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  1. Character Information Name Yuki Rembrant Gender Female Species Human Age 14 Physical Appearance Height 4'1" Weight 90 lbs Hair Color Blue Eye Color Red Family Spouse None Children None Father Unknown Mother Unknown Brother(s) Lee Shoji – Yuki’s First Brother by Adoption (Deceased) Sister(s) Sumire rembrant - Yuki's Adoptive Sister Other Family Jin Rembrant – Adoptive Father Asa Rembrant – Adoptive Mother Elric “Ric” Shoji – Sumire’s Father/Yuki’
  2. ZLN-Zeus (Lumiere’s Machine) Manufactured by: Trinity Research Unit (Concept), Arvonus Corporation (Main core), Aloris Special Research (Weapons) AI Program Created by: Lonhorn Corporation Crew: 2 (Pilot, Gunner) Combat Specialization: Close Quarters (Long Range attachments optional) Main Armaments: 1 Prototype Asaki Blade (Created by Ned Luminos) (mechanical sword, special blade) 4 Auto-Guns (machine guns in chest, head and legs) 2 LRM Cannons (shoulder mounted laser cannons) 1 Flechette Gun (Main weapon) 1 EACP-IV (Pod Ejection and Internal Thruster Pack Included) (Enchan
  3. Hello, A small update; we have made further integration with Discord for the front of the website. It is the hope that shortly we will have RP Members group information pulled from the Discord so that members do not have to wait on staff to be assigned proper roles on the forum. If you have any questions or issues please let us know. Josh View full article
  4. Hello, I have updated the site to reflect new information and our moving the RP operations into this site itself. There have also been multiple patches for art and other development related items in the VN. We hope to release a grammar patch and scene two in the near future. Please remember that we need your support through helping us write the story further, financially or any other out of character work you might be willing to help with. This community has survived its 15 year mark through the work of volunteers and their contributions; none of this would be possible without outside sup
  5. DCU-S-02 Judgment Pilot: Erin Mizriki (Original; reassigned to Ayano Layton) Commissioned: September 17th 4566 Manufactured by: Trinity Research Unit (Concept), Arvonus Corporation (Frame), Aloris Special Research (Pilot Core/Weapons), Interuniversal Technology Command (Flight Systems/Special Attachments) AI Program Created by: Lonhorn Corporation and Trinity Research Unit 7 Crew: 2 (Pilot, Gunner) Combat Specialization: Mid-Range and CQC (Long Range attachments optional) Main Armaments: 1 Prototype Asaki Blade (Created by Ned Luminos) (mechanical sword,
  6. Originally written by Tugar on Apr 3, 2017 at 8:04am (A work in progress) Delta Force Personnel Armor With the advent of mecha and other higher powered machines, the wish for the combat infantry was to even the scales somehow. The two tiered system allows the fighting forces more options for tactical needs. Layer 1 Layer one is affectionately known as a skin suit. Roughly 12.5mm in thickness, the suit must be tailored to the individual before manufacture as the tolerance are extremely important. So much so that the wearer should try to maintain the weight and physi
  7. From: MicroNet Systems To: All Users Date: Undefined Subject: Welcome to the New Age in Intergalactic Mail! Hello, Thank you for choosing our best mail system yet MicroNet 7 which works with Crasta Exchange Systems operated by StarSystems Inc. This new mail server is designed to work in conjunction with normal terminals, PDA, VX systems, VC systems and AI interfaces. To sent a message please format a message like this one and change the From to your name, in to place the name or address you want the message directed to. In date you put the date you want the message sen
  8. Hello, As we move over to the forum and I log off for the night I want to let everyone know that a staff member needs to edit your access groups so you can post in the RP section. This has been done to prevent spam. Once you register or if you are registered and cannot post in the area please notify a staff member or you can file a ticket on the support button at the top and a member of the community team can get that fixed in a few seconds for you. Thanks, josh
  9. A note that as we are moving posts, lists bios and other such things here there may be small parts of things that don't make sense. We have years worth of posts to move. If you have any questions or want to help please let a member of our GM or editorial team know.
  10. Lilliana "Lilly" Ironwhite Gender Female Species Human/AI Interface Age 25(1) Physical Appearance Height 5' 4" Weight 125 lbs Hair Color Blonde Eye Color Reddish-Hazel Physical Description Lilly has long blonde hair, hazel eyes and wears a nanomachine armor suit that looks like clothes. She can manipulate and change her clothes at will. She also wears thighhigh stockings, boots and varies her appearance based on her feelings. Family Spouse None Children None Father Jean Gates (her origi
  11. Character Information Name: Ai Roslin Nicknames: None Gender: Female Species: Human Age: 29 DOB: 9/3/4537 Blood Type: A + Physical Appearance Height: 5’ 5” Weight: 138 lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Auburn Physical Description: Ai is of Aisian decent born in Japan. She has an average build but is slightly taller than most Asian women. Due ot her working as a paramedic for so long and helping out the Fire and Rescue Service she has a little muscle. She dresses professionally outside of work in a skirt. While working s
  12. Atsumari

    Arisa Eirini

    Arisa Eirini Gender Female Species Human Hybrid Age 27 Physical Appearance Height 5' 2" Weight 102 lbs Hair Color Red Eye Color Grey Physical Description She is of light stature. Her hair is short and she never wears pants; always a dress or skirt. She is quite cute and strong in addition to being very fast and nimble. She wears a dress that goes down to slightly above her knees and has knee high stockings on with boots. NOTES FROM TNU WIKI: Arisa is a supporting character in Justice, DFS Lavie and later par
  13. Atsumari

    Natsumi Yamane

    Natsumi Yamane MD LCSW Gender Female Species Human; Japanese Age 27 Physical Appearance Height 5’ 4” (165 cm) Weight 125 lbs (57 kg) Hair Color Blue Eye Color Hazel Physical Description See Picture Family Spouse None Children None Father Kenshi Mother Anya Brother(s) None Sister(s) None Personality & Traits General Overview Natsumi is a very shy person around new people, almost to the point of fearing them. Around people she gets to kn
  14. Name Ellie "Nore" Norelia Tessa Ph.D MD Gender Female Species Human/Ascended Age 2570 Physical Appearance Height 5’ 11” Weight 150 lbs Hair Color Dark Blue Eye Color Dark Blue Physical Description Nore wears a black leather coat and tan shirt with her long hair in twintails. She has big dark blue eyes and wears a black skirt. Family Spouse Shin Lee Sung Children Kim Father Micheal Ender Mother Kellie Ender Brother(s) Micheal Jr. Other Family Mith Gor
  15. Atsumari

    Kiyoko Ino

    NameKiyoko Senna Ino GenderFemale SpeciesHuman Age29 Physical Appearance Height5' 5" Weight130 lbs Hair ColorBlack Eye ColorBlue Physical Description She looks nearly identical to Yukino Yukinoshita from MTRCSNAFU. Family SpouseNone ChildrenNone FatherAdmiral Kei Ino MotherKysha Ino Brother(s)Hikaru Ino Sister(s)None Other FamilyNone Personality & Traits General Overview Kiyoko was initially a pretty shy girl but a great tactician and really good as a pilot but as she got o
  16. Name Mimi Sorinson Gender Female Species Human Age 23 Physical Appearance Height 4' 9" Weight 112 lbs Hair Color Red Eye Color Grey Physical Description Mimi wears just about anything she can find as long as it looks cute on her. She keeps her hair down most of the time and keeps herself looking tidy. She has a light build and stature. When she was younger she bared a striking resemblance to Shana in her Flame Haze form aside from having a different eye color(Refer to Shakagan no Shana). She now looks more like the ab
  17. Atsumari

    Sumire Rembrant

    Name Sumire "Remi" Rembrant Gender Female Species Human; Orterian Age 26 Physical Appearance Height 5' 8" Weight 125 lbs Hair Color Black Eye Color Blue Physical Description Remi is able to pass off as much younger than she is; as shown when she enrolled in Marsia lying about her age. When when out of school wears shorts and a short sleeve shirt with boots or jeans. In more formal situations she will wear a blouse and slacks. Under her skirt in uniform she wears shorts as well.She prefers whit and black or pink and bl
  18. Name Ayano Marie Layton Gender Female Species Human Age 25 Physical Appearance Height 5' 4" Weight 120 lbs Hair Color Silver Eye Color Grey Physical Description See Picture Family Spouse None Father Drew Layton Mother Hikari Layton Personality & Traits General Overview Ayano is a Yuka Layton from another timeline whom never encountered the events her other self did due to the interference of Jim Olend. She has no social connections in this timeline yet and as
  19. Basic Information Name: Erin "Ari" Ariena Mizriki-Clark Assignment: Orteria Royal Military Authority Gender: Female Species/Race: Human; Korean American Age: 22 Physical Details Height: 5' 1" Weight: 115 lbs Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Hazel DOB: October 12th 1998 Adjusted due to Time Travel November 27th (Time deviation; used for age calculations only) Blood Type: B - Ki Type: Lightning Measurements: 36D-33-28-33 Physical Description: Ari has her hair in buns but when it is let down it goes down to her lower back. Her hair is parted in the mi
  20. (old with the merger into RMA) Trinity Combined Special Operations Service Staff Officers - Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Yuka Layton - Executive Officer: Brigadier General Aidan Thornton -- Director of Internal Security, Tactical Operations Support Services and Press Relations: Fleet Captain Erin Mizriki -- Director of Experimental Technologies and Corps of Engineers: Deputy Director Scott Johnson -- Director of Scientific and Medical Services: Dr. Elias Kegan M.D., O.D., M.P.H. -- Director of Clandestine Services: Lt. Commander Cameron Soran-Ward -- Marine Corps Detach
  21. Base Name: Trinity Command Base Commissioned: September 18th 4566 Classification: Onyx City-ship; Mobile Command Base Registry: TCS-1 Designed by: Watchers Intelligence Service with consult from Trinity Starship Development Bureau Decks: 35 (Habitable) 5 (Not habitable) Complement: 12250 4000 Officers, 4000 Enlisted, 2000 Marines, 2000 Contractors, 250 Civilians (5500 Research and Ship/Weapons Dev, 2000 Administration, 1250 Logistics, 1250 Defense, Security and Tactical, 325 flight personnel, 400 Medical and Science Support Staff, 300 Intelligence, 300 Signals Intercept and I
  22. Ships Name: Lavie Commissioned: August 10th 4566 Registry: CT-3481-A Designed by: Lonhorn Corporation and Arvonus Corporation Classification: Luna Class Mark-IV Prototype Light Destoryer Decks: 15 (Habitable) 2 (Not habitable) 2 (Sensor Pod) Complement: 450 200 Crew (75 Officers and 125 Enlisted) 120 Droids (30 Repair, 40 Security, 10 Science and 40 Incursion) 120 Marines 10 Civilians Evacuation Limit: 900 Equipment 6 High Yield Phase Cannons 10 Mendarion Beams 1 Gem Shielding System 6 Torpedo Launchers (1024 Torpedoes) Enhanced Hull Plating With Omicron Armo
  23. Mech Units List For Mechs not listed please see their individual thread or the bio of the pilot character Transport Vessels Shadow Fire (Delta Force Tactical Command Ship) Primary Units: MLX-01 Trident MAT-01 Sword Bender Open DFS Lavie (Trinity Command Ship) DCU-S-02 Judgment ZLN-Zeus ACLS-02 Destroyer ACU-03 Seeker Open TSS Faith (Temporal Security Command Ship) MAT-02 Tank MAT-03 Hell Storm Maltros (EHU Ship) PDU-K1-2 Independence PDU-K8 Avenger Earth Presidential Base ATS-02 Fox ATS-01 Protector MAT-02 Tank MAS-01 Guardian
  24. ODS Kusanagi - Orteria Royal Military Flagship CO: Sumire Rembrant XO: Aidan Thornton Onyx Cityship - Trinity Command Base CO: Jeff Godwhin XO: Lexi Ashworth TFS Lavie – Fleet Flagship; Assault Ship (current assignment) CO: Erin Mizriki-Clarke XO: Aidan Thornton (when not on special assignment) CO: Lumiere Trouve XO/CTAC: Trent Raven TFS Providence – Carrier; Flagship Defensive Support CO: Brigid Merkara XO: Sigmund Petersen HSF Iris – Light Assault Ship CO: Yukari Solaros XO: Johnny Test TFS Requiem – Assault Ship CO: Lilliana Ironwhite
  25. Characters by Division: TUC/EU Oversight Mith Gorth Goth - EU Council Chair/The Right Hand of God Ellie "Nore" Tessa Ph.D MD - EU Scientist Naomi Westbridge - EU Council Member/Empress of the Aloris Alliance Elios Adams - EU Council Member/Mith's Assistant Captain Gainz – EU Council Member Arisa Eirini/Norinette – EU Council Member/Galactic Federation National Security Adviser Setsuna Arvonus Ph.D - TUC Council Representative President Lady Hukari Carain - President, Galactic Federation Jake Noris – Chief of Staff; Galactic Federation Scott Johnson Ph.D – Chairmen; Inter-
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