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    2020 Report

    Good day everyone, Today I am happy to announce that TNU has survived its first year as an actual company and non-profit fan group. Our focus is bringing fun to people through writing and community building but also keeping that supporting the writing and role playing and play by post community as a whole to keep stability even during times of uncertainty like those we are in right now. Writing groups may be the last thing on people’s mind during this time but the fact remains that people need an outlet and so we venture to help provide this outlet through our work. It helps the menta
  2. Jan 7, 02:13 PST Monitoring - Upgrade complete. We are monitoring for any problems following upgrade. Jan 7, 02:09 PST Identified - An emergency software upgrade is being conducted. This should not affect normal operations. This event will be updated when the upgrade is complete. View the full article
  3. Good morning, Welcome to the new year! In our first year as a charitable organization TNU has seen a shift from not just being a singular writing group but spreading its wings out to being a place to support others, build projects and be a community. Soon I will be posting an annual report and providing additional details on our goals for both the sim as well as the foundation's goals with its taking over management of SciWorld, FallFest and also creating the SimmingHub resource center. Thank you for everyone who has been part of this and for those who have supported the development of th
  4. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 6 4566 Morning Narrated by Haruka Sumimori Having had enough of things on Rema and the world's general disloyalty to its own people we made our way to the capital building and entered having scared away most local security forces with the help of the Pilots Union along with our other superior technological enhancements. The away team and I confronted the Rema Governing board which consisted of the planet's corporate leaders. After making multiple excuses and trying to enslave ye
  5. Approved. Also the ship you had mentioned could be a useful introduction space for your character as we are in a new sector of space. We can chat more about this.
  6. In a hostile war-torn future the crew of the Trinity Ship Lavie are confronted by something they have little training with in this fourth season of the ENRB series; exploration. The crew has been tasked with a new mission; building relationships, exploring and making a mark in signs of waning galactic peace in this new unexplored sector of space full of hostility, new enemies and the unknown but also… possibly… new friends, new discoveries and experiences giving the crew something to move forward into in spite of their past trials.
  7. Dec 24, 10:35 PST Identified - An emergency security patch to IP.Core has been released and we are updating the site to apply this patch. There should be minimal downtime. View the full article
  8. Good evening, This is an official notice of update to our privacy policy and serves as the notice required by our terms. We have had change in our service providers and as such updated the list of providers. No other changes to the policy have occurred. Questions can be emailed to legal (at) tnuproject (dot) org. Thanks, Josh
  9. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 6 4566 Morning Narrated by Haruka Sumimori The team and I entered the Rema Technological Institute with the help of the young student in their shield maintenance program; Lima Aionios. She helped us get through the facility and into the city's underground where we met a technician who works for the Pilot's Union named Zed. Once there Zed explained to us the magnitude of the governing board's control and agreed to help take action in freeing his world from the control of its corp
  10. Dec 5, 15:21 PST Monitoring - We are conducting software upgrades on our servers. There may be minor interruptions in service during this time. This incident will be updated once maintenance is complete. View the full article
  11. Nov 28, 10:53 PST Resolved - This incident has been resolved. Nov 28, 10:51 PST Monitoring - This is only a test. View the full article
  12. Nov 28, 10:41 PST Resolved - All updates completed properly. This issue is now resolved. Nov 28, 10:39 PST Monitoring - We have recently applied updates to the services below and are monitoring them to ensure they work properly. This incident will be resolved if no issues occur. View the full article
  13. Nov 27, 22:34 PST Identified - We are preforming a restart of the development server due to software upgrades. View the full article
  14. Nov 27, 22:32 PST Identified - We have identified the source of the issue and are now waiting for support with the service provider to resolve the issue. Nov 27, 00:34 PST Update - This issue has been passed on to our third party software providers for additional assistance. We will update you when we have more information. Nov 26, 17:16 PST Update - We are continuing to investigate this issue. Nov 26, 17:15 PST Investigating - Our engineers noticed a problem with the formatting of the Disqus comment sections of the main website. We are investigating this and will update when we have a resolut
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