I even met a dragon once. One day I'll get it, I promise." Gainz says. atsumariToday at 7:12 PM "You mean other than Arisa?" She asked MomoSSToday at 7:13 PM "It's been a while back. I know one of them talked to me, maybe that was her. I swear I met another one though..." Gainz says. He shrugs since hes unsure. atsumariToday at 7:13 PM "This whole fucking place is an anime... we have you... a catgirl... a dragon who stays in human form and tries to act like a high school girl... how much more cliche can you get...." She chuckles. "Seriously the next time gods fight all thats going to happen the whole mission is screaming... I know its coming..." She continues to mumble about how things will be then shakes her head walking off into the distance of the hall. (you good?) MomoSSToday at 7:15 PM (yeah) atsumariToday at 7:15 PM <END SIM>
  3. 3 more counts and it’ll be dead @momoss
  4. Name: Lai-Lee Echels Age: 32 Gender: Female Species/Race: Human/Gem-Master Hybrid; Half-Asian; Oretria Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue Description: Lai-Lee is a major antagonist and anti-hero in ENRB. She is one of the Phoenix’s research projects created by the High Guard’s Research Division with authorization from the Universal Defense Commission by order of the UUAR Senate’s Special Projects Subcommittee. She wears a Marsia Academy Uniform or her variation thereof. Lai trained Tere. Lai is adept at mind control magic and often uses others to do her bidding without anyone realizing whom is behind the entire incident; from mind-controlling the mercenary whom killed Josh Travis’s parents to controlling those involved in the swarm incidents this was also a main figure behind Chaos’s leadership.
  5. Below is a list of important pages on the wiki which have information that is useful to current players and interested parties. Feel free to add wiki links to this thread as pages are updated or created. Weapons https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Personal_weapons https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Phaser_Rail_Gun_Carbine https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Phaser_Railgun_Carbine https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Big_and_Little_Thunder_(custom_pistols_for_AidanThornton) VX: https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/VX_Armor Military Organizations of the Federation https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Delta_Force_Counter-Terrorist_Organization https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/AMC https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/SAD https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Trinity_Special_Operations Governments https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Galactic_Federation https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Orteria Runabout Craft https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Mastiff_Armored_Cargo_Shuttle Starships (If the ship does not have an updated thread in this technical section) https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Providence_Class_Battle_Carrier
  6. This is an old forum game... It is basically spam... 1.... Why do I even make these threads?
  7. ACU-03 Seeker (Kiyoko's Machine) Manufactured by: UDC RnD Division 12, Arvonus Corporation, Aloris Special Research, Lonhorn Corporation Crew: 2 (Pilot, Gunner) Combat Specialization: Close Quarters (Long Range attachments optional) Main Armaments: 2 High Yield Particle Cannons 4 Auto-Guns 1 Beam Blade 1 Emergency MCS-3 (Master Command System Type 3) (Upgrade) 1 Hypergate Generator 1 Atmosphereic Booster 1 Madridon Reactor with AI Program (automatic ejection system included) 1 Long Duration Flight Kit Optional Equipment: 1 Meas Rifle 1 Nova Bomb Compacter
  8. Hi guys, To make things easier on everyone as far as creating a bio I have copied a template that the few of you who have simming experience should remember. Please update your bios to follow this whenever you can get around to it. For new players please use this. Any questions reach out to a GM. Thanks, Josh Character Information Name: Nicknames: Gender: Species: Age: DOB: Blood Type: Physical Appearance Height: Weight: Eye Color: Hair Color: Measurements: (Optional; sometimes people like to do this especially with female characters... I dont require it) Physical Description: Personality & Traits General Overview: Strengths & Weaknesses: Ambitions: Hobbies & Interests: Life History and Relationships Family: History: Education: Languages: Starfleet/Military Service Information Assignment: Service Record: Service Medals:
  9. This page explains the system used for the dice rolls in the play by post role plays. The system exists to help manage certain events; mostly combat and determine a result. The rules of the system and instructions are below: Attacking/initiating party goes first. Roll a 20 sided die. Defending/reacting party goes next. Roll a 20 sided die; try to beat the attacker. Beating the attacker means successful defense. If attacker rolls higher they may roll an attack die... For normal weapons roll a six sided die. Advanced and instant death weapons roll a 12 sided die. All players have 10 HP; at 0 they go unconscious... At -10 they die. If a player is in a mech, vehicle or other enclosure the enclosure gets HP as well determined by the GM under what the structure is and how much defense it would reasonably have. If a player on the attacking or defending side has skills relevant to the attack, is wearing power armor, using a special weapon or a skill that would make their attack stronger a plus is applied to their roll for attacking or defending up to 10 points depending on the GMs determination on the players skill. A player can also lose points up to 10 for having certain status effects, being injured, sick or otherwise unable to move as fast.
  10. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 1: Discovery and Reflection November 18th 4566 Afternoon Narrated by Erin “Ari” Mizriki After organizing the team Aidan and I returned to the Lavie to prepare it for departure to Earth II. We have left orbit with all hands on board under the guise of a survey mission near Earth II. From there we will be taking our team to Earth II and begging our operation to investigate and hold responsible those whom have been behind numerous events in the galaxy's recent history. I only hope that with my reaching out to Gainz unexpectedly we can use his help to try to prevent large amounts of bloodshed; hopefully the Senators involved will just surrender but I have my suspicious that things will not be that easy... I may be cynical and cold but that does not mean I am for mass murder of torture of any sort... I guess only time will tell and history will be our judge.
  11. Erin "Ari" Mizriki Captain Gainz November 18th 4566; Afternoon Admiral Mizriki's Office; TFS Lavie/ Ice Hell/ Karv'atku Ari while bored after they left Orteria had gathered her gems And begin practicing with her portal power… The few times she had used it so far she hadn’t screwed up and so she just was teleporting from one part of the ship to another. She apparently had reached the end of her luck as one particular portal caused her to arrive… Somewhere. She looked around the planet and it seemed to be nowhere she had been before… She thought that her uncle told her that she couldn’t go anywhere she hadn’t been before... The planet was covered in snow and in just her short sleeve blouse and skirt she wasn’t exactly warm. “What the fuck!?” She whines freezing as the violence of the blizzard nearly blows her skirt away. She hurriedly creates another portal going through... MomoSSYesterday at 7:57 PM When she arrives on the other side, she arrives on a planet that seems to be in pure chaos with anthromorphic insectoids attempting to defeat some...short man with orange hair by any means necessary. The small statured man seemingly overpowering all of them, even their big tough looking ones. The bug people even have ships that they are trying to crash into him and explosions are happening, but the man just walks through the flames causing some of the insectoids to fear that he may be some kind of demon. Some of them flee in terror. atsumariYesterday at 8:02 PM Ari Close is the portal looking around at all of the death and destruction… She pulls out her phone takes a picture of all of the massive explosions and death and says “well this is going to be my new wallpaper” she then sees the figure approaching as they ship fires a torpedo at him and it just explodes. He then just walks all bad ass like through the flame and explosions out of the ensuing smoke. His white cape just being all amazing and looking as bad ass as ever. One of the bugs gets the great idea to come at Ari, only as the bug approaches her it falls through hole and ends up on the ice planet she was just on. “Nope... totally not my type...” she said as the bug was falling through the hole. She glances over at Gainz as he approaches. “ I figured it was you… I mean who else would cause this level of death… The other guard guys seem kind of like pansies they would just blow up the planet instead of fighting them all by hand...” she shrugs and then socks him in the shoulder. “ what’s with you and always running off on me... and where the fuck are we anyway?” She crosses her arms. MomoSSYesterday at 8:08 PM "Heh, I apologize. We are apparently in some place called 'Karv'atku. Had to track down these bugs to their source. Blowing up a whole planet has unforeseen consequences to the spatial environment of the galaxy. It's hard to explain, so I figured I'd just handle things on the surface." Gainz said. He then gives a curious look at her. "How'd you even get here? Pretty sure im hella far from where you guys were." atsumariYesterday at 8:13 PM Ari puts her hands on her hips. “ how did I get here... eh... I mean sure that’s important but like; no running up and patting me on the head, no hug, no sorry for leaving you crying by an elevator after basically dumping me...” she turns around looking away from him but looking at the wall of bugs that are still there seemingly paralyzed in fear. “I guess I can excuse that this once.... I mean after all the fuckers are still alive so A heartfelt reunion wouldn’t exactly be appropriate in front of these pervy bugs... after all they probably lead to tentacle monsters at some point so they all need to die... go on; finish them off...” MomoSSYesterday at 8:18 PM More grunts of the insectoid army spot Gainz and flee in terror screaming things in high pitch. "Ari... has it really been that long? (The time didnt seem long to him, space/time stuff) To be honest, I lost track of the time of how long this battle has been going on. I'm sorry..." Gainz said, giving her a light gentle pat on her shoulder. atsumariYesterday at 8:20 PM “... it’s only been like a month but yeah for all of us this month seems like it’s been 30 years; i’m surprised I’m not an old hag by now... my uncle’s gems are how I got here... pretty badass stuff but what can you expect coming from the pansy’s you work for; they would much rather fuck with the universe then actually fix it.” She shrugs. “ so have you been fighting these stupid like wannabe Swarm guys this entire time?” MomoSSYesterday at 8:22 PM Gainz looks at Ari with a blank face blinking a few times like hes surprised a month has gone by. "Well...yeah. Shit I thought this was only going on for like a week" Gainz said with a slight chuckle while with his hand holding the back of his head. atsumariYesterday at 8:23 PM “ yeah I’ve just stopped looking at the calendar… Time in this future is so fucked up it’s like you think six months has gone by and it’s been three days...” “ you think they made it to torture us 20th century folk?” MomoSSYesterday at 8:27 PM "Time is relative. For someone traveling it could seem like only a day goes by and for someone else its been 100 years. Time is crazy like that. Space and Time are intertwined in strange ways." Gainz says. "Really a month. You guys still dealing with the swarm?" Gainz asked atsumariYesterday at 8:29 PM “ they actually disappeared for some reason… like we defeated one part of them and then they just went away... Remi is queen now... and the senate are still being corrupt asshole pricks... why didn’t you kill every last one of them when you have a chance I mean come on just annihilating the entire Senate would saved everyone a shit load of crap...” She shrugs; again. Ari then looks directly into his eyes with her hazel ones and hugs him. “ it’s good to see you even if it’s in the middle of a war zone and I just kind of randomly ended up here...” MomoSSYesterday at 8:33 PM Gainz embraces her. She could probably feel how warm he is since his body gives off more heat than normal people, probably even more now since hes been fighting. "It's good to see you too Ari. I'm glad you've been doing alright." Gainz said. As the hug parts a little his red eyes meets hers for a moment, but then he senses something and they trail off to the side as something comes up from underground. A massive rumble and then a very large humanoid shaped bug with gold markings comes out. It looks pretty pissed. atsumariYesterday at 8:33 PM Ari laughs at whatever it is… It is not seem very happy to see them. MomoSSYesterday at 8:40 PM Gainz instinctively moves in front of Ari as he glances over at the large humanoid bug. Other than that he doesnt seem phased at all. "Was about time, was wondering if I accidentally killed you already." Gainz said tauntingly. "DEMON, YOU COME TO MY WORLD & DISGRACE OUR EMPIRE. HOW DARE YOU. WE ARE RIGHTFUL HEIRS TO ALL OF THIS QUADRANT. YOUR SPECIES ARE PESTS...TO BE OUR FOOD AT BEST." the giant bug guy says. "Tch, see thats where you messed up a-aron. You got your food chain all fucked up. You cant just go around to other sentient beings places and start tearing up the stuff and not expect any consequences. And I'm the furthest from any bug food nigga." Gainz says atsumariYesterday at 8:43 PM Ari smirks at his words. “ that’s why I love you… Such a bad ass” she summons armor out of nowhere a full body powered suit protects her as she uses her powers making a sort of reverse portal within the area that they’re fighting to stop the others from joining battle. “Sorry; this is a one on one battle shit for brains.” She said to the other bugs which were fearful standing all around the battlefield. (basically if the other bugs try to join the battle they end up teleported to that ice planet) (so they freeze to death in the middle of a blizzard) MomoSSYesterday at 8:49 PM "DEMON, I WILL PERSONALLY SEE TO YOUR DESTRUCTION. I KNOW OF YOUR KIND...YOUR KI POWER, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE TO POSESS IT. I WILL CRUSH YOU AND AFTER OUR EMPIRE IS REBUILT WE WILL SHOW NO MERCY TO YOUR KIND." the giant bug guy says. Gainz raises an eyebrow. "Interesting. Alright, I'll call your bluff bitch. Give it yo best shot, bitch ass." Gainz says with his arms out like 'come at me'. Interestingly enough the bug leader does seem to generate some kind of energy, but its not KI. It's some energy being pumped through by whatever he is wearing that makes it so he has the potential to combat some KI. The bug leader charges at Gainz and attempts to strike him with a glowing claw and Gainz just catches it with one hand. The bug leader is completely caught off guard by the sudden strength that he didnt sense before. "Let me let you in on a little secret. This whole battle....I was holding back." Gainz said. The bug leader's eyes widened before Gainz just tears his claw off with a flick of the rest. atsumariYesterday at 8:51 PM “RIP... Time to die.... Demon.” Ari taunted the bug leader. MomoSSYesterday at 8:56 PM Gainz suddenly turns serious and goes into a hyper mode state where his hair stands up and goes intense. A fiery Ki aura forms around him and spirit pressure is enough that anything weak near him could feel the air press against them. The bug leader senses intense danger, and his instincts are now screaming to flee. "N-NO! Y-YOU ARE TRULY THE DEMON INCARNATE! AWAY FROM ME....GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER!" the bug leader says. The bug leader scrambles but as he gets up he notices Gainz is no longer behind him but now is in front of him. He moved... -that quick. Gainz moved the palm of his hand in front of the bug leader's face and in an instant a massive Ki energy blast obliterated the guy and left a scalding hole in the ground that trailed for 300 feet. atsumariYesterday at 8:57 PM “RIP.” She snaps another picture Capturing him obliterating liter MomoSSYesterday at 8:59 PM Gainz looked truly scary in that state. He seemed stronger even than that time he went up against the Phoenix. But as fast as he entered it, the Ki energy dissipated as he let go and went back to normal. He walked back over to Ari. "Sorry. Guy was kinda annoying and I wanted to let loose a little. The spirit pressure didnt hurt you did it?" Gainz asked. atsumariYesterday at 9:02 PM “Nope... remember who my uncle is; he trained me... kinda fucked but no wonder a little girl like me was able to beat peoples asses... Heh...” she lowers back to the ground and her armor disappears revealing her once more. She gracefully lands on her feet like a cat. “Hum... so who do you have to fuck next? Any idea when we can expect you back?” She asked coming back to him. MomoSSYesterday at 9:09 PM "Im unsure how extensive these bug peoples 'empire' actually is. They are just as persistent as roaches, they just keep coming. Heh, thats what she said... But even with the remnants running around, I think I'm done here. Besides, you gotta leave a few of them alive to tell the rest of their clan that theres some crazy black man annihilating everyone. If your friends with "the demon" it'll make em think twice before fucking with yall again." Gainz said as he crossed his arms with smugness. atsumariYesterday at 9:11 PM “I’d let you mess with me any time... but that’s beside the point... So you wanna come help us fuck this cult and the senate once you’re done with these bugs?” She asked. (Got work in the morning too so we should wrap up soon; short but fun) MomoSSYesterday at 9:17 PM Gainz grinned at her comment and approached close to Ari. He let his finger trail down the side of her face to kinda tease the urges. "A cult and the senate. I wouldnt mind a refreshing change of pace, sounds fun. After I rearrange all the leadership here I'll make my way back." Gainz said with a smile. (yeah probably should) atsumariYesterday at 9:19 PM “Okay... I look forward to it...” she kisses him. “I gotta find my way home now... otherwise I’d stay and let you play with me...” she winks before summoning a portal hugging him before entering it. <end?>
  12. This forum is the home of the ENRB: DFS Lavie; a sim/RP that follows The New Universes Project Core Storyline. In the TNU storyline the Lavie is a starship that works for the Trinity Combined Service; which is part of the Unified Council; the galactic United Nations of sorts. Officially it is aligned with the Orteria Sovereignty. Originally the Trinity Combined Service was part of the Galactic Federation's Delta Force Counter-Terrorist Organization. The crew of the Lavie conducts missions requiring a medium combat presence, recon or stealth type missions; occasionally the ship also does work of other types. The story takes place in the year 4566. It also combines fantasy concepts, sci-fi, magic and slice of life styles of writing. This game is heavy in erotic content and as such is 18+.
  13. Primary Character Descriptions Erin "Ari" Mizriki - Commanding Officer; TFS Lavie/ORMA Intelligence and Tactical Services Chief (Played by Atsumari) Introduced In: Connections Weapon of Choice: Martial Arts/Judgment/Blue, Purple and Grey gems Gender: Female Age: 22 Hair/Eye Color: Auburn/Hazel Height/Weight: 5' 1”/ 115 lbs Description: Ari is a journalist turned soldier from Earth of the 21st century in Universe 001. She ended up in this time as a side effect of doing work for Temporal Security without knowing about it with her lover Brandon. She has an almost tsundere-like personality. She has been of help to the crew acting as the ships information gatherer and then acting as the ship's head of security. After Brandon's death she is confused about her life's prospects and confided in Sarissa; she has also become less aggressive as a result. Sarissa and Ari are in a intimate though less sexual more platonic relationship and have telepathically bonded. She has now become the female lead of TNU as of mission 9's intermission and the second part of season 2. Following multiple nearly failed missions and the loss of Earth Ari has begun to understand her own limitations and has started work to construct weapons, machines and learning to rely on others to help make her stronger and better able to prevent people ending up like Brandon. She pilots the DCU-02 Judgment. She has become less secretive about her love for anime and computers and has even begun studying robotics and programming with Remi's help. Ari is more or less Remi's older "sister." Ari is romantically involved with Aidan Thornton, Hikaru Ino and Jack Pine. Aidan Thornton - Executive Officer, TFS Lavie/ORMA Chairmen (Played by Tugar) Introduced In: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Weapon of Choice: Battle Suit/Service Pistol Gender: Male Age: 39 Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown Height/Weight: 6’ 4”/ 245 lbs Description: Aidan was Yuka Layton’s former lover and XO. He helps her keep her rationality due to her passion. He is a 20 year marine vet whom wants to keep Yuka from going through any further tragedy and came to be her lover after his wife cheated on him... The two were engaged but have decided to restart their relationship. Aidan seeks to help Yuka with her quest to keep the galaxy safe, bring peace and save lives. Aidan secretly has feelings for Ari. Aidan underwent de-aging procedures. He loves Yuka so much that he will even go against his own beliefs for her as shown in mission 9 when he agreed to allow her to see other girls. He began seeing Sumire and took a similar role to what he is to Yuka with her; though the two have a better trust bond as she told him how things would go when they first met meaning less issues for the couple now. After leaving Orteria with Ari and the others he and she have entered an open relationship. Seleni Kiirmant - Tactical Team One Commander, Trinity Combined Service/Murasashi AI (Played by Kiyoshi) Introduced In: DFS Lavie Weapon of Choice: Unknown Gender: Female Age: 20 (Appearance) 50 (Physical) Hair/Eye Color: Black/Green Height/Weight: 5’ 5”/ 142 lbs Description: Seleni is the Human consciousness that controls the Murasashi. She is a former Confederate soldier killed in the line of duty and revived to serve the Confederates. She became lost in space after a mission gone wrong. She is part of the resistance forces whom were trying to take over the Confederacy from its corrupt tyrannical government. Seleni agreed to help Trinity on a limited basis in exchange for their help repairing her but throughout her time here she has become attached to some of her friends here. She has told others about the loss of her female partner whom was tortured and murdered to get at her. Seleni is now in a Human body created by ITC’s Medical Research Unit similar to Lumiere however her body is more cybernetic than Lumi’s at her request. Seleni is romantically involved with Hitomi Rio and Sumire Rembrant. She is currently pregnant and this on reduced duty with Mimi Sorinson taking on the role of commanding team one in the field. Her adjutant Ardent Dawn is acting as her eyes and ears out in the field. Hikaru Ino - Orteria Royal Family Member/Tactical Operations Commander; Trinity Combined Service (Played by Masorin) Introduced In: Shattered Stars Weapon of Choice: Negotiation and his skills learned while in combat on his own. Gender: Male Age: 29 Hair/Eye Color: Black/Blue Height/Weight: 5' 7”/ 126 lbs Description: Hikaru is Kiyoko's twin brother and the two are romantically involved. Hikaru has lived by his sister's side for most of his life only being separated from her following their father's attempt to kill him for daring to defile his sister. During this time Hikaru became more brash and aggressive but still is the more people oriented part of the team. Hikaru and his sister also have an odd obsession with collecting random trinkets and objects from places they serve as well as fantasizing about death and torture. During his time away from her he also saw more of the side of war she protected him from by becoming injured herself or talking the shit so her "little brother" did not have to. Hikaru has sense become that protective of her trying to do the same leading to a rivalry between the two about one protecting the other from protecting the other from bad stuff. He is romantically involved with her, Erin Mizriki and Sumire Rembrant whom counseled him during the times in which his sister and Erin were unreachable. Arisa Eirini - Human Half of Arisa (PPC) Introduced In: Marsia Academy: The Third Wave Weapon of Choice: Swords/Magic Gender: Female Age: 18 Hair/Eye Color: Red/Grey Height/Weight: 5' 2”/ 102 lbs Description: Arisa's second form which her soul inhabits is a high school girl whom allows her to learn about humanity by actually being human. Arisa was born into this body and has lived as her for quite some time but only realized who she was when she met her other self. The two are now similar in personality as both their selves have met. Eirini is a student at Marsia Academy and the Student Council Vice President. She also moonlights as the half of Arisa which goes on missions so that Arisa's polymorphed self can stay and protect Hukari. Jack Pine - Tactical Team One Member (Played by Jack.) Introduced In: ERNB: DFS Lavie Weapon of Choice: Unknown Gender: Male Age: 22 Hair/Eye Color: White/Crimson Height/Weight: 6’ 2”/ 220 lbs Description: Jack is a man from an alternate dimension whom came to end up in Universe 001 by happenstance. He commands the military resistance organization called Section 6 under a group called the USO. He has a horrible past and lost one of his sisters to a raid by enemy forces. He joined Trinity to help keep these people safe and use his skills to the best of his ability. He is romantically involved with Sumire Rembrant and Erin Mizriki. Dr. Scott Johnson Ph.D - Chief Research Scientist (Played by aqace100) Introduced In: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Weapon of Choice: WMDs Gender: Male Age: 30 Hair/Eye Color: Blue/Brown Height/Weight: 6’ 1”/ 200 lbs Description: Dr. Johnson works for ITC and helps manage the ship's research and development operations. He is not fond of combat and prefers to develop things rather than fight. He initially was brought in to care for RINZ but now does much more for the crew. He is in a platonic relationship with Seph Larson. Mains without Write Ups Veilfloe Sanya Isilme Primary Player Characters not in the main Cast Ellen Hayes - Sumire's Bodyguard Andrew Weaver - Marine Liaison; MSA Tory Trace - Chief Engineer; DFS Lavie Kenneth Sinclair - Chief Operations Officer; DFS Lavie Valona Longweave - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie Kirin Drawmawl - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie Jackson Moore - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie Oscar Kashima - Tactical Team Member; DFS Lavie
  14. Character Information Name Ariel "Mina" Welheirmina Gender Female Species Human Age 26 Physical Appearance Height 5' 9" Weight 160 lbs Family Father Donald Mother Elie Brother(s) Ray, Zander Sister(s) Hannah Mari Personality & Traits Hobbies & Interests Ariel likes music, dancing, tabletop role playing games, collecting memorabilia from worlds she is working on and running. Personal History She joined the Melbourne 9 Planetary Security Division at 21 for an internship at the end of her bachelor’s degree coursework in criminal justice with a minor in stress related psychology. Ariel’s parents were on Earth during the assault by the bugs and did not survive. She did her work to impress her family and live in her father’s footsteps as a cop. Ariel is not interested in lewd things or sex. She had a boyfriend once in college but that ended badly to the point of where she actually had to fight him (he was abusing her)… She ended up killing the man. Ariel is the second in command of her entire division under Major Alexander Morris. Ariel did this through saving a number of civilians and comrades in the SRU after being shot and still limiting the casualties on the enemy’s side; in fact she negotiated the safety of all the hostages without firing a single shot. That particular mission she rescued twelve hostages and two of her injured comrades and facilitated the surrender of six armored gunmen. Three rounds were fired during that mission all from the enemy… She was hit in the leg and the chest. One of her comrades was hit in the arm. Service Record She is a public security officer with the Galactic Federation’s Planetary Security Division; she is part of the 12th Tactical Response Team. Ariel is a hostage negotiator and assault team leader for barricaded suspect situations. She has been a hostage negotiator for four years and part of the planetary security’s special response team for five years.
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