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  1. Armor Class: 10 (Base; humans) +1 (modifier) Stats STR = 10 0 DEX = 13 +1 CON = 13 +1 INT = 18 +4 WIS = 11 0 CHA = 14 +2 Skill Ranged Combat - 10 23 Close Combat - 3 Martial Arts (Judo) - 3 Leadership - 5 6 Equipment Repair - 4 Information Systems - 4 Intelligence Gathering - 10 23 Domestic Skills - 5 6 Survivalism - 5 6 Medicine - 5 6 Research/Innovation - 10 23 Piloting - 5 6 (Requires formal training) Diplomacy - 10 23 Bio-mechanic Mastery - 5 6 Gem Concentration - 10 23 Gem Specialization (Blue/Yellow) - 10 23 Gem
  2. Armor Class: 10 (Base; humans) +/- (modifier) Roll 3d6 7 times; drop lowest roll. Can place in any order they want. Use for stats. Can redo ONLY if all stats are dropped. Can use server dice roller or personal dice (with staff permission) Auto Dice Roller Stats STR = DEX = CON = INT = WIS = CHA = Modifiers Documentation 6–7 −2 8–9 −1 10–11 +0 12–13 +1 14–15 +2 16–17 +3 18–19 +4 20–21 +5 Skill Ranged Combat - Close Combat - Martial Arts (Fill in type) - Leadersh
  3. Armor Class: 10 (Base) -1 (modifier) Stats STR = 9 -1 DEX = 11 0 CON = 15 + 2 INT = 16 + 3 WIS = 15 + 2 CHA = 15 + 2 Skill Ranged Combat - 10 23 Close Combat - 4 4 Martial Arts (Aikido) - 8 14 Leadership - 8 14 Starship Engineering - 0 Civil Engineering - 0 Equipment Repair - 4 4 Information Systems - 5 6 Intelligence Gathering - 10 23 Intelligence Gathering II - 7 13 (Story reasoning for this; Erin has formal training and experience in investigative journalism and covering classified events during the Skynet war back in 21st century Earth)
  4. Erin “Ari” Mizriki November 19 4566 midday Private Work Room; TFS Lavie (Due to the individual nature of this post I’m going to write it in first person.) I had thought that I would try something with the coding skills that Remi had taught me... looking back on that thought maybe it wasn’t the best idea but somehow I needed it… I needed the closure. As much as I acted like I was over when it happened and the loss that I had felt from even losing my home... totally wrong hiding behind my rough interior denying my further internal self any release as what I needed was more tha
  5. I am an idiot; merging myself... into myself... broke me... So I had to use database access to save myself... from me. :gg: 

  6. Erin "Ari" Mizriki Hikaru Ino Admiral Mizriki's Office/Ino Twins Quarters November 18th 4566; Late Night Ari finishes the review of the data she was looking at; there would be plenty of time to build a plan off of all this information. She should take time to relax; plus she and Hikaru's last time together was interrupted but that was life in this job... Always interruptions... She sent him a message to see if he was available. Hikaru wiped some sweat from his brow at the moment he was working in the mech bay. Despite being the head of security and technically not having to be
  7. Here are the ships rough specs; most of the ship is uninhabitable outside of these seven desks. It is designed to be automated. Ship Name: Requiem Registry: EPC-7071 Concept by: Special Operations Design Unit, Lonhorn Special Research Constructed by: Federation Automated Fleet Design System, Skynet Technological Research Division Administered and Commissioned by: Galactic Federation Starship Design Bureau Class and Role: Orient Phoenix Class (Space Operations Command Unit; automated mobile fleet command) Skeleton Crew: 1 Officer, 75 Drones Standard Crew: 20 Offic
  8. Hello everyone, I wanted to provide some updates on the progress of our release. We last provided an art patch in December midway through the month. We had hoped to release a patch after that but were unable to do so. I wanted to provide some information on our current status. - First we are planning to release the second quarter of the game by the end of this quarter; the reason for this is we have had to make grammatical and script updates which required us to rebuild parts of the code. This is taking time with our limited editing staff. - Both of our primary artists do t
  9. Most important data that was created by myself and the story team leads has been posted. Individual users need to post their ships and bios now.
  10. Erin "Ari" Mizriki Aidan Thornton Oscar Kirin Dragmawl November 18th 4566; Evening Admiral Mizriki's Office/Holodeck 1; TFS Lavie <START SIM> Ari was now in her office looking over the files of the three newbies they had. "Like seriously I mean these guys seem like military rejects; but then again so did I when that Major shoved a job in my face and told me how stupid I was... I guess its time to see what he can actually do..." She messages Aidan to have one of the holodecks set to one of his marine battle simulations and for him to wait for her there. She
  11. 3 more counts and it’ll be dead @momoss
  12. Name: Lai-Lee Echels Age: 32 Gender: Female Species/Race: Human/Gem-Master Hybrid; Half-Asian; Oretria Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue Description: Lai-Lee is a major antagonist and anti-hero in ENRB. She is one of the Phoenix’s research projects created by the High Guard’s Research Division with authorization from the Universal Defense Commission by order of the UUAR Senate’s Special Projects Subcommittee. She wears a Marsia Academy Uniform or her variation thereof. Lai trained Tere. Lai is adept at mind control magic and often uses others to do her bidding without anyone re
  13. Below is a list of important pages on the wiki which have information that is useful to current players and interested parties. Feel free to add wiki links to this thread as pages are updated or created. Weapons https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Personal_weapons https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Phaser_Rail_Gun_Carbine https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Phaser_Railgun_Carbine https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Big_and_Little_Thunder_(custom_pistols_for_AidanThornton) VX: https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/VX_Armor Military Organizations of the Federation https://tnu.fandom.com/wiki/Delta_
  14. This is an old forum game... It is basically spam... 1.... Why do I even make these threads?
  15. ACU-03 Seeker (Kiyoko's Machine) Manufactured by: UDC RnD Division 12, Arvonus Corporation, Aloris Special Research, Lonhorn Corporation Crew: 2 (Pilot, Gunner) Combat Specialization: Close Quarters (Long Range attachments optional) Main Armaments: 2 High Yield Particle Cannons 4 Auto-Guns 1 Beam Blade 1 Emergency MCS-3 (Master Command System Type 3) (Upgrade) 1 Hypergate Generator 1 Atmosphereic Booster 1 Madridon Reactor with AI Program (automatic ejection system included) 1 Long Duration Flight Kit Optional Equipment: 1 Meas Rifle 1 Nova Bomb Compacter
  16. Hi guys, To make things easier on everyone as far as creating a bio I have copied a template that the few of you who have simming experience should remember. Please update your bios to follow this whenever you can get around to it. For new players please use this. Any questions reach out to a GM. Please note that the assignment is important as it helps us send this to the right GM Team. If you are putting in a bio for Himawari please use the template in their Discord. For our other sims use this. Thanks, Josh Character Information Name: Nicknames
  17. This page explains the system used for the dice rolls in the play by post role plays. The system exists to help manage certain events; mostly combat and determine a result. The rules of the system and instructions are below: Attacking/initiating party goes first. Roll a 20 sided die. Defending/reacting party goes next. Roll a 20 sided die; try to beat the attacker. Beating the attacker means successful defense. If attacker rolls higher they may roll an attack die... For normal weapons roll a six sided die. Advanced and instant death weapons roll a 12 sided die. All pla
  18. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 1: Discovery and Reflection November 18th 4566 Afternoon Narrated by Erin “Ari” Mizriki After organizing the team Aidan and I returned to the Lavie to prepare it for departure to Earth II. We have left orbit with all hands on board under the guise of a survey mission near Earth II. From there we will be taking our team to Earth II and beginning our operation to investigate and hold responsible those whom have been behind numerous events in the galaxy's recent history. I only hope that with my reaching out to Gai
  19. Erin "Ari" Mizriki Captain Gainz November 18th 4566; Afternoon Admiral Mizriki's Office; TFS Lavie/ Ice Hell/ Karv'atku Ari while bored after they left Orteria had gathered her gems And begin practicing with her portal power… The few times she had used it so far she hadn’t screwed up and so she just was teleporting from one part of the ship to another. She apparently had reached the end of her luck as one particular portal caused her to arrive… Somewhere. She looked around the planet and it seemed to be nowhere she had been before… She thought that her uncle told her that she cou
  20. This forum is the home of the ENRB: DFS Lavie; a sim/RP that follows The New Universes Project Core Storyline. In the TNU storyline the Lavie is a starship that works for the Trinity Combined Service; which is part of the Unified Council; the galactic United Nations of sorts. Officially it is aligned with the Orteria Sovereignty. Originally the Trinity Combined Service was part of the Galactic Federation's Delta Force Counter-Terrorist Organization. The crew of the Lavie conducts missions requiring a medium combat presence, recon or stealth type missions; occasionally the ship also does work o
  21. Main Cast Descriptions Haruka "Haru" Sumimori - Commanding Officer; TFS Lavie (Played by Atsumari) Introduced In: ENRB Season 3 Weapon of Choice: Lightning Gems Gender: Female Age: 30 Hair/Eye Color: Dishwater Blonde/Blue Height/Weight: 5' 6”/ 128 lbs Description: Haruka is a scientist from Earth studying gems and other non-standard tech. She has previous interactions from a past "life" with Aidan and unbeknown to others additional members of the crew due to her work. Haruka's left eye was replaced with a cybernetic eye which can see gem energies and other types of energy
  22. Character Information Name Ariel "Mina" Welheirmina Gender Female Species Human Age 26 Physical Appearance Height 5' 9" Weight 160 lbs Family Father Donald Mother Elie Brother(s) Ray, Zander Sister(s) Hannah Mari Personality & Traits Hobbies & Interests Ariel likes music, dancing, tabletop role playing games, collecting memorabilia from worlds she is working on and running. Personal History She joined the Melbourne 9 Planetary Security Division at 21 for an
  23. Welcome to the TNU Project! This is the website for the TNU Project and its stories. It runs three text based role plays and is a fan based community that exists to help everyone have fun. If you have questions or want to talk to a staff member feel free to ask here on our forum or for more personal matters please submit a ticket on the contact us page. For an up to date list of our staff and other information you can visit our discord server.
  24. Group Post Ari Mizriki Hikaru Ino Scott Johnson Ardent Dawn Kirin Dragmawl Veilfloe Oscar DFS Lavie - Bridge November 17th 4566; Late Night/Early Morning (Needs editing) As Ari was still on the bridge Trent got the notification from the shuttle bay that the last group of crew had arrived on board. Trent informs her "Admiral; all departments report preparations for departure completed most of the crew are back on board... We are waiting for final confirmation from the transporter chief that the last of the crew have arrived on board." Ari nods back to him. "So then... a
  25. Hello, We have added a chat system to the site for support as well as just general conversation. Guests can interact with the support chat should they need help. As a result of this change we have removed the staff live chat function from the site. We are in the process of also adding share functionalities to the forums. If you have any ideas on how to improve the site please let us know. Josh View full article
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