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  1. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 4 - Episode 1: Alone in the Cold January 10th 4567 Morning Narrated by Mira Lowin After arriving at the village hidden in the forest we fought off and attack by the corporations that had overtaken Rema. In response the village's defender android; Kel offered to assist us. The team returned to the Lavie with Kel and some of the smaller dino-people who began to affect repairs to the ship. It was not long after that they completed most of the work for us. It seemed to these reptilian creatures we were archaic to them even if their town seemed low tech it appeared they had better technology than the Federation or our allies. That would explain why their ship was able to avoid the space monsters and live in harmony with whatever was around them... and why the locals wanted to capture them. I had also began to realize a new power of my own similar to that of the gems with the help of Kel.
  2. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 4 - Episode 1: Alone in the Cold December 24th 4566 Late Night Narrated by Haruka Sumimori As our team arrived in the little explored part of Rema we headed of from the shuttle to explore only to end up getting lost in a fictitious sandstorm created by a holographic emitter. Disabling the emitter led into a forest where we soon encountered traps as night fell. Someone sure went to a lot of trouble to keep people from exploring this place...
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  6. Updated this a little bit with the focus shifting from the Federation to Trinity people and Orteria along with the states out in the NSO area.
  7. Hello everyone, This is just a quick announcement from SimmingHub that SciWorld; the annual convention about play-by-post role playing will be held this year on June 12th. This event has a long 20 year history and we are happy to be a part of it. Further information is on the combined SciWorld and FallFest Discord which can be accessed by viewing the SimmingHub conventions page. You can also visit the SciWorld website for more details. Josh
  8. <START SIM> As the group advanced further into the forest William fell over. It seemed the experience of being rescued from the hole along with the rest of the day had finally been too much for the new member of the team. Mira noticing one of hte team members vitals fluctuate she asks over VX. "What's the teams status; need us to pick anyone back up?" [17:00] (last time Oscar even asked about setting up a camp so lol; this makes that even more of a plosable situation lol; night time; a team member just passed out heh) Aidan — 05/09/2021 Ayasha knelt by William, waving her medical scanner she tapped her commbadge. "Give me a minute to set up an IV. Looks severe dehydration and heat exhaustion. He just needs to rest." Pulling out a bag of solution, she slapped the large patch on the now exposed arm. Thousands of tiny needles would carry the fluid into William without pain.(edited) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 (navigating a forest at night ) [17:03] "Understood." Mira begins to charge the transporter for when the medic was ready for the engineer to be taken away. She also turns back in her seat to the other engineer who had been chilling up to this point as not much had been needed from him up to this point. "Well; looks like you might have a job now since new guy kinda did himself in...." Tory Trace — 05/09/2021 Tory stretched his arms and legs as it was now his turn to join in. He had his standard search equipment with him, His EVA linked up with him on his wristband. Now he himself a few of his drone mice that were now field ready. "I dunno if I should feel honored or worried replacing him," Tory said with a little humor ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 "No body has died yet... it'll be fine..." Mira said sarcastically. Traveling at night was probably not the safest idea but she was just here to support them and was here as a contractor... Even if technically she outranked everyone on the ground crew except Haru herself. "Just hope no tentacles come out of the ground and try to carry you into the depths." Aidan — 05/09/2021 Niklas looked around the area. "We need to establish camp. It's bad enough that we don't know the area. Stumbling around in the dark is a bad idea. Even as enhanced as we are. There is a clearing a few meters away. Let's set up there." [17:12] He couldn't find many rocks and the forest was very green. Stumbling on an tree that had fallen months ago, Nik broke off several meters of the large truck. Sap came out. A good sign.(edited) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 Maki moves into the clearing securing the area and casting a light spell from Mega. This way the group could at least see what they were doing while setting up camp. It even looked large enough for the shuttle to land safely. [17:14] "Provided this clearing isn't just another trap... it seems safe." Maki said. Aidan — 05/09/2021 Nik used his knife and hands to dig out small fire pit. Breaking up the trunk into a dozen pieces, he placed a few into the hole and shot it with his phaser. To no one in particular he offered. "This should burn safely all night with the sap." He didn't need the fire but others might or might want to cook.(edited) Tory Trace — 05/09/2021 Tory went to the storage on the shuttle and took out some sensor probes. "Well these probes should do the trick. I'll set this up around the perimeter," he said. It woudl at least give off a warning if anything is moving, whether animal or ground," he said as he would head out to start plugging the probe rods into the ground around their camp and shuttle ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 Mira takes the shuttle in for landing but has a small probe land first to ensure it wasn't another hole. it doesn't fall into the ground. She brings the shuttle in to land. "Good idea; setting up a perimeter. The ground is stable..." Mira sends a situation report back to the Lavie. Aidan — 05/09/2021 Ayasha brings out a large carafe. Throwing in few large and dark tablets, she added 2 quarts of water and set it on the carafe on the fire. "Coffee in a few minutes." She proclaimed.(edited) M82A1 — 05/09/2021 (am back had things pop up all of a sudden) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 Mira stows William in the shuttle in a biobed. M82A1 — 05/09/2021 (oh i didnt miss much good) Aidan — 05/09/2021 (lol) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 As the group was preparing camp Maki stood guard. Aidan — 05/09/2021 Nik checked on William. He was stable and resting. While he didn't need to eat as an Android, nearly a century of having to do so still made him want to. He poured himself a cup of coffee and added sugar and cream tablets. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 Haru set up some scientific equipment to get samples of things form this world; very important for a first contact mission. Even if they were not part of Starfleet this was still an important job. [17:25] (leave it to the actual science officer to do science things lol) M82A1 — 05/09/2021 Dawn gently taps Maki on the shoulder, "You should get some rest as well. Never know when you'll be able to again." Tory Trace — 05/09/2021 Tory continued to set up the perimeter probes and calibrated them. It wouldn't be long until there were about a dozen probes surrounding the camp. "Probe's up. Is that Coffee I smell?" he said when he came back to the camp ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 (cause lets be honest the closest thing trinity has to a science department with the exception of Sera is its Alchemy commission attaches) Aidan — 05/09/2021 Nik joked. "Yes it's coffee. If the live though mostly hidden fire and fresh coffee doesn't bring any curious natives, I give up on this planet." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 "Yeah; nothing screams come rape me master like an unsuspecting blonde and a campsite post-sex..." Mira commented. [17:28] "Oh wait... that isn't what we were talking about..." [17:30] (and shes getting it wrong; thats more serial killer but whatever) M82A1 — 05/09/2021 (no response from maki? :p) Aidan — 05/09/2021 "No, but it's interesting the places your mind goes." Nik offered. "Scary, but interesting." M82A1 — 05/09/2021 (also reference from one of the jason movies?) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 Maki looks over at Dawn. "I rested on the Lavie; but... You are right... All the people should rest actually. You and Dr. Blom are likely the most fresh being androids." [17:32] (and yes) Aidan — 05/09/2021 Nik wished he'd brought along Carmela. Her huge eyes would be of great help as a sentry in the night-time forest. he made the mental note. "I do not really require sleep, though I do nap on occasion. Feel free to sleep. I can stand watch."(edited) M82A1 — 05/09/2021 Dawn nods as she does a quick scan of their surroundings before sitting down at a slightly more comfortable spot. Tory Trace — 05/09/2021 Tory sat down and observed the group, waiting for the coffee to finish. "So what is it that we're expecting to find out here?" he said ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 Maki goes to prepare a tent for those including herself who would rest. [17:37] Haru as she was taking samples replied to Tory. "The legends speak of reptile monsters out here and am impenetrable storm of sand. We found the storm was just an illusion. But monsters... Eh... unlike perv girl I'm not into ideas of sexual fantasy via monster...." haru shrugged. Aidan — 05/09/2021 "That's the question isn't it?" Nik replied to Tory. "Legends are sometimes made up for a silver of truth. Back on ancient Earth there were maps of sea monsters and such where the maps were not well established. People's fear getting to them mostly." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 "Though the storm was a lot of trouble; someone going to all that trouble to put up tech to stop people from coming here so; something is living here; so yeah as you said sliver of truth..." Haru added. Aidan — 05/09/2021 "Plenty of reasons. The question is, are they trying to keep people out or in?" Nik offered. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 "That is indeed the question and what will our presence here lead to?"(edited) Aidan — 05/09/2021 "Not another Pandora's box and hopefully more friends. We've made enough enemies." Nik said hopefully. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 (so from here stuff will happen but seeing as the post will only be a couple more minutes do people just want to end here and wait; or do people want to timeskip for the last few minutes?)(edited) M82A1 — 05/09/2021 (stopping here is a good idea) Aidan — 05/09/2021 (blah fine) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 05/09/2021 <END SIM> ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:15 <START SIM> Mira rested in her seat in the shuttle. Haru also took time to rest in the tent that Maki had set up. Time passed as members of the group rested and swapped out watch between each other; though really with Dawn and Nik not needing rest it was not necessarily needed since they could watch the camp on their own. Aya (Chan) — Today at 13:17 Chan lays on top of her ship, Serena meanwhile has been busy sending encrypted messages to an unknown party Aidan — Today at 13:19 Nik walked a short perimeter around the camp. He used the built in tricorder to run scans on anything nearby. The smallest detail could make a difference. Ayasha slept soundly. There was enough activity that she was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. (How was the message sent. Nik would have a chance to pick it up. ) Tory Trace — Today at 13:19 Tory would take a spot in the shuttle passenger seat. EVA in his wrist pad would monitor the sensor probes on the perimeter M82A1 — Today at 13:20 (what sensor probes?) [13:20] (did we bring those?) Aya (Chan) — Today at 13:21 (Quantum encrypted superluminal communication channel, good luck with that) Aidan — Today at 13:22 ( ) Tory Trace — Today at 13:22 [when Tory came along as backup, he brought a few probes for detection] Aya (Chan) — Today at 13:23 [13:23] @M82A1 M82A1 — Today at 13:24 (kay sorry feeling weird rn might be cuz of the tylenol) Aidan — Today at 13:25 ( I would say those would have a very limited range and ability, not exactly ship sensors) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:25 As the group is resting and going about its business, three reptilian humanoid men come out of the forested area having camouflaged themselves. They are armed. The group also hears rustling up higher in the trees. Soon a very tall reptilian dinosaur-like creature comes out of the trees looking at the group members who were awake. The three armed humanoids with the creature move into a defensive position. “Ael mad kasetra!” The probes oddly enough did not detect these creatures. M82A1 — Today at 13:26 Dawn immediately draws her blades and assumes a defensive position as soon as it spoke. [13:27] "We have visitors" Dawn shouts. Rockyeahh — Today at 13:28 William starts to wake up in the shuttle bed. "Wha.." He looks around. He is hooked up to an IV drip. "Fuck me. What happened to me this time?"(edited) Aidan — Today at 13:28 Nik assumed a less defensive stance. "Let's not do anything drastic people. We are on THEIR territory after all." Looking more at the new arrivals, he said. "We are explorers. We come in peace." M82A1 — Today at 13:28 (LOL hes as much out of it as i am) Tory Trace — Today at 13:28 Tory was woken with a jolt and fell off his seat. He drew his handgun and peered out from the shuttle. "EVA, what happened?" he said as he looked at his wristpad. "No intruders detected," EVA replied. It meant EVA couldn't see or hear them. Tory wasn't a combatant so he needed to hang back at the shuttle for cover ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:30 "Ael ket knolando; kasetra jord irando!" The humanoid replies. Aidan — Today at 13:33 "I do not understand. I am Nik." he held his hands up with palms facing out and open. "Looks like the universal translator isn't working either. He remoted keyed his tricorder to connect to his brain. " Pointing to himself, he slowly said it again. "Nik."(edited) Aya (Chan) — Today at 13:34 Chan got up, spots the unidentified personnel and waited. They don't seem entirely hostile so she refrains from aiming her cannon to prevent escalation Aidan — Today at 13:34 Nik added, "Dawn between the two of us we should have enough computing power to figure out syntax." Tory Trace — Today at 13:35 Tory didn't hear fighting but more speaking. He stepped out and walked int he direction of Nik but hung back in case something goes wrong. "What's going on?" he said calmly lest he frighten the intruders by accident ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:35 The humanoid pointed to them "kasetra pa Nik? kaset pas nik?" M82A1 — Today at 13:36 Dawn nods at Niks suggestion not breaking her gaze away from the newcomers.(edited) Aya (Chan) — Today at 13:37 Serena: I sent an Arrow, the Victorians are on the way Chan: You did what? Aidan — Today at 13:37 Nik pointed again to himself, saying "Nik." He then pointed for the others to introduce themselves. Tory Trace — Today at 13:38 "Tory" Tory said as he pointed himself to help Nik with the negotiation ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:38 Maki came out by this time. "They are saying something about intrude. It's sorta like outland language." Aidan — Today at 13:39 "Well they are right about that. Though I would explore not intrude. Semantics." Nik offered. Rockyeahh — Today at 13:39 William slowly sits up and detaches the IV drip. Then he reaches for a nearby bottle to drink from. He breathes out deeply. "Some calm. At least until the next disaster." William then fumbles and spills some of his drink. "Ah, fuck it." He complains. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:40 Maki reconfigured her translator then linked it into the others. Aya (Chan) — Today at 13:41 Serena: Well they better not escalate or we're going to intrude even harder Chan: ... Facepalm ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:41 It will provide a little better translation though it will be broken. "Intruder is Nik, Intruder is Troy.... intrude why does?" [13:41] Is what the UC translates the next statement into Aidan — Today at 13:42 Nik kept it simple. "Learn new things. New people." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:42 "knowing of... meet new.... weapons should lower." The humanoid said. [13:43] "He is suggesting we lower our weapons." Maki added giving context to the broken translation. Aidan — Today at 13:43 Nik didn't have weapons out but ordered the others to put away any weapons. "After all they didn't attack us and could have easily." M82A1 — Today at 13:44 Dawn sheathes her blades and slowly relaxes her stance. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:44 The giant dino-like being roars for some reason. [13:45] More humanoids come out of the forest. Aidan — Today at 13:46 Nik wished he had taken a normal tricorder. "We became lost. Found the fake sandstorm. Now here and happy to meet new people." Aya (Chan) — Today at 13:46 Chan pulls out her cannon instinctively with one arm while covering her ear with the other Chan: That was uncalled for with my sensitive hearing. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:48 "Not come; storms block.... make not way... forbid. why did come forth? Female one sound does not damage; Codash only call... not for harm." The humanoid attempts to explain. Aidan — Today at 13:49 "Storm threaten our lives. We tried to build shelter and found exit instead. New place is refuge against storm." Nik said plainly. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:50 "storm not exist; only fear... should return home intruders." Aya (Chan) — Today at 13:50 Serena: Can anyone give me information of the planetary shield? ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:51 "Un-knowing ones make shield to protect; do not live in harmony with space monster... only fight." M82A1 — Today at 13:52 "Space monster?" Dawn quietly muses. Aidan — Today at 13:52 Nik's interest peaked at that statement. "Monster threaten our lives. We want harmony not fight. Teach?"(edited) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:53 "Intruder not like un-knowing ones?" Aidan — Today at 13:54 Nik laughed at that. "We look the same. Come from different place in space." Hoping that got across the translation. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:54 The humanoid expands his hands out "far in Xurondo.... off west?" [13:55] (and yes that is broken as fuck since cardinal directions in space lol) Aidan — Today at 13:55 Nik looked up trying to get a bearing in the stars. He pointed in a direction in the sky. Aya (Chan) — Today at 13:56 Chan: Who's the tech person on the Lavie? Serena was the list of parts required for repairs. Apparently too busy to ask herself but tell me to ask. Serena: We could stay stranded if that's what you prefer. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:56 The humanoid hums. "Kurat!" The humanoids put their weapons away. "We provide for knowing ones." [13:57] "un-knowing ones must forage..." [13:57] "Come" [13:57] The humanoid walks past the giant reptile through the forest as his comrades move out of the way to allow the group to follow.(edited) Aidan — Today at 13:58 "My kingdom for a holoprojecter or hell even a pencil and paper at this point." Nik said.(edited) Rockyeahh — Today at 13:59 Meanwhile, William takes a piss outside of the shuttle, while whistling.(edited) Tory Trace — Today at 13:59 With the weapons coming down, Tory also put his handgun away. Still, how did these natives avoid the sensors? "Who's going to follow them? Should some of us stay wit the shuttle?" Tory said M82A1 — Today at 13:59 (facedesk) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 13:59 One of the reptile humanoids approaches william. "Omaredasha! heretic!" M82A1 — Today at 13:59 (gdi rocky xD) Aidan — Today at 14:00 Ayasha said, "I staying with our resident drunkard and my patient" ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:00 he pulls out a sword that looks more like a lightsaber than anything. Rockyeahh — Today at 14:00 (I knew no matter what he did, something would fuck up.) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:00 (you pissed on their forest lol) Rockyeahh — Today at 14:01 William looks over, while still on a range of medication. "What did they have me take for the pain?" he wonders. He sighs and carries on pissing.(edited) Aidan — Today at 14:02 Nik shouts at William. "Stop that! ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:02 "Intruder!" The lightsaber wielding man said glaring at william taking an offensive stance. Rockyeahh — Today at 14:03 William proceeds to piss his pants as opposed to on the forest floor. Aidan — Today at 14:03 To himself, he muttered, "leave it to the drunkard to forget protocol. Pack everything out." Nik said to himself. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:04 "Invader must have punish!" The lightsaber wielding humanoid said. Aidan — Today at 14:05 Ayasha said to William "You might try to apologize. I don't know where that glowstick is going." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:05 The dino roars in a different tone but it seemed in agreement. Aya (Chan) — Today at 14:05 Chan had a closed Comms with Serena through her neural interface Chan: What have you been doing Serena? Serena: Some old comrades. Chan: Sigh don't we have resources in the hold from our last mining session? Serena: What, you want me to synthesise and print parts to fix their ship, you know why we mined those resources Chan. Chan: That wasn't a request. Also we've got a situation brewing. Serena: Weapon hardpoints ready. Chan: Not yet. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:06 (totally just ignoring what is going on on the gorund Aya lol) [14:07] Haru comes out of her tent. "All the shouting and roars makes it hard to sleep." M82A1 — Today at 14:07 Dawn merely facepalm at all this. "Those who intend on going should go. I'll stay here and assist with our drunkard."(edited) Aidan — Today at 14:08 Ayasha offered, "I'm staying as well. To pick up the pieces of our soon to be injured engineer." Rockyeahh — Today at 14:10 "Wait, so I'm not hallucinating?" William shouts. He looks at the humanoid. "I'm sorry for whatever is happening lizard man. I thought I was dead up until a few minutes ago. I'm sure you don't want my blood all over the forest. That'd be very messy." "And why do people call me drunk? I'm on a cocktail of painkillers." He grumbles. "Ah, it doesn't matter. Let's move on to the next nightmare then." William stretches out. [14:10] (He's a punching bag in human form at best. lol)(edited) Aya (Chan) — Today at 14:10 (I.. didn't? The "situation brewing" is the pissing incident Tory Trace — Today at 14:11 [i have to step off now] Aya (Chan) — Today at 14:11 (Take care ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:12 "Fearless leader; the brand?" One of the humanoids asks the one who was negotiating who was apparently their elder or something. "Only one. he must know not to inhibit the sacred lands but not make it interfere with new friend." The one standing next to willliam nods and his saber changes into a whip. he whips William once. it burns a mark through williams clothes into his back. It is very painful. The plead for not being harmed resulted in no quarter from the humanoids. "Learnt o respect the sacred lands intruder lest you become an infidel and an unknowing one. Keep these words." The humanoid said pointing to h is head as if telling him to remember. Aidan — Today at 14:12 (laters) Rockyeahh — Today at 14:16 William feels a stinging sensation. "Well, it's a good thing that I'm practically numb already." William smiles at the one that whipped him. "Well now that's over with, I do you have a good rest of your day." William slowly shuffles back to the ship. The sound of a thud can be heard, as he collapses once inside of the ship.(edited) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:17 The humanoid leaves as to the others leading the gorup on. [14:17] At least those who are coming with them. Aidan — Today at 14:17 Nik follows M82A1 — Today at 14:18 Dawn sighs and goes to help William. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:18 Mira decides to join him. [14:18] Haru remains to sleep. Rockyeahh — Today at 14:19 (i'll be back) Aya (Chan) — Today at 14:19 Serena: Who thought it was a good idea to take the hillbilly along? Chan: Shush Chan slides off her ship as it lifts off, as per usual Serena will follow and provide overwatch while Chan goes with the rest on foot Serena: I'll ask again, can anyone give the list of part required to repair the flying brick? Aidan — Today at 14:22 Nik offered. I don't have a complete list but I do have the basics. Transmitting." Aya (Chan) — Today at 14:22 Serena: Chan, do I have it? Chan: Just do it. The faster we get off this planet with our new friends, the better. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:23 (final posts; since we are heading to their village; first contact yay...) Rockyeahh — Today at 14:24 William was still conscious, while on the floor and sent the list over the Serena. Aidan — Today at 14:25 Ayasha scanned William. Since he was still breathing and not in distress she hooked the IV back up. Added a tri-ox compound to help dry him out and filed an official report of conduct unbecoming to transmit later.(edited) Aya (Chan) — Today at 14:26 Serena: To hell with this Chan's ship started going vertical and launched off Chan: Serena? SERENA. Sigh Hmm. Perhaps some old comrades would actually be good. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — Today at 14:27 <END SIM>
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  11. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 <START SIM> Haru leads herself and Oscar onwards since there really isn’t much that they can do for those members of the team down in the holes right now. She wonders Who built the traps though and continues to advance through the forest. Meanwhile on the shuttle Mira powers up the craft since detecting others disappear; even if they are okay having help would be better than not. She closes up the shuttle and begins to fly towards the group hovering over the trees. She looks back at the others in the shuttle "Any of you have training as a rescue jumper; cause... yeah I don't do that... jumping into holes is generally not my cup of tea..." She shrugged. [10:15 AM] (I imagine shuttles would have wenches or would engineering not be that smart) [10:15 AM] (in that case just exploring the holes lul) [10:16 AM] (oh ye its also nighttime now lul; making rescue harder) Aidan — 04/11/2021 (Nik, Ayasha, and Wlliam are in one of the holes) aqace100 — 04/11/2021 (Umm I dont even know where the f I am) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 (you would be on the ship but could tp to the shuttle scotts; limited nature of your stuff can still work a bit) [10:18 AM] (though dont know if you would be much help; given... trees, holes, night and the unknown) [10:18 AM] (unless you have a giant light) Aidan — 04/11/2021 (bring rope )(edited) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 (or rope) Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 Chan stands upside down on the bottom of her own ship next to the shuttle, secured by the grav spikes on her boots. Looking down to the surface, then to the shuttle Chan: I could lower myself down using the cargo hook and haul them back up. aqace100 — 04/11/2021 (Ceci lol) Aidan — 04/11/2021 Nik was exploring one of the holes, running the tricorder in a sweeping motion as it mapped and scanned the interior. aqace100 — 04/11/2021 Scott arrives at the shuttle with ceci and a lot of rope just for shits and giggles ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 Mira tilts her head as the ship uncloaks next to them. "Well... you make an appearance... if you were trying to kill us you would have done a good job... and... erm... up to you..." The little android appearing with her father, seeing a ship and hearing about climbing takes the rope and jumps over to Chen's ship attaching herself to it flying over with jump jets on her feet. The child-like android giggles as she floats in the air then lowers herself down to the forest. "That little fembot is going to kill us all one day..." Mira said in a worrisome manner. M82A1 — 04/11/2021 (am here now was on the white porcelain throne for awhile :V) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 (shes going to go play in the forest) [10:24 AM] (and TMI) [10:26 AM] (letting an android with the mind of a six year old loose on a forest isnt safe lol) [10:26 AM] (poor forest) M82A1 — 04/11/2021 (tehn again since when did we care? :P) ♤Oscar♤ — 04/11/2021 (Oscar cares for the forest D:<)(edited) M82A1 — 04/11/2021 (pat pat) ♤Oscar♤ — 04/11/2021 (Mmm..) Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 Chan: Serena AI Serena: Cargo hatch opened and lowering cargo hook, I attached a med kit incase they've been injured during the fall. Chan puts on her goggles and mask, then attaches herself to the hook as it lowers down and passes her, descending towards the surface to find the hole(s) they've fallen through ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 Ceci finds a hole as she icks up a rock to play; she contemplates dropping the rock in the hole. [10:30 AM] ~roll 1d100 Ari-Chan BOT — 04/11/2021 @♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Dice rolled: 11 - 100 Rolls 93 Sum 93 + 0 - 0 = 93 ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 She drops the rock in the hole. (well... I was hoping for a lower role so she didnt just do kidlike things) M82A1 — 04/11/2021 "Well, looks like can either sit here and do nothing or we can probably poke around a hole or two." Dawn says, as she finishes up with her inspection. [10:31 AM] (also kid gunna do kid things) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 ~roll 1d6 Ari-Chan BOT — 04/11/2021 @♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Dice rolled: 11 - 6 Rolls 6 Sum 6 + 0 - 0 = 6 ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 (who else was with Maki and Ryu) [10:33 AM] (or was it just them two) M82A1 — 04/11/2021 (just them two) Aidan — 04/11/2021 Nik rounds a corner with William and the cavern turns into a dead end. "Time to backtrack to our point of entry. We'll have to figure out how to climb out." The small group heads back ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 The large bolder that Ceci threw; which to her was just a rock falls down the hole and does not crush or injure Maki or Ryuji however it begins to roll down the cave.(edited) Aidan — 04/11/2021 The tricorder picked up vibrations from a large impact. Nik pulled out his sword.(edited) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 The rock thankfully was not coming for the other gorup since it was in the other cave and would also not crush Chan; since; again... other cave. M82A1 — 04/11/2021 (insert indiana jones theme) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 ~roll 1d100 Ari-Chan BOT — 04/11/2021 @♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Dice rolled: 11 - 100 Rolls 50 Sum 50 + 0 - 0 = 50 ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 Ceci picks up another rock and contemplates throwing it. [10:38 AM] ~roll 1d100 Ari-Chan BOT — 04/11/2021 @♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Dice rolled: 11 - 100 Rolls 63 Sum 63 + 0 - 0 = 63 Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 Chan starts descending down the hole. Suddenly dropping for a few metres at a high rate before the cargo hook brakes her descent Chan: Serena! AI Serena: What? Am I not allowed to have some fun? ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 She throws another in the hole. M82A1 — 04/11/2021 (. _.) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 Maki by this point would have taken Ryuji and was running. [10:39 AM] (how ot avoid getting crushed by rocks [10:39 AM] ~roll 1d100 Ari-Chan BOT — 04/11/2021 @♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Dice rolled: 11 - 100 Rolls 64 Sum 64 + 0 - 0 = 64 ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 They are moving faster than the rocks... for now. Aidan — 04/11/2021 Nik pulls out a grenade launcher as the group reaches the hole they fell in. Queuing up a holoflare grenade, he set the distance to 50 meters and fired it straight up. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 Meanwhile Haru and Oscar continue to move forward. They were soon nearing eerie quietness. [10:42 AM] (you are shoot up at Chan btw)(edited) [10:44 AM] (this group loves to try to kill itself; I thought it would be evident that shes at your hole with Ceci being childlike throwing large bolders into maki and ryus hole) Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 Chan is slammed into the wall by the hook as Serena detected the thermal signature. Chan barely got to brace herself for the "unschedule landing" with the wall when the grenade misses her by millimeters Aidan — 04/11/2021 (it's a flare. Not even going to make a dent ) Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 (It can give burns Aidan — 04/11/2021 (photons not magnesium) Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 [10:47 AM] (oh well moving on Aidan — 04/11/2021 The photonic flare deploys and hovers at the preset distance as the timer starts to run out. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 (plus less deadly than falling objects) [10:48 AM] Ceci is rather overjoyed with her game and unknowing attempts at murder. She jumps happily for joy as she hears he sound of the second rock crash at the bottom of the hole and then begin to roll M82A1 — 04/11/2021 Dawn pats Ceci as she approaches the hole. "I think it would be best if you stopped that for now." Dawn says looks down at the hole. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 Ceci looks down the hole "Awe... but its fun..." She reluctantly complies though as not to anger her dad's friends and technical commanders. Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 Chan pulls on the hook to let Serena lower it further, eventually reaching the bottom, goggles turning on, giving better visibility ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 ~roll 1d100 Ari-Chan BOT — 04/11/2021 @♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Dice rolled: 11 - 100 Rolls 32 Sum 32 + 0 - 0 = 32 aqace100 — 04/11/2021 Scott tells ceci not to hurt the others ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 Maki gets slower but manages to avoid rock one as it rolls past. The second following shortly behind its comrade to uncaringly crush and bring forth death to anything in their path. [10:52 AM] She pants as she had carried Ryuji with her setting him against a wall "what the fuck was that about... where did boulders come from..." M82A1 — 04/11/2021 Dawn then drops down into the hole without as much care for anything. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 She survives the fall since she has no bones to break and it was a rather short fall. M82A1 — 04/11/2021 (yay for android bodies) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 No one was around but due to the massive rocks that came down such would be fairly obvious. M82A1 — 04/11/2021 (i like how Dawn is able to do this shit but Sashi would probably kill herself doing that) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 (full android vs human) [10:57 AM] (like Nik said he doesnt want a squishy body again) Aidan — 04/11/2021 Ayasha sat next to Nik. Pulling out one of her stashed energy bars, she slowly ate one and sipped on her water. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 Chan would arrive at the bottom by now and see the group. Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 Chan: Who wants to get the hell out of here? M82A1 — 04/11/2021 Dawn looks around for the trail the boulders would've left behind in their roll. "Well, this should be easier to do than trying to track a lost convoy through a electrical blizzard." she idly comments. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 As she follows the path of the boulders she soon finds Maki resting against a wall with Ryuji. It was very dark here. [11:02 AM] The boulders continued further down the hole. [11:02 AM] (rip anything else that was down here)(edited) [11:03 AM] (it is road pizza now) Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 (Nom) M82A1 — 04/11/2021 "Well....That was easy." Dawn says, finding the two. "Let's head back before something nasty wakes up thanks to the boulders." Dawn says, picking up Ryuji in a princess carry. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 Maki nods following slowly. Running was more exhausting than she remembered; but being on a ship fairly safe and not serving as an agent in the outlands... of course that was the case. [11:06 AM] (especially outrunning death) [11:11 AM] As the group is brought back up member by member Haru and Oscar continue into the quiet part of the forest... Way too quiet. It was like something caused everything here to leave or something. Light was also very limited here. Haru enables her nightvision. "Well this sucks... should we stop for now; nighttime is a bad time to travel in these sorts of conditions..." Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 Chan had tethered the group she found and had Serena pull them back up to the surface, settling down on the ground ♤Oscar♤ — 04/11/2021 "I agree with you on that one... Nighttime is bad for advancing in a difficult environment like this." Oscar nods a few times. "Should we set up a small camp then?" ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 Haru nods; plus if the others got back up it would be wise to wait for them. continuing further into the eeriness wouldnt be good. [11:15 AM] (that way everyone can catch up to them; then... we reach... stuff happening ) Aidan — 04/11/2021 (esp if anyone took the time to investigate that fucking flare and rescue the rest of the damned group) Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 (I got you 😆 Aidan — 04/11/2021 (since it's a different hole) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 (Cawn got Maki; Chan got you guys) [11:16 AM] (all good) [11:16 AM] (Dawn) [11:18 AM] (Anyway we are about nearing the end of this specific post; next post we will find out whatever is here... any final posts) M82A1 — 04/11/2021 (nope) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 (you got everyone) [11:19 AM] (lol) [11:20 AM] (there is only two holes) Aya (Chan) — 04/11/2021 (oh nvm [11:20 AM] (No more posts ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 04/11/2021 (okies; then since looks like everyone is good) [11:21 AM] <END SIM>
  12. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 <START SIM> As the group traveled to the south the arrived at an area with increasing amounts of sand but less storm and hurricane force winds. Maki had casted a resist elements spell on the group at about this point and the group headed back into the storm since they were not looking for miles and miles of sand as far as the eye could see. M82A1 — 03/28/2021 (oh right dawn elected to stay behind on the ship cuz sand is bad for that particular body)(edited) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 The sun begins to set. M82A1 — 03/28/2021 (welcome to the sahara?) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 (yes; welcome to sand death) ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 "Think we should pick up the pace and at least find some suitable cover to make camp, or make an effort to try to find some life in this god forsaken place.. Not a good idea to spend the night at an open desert." Oscar suggests. Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 William trudges through the sand. "I'm almost looking forward to the next time someone tries to kill us. It'd be a nice change from sand." ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 "Honestly, I feel the same. This is starting to get real boring, I just wanna kick some ass for once. Even though I don't particularly enjoy hurting others, honing my skills is essential." Oscar sighs as he replies to William's comment.(edited) M82A1 — 03/28/2021 (peculiar?) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 As they walk from the ending sandstorm into... one that seems to be ever-lasting... Maki casts resist elements again. It has no effect. She casts dispell illusion. No effect.. "I guess natural state of sandstorm; that's rather... peculiar..." Tuncecine — 03/28/2021 Ryuji tries his best to keep his eyes free of sand as well as his mouth he had on some basic sandstorm protection on. Aidan — 03/28/2021 Nik offered. "We really haven't had time to map the planet. This could be a large desert. Anyone that has power armor, it would be a good idea to change into them. Protection from the elements at the very least." ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 (Tbh if Oscar had armor he'd need something that lets him keep his agility and possibly improve it, that doesn't hinder him at all during combat. Since he is a melee fighter.) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 Haru sighs speaking through a mask of sorts with goggles on now and in a special uniform coat from the commission. "Well... This sucks..." Aidan — 03/28/2021 "If we had rocks or trees, we could at least get some respite." Nik offered.(edited) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 (Roll anyone who has lungs) [5:38 PM] ~roll 1d20 Ari-Chan BOT — 03/28/2021 @♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Dice rolled: 11 - 20 Rolls 16 Sum 16 + 0 - 0 = 16 Tuncecine — 03/28/2021 ~roll 1d20 Ari-Chan BOT — 03/28/2021 @Tuncecine Dice rolled: 11 - 20 Rolls 11 Sum 11 + 0 - 0 = 11 ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 ~roll 1d20 Ari-Chan BOT — 03/28/2021 @♤Oscar♤ Dice rolled: 11 - 20 Rolls 20 Sum 20 + 0 - 0 = 20 Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 William stumbles a bit but stops before falling over. "Aha. For once I didn't get hurt." He then tumbles down a sand hill. [5:38 PM] ~roll 1d20 Ari-Chan BOT — 03/28/2021 @Rockyeahh Dice rolled: 11 - 20 Rolls 5 Sum 5 + 0 - 0 = 5 Aidan — 03/28/2021 Nik changed into his power armor. It was more for comfort than anything else. Even he had to admit it felt better, if a little closed in. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 (you need to roll for Ayasha Brian) Aidan — 03/28/2021 (Forgot) [5:40 PM] ~roll 1d20 Ari-Chan BOT — 03/28/2021 @Aidan Dice rolled: 11 - 20 Rolls 12 Sum 12 + 0 - 0 = 12 ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 Everyone avoids suffocating and breathing in large sums of sand. The group continues to move as Oscar seems to be leading the group trekking like a beast as if this was his calling (traveling through sandstorms). William meanwhile was barely keeping up with the group. Aidan — 03/28/2021 Ayasha triggered her own armor even as she coughed up at the situation. She gave herself minimal shot of a tri-ox compound. Nik by then was helping William to his feet. ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 (Seems about right xD) Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 William stands up with Nik's help and treks along with him.(edited) Aidan — 03/28/2021 As Ayasha felt better, she made the rounds to the others administering meds. Turning to Nik she offered, "We need to get out of this." Nik nodded and walked ahead a few paces to a nearby natural depression. The beam cannon over his shoulder deployed. Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 (When it doubt, get guns out.)(edited) ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 (Feels like Texas) Aidan — 03/28/2021 (Like a phaser, it can do things other than kill) 1 ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 As a hole is blown the sandstorm stops and they appear to be outside of a forest at the very edge of the desert. it seemed the storm was an illusion. A burned up holographic emitter was in pieces. Aidan — 03/28/2021 Nik shut the beam off, the cannon retracted. He had the tricorder scanning as he walked through the opening. Tuncecine — 03/28/2021 Ryuji blinks a bit "hmm the future is weird." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 Maki nodded; an explanation as to why her spells didn't work. It wasn't magic or real; it was something in between. Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 (gibberish ^) Aidan — 03/28/2021 Ayasha led the rest of the party through the opening. Holographic or not, it wasn't healthy. Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 William observes the destroyed emitter. "Interesting. I'd take a look at it further but it's mostly gone." He shrugs and follows the group.(edited) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 Haru leads the group into the forest. "This appears less deadly..." She shrugs. Aidan — 03/28/2021 "You hope." Nik added. "Stay alert people." He did remove his helmet, he could access the data from the tricorder without looking at it. Ayasha stashed her armor, preferring the now open air.(edited) [5:57 PM] (are they still sandy? Is this holodeck stuff or something different) ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 "Well, whether it's dangerous or not, I should be of some use here at least...the forest is my zone so to speak.." Oscar chuckles a little bit as he rubs the back of his head, embarrassed. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 (the forest is real) [5:58 PM] (and yes; the sand was sand) Tuncecine — 03/28/2021 "well this is a rapid shift in terrain." Aidan — 03/28/2021 Ayasha tried to get the sand out of her uniform and every other crevice. It was no use. She bit down on the canteen bladder, sipping the water to clear her throat. Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 William takes brushes sand off of himself. "Well then, by all means Oscar. Lead us through this mess." Aidan — 03/28/2021 Tactically it make sense for Nik to hang back a bit. He could observe more and have a wider view of the group. Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 (sounds like a plan ^) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 Haru led the group on as Maki used her skills to remove sand from people. This group really needed more than one support caster and a medic with how often it got into less than helpful situations. "Come on then..." Haru said to Oscar. Aidan — 03/28/2021 Ayasha said with a tone, "I heard that. Not funny. Just because my healing comes from science and chemistry instead of abracadabra, doesn't mean I am not a medic."(edited) ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 "Alrighty then" Oscar says as he starts moving through the forest with ease, almost as if it was his home. [6:08 PM] (Hope that doesn't sound too weird, I'm kinda tired already so..) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 (roll Oscar) Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 (made sense to me.) Aidan — 03/28/2021 (me too) ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 ~roll 1d20 Ari-Chan BOT — 03/28/2021 @♤Oscar♤ Dice rolled: 11 - 20 Rolls 1 Sum 1 + 0 - 0 = 1 ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 (And now it fucks up) [6:11 PM] (Alright; Trap or natural obstacle?) M82A1 — 03/28/2021 (nah you just fall through the world and into the endless void that is space o .o) Aidan — 03/28/2021 (LMAO) ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 (And spend another 5 years in the void? Bet.) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 All of a sudden the ground opens up and Maki and Ryuji are sent down one hole. Nik, Ayasha and William are sent down another. Oscar and Haru are left at the front of the group. " Good job... whatever you did..." She said sarcastically rolling her eyes. She said over VX at least tell me no one died. [6:14 PM] No one died; just seperated and in caves. Aidan — 03/28/2021 (How far was the fall?) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 (only like 20 feet; you are in a cave) ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 "Well damn...how the hell did that happen? I didn't put much pressure on the ground nor did I feel any extraordinary resistance." Oscar ponders to himself out loud as he tries to plan ahead.(edited) Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 "Ahhhhh fuck!." William screams out as he falls. Aidan — 03/28/2021 Nik made sure Ayasha and William we okay first. "So this is probably meant to slow us down and trap us. Along with the dessert deflection, someone is protecting something. What we don't know is they are protecting them from us, or the opposite." Nik scanned the walls to estimate the chance he could punch holes in the cavern walls and climb out. "My second thought is that this action probably triggered an alarm. You normally don't set a trap and not have a way to know something is in it." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 They were in a not very well dug cave system; it did go up but attempting to dig yourself out and not follow the cave would cause it to collapse if not done delicately with proper equipment. Aidan — 03/28/2021 (Nik could thrown them out. LOL!) Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 (lol) ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 (But wait, me and Haru didn't fall down, or did we?) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 Maki pulled out a flashlight. "This place is just like serving in the outlands..." (you two did not fall. [6:23 PM] ) Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 William creaks his back a little. "Well another fine day. Let's see if this cave leads anywehere." He chuckles. "Might find another trap, if we're lucky." Aidan — 03/28/2021 "Like a true explorer." Nik offered. "Lead on McDuff."(edited) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 Maki went ahead to scout the cave for her partner. Haru meanwhile headed forward with a shrug. "Well... their vitals still show up and no response to my comm; I guess all we can do is carry on... field work is multiple hellscapes crumbled together." She lamented as she traveled forward. [6:26 PM] (final posts becuase at this point each group is their own post) ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 "Yeah, we're on our own from this point on... Though I trust you, and you have me, so I think we'll be just fine." Oscar smiles at Haru, being in a better mood than usual. Aidan — 03/28/2021 Nik changed back into uniform, it would be easier to move around in the caverns. Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 William lights up the walls with a torch and whistles happily, as he searches for a path.(edited) M82A1 — 03/28/2021 Over vx Dawn asks Haru what happened as she exits maintenance mode and starts pre-combat checks on her blades and systems. Tuncecine — 03/28/2021 "So Maki prepare for potential ambushes check corners and such." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 Haru explains that Oscar triggered a trap and the rest of the team apparently fell down trenches; to where... was unknown.(edited) [6:34 PM] (anything else before end) ♤Oscar♤ — 03/28/2021 (Nothing from me) Rockyeahh — 03/28/2021 (im good) M82A1 — 03/28/2021 (ill save what i want to do for the next post) ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ — 03/28/2021 (okies) <END SIM>
  13. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 4 - Episode 1: Alone in the Cold December 23nd 4566 Midday Narrated by Haruka Sumimori We had managed to stabilize the ship and take some time for those crew who were non-essential to take a break while the others worked on repairs. The next morning I gathered together a group to take some of the team out so we can go and explore an unexplored part of Rema which the local governments tend to avoid due to encounters with the local creatures not being safe. It is thought that they are living mechanical life forms; I guess we will see what we find. At least this is a less tactically driven mission for once...
  14. atsumari 21st Feb 2021 [8:25 PM] <START SIM> Given time to finally explore Rema without a gun to her head Haru decided to head down to the planet before the mission to get a look at the city. Now that they also had favorable relations with the government it also meant the populous wouldn't attack them; she hoped... Given that such a thing was not 100 percent certain she kept her sidearm with her. Haru had somehow managed to make Mira join her after reading the girl's file; taking command of this starship or rather being appointed to run it by Erin meant the crew was her responsibility... She felt that giving Mira human contact would be helpful... outside of just the crew. Mira invited the two people she trusted to come along; it may have seemed like a date to them but for her she just wanted to have an excuse to hide behind someone and be her normal lewd self; hiding her shyness and fear of large crowds behind normality. Not knowing the level of mental anguish this was causing her companion Haru also sent out sort of a... whoever is interested invite to members of the crew wondering who would show up. Tugar Ayasha came off shift the worst was over and the humdrum of patients getting better was the worst of it now. She had pulled a double shift and after a short nap and shower was bored. Not much to do on the ship. She headed for the bridge. Maybe a glance at the city such as it was would help. atsumari As she was headed to the bridge she would get the invite; that was sort of addressed... to the crew in general from the acting captain. Tugar Nik was cleaning up a bit of maintenance. He heard the VX ping from Haru and accepted the invitation. He packed his own gear in the pattern buffer, sidearm under a simple vest and headed for the bridge. Jack Pine Kessler and Jack would arrive, both dressed in their usual leather jacket and jeans sense of fashion. Both with a casual grin on their face as they arrived, soon giving everyone greeting smile and wave. "Been a while since I've been out on any town, thank you for the invitation. Of course I had to drag gramps along for the trip." Jack said in greetings as he pointed a thumb towards kess at the last part. "Oh bite me, you used to look far older then I did. Hello Mira, it's good to see you doing well, and I hope the treatments have helped. I wanted to come visit, but they've been working me to the bone." Came the ex-freight captains reply. Tugar Ayasha met Nik as he approached the bridge. "What's going on?" Ayasha asked. atsumari "Besides I invited her first... so you didn't drag him along..." Mira said to Jack sticking out her tongue childishly. "I'd understand why... I mean you are the only qualified pilot left wince the twins left and Layton was promoted lest they want me flying people around... I guess they figure I am more useful on the bridge operating the 3d map screen no one else on ship knows how to operate." Mira added smirking. "I hardly have had time to draw pictures of Tim doing naughty things to alien girls..." Haru rubbed the back of her head. "As fun as it is talking about each others age and sex with space monsters is.... is this really the place to rip on age or... um... talk about tentacle monster rape..." Mira grinned "yes; it is the time and the place... were on a floating catwalk in the sky next to an elevator right outside of our ship... nothing in the manual dictates we cant talk about such things on said catwalk..." Her eyes lit up as she said that staring at Haru in an almost obnoxious fashion. Tugar "Maybe I don't really want to know." Ayasha added. atsumari "We're llivin'... dear" Haru said to Ayasha. Tugar Sending commands to her VX, Ayasha changed into khaki pants and a pink windbreaker. "Just so we don't look like an errant gang" Nodding her head at Jack and Kessler. atsumari "Oh; everyone would totally know we are not... when you have her ina summer dress and me in my typical what most would assume is some college uniform..." Haru said shurgging "gangsters don't usually rock a blue sweater vest..." "Robbing people in this dress wouldn't go well..." Mira said as the elevator arrived and opened allowing entry into it. Jack Pine "Most gangs I knew of were a lot more like from the setting you guys call Mad Max. This is just kinda normal fashion for us." Kessler said looking to Jack, then at their attire. Jack chuckled, "That sounds cool, ours were dudes in surplus gear and trench coats." Tugar Nik chuckled a little at the suggestion. "I think it has more to do with our skillset than dress." atsumari "I'm the most harmless out of you all..." Mira suggested. Jack Pine Kessler grinned, "Can't help you're the cutest ray of sunshine too. We're all dressed for colder, and here you are embodying summer." Such a flirtatious comment got an eye roll from his friend. atsumari "She looks like shes fifteen..." Haru zinged back not meaning disrespect... the young were typically associated with beauty. Tugar Ayasha knew the history but kept quiet. atsumari Haru entered the elevator and set it to go down. "All aboard... next stop... the end times." Tugar Nik piped up. "Are we actually going or standing around talking?" atsumari Mira entered next given Nik's note; they had been standing here forever. Jack Pine Jack offered Haru his hand as Kess wasted no time in following. "Right right, apologies good doctor.", He said as he stepped in. atsumari Haru rolled her eyes at the doctor term being used. She knew Nik's background and technically she had enough experience to be one but given her lack of a doctoral degree she lacked that qualification even if she trumped half the people in the alchemy commission on advanced gem knowledge. At least those who were not of the level of Scott or Owain. atsumari Haru takes his hand and then closes the door as the lift starts to move going down on its invisible track down. "If you had a fear of highets this place would totally make you shit yourself." Mira commented noticing the rather open, grated nature of this elevator; you could see the outside... through it. Jack Pine "It's odd how advanced yet retro this place is, like a steam punk novel." Came Jack's comment as he looked the cage over in awe a bit. Kessler looked at it too but only nodded, "oddly reminds me of home." Tugar Nik offered, "Different planets progress technology at nonlinear rates. Not every planet needs every tech. Necessity is the mother of invention." atsumari "Totally something I should make some funness in.... heh..." Mira said pulling her tablet out of a small purse that should not have held something that large and snapping a picture with it. The elevator continues to move. Haru then says. "It is powered by a gem of sorts." The elevator eventually arrives. There were two Advocate guards there. Upon the groups arrival the advocates just let them through. Seems like they were more there so that people dont try to get onto their ship. Jack Pine As the group stepped out into area, Jack and Kess looked around at all the architecture and such. Neither had actually gotten to see either yet since their arrival. "Feels like I just stepped through the looking glass." Came the reply of one, before the other nodded in agreement. atsumari "Considering this is unexplored space it is not too far fetched you both would feel that way given you know... your not being from here..." Haru pointed out shrugging. "I mean this sector of space could be more like your home... nobody actually knows... heh..." Tugar Ayasha quipped. "I just hope they discovered fermentation." Jack Pine "well unless it's an expansive dessert with fighter planes and castles. That's a hard match up." Kessler said with a rub of his neck, feeling really out of place here. Jack simply rubbed Haru's hand, "Yeah, they do have the weird mix of ages going at least. Probably the most familiar part really, and I agree with Ayasha. A drink does sound nice after everything going on of late." atsumari "You forget we are in a barren space wasteland littered with death monsters that eat everything they encounter... this planet is the only vestige of hope in this sector... at least that anyone we have encountered on this planet knows of..." Haru said. Mira tilted her head saying "There was the planet Ceres and I were on but it was in the process of being fucked when I left... As far as where I was... Well drifting through space for awhile... You would have to ask my little ship's computer..." Jack noticed Haru was surprisingly warm. One of the advocates points to a building with a language they did not understand over it. "You need alcohol from the sounds of it..." it was on the first level o fa building that seemed to be either a hotel or an apartment building of sorts. The building looked like it had been through hell on the outside. Tugar "Then let's hope reinforcements come sooner, rather then later." Nik offered. Looking at the building he took the language and scanned the database for similarities. atsumari After attempting to translate it the words came out to a mixture of languages... that amounted to drinking parlor - game establishment - mixed hostel - private rented temporary dwellings. Tugar Nik offered, "Let mingle with the natives. If any place offers hospitality, this should be a good start." He walked in that direction, leading the group there. atsumari Mira followed but turned her attention to her tablet keeping one eye on ensuring she didnt run into something and the other on her screen. Haru let Jack to the place. Tugar Ayasha offers, "Um...did anyone bring any credits?" Jack Pine "I uh....only have our currency. I guess they don't have an exchange here?", Jack asked. atsumari As they get to the entryway a guy there puts out his hand. Mira looks at him confused. "cover?" "So you pay to get in?" "Ye..." "Oh... We're not from around here... heh.." "MMM... u's wit that space lot?" He... asked and noticed Haru. "yep I 'member..." The man signals them to stop but goes inside the building and comes back out with a guy in a suit. "Neak here tells me that you folks are with the group that saved city from the corporate overloads and made our business more profitable... I take you would like to use the services of our establishment?" Tugar "We can't turn them down now. That would just be rude." Ayasha siad. atsumari "Come with me" The man in the suit said. he took the group in the building and to a desk that was gated off by bars with a small set of windows. "Need to get these six comp cards and accommodations." The person behind the window nods " Yes sir Mr. Lang. Individual rooms of reach of you or?" The cashier asked. Jack Pine "I don't mind if we pair up, if you guys are okay with it.", Jack said looking to the others, then to Haru with a smile. Kessler tapped his chin before looking to Mira, "What do you say? Want to pair tonight?" atsumari Mira looked over at Nik seeming to want to know his thoughts first before deciding on her own. Haru nodded. " Couples... I mean if thats fine with folks..." Tugar "You guys do what you want. I need a drink and some dance floor." Ayasha said. atsumari Mira nodded. "Okay..." The cashier printed access cards for them that also apparently contained money so they could order food, play games and drink. In effect casino credit. Jack Pine Once the boys had gotten their cards, they considered what to do first. "How much is on these cards?", Jack asked, hoping to know their finances with this gift. atsumari "unlimited. everything is on the house; didn't you hear the owner... comp... your visit is courtesy of the house." the cashier said. <PAUSE> ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ (atsumari) 1st March 2021 4:50 PM <START SIM> Maki had once again taken up her post at the elevator since people were using it again. "Elevator girl make elevator go up... and down..." she mumbled to herself; it was better than doing nothing though. She didnt exactly understand this place's VR tech or much else and there was little for her and Ryu to do; since she followed him around and he in turn mostly did the same if he was not doing something there was little for her to do. She wondered if she should pick up a hobby in this place given that there was very little possibility she and Ryuji would ever leave this place at this juncture. The resort being next to where the ship drop off from the elevator was quite useful; it made the crew's ease of access to the place simple and impossible to get lost even if they sent one of Ceci's tachkoma's blinded due to its visual sensors being turned off; the four legged homicidal robot could find its way. Haru by this point was testing the waters of the planet's drink selection sitting at bar as one of the bartenders was given Mira a bad time with her childlike appearance. he would not serve her; the tiny girl was rather pissed off by the claims she was not of age. aqace100 Scott comes out of the bunker with Ceci, trying to see what's going on. Aidan Nik was more or less keeping an eye on the group. He did have the bartender get him a glass of something that was supposed to be top shelf liquor. It wasn't bad, but he'd had far better. Ayasha in the meantime, had already had a couple of shots of something and was on the dance floor. The beat was interesting, though the music was less than familiar. SlimJimTim Tim stops at the bar and socializes with the crew members while placing a order with the bartender. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Ceci noticing most of the crew going to this casino... place... dragged her father along since he left his bunker. She had never experienced gambling and if guards got in her was they would regret the day they attempted to stop the child fembot from experiencing gambling and drinking. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ As the elevator reaches the ground level Ceci heads off to the casino. Maki voices what everyone would probably be thinking at that point "Isn't that a bad idea letting her roam like that?" aqace100 Scott turns to Maki and says the worst thing possible(sending murphy a gilded invitation) "Whats the worst that can happen?" ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Um... can't her left wrist shoot plasma fires...." Maki comments not knowing much beyond that of the technical-ness that is the android girl. She was after all still an idiot when it came to this galaxies technology. Tory Trace Tory joined the group going into the casino. Given that they are particularly strict on security he had to leave EVA behind. Something about that felt a bit strange and half empty without his AI with him. He was standing close to the group with Scott and Maki. "could she literally throw people around?" Tory suggested quietly to Maki and Scott. SlimJimTim After a few moments Tim finds a slot machine and takes a chance not being much of a gambler but not passing on the opportunity. aqace100 Scott responds, "Well I consider her a harmless little girl." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Maki looks back at Ryuji. Aidan Nik walks by, "If she kills someone, are you just going to shrug" He says to Scott. aqace100 Scott considers it for a minute and just shrugs saying, "probably." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Ceci comes over to the bar. The bartender looks confused; seeing that Ceci looks like a six year old. "God damn it; who keeps letting children in here..." "I'm not a kid you bastard..." Mira replied to him again. Aidan "You're a shitty parent" He replies to Scott. aqace100 Scott shrugs. SlimJimTim Tim walks back over to the bar. "Bartender, another drink please?" Aidan Nik walks over to Mira. "problem?" ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ The bartender serves him. Mira glares. "The fuck" She looks over Nik. "Guy says he wont serve me..." Tory Trace Tory leans closely to Scott and Maki. "You know, I probably would find it humorous how she's being treated if she wasn't so armed," he said with a chuckle. Aidan He asks what she wants. When the bartender delivers it, he hands it to Mira when he looks away. As the music changed to something slower, Ayasha bellied up to the bar, panting slightly, her skin hot from the dance floor. She waited her turn for a drink. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Mira mumbles but takes the drink. She then goes over to the table occupied by group members. "Yay for being treated like a child... sometimes not looking your age and not having a huge rack... get annoying; it may be hard to hold but at least people dont tell you your a fucking teenager..." Mira whines. SlimJimTim Tim stands near the edge of the bar near the crew members enjoying the nightlifeness of the casino. Aidan Ayasha laughs a bit at her plight. "Well, since I am training to be a doctor, I can actually help you with both of those. A bit of work with a dermal regenerator will make you look older. Do you want a huge rack? These can be more trouble than they are worth sometimes." Ayasha says using a hand to move her ample rack a bit in a gesture. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Eh... Do I want bigger boobs... no; im just saying it would help... and do I want a different body; like umm... I had cloning guys talk to me about that; why would I be giving myself injections of nanomachines to keep me from dying if I wanted a different body..." Mira said. SlimJimTim Tim drinks a sip and laughs. "Well get the bigger boobs then Mira." Aidan "True. We could give you Holo-boobs!" Ayasha quipped. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "I could seriously just put myself in a box and walk around as hologirl if I wanted to do that... Remember... I can hook into computers folks..." She stuck out her tongue. Haru joins the people at the table. "Finally got someone to get you a drink... took you long enough..." SlimJimTim Tim steps from the edge of the bar and finds a spot at the table to sit at. Aidan Ayasha downed the rest of her drink. The tempo in the dance floor changed again to something fast as she headed that way. ♤Oscar♤ Oscar walks over to the counter from the corner, greeting everyone. "Hey fellas' I thought of joining in as well.. I hope no one minds.." Oscar says a bit shyly, rubbing the back of his head as he looks away slightly. SlimJimTim Tim waves at Oscar. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "No one would mind; you are part of our group aren't you..." Haru said to him as he joined them. ♤Oscar♤ "Yeah...I guess so.." Oscar replies vaguely. "I don't have memories of anyone from my past before getting tossed in the void.. And sometimes I feel like I just don't deserve to be with great people like you guys, I'll end up fucking up something eventually.." He sighs and raises his hand to order a drink. Aidan Nik smiled. "Someone has to. At least you aren't offering to glass a planet." SlimJimTim Tim looks at his glass empty. "Order another for me would ya Oscar." ♤Oscar♤ "Sure thing." Oscar gives a short reply to Tim, then looks at the bartender. "An Irish Coffee for me and another drink for that Tim over there, it's on me." SlimJimTim Tim raises his empty glass. "Cheers." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ 1st March 2021 6:12 PM <END SIM>
  15. STR=11 DEX=13 CON=8 INT=14 WIS=16 CHA=18 Ranged Combat - 0 Close Combat - 0 Martial Arts (None) - 0 Leadership - 4 4 Starship Engineering - 0 Civil Engineering - 0 Equipment Repair - 2 2 Information Systems - 10 23 Intelligence Gathering - 5 6 Domestic Skills - 6 8 Survivalism - 0 Medicine - 4 4 Research/Innovation - 10 23 Piloting - 5 6 Diplomacy - 4 4 Bio-mechanic Mastery - 8 14 Gem Concentration - 8 14 Gem Specialization (Mixture) - 8 14 EU Mastery - 0 Summoning - 10 Summoning II - 10 50 Atsikai Affinity - 8 14 Partner Affinity - 8 14 Psi Energy - 0 Ki Energy - 0 200
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