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  1. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ 15-Mar-21 12:17 AM <START SIM> Haru came back from the front of the shuttle sitting in the back where the group would meet up now that they wee just waiting on the team. She hoped this mission didn't end in a gunfight. Mira put her tablet away and then came into the shuttle heading to the front and preparing the shuttle to fly. "I bet nobody every thought I would be flying you people. " She waits for confirmation from Haru that everyone was on board since all the pre-flight stuff and loading of the shuttle were done.
  2. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ 06-Mar-21 08:20 PM <START SIM> Haru had arrived back on the Lavie and packed up some research equipment. By the time she was done she realized it was close to time for the group to leave. She had the transporters move the gear to the shuttlebay then headed there herself. Upon arriving Mira was there. Mira had done some of what was recommended. Made herself look a little older and was not as flat; she still definitely had the schoolgirl look about her though. She was sitting on a cargo box drawing the shuttle. Haru wondered why she was drawing
  3. [Editor's note: This is just an additional single post that follows on from the previous group post.] Aya (Chan) 25-Jan-21 10:49 AM Back on Chan's ship. Serena throttles up the main powerplant to 80%, once reached she decouples the Guardian Subspace Generator and Guardian Superconductor Power Distributor for fear of overloading the Lavie as 6% of the power is redirected through the docking port into the aux/emergency power systems of the Lavie The shields started to morph and cover both ships, sufficient to protect against space debris, piracy an
  4. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ 25-Jan-21 01:17 AM <START SIM> As the ships systems failed and emergency power started to take over un-exploded panels started to power back on. Haru glanced over the command console that appeared holographically out of a unit in the command chair. They had impulse engines and atmospheric thrusters. Enough to keep them in a non-decaying orbit. Life support was operational and the ships gravity controls were with the environmental subsystems in a safe separate unit. Yay for not being screwed over by zero gravity. Beryond that the ship had ver
  5. atsumari 07-Dec-20 02:28 AM <START SIM> The group had arrived and delivered the resources to Zed who along with the help of Nik, Tory and Haru was making significant progress in restoring the AI to her full functionality. Meanwhile, over the radio that was taken a communication was heard. Security had found the unconscious men and revived them. Dispatch had locked down the facility. Thankfully they were all hidden here but it seemed the gig was up, as far as them posing as government agents. Aidan Turning t
  6. atsumari 30-Nov-20 03:11 AM <START SIM> Haru opened the other door in the room that they were in which, the AI was stored. There were more people; looking more put together than the citizens of this planet who had nowhere to go; it seemed like these folks were actually ship crews and teams who were apparently prepared to leave but without permission to do so, while at the risk of being shot down by the planetary defences Not to mention having no way to get through the shield, so therefore they were just waiting. Haru then asked. "So; you guys have no ma
  7. atsumari 29-Nov-20 03:56 AM <START SIM> As Aidan posed his response the man sighed. "So then what do you want?" He still didn't seem that trusting of the group but he seemed just as willing to get this over with as the rest of them. aqace100 Scott heads out of his bunker with Ceci and takes a walk to explore the planet. atsumari As Scott and the little girl go down the lift Maki just continues operating it; she has become like the door girl. "I'm begi
  8. atsumari 23-Nov-20 01:43 AM <START SIM> The Advocate at the door at opened the gate and signaled for the others to come in. After he was done screening the group he signaled for them to join Haru and Lima. Aidan Aidan waited for the group. He had his tricorder at the ready, triggered by his VX if needed. He took a momentary scan. atsumari It seemed the scans were merely for this planets weapons and to verify their identities. Since that was done it seemed the g
  9. atsumari 15-Nov-20 10:15 PM The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 5 4566 Late Night Narrated by Haruka Sumimori While the away team and I were working to gather information on the mission that the planet's AI was sending us on planetary guards from this world; Rema, showed up at the Lavie while its power was being drained by a mysterious phenomena. The crew comes to find out that this was being done to keep the Lavie from leaving. After getting communications back between the ship and the away team I offered to try t
  10. atsumari 02-Nov-20 01:37 AM <START SIM> The group had arrived back at the ship and Erin without much with words spoken headed off; there was a need to figure out what was truly going on; even with the information they had pieces were lacking. The government had asked them to fight for them against a force they still had little information about. The bit they knew was that this so called resistance wanted to leave the planet but was their intention to actually kill Miss Chi and how powerful were they... If the enemy was powerful enough that they wanted the
  11. atsumari 26-Oct-20 12:32 AM <START SIM> Ekkes had informed the away team that the Governing Board would see them the next day. Chi had returned to her work on the shield even while the team remained in her office. It was obvious to her they were not a threat to her; it was as she pointed to Ekkes; if they had any intention of killing her they would have already done so. Haru looked to Aidan with a shrug. "So; what now... since it looks like we will be waiting here... did the stuff do any damage to the ship?" She asked. Leigh
  12. atsumari 19-Oct-20 02:18 AM <START SIM> Haru headed back into the main corridor of the estate and for the door that the guard was protecting which contained Chi-Gina. The Advocate looked at Haru. "Say; think I could have a chat with the little miss?" "Not without the Administrator's permission." "You guys sure like talking in circles... Isn't Miss Chi your administrator?" "Administrator Ekkes." "And isn't this mansion's AI supposed to protect her; royalty and all... you know your head of state should be able to make her own decisions.... shouldn't she..." Haru winked at
  13. atsumari 12-Oct-20 3:20am <START SIM> The guards look at Aidan as he mentions wanting to blow up the ship and their comment about just staying here. They did not need to enter the ship if the crew would not let them. Maki though tried of these games looked over at the elevator system behind the guards. it was a manual system and couldn't be hacked due to the nature of how mechanical it was; that much she could tell. That gave her an idea though; without consulting anyone else the girl sighed turning to the void of the sky and hopped off the skybridge connecting the ship to the elevat
  14. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 5 4566 Evening Narrated by Haruka Sumimori The Lavie has now arrived at a world we detected on sensors and in the hope that it is less hostile than everything else we have met in this sector. A team including members of the science department, team one and I were sent to investigate the world and meet with its leader after the allowed us permissions to dock. We arrived on this strange world to realize it is a cold barren dark sad place but seems un-phased by the space monsters
  15. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 5 4566 Morning Narrated by Haruka Sumimori After leaving the outpost we spent time studying the data collected from the researchers only to find out that the creatures consume all matter of energy. Based on their age and size we can overload them with power and make them pop due to overfeeding them. They seem to mindlessly consume whatever they find; with a particular interest in gems. Meanwhile as the research teams and engineers were working on recovering the data nonstop an
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