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  1. Hello, On behalf of SimmingHub I am happy to report that we have a host for FallFest. More information about the date, time and banner will be posted to the SimmingHub site once this information is confirmed by the host. 5Th Fleet has been selected to host this years FallFest. You can check out their site if you are interested at https://5thfleet.net/. Josh
  2. Sep 15, 17:04 PDT Resolved - The software has been upgraded. If any issues occur please notify our support team. Sep 15, 16:54 PDT Monitoring - Software updates are in progress on the main website. As such service may be degraded. View the full article
  3. atsumari: <start sim> Mira was in the lounge after having herself some rather lewd dreams. What was with her and why… like they just escaped from some enemy and yet she was on about being her usual messed up self. She stared into the cup she was drinking a sweet coffee out of that wasn’t native to earth. “I really need to not quit my day job… at this rate I’ll be writing stories about myself…” she made fun of herself. [13:02] Ivan&Ally: Soft footsteps as Chan's personal droid explored the ship, approaching the lounge. Chan herself was going through the data and experiences they had on their planetside adventure together with her A.I: Serena. Sometimes Mira could hear the bot speak as Chan's neural interface had an active link with the droid and thus anything she said, the bot repeated(edited) [13:06] atsumari: As the droid arrived at the door Mira looked over at the obvious robot. She recalled the last time a random droid was on the ship from logs; it ended up exploding. “Uhh… Are you going to self destruct like the other one?” Mira asked temporarily drawn away from her inner battle of keeping her composure in the face of lewd thoughts. This was a welcome distraction even if the robot could potentially explode. [13:07] atsumari: (it was a long time ago some guy came as a repair droid and blew up) [13:11] Ivan&Ally: The droid briefly stopped speaking what appeared to be random sentences, turning its attention to Mira "Oh, not at all ma'am, this is Chan's personal droid." Some static as Chan took direct control Chan: "My apologies, my droid was exploring the ship while Serena and I were going through the debrief of our activities on the planet, this thing doesn't have a self destruct function I assure you" [13:15] atsumari: Mira blinked staring at the bot. “Oh you’re the little robot that we met down on the planet… So either your master is like me and cage bound or just highly anti-social… also like me… Hum… so what is your objective anyway… I mean sure you are following us… but to what end?” Mira asked. [13:18] Ivan&Ally: Chan: "Neither actua-" Serena: Liar Chan: "Well a bit- Serena: Alot Chan: "-of the latter. I actually enlisted in the Trinity armed forces after the evacuation of Earth, but as you can tell, after the evacuation of Earth... So I was sort of on my own trying to locate friendly forces, then I got sidetracked with alien remnants and technology. We picked up a distress signal and the rest is history"(edited) [13:22] atsumari: “Damn… you are a long way out… almost as unfortunate as me… but from the sounds of it at least you have an AI to keep you company… Before I met these guys I was on my own and my poor little dinky ass ship was adrift… no more fuel reserves… my dumb ass self would’ve been stuck unknowingly in space monsters land and I totally would have become a tentacle monsters tasty treat.” Mira smirked then chuckled at her own circumstances that will seeming unfortunate were actually very fortunate for her because with her illness being treated she actually was able to no longer be trapped in a bubble. [13:27] Ivan&Ally: Chan: Then we have somewhat similar pasts, though your story sounds a lot more grim and reminds me of someone else's past who was in my former unit. Minus the monsters [13:31] atsumari: “ I mean I’m over it… If you asked me a couple weeks ago how I felt I would’ve told you that I still am not over what happened but… i’ve found some really good friends here and… possibly even a replacement for the one I lost… Uh… anyway I don’t remember if I introduced myself down on the planet… I’m Mira Lowin. I command the tiny survey ship that’s in the hanger of the Lavie. Right now while here I am doing maps for them and helping operate some of their stellar cartography equipment… since I guess they don’t have a space mapping person on the crew… kind of seems strange for a large ship like this to have those type of facilities but have nobody to operate them… whatever though it means pay for me and a place to stay.” She said with a smile. [13:37] Ivan&Ally: Chan: Chantelle Singularum, former Wolverine 2nd Lieutenant and current commander of my personal vessel: the UKG Judgemaker, Serena came up with the name. Now that you say it, it does feel like the ship is operating with less than a skeleton crew. Like it feels that the crew had the wrong assignment and got a large ship instead of something like a corvette [13:40] atsumari: “ my understanding is that their some sort of special operations unit. So I guess a bunch of their members end up doing multiple jobs because they are special forces… That also means that they don’t have a lot of bodies though which kind of sucks… good people none the less though. Between The Federation Senate trying to kill them and they’re being repatriated under the council; you know TUC the corporate space UN… heh… At least they’ve got people bending over backwards to help them when politicians that only want to control the populace try and kill them…” Mira shrugged(edited) [13:44] Ivan&Ally: Chan: Sigh No matter where I go, politicians remain the same. I hate politics, its bureaucracy and corruption... Though I must admit that without some political arm twisting by my father I wouldn't be a Wolverine or have this ship. Just your average civilian worker or crewmate, maybe a military police officer. But still one of the lows humanity can offer. I don't know if our people are even comparable to the humans that founded my home nation, so much time has passed and things have changed alot over the years.(edited) [13:50] atsumari: “ yeah I mean with earth being attacked by the bugs it really… I mean the galaxy was screwed up in half but with the federation being dominated by the bugs any real attempt they had at stabilizing the galaxy totally went down the shitter… and opened up opportunity for even more corruption then was there before. All in all regular people get shit on and the fat cats get money… though I’m not sure what they’ll do with that money when they’re dead. So are you just planning to like stick around this ship like I’m doing… or do you have something else in mind?” She asked trying to understand Chan’s goals. [13:55] Ivan&Ally: Chan: We have all payed the price with the evacuation of Earth, abandoned by those who were supposed to keep us safe. I left family and a bright future in the Wolverines behind and came to Earth just a few years before the evacuation. A young adult, still trying to figure out who I want to be and what I want to do, wanting to reinvent myself on Earth, unfortunately recent events have forced my hand and I enlisted into the force, I guess the military is my calling. A long-standing family history. [13:58] atsumari: “I just ended up here by circumstance… Sounds like you have bigger goals than I do… I’m just a girl trying to survive in a hostile landscape while still having as much fun as I can in the process. Uh… hopefully…” [14:00] Ivan&Ally: Chan: Having some fun and positive vibes are important in situations like these, keeps up morale and hope. Making our situation just a little more bearable. I've been trying to contact my former unit, fortunately bonds aren't forgotten do quickly. [14:03] atsumari: “I see… you should probably talk to the general about that one because yeah I don’t really have any decision making authority here. I’m pretty sure that these guys would be willing to help you with that though. Thornton seems level headed from my encounters with him.” [14:05] Ivan&Ally: Serena: She's not a social person Chan: Authority or not, doesn't mean we can't enjoy a nice chat. I care little about one's status, unless it's a senior rank but then you have to. Serena: That's not what happened when you insulted the ministry. Chan: Shush, that's politicians [14:09] atsumari: “I’ll send him a message then to set up a meeting with you.” Mira suggested. “Social or not you are doing a pretty good job conversing with the lewdie of this place; if you can chat with me without wanting to remove your soul from your body you’ll survive Aidan Thornton.” She smirked. [14:11] Ivan&Ally: Blank stare before blinking Chan: Um, right. I'll umm, be looking for him. Have a nice day? [14:13] atsumari: Mira nods. “Cool I’ll message him… don’t be a stranger… I’m always just drawing lewdness or writing nothing in particular while wandering around so you’ll find me again as long as the space tentacles don’t get you.” Mira returns to her coffee bidding Chan’s bot farewell. [14:14] atsumari: <end sim>
  4. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 4 - Episode 2: New Friends; New Ideas January 15th 4567 Evening Narrated by Jake Noris The Trinity Forces left Rema with a successful mission and having gained new allies while on this journey into the harshness that is the area coined the New Sector. Now venturing with their new friends through space the team and its new allies endeavor to further learn about themselves, their surroundings and the new properties which were about to manifest themselves within the group which would change the game of future battles for the better.
  5. 16:19] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: <START SIM> The ship had gathered together supplies and was fixed enough to be able to leave orbit and travel around now; also by this time a couple resupply ships from Orteria had arrived and were beginning to outfit Ari's new base. [16:20] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: There was officially an embassy on Rema now as well. [16:21] Not a stupid Siri user.: Aidan was in his office. "Thornton to Bridge. Time to move on. Set a course for the following coordinates." He keyed in a spatial numbers and sent them to the conn and command chair.(edited) [16:24] Tory Trace: Tory had helped set up the security and power system in the base. With the Lavie's scheduled departure, he made one last remote check of the system from engineering. It gave a satisfying check and he cut the remote control. It was now in the embassy's care now [16:25] Not a stupid Siri user.: While NIklas had downloaded the information that Kel had given freely, his mind still raced around the possibilities. Ayasha keyed the door to Owain's quarters. "Sir, I need to do a quick scan. " [16:28] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: Mira was on the bridge; they were limited on pilots and so she was monitoring two stations. Flying a starship wasn't exactly her specialty but she was a qualified pilot none the less. Something she had to be qualified to do being in command of her own ship. "Understood command. Setting a course." She replied to Aidan as she set the course without pressing anything. Having a connection to the ships computer always made things easier and she was using it more frequently now. [16:28] Tuncecine: "You don't need to call me sir, I'm not in the military. did you not scan me enough while I was unconscious?" owain said while he could exactly stop Ayasha from scanning him he would definitely preferred just being able to relax. [16:29] Rockyeahh: (I may have fallene asleep. Covid makes ya tired. It seems.) [16:29] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (all illness makes you tired) [16:31] Not a stupid Siri user.: Ayasha smiled in a practiced but genuine manner. "Things change over time. Keeping up with those changes to make sure there are no surprises. Besides, anyone that isn't my dad and male is a Sir to me or do you prefer Doctor?" She set down the case, opening the tricorder and scanner. "Any new symptoms? Can you describe your pain level?" [16:32] Not a stupid Siri user.: NIk was co-monitoring the changes to the shield and any variances to contact with the shield. No one wanted a repeat of the first debacle. [16:33] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: Kel and his comrades were in engineering. Having miniature humanoid dinos roaming about engineering seemed to scare some of the engineers but they were tactful enough to get their work done and be effective yet efficient. [16:34] Tuncecine: "No new symptoms, just a lingering three from the explosion, And Just Owain is fine I didn't get a doctorate to belittle someone with it." [16:35] Not a stupid Siri user.: Ayasha chuckled. "With the exception of the enlisted Doctorates are fairly common onboard. Working on mine in the little off time I have." [16:35] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (im just imagining a raptor roaming through engineering lol) [16:36] Tory Trace: [quite another way of the term 'bull in a china shop' ] [16:37] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: One of the dinos adjusts a nob with his mouth. There was much confusion but the assistant engineer at the station said nothing. [16:38] Tuncecine: "I have heard more then a few with doctorates demand they be called doctor, maybe I just learned what I learned cause I had a passion for it." [16:38] Tory Trace: Tory looked over at the new dino crew member. "Something wrong?" he asked the dino. It was quite a sight to see of these new humanoid dinos roaming around engineering [16:40] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: The creature hissed in a way that the crew had come to understand meant all was well. only a minor adjustment was required. It was a form of a hiss and nonverbal body language that the ones who couldn't speak used to communicate with the others. [16:42] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (just think if anyone board this ship they wont be expecting a raptor with human legs that can tear them apart and eat their head lul) [16:43] Not a stupid Siri user.: (Nik might build one or two as sentries ) [16:44] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (these guys might be useful as security once the ship is fixed lol) [16:44] Tory Trace: Like the crew, he is still trying to learn the gestures and language sounds they make but he nodded as he understood. "okay. Let me know if there is anything I can help. I'm in charge of engineering," he said to the dino. He couldn't help but have a nervous eye on them given how different still they were. [16:46] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: One of the different ones had finished fixing an entire level himself and replaced the panel in the wall he had actually tore off to get inside. He placed the panel back on its old home then used a secretion he made that acted as glue to hold it back in place. once it hardened it was like the substance was never even there. [16:47] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (we dont need equipment; were just going to use our spit to put things back together) [16:47] Not a stupid Siri user.: (You assume it's spit ) [16:47] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (just imagine how unfun that would be for any intude; oh you tripped; you've been glued to the floor or yourself; good luck getting up)(edited) [16:48] Tory Trace: [you know, when you typed secretion, i imagined he peed on it to glue it] [16:49] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (could be; we dont know these thigns biology; we assume thats thier mouth) [16:49] Not a stupid Siri user.: "Sadly you are correct. Some surgeons are like that." Ayasha said. to Owain. "Let me know if anything changes and if you need any analgesics for pain." [16:51] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: The ship was granted permission by Rema control to depart and the dock unlatched from the ship. Mira transmitted an all call that the ship would be ready to depart shortly and all personnel should get to their launch stations. [16:52] Tuncecine: "I'll be fine if I walked away from an explosion unscathed I'd be more concerned." [16:53] Not a stupid Siri user.: "That could come in handy around here." Ayasha replied with a smile to Owain. [16:53] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (just imagine if these critters could heal with one of their fluids ROLOLOLOLOL) [16:54] Not a stupid Siri user.: (I'm sure Doctor Phlox would be all over that.) [16:55] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: The ship begins to move after all departments report in. [16:58] Not a stupid Siri user.: Aidan stepped onto the bridge. He had a standing order on the Bridge to punch whatever dumbass said "General on deck." If he wanted their attention, he could easily get it. He walked next to the center and the command chair, but said nothing. They had enough to do. [17:01] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (seems we have reached the end of this mission; anyone have other posts before we end this; also ideas for next mission?) [17:01] Not a stupid Siri user.: (I guess that depends on the data we got about the space monsters) [17:02] Not a stupid Siri user.: (and do we need to go back for a once over at a starbase?) [17:03] Not a stupid Siri user.: (maybe something a bit lighter, for a simple side mission where no one is trying to eat or kill us? ) [17:03] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (but being eaten is fun :D) [17:04] Not a stupid Siri user.: (for the GM maybe) [17:04] Not a stupid Siri user.: [17:05] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (Alrighty; looks like nobody has anything else though...) [17:05] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: <END SIM>
  6. ] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: <START SIM> As the group began to arrive to support Mira and Nik the church that Zalzk went into appears once more and a white haired man of only about his mid-twenties exits the church. He is wielding a large gem encrusted hammer. He is in a white vest, tan shirt and slacks that matched his shirt. "Hum... I arrived later than expected... Well that is a problem at least now they realize what we mean by unknowing ones." As he approaches the group he straps the hammer to his back again. "I am Kel... one of the guardians entrusted with the security of this place. Think of me as an extension of the elders of this village." Upon scanning him the realize he is an android. he is powered by gems though and much more advanced than anything the Federation had. If it were not for the existence of scanners he would be entirely indistinguishable from a biological organism as his mechanical body even bled. Haru could see intense amounts of magic emanating off of this guy.(edited) [16:07] Not a stupid Siri user.: (gem encrusted what??) [16:08] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (I could have sworn I typed it; I did later but jsut updated it; its a hammer) [16:08] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (a magical hammer) [16:11] Not a stupid Siri user.: "Lieutenant Niklas Blom. Most people call me Nik. The group of unknowing ones used to be in control of the people. We have changed that and probably made it possible for them to follow us. We apologize for the mistake and offer condolences for the loss of life here." Nik offered. [16:15] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: Kel nodded "I was just going to surmise as much... You disabled the holo barrier. Stopped the illusions and thus they could come here. At least you prove your loyalty by fighting alongside us. Tell me; what of the ones they controlled?" As Kel was explaining and chatting Mira couldn't help but get a picture of him; he was handsome after all. She chuckled to herself. Why did these reptilian creatures make someone who looked like a human, much less and attractive one as their defender... Couldn't they have made something much more useful or were they just trying to make their guards look like locals... [16:20] Not a stupid Siri user.: "We've made friends among the populace. I would say that not all are unknowing. They are purposely being kept in the dark by the ones that made themselves the leaders of the people. We found them to be evil and fought to give back control to the people." Nik paused. "Like any change this large, it will take time to develop and recover. Our aim is to help guide them into a better way for the good of the people."(edited) [16:25] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: Kel nods. "I see... Then we have a quest upon us to free this planet from them so it does not end up like Xan Kena... Much was lost there for corrupt leaders... Thus we traveled space and eventually ended up here training the large ones to do our bidding and be non-hostile; they are little more than animals, pets more so... Our people came here and made a village in this forest. That was when my masters created me and the three other guardians to emulate the locals both to keep them away but also fool them if necessary. They cannot be trusted." [16:26] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: "With exception to lord Zalzk that is." [16:26] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (he is meaning the guy isnt a pet) [16:28] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (Zalzk is like the next evolutionary stage of the big dinos) [16:30] Not a stupid Siri user.: "I won't disagree that some cannot be trusted. However I think that given time, there could be great change. Like anything worth having, it will be a struggle. My people would offer assistance to them as well as you. Our starship was damaged trying to get past the barrier with something we believed would hide us from the energy eating space monsters. I believe my people would like to have an outpost nearby. That would provide a great influx of opportunity." [16:35] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: Kel nodded. "We can assist you; we may have migrated here of our own accord but you as explorers would need to fly again." A few of the reptile humanoids come up as if summoned. "Get a fixer crew ready." One of them nods at Kel. "Yes Guardian." The one to his left responds leaving. "We also have a gift for you." the one to Kel's right said to the group. [16:37] Not a stupid Siri user.: Nik's interest was peaked at the offer of a gift. "We are honored. I am sure we have as much in common as we do that is different. It is nice to find new friends and not constant battle." [16:42] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: "War is futile especially when fighting one more powerful than oneself; it is guaranteed loss unless you have more manpower and even then; death comes with its own problems."Kel said. Mira hummed. The reptilian man transported an object into his hand and offered it. "Historical data for this sector and a wealth of knowledge from our former homeworld. To prevent repeats of our failures." [16:44] Not a stupid Siri user.: (shuttle have a replicator?) [16:44] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (yes) [16:48] Not a stupid Siri user.: Nik sent a command to the shuttle and had a copy of the device Aidan had given to the Princess made. The small cube appeared a short time later. "This is a small token in exchange. It's a history of our people along with much of our culture. Music, art, and literature." He picked the device up and handed it to Kel. [16:50] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: Kel nods and the reptilian takes the cube. "Well; you and your people can make use of our village for now until such time as our repair crews are ready. We can then discuss repairs to your ship and how we will go about defeating the unknowing ones." [16:51] Not a stupid Siri user.: Nik smiled. "Please let us know is there is anything we can do to help you as well." [16:52] ♡ ♪ Atsu ♪ ♡: (think this is a good pause point until others come about; plus we could do one on ones later anyway given that you know we basically have been given reign to chill)
  7. Hello, I am happy to announce; albeit late... That we have finally released a testing build of our Unity engine version of the game. To access this you will need to go to options by right clicking on the game and then going to Betas. Once you do this in the text entry screen with a password field enter "unitytest1234". With this code you will be able to opt into beta builds as we make progress on the Unity engine. I added this a few months back but still needed to do testing on to to make sure it was stable enough for public use. Happily it is playable up to where we currently are with the game. The team will provide more updates soon and hopefully another Unity patch. Once we get further in Unity development than we were in the other version the game files for the main build will be replaced with those from the Unity build. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Atsu TNU Productions
  8. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 4 - Episode 1: Alone in the Cold January 10th 4567 Morning Narrated by Mira Lowin After arriving at the village hidden in the forest we fought off and attack by the corporations that had overtaken Rema. In response the village's defender android; Kel offered to assist us. The team returned to the Lavie with Kel and some of the smaller dino-people who began to affect repairs to the ship. It was not long after that they completed most of the work for us. It seemed to these reptilian creatures we were archaic to them even if their town seemed low tech it appeared they had better technology than the Federation or our allies. That would explain why their ship was able to avoid the space monsters and live in harmony with whatever was around them... and why the locals wanted to capture them. I had also began to realize a new power of my own similar to that of the gems with the help of Kel.
  9. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 4 - Episode 1: Alone in the Cold December 24th 4566 Late Night Narrated by Haruka Sumimori As our team arrived in the little explored part of Rema we headed of from the shuttle to explore only to end up getting lost in a fictitious sandstorm created by a holographic emitter. Disabling the emitter led into a forest where we soon encountered traps as night fell. Someone sure went to a lot of trouble to keep people from exploring this place...
  10. Jul 12, 04:07 PDT Investigating - There are currently issues with server level SSL issuance and this causes issues with any server level access. We are investigating this issue and attempting to find a fix. This may cause websites to cease to function or give errors. View the full article
  11. Jul 2, 00:07 PDT Resolved - Updates are complete. Jul 2, 00:00 PDT Monitoring - Software updates are in progress. We will notify you when this is complete. View the full article
  12. Jun 17, 18:35 PDT Monitoring - We are updating software on our main website. THis may degrade services while the upgrade is proceeding. View the full article
  13. Updated this a little bit with the focus shifting from the Federation to Trinity people and Orteria along with the states out in the NSO area.
  14. Hello everyone, This is just a quick announcement from SimmingHub that SciWorld; the annual convention about play-by-post role playing will be held this year on June 12th. This event has a long 20 year history and we are happy to be a part of it. Further information is on the combined SciWorld and FallFest Discord which can be accessed by viewing the SimmingHub conventions page. You can also visit the SciWorld website for more details. Josh
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