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  1. When you have time a staff member will help you roll stats and set skills. We can also just do this part for you if you want.
  2. Character Information Name: Haruka Sumimori Nicknames: Haru, Sumi Gender: Female Species: Augmented Human Age: 30 DOB: 4/15/4536 Blood Type: AB + Home: Memorial Center, Earth; Sol System Physical Appearance Height: 5’ 6” Weight: 128 lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Measurements: 34 – 28 – 34 Physical Description: See picture. Personality & Traits General Overview: Haru thinks of herself as a savior of others. She wants to help other people and feels compassion for others. Her self-worth however can fluctuate vastly from feeling as though she has no worth to feeling confident in her abilities. She has Borderline Personality Disorder and was noted to have PTSD after a mission where members of her team were killed. Her left eye has had issues since her birth and rather than have a new eye she choose to have a cybernetic eye replace her non-functioning eye which allows her to see energy transference and gem power among other specific wavelengths normally not seen by humans. Haru wishes she could one day find a true friend and love. Strengths & Weaknesses: Haru is skilled in the use of computers and operational support procedures. She has limited coding knowledge and understanding of development of technological systems. Her BPD diagnosis points to that she has issues with her own validation, self-worth and a feeling that others just put up with her existence. Haru’s eyesight issues with her left eye do create a tactical weakness for her even though she replaced the eye as she is not able to see normally out of it. Haru’s passion for certain projects can lead to an explosion of emotion out of her if she is not allowed to finish her work. Ambitions: Haru wants to find a true friend, discover the truth about her own identity and help to solve the world’s problems. Hobbies & Interests: Haru enjoys playing VR games, writing long drawn out stories, photography and swimming. When on work tasks she prefers to finish a task to completion than move on from thing to thing over and over. Life History and Relationships Family: Haru was born to a single mother after the man she was with left never to return to Haru’s life. She has two siblings by law but they do not talk much. Most of Haru’s family was killed in the assault on Earth by the bugs. She now only has her mother and an aunt left along with her two siblings; both sisters. All the remaining family of hers have moved to Earth II. History: Haru was raised by her mother amid a bunch of significant others whom were toxic and damaging to her family which caused her to be protective of her family. Those whom she went to school with due to her not just getting a new eye constantly belittled Haru putting her through emotional abuse in her school years. Upon majority she decided to have her eye replaced with a cybernetic one and at this point they also installed an implant to allow her to interface with computers. She was further augmented with parts to assist in this functionality so she could more effectively provide support to her teams. Haru’s time in university and while in her residency helped her to come to terms with these adjustments and even learn how to use gems herself. This led to her being assigned to a field unit where she provided expert support to the team since she was more of a technician and scientist than a field operative. During an assault most of her team was killed and the resulting trauma caused her to reject further field assignments. Haru then became part of the advanced research section assisting them in development of gem management AI and programs which would improve use of gems for combat and civilian applications. Once Earth was attached her unit’s purpose was changed to find a way to effectively recover Earth from the bugs. Once Skynet accomplished this a group of ASS personnel led by Haru was sent to Earth to oversee the reconstruction of Earth’s infrastructure. Sexuality: Bisexual Education: B.S. Gem Theory with a concentration on sub-dimensional energies. Certificate; Paramedical Certification for Implementation of Gems (C-PEIG), Certificate; Virtual Sphere Development Specialist Languages: English, French. Military Service Information Assignment: Field Operations Support Specialist/Gem Implantation Specialist; Galactic Federation Alchemy Commission Service Record: Officer Recruit Training Initiative Cadet – Memorial Center College of Technologies – 4 Years Resident Intern – Alchemy Commission Specialized Research Unit; Internal Implantation Team – 2 Years Senior Resident – Alchemy Commission Specialized Research Unit; Internal Implantation Team – 2 Years Field Investigator – Alchemy Commission; Special Policing Unit Illegal Trafficking Section – 1 Year Field Operations Support Specialist – Alchemy Commission; Advanced Sciences Section - Current Service Medals: Bronze Star x 2, Purple Heart x 1 Stats STR = 20 DEX = 10 CON = 14 INT = 18 WIS = 20 CHA = 18 Skill Ranged Combat – 5 6 Close Combat – 5 6 Leadership – 8 13 Equipment Repair – 2 2 Information Systems – 8 13 Intelligence Gathering – 4 Domestic Skills – 7 10 Survivalism – 4 Medicine – 10 23 Research/Innovation – 10 23 Diplomacy – 10 23 Bio-mechanic Mastery – 5 6 Gem Concentration – 10 23 Gem Specialization (Brown) – 10 23 Gem Specialization II (Yellow) – 8 19
  3. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 2: Into the Unknown November 28th 4566 Nighttime Narrated by Mira Lowin The crew of the TFS Repulse had successfully completed their mission only to find my little ship having completed its survey of the sector. A tiny little survey vessel which only just got out of having its own problems on a planet out here was looking for something else to do anyway. Now I have joined this crew in its mission to respond to the emergency call to the world at the edge of known space in this unexplored sector where we have first encountered a cryptic people whom threatened to destroy us for possessing artifacts and siding with the cult only to be saved by the Lavie mid-battle... What is the purpose of this organization and what role do they play in this sector... Better yet what are the things they are so worried about; what would prompt such destructive behavior or are they just naturally this hostile?
  4. Atsumari

    Steam Sale

    Hello, Just a note that form now until July 9th on our Steam Page the game is 50 percent off. This is due to the Summer Sale. We released version 1 back in mid-May. We are slowly working on editing of the story for chapter two whilst writing more of the story for later installments. This is just a tiny little update on things here. Atsu
  5. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 2: Into the Unknown November 27th 4566 Afternoon Narrated by Ayano Layton Our team was sent to the cityship and went to rescue Yuki. We battled with the Cult and defeated them once and for all. We are now in the process of taking Yuki back to the Repulse.
  6. Approved. Assignment assistant HELM officer for the Repulse. You also have stat points left over did you just want to keep them for use later?
  7. Hi, Effective on May 14th after much work and preparation we were informed that The New Universes Project was determined to be a 501(c)3 nonprofit. This means that we are able to take tax deductible donations and are exempt from tax. This also provides us certain legal requirements and protections but much of this is stuff we already do not engage in anyway due to the nature of what we do as a fan based writing group and group that keeps writing alive for people. In short it has a lot to do with politics and for profit ventures; all of which don't apply to us since as mentioned we don't do either of those things as TNU operates role plays, collaborative writing operations and helps with simming stuff. Even the recent visual novel is just being done with the council's permission; not directly by TNU. Anyway with all of that said some additional projects will be coming to fruition in the coming days and hopefully this will bring some activity into the role play. As always if you need anything please reach out to a staff member. Josh Hina (Atsumari) Administrative Coordinator The New Universes Project
  8. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 2: Into the Unknown November 27th 4566 Morning Narrated by Ayano Layton Those of us who were assigned to the Repulse, one of the little ships assigned to support the Lavie; have begun our trek to the furthest reaches of Federation space. Our mission is respond to the emergency call sent from a Rim Colony. As we were on our way out, we were approached by the Onyx cityship and its governor came aboard to request assistance with remnants of the cult which had captured Yuki; Sumire’s sister. It seems like we can never catch a break but at least leading a team to deal with this cult once and for all will finally get them off our ass.
  9. Hello everyone, Welcome to the next community update. We are only midway through May but I am happy to have some announcements for you. Effective as of last night we have released version 1.0. This build completes the first part of the Chapter 1 story. With this, we have also verified all things are working on our first full build of the kinetic portion of the game. In particular the following things have been completed: - Additional minor grammatical changes to the game. - Scene transitions fixed and match content of the story. - Music added to each scene and during specific events. - Minor code cleanup. We are also proud to announce the funding of our Kickstarter. This along with outside donations have allowed us to begin work on part two of Chapter 1. Thanks again for all of the support people have provided and for all those who are interested in this project. If you can think of any improvements than we can make please feel free to reach out to us. Josh (Atsumari) TNU Productions LLC.
  10. Name: Mari Cecilia Hassam-Lowin Gender: Female Age: 24 Race: Human; Augmented Blood Type: B+ Height: 148.5 cm/4' 8" Weight: 46kg/101 lbs Description Mari or known by most people online as Miracila Hersom; a play on her real name. is a Hikikomori girl whom works for Lonhorn’s Computer technologies unit and is currently on loan to the Federation’s exploration survey team. She suffers from a mixture of genetic and auto immune disorders which causes her body to be extremely vulnerable to any type of viral or bacterial infection. Such things would cause her immune system to go into overdrive to the point where it would kill her. As a result she lives in a small contained room within a module specifically designed to attach to small cargo vessels. She interacts with her surroundings through a Always-On always connected stasis pod which allows her to interface with technologies, experience the world through virtual reality and Control her surroundings through android avatars and mechs. She is a manga and visual novel illustrator which allows her to pay for her lifestyle outside of what is provided to her by her employer due to the extreme costs involved in her medical care and expenses to live the way she lives. She wants to find friends and happiness but generally doesn’t feel like she’s deserving of such things and so she hides behind a shy exterior. She enjoys photography, computers, writing, drawing, anime and fanfics. She is constantly glued to some kind of tech. Due to her current situation and her basically living as a shut in all her life she has a very pessimistic look on life and is very submissive. When people try to get close to her she purposefully avoids them and tries to make them leave because other than interactions online she doesn’t feel safe interacting with others. Due to this most of her assignments with colleagues only last a mission or two before she is reassigned. Physical Appearance: Long straight light blue/purple, almost white/silver hair, blue eyes. She’s short, lightweight and petite.
  11. Command - 8 Commanding Officer/Trinity Intelligence Director: Rear Admiral (Duchess) Erin "Ari" Mizriki-Clark (Staff Officer) Executive Officer/Marine Commanding Officer: General (Duke) Aidan Thornton (Staff Officer) Trinity Administrative Officer/Chief of Operations: Lieutenant Lumiere Trouvé Ph.D, M.D. (Staff Officer) (Pilots the ZLM Zeus) Admiral Mizriki and General Thornton's Assistant: Ardent Dawn Flight Control - 15 Chief HELM Operator: Pending Tactical Operations - 40 (Security) 30 (Tactical/Weapons) Second Officer/Chief of Security: Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Ino Assistant Chief of Security: Pending Chief Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Trent Raven (in memory of Mic Maharaj (A Simmer from an old sim of mine)) (PPC) (Staff Officer) Tactical Officer/Ship's Chaplin: Lieutenant James Ross (Staff Officer) (NPC) Brig Officer: Number 12 (NPC) Armory Officer: Number 8 (NPC) Security Officer/Bartender: Ensign (Provisional) Kirin Dragmawl Engineering/Operations - 40 (Engineering) 20 (Operations) 20 (Mech Support/Flight Support) 8 (Communications) 2 (Fire Control) Chief of Engineering: Lieutenant Tory Trace (Staff Officer) Assistant Chief of Engineering/Trinity Weapons Smith: Lieutenant (Provisional) Nedious "Ned" Luminos (NPC) Operations Officer/Quartermaster: Warrant Officer Zoe Middleton (NPC) Fire Control/Suppression: Robotics Specialist/Research Assistant: Nik Bloom (Tugar) Systems Manager: Ensign William Shert Biological Augmentation Specialist: Dr. Misa Kitsuki M.D. Medical/Counseling/Science - 15 Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade (Dr.) Natsumi Yamane MD LCSW Doctor/Surgeon: Ensign (Dr.) Thomas Petell M.D., FACS (NPC) Nurse: Crewmen Josh Orin, BCNP (NPC) Nurse: Ensign Ayasha Thornton Medical Assistant/Social Worker: Crewmen Mika Remi, LCSW (NPC) Science Officer: Pending Alchemy Commission Researcher: Owain Danforth Intelligence - 10 Chief Intelligence Officer: Interrogation Specialist: Lieutenant Junior Grade (Dr.) Yumi Bella M.D. (NPC) Trinity Operations - Marine Detachment 50 Marine XO: Fighter Squadron 20 Chief of Flight Operations: Ensign Paul Del-Toro (Acting) (Staff Officer) (NPC) Mech Pilots (AMC Detachment) - 12 AMC Detachment CO: Lieutenant Ayano Layton (Pilots the DCU-02 Judgment) (Staff Officer) AMC Detachment XO: Lieutenant Kiyoko Ino (Pilots the ACU-03 Seeker) Seeker Systems Manager: Lieutenant Junior Grade Hikaru Ino (Pilots the ACU-03 Seeker) Mech Pilot/Officer Training Instructor: Dale Flint (PPC) Trinity Tactical Team 1: Kirin Drawmawl - Tactical Team Member (Tactical Operator) Oscar Kashima - Tactical Team Member (Tactical Operator) Valona Longweave - Tactical Team Member (Mission Support) Desiree Allard - Tactical Team Member (Tactical Operator) Jack Pine - Tactical Team Member (Sniper) Sarah Pine - Tactical Team Member (Sniper) Kessler Ryzka - Pilot/Systems Manager Ryuji Yamamoto - Field Operations Agent/Sniper; SNIEF; Laviesta Government Veilfloe - Tactical Team Member (Gem Specialist) Sanya Isilme - Tactical Team Member (Gem Specialist)
  12. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 1: Discovery and Reflection November 26th 4566 Evening Narrated by Makigisa "Maki" Tahoshi Lots of stars in the sky and a universe full of adventures to be had. Ryuji and I arrived here to investigate what was on the other side of the portal under the orders of SNIEF. Since we had no way home, we have joined the Trinity Forces. Since our arrival we have helped them to understand magic and Atsikai. We also got to participate in their leave, make some friends and also engage in humanitarian work by helping their capital planet recover from an earthquake. Now we have been asked to go with them in search of a woman who I witnessed kill members of the Federation Senate. There is also a mission in the works to respond to an emergency call; typical mission for people like us but splitting a unit up usually isn’t a smart thing to do… I wonder how competent the commanders of the fleet really are… Not that such a thing actually matters… We will still follow orders and save lives.
  13. Your trash Charles... EDIT: You're
  14. The Unified Council To be filled in. Federation Government Personnel Executive Officials President: Lady Hukari Carain Vice President: Sir Alion De Neresa President’s Cabinet Chief of Staff: Jake Noris Executive Overseer: Minister Norath Chief Representative: Representative Mir’Aler Chair of the Senate: Senator Shawn Kent (Killed during the attack on the senate; hasn't been replaced) Minister of Finance: Dr. Zack Asomo Ph.D Minister of Civil Services: Lucas Robinson VI SAD Operations Coordinator: Rex Lin Minister of War/Defense: Dr. Huris Magevine Ph.D Minister of the Interior: Jessica Ulson Foreign Affairs Minister: Wes Denton Special Adviser, Delta Force Operations: Commodore Misuki Raion Galactic Internal Security Adviser/Special Adviser, Alternative Technologies: Arisa Norinette Military Commanders Planetary Security Forces: Senator Glast Delta Force: Admiral Zorel Bryce Federation Fleet: Admiral Frank Taylor Marine Corps: Brigadier General Joshua Forester AMC: Commissioner Artirus Governing Council Council Chair/Representative of the EU: Elios Adams Representative of the Western Alliance: Master Shing Chu Representative of the Terran Union: Wes Denton Representative of the Outland Worlds: Acu Darlos Representative of the Aloris Alliance: Lady Naomi Westbridge (Foreign Representative) Representative of the Caldarian Union: Serena Elings Rei Oringari-Wellmarth Representative of the Varaxian Union: Mas'hal Representative of the United Forces Alliance: Captain Jake Frost (Remains of the UFA that were not absorbed into the Terran Union) Military Representative: Admiral Jacus Uakiem Orteria Sovereignty Orteria Royal Family: (Erin and Aidan are members of the Royal Family by decree from Sumire) Elric "Ric" Shoji - Sumire's Father/Abdicated King Queen Regent Sumire "Remi" Rembrant - Governor of Orteria/Orteria Military Commander-in-Chief Lady Eru Yuna - Commander and Judicator; Royal Security Service Princess Yuki Rembrant - Remi's Adopted Sister/Princess of Orteria Lady Ellen Hayes - Remi's Bodyguard Lady Estelle Tonwell - Sumire's Butler Royal Military Authority: Duke (General) Aidan Thornton - Sumire's Fiance/Royal Military Authority Chairmen Admiral Yuka Layton – Deputy Chair, Royal Military Authority/Commander; Trinity Naval Service Rear Admiral Lumiere “Lumi” Trouve M.D., Ph.D - Administrative Services Commandant/Adjutant; DFS Lavie Brigadier General Brigid Merkara - Security Services Commandant Duchess (Rear Admiral) Erin “Ari” Mizriki - Military Intelligence Commandant Captain Tinya Pryde - Logistical Services Commandant Rear Admiral Sarissa Slane M.D. - Chief of Medical and Surgical Service Rear Admiral Kelby Steiner - Chief of Research and Development
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