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  1. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ 15-Mar-21 12:17 AM <START SIM> Haru came back from the front of the shuttle sitting in the back where the group would meet up now that they wee just waiting on the team. She hoped this mission didn't end in a gunfight. Mira put her tablet away and then came into the shuttle heading to the front and preparing the shuttle to fly. "I bet nobody every thought I would be flying you people. " She waits for confirmation from Haru that everyone was on board since all the pre-flight stuff and loading of the shuttle were done. Jack Pine "This is gonna be weird flying with someone other then Kess at the wheel for once. But not like I haven't flown under others before anyways." Jack said as he settled in, geared in what he needed to be, and anything else stored in his VX. Aidan Nik didn't offer to take the co-pilot seat. He could if he needed to. His skills concentrated on other things. He had his combat load-out. He didn't relish combat like the others. That he was good at it was beside the point. So far he'd only had to use it in a handful of missions. He prefer the science aspect. M82A1 "Would you like me to assist you?" Dawn asks Mira as she approaches. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Feel free; systems manager spot is open..." Aidan Ayasha had on tactical glasses with the lenses darkened. Being very young and a medic, she had already hung her own IV with fluids before the mission and had taken aspirin. Noise cancelling headphone allowed her a bit of privacy unless spoken to. M82A1 "As you wish," Dawn says with a bow. Rockyeahh William waits patiently on the shuttle in their seat. "Welcome to the finest shuttle we happened to have in the docking bay. We hope you enjoy your stay." William twitches with a smile. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Alrighty; we waiting on anyone else?" Mira asked the back of the shuttle. Aidan "i believe this is everyone." Nik offered. "If they are late, this will be a lesson in punctuality." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Got it drive off without them...." Mira said. ♤Oscar♤ "At least I got in here before you guys left for the mission, definitely would've not liked to stay back." Oscar sighs as he responds from the corner. Aidan "Early is on time, on time is late." Nik offered. ♤Oscar♤ "Yeah, you've got a point there." Oscar shrugs. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Alright. Put your nonexistent tray-tables in their full upright position. Also you guys were all late anyway but who cares; why do you think the stuff was loaded on to the shuttle when you arrived..." Mira requested permission to depart from the launch controller who granted permission since nothing is happening. The shuttle begins to depart after its door is secured. Rockyeahh William remembers preparing the ship before anyone arrived. He just smiles and nods. Aidan Niklas plays with his tricorder. Switching to his portable guitar out, he plays a light Spanish style song. Something that could be talked over without putting anyone to sleep. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ The shuttle continues to move. Haru meanwhile opens one of the research containers and starts to set up a scanner. Aidan Nik stands up. Talking to Haru he said, "Do you require assistance? Perhaps if you told me what your theory is...." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Well... To be honest we dont know what we will encounter here... We are hoping to find those living robotic creatures but maybe we will find something else... Much unknown too known." Aidan Niklas nodded. "Could be chicken. Could be fish." He said making a joke. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "or could be zombies...." Mira commented from the cockpit. "soilent green... thats good people." She finished. Aidan "Considering how much gets thrown at this crew, it would not surprise me." Niklas offered. He moved the tube-fed grenade launcher next his primary loadout in the VX upon the comment. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ More time passes as the shuttle continues to move. Rockyeahh William opens a compartment. "Time for a quick chec..." He stops for a moment and sighs. "Somebody thought it pressing to fill this with weapons, as opposed to my tools." William grumbles. William turns to crew. "I don't suppose anyone has a spare tool kit. I'll trade you a pile of guns." He facepalms. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Haru gives him a kit as she finishes the scanner. Rockyeahh William takes it. "Thank you." It's basic but it'll do. He thinks of his perfectly organised kit on the ship. "I'll get that docking bay crew for this." He shakes his fist, while talking to himself. Aidan Nik offered to William. "Seal the containers and tag with an RFid. That way you'll know if they were opened and if you have the right container." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ The shuttle begins approaching a wasteland area and begins to prepare to land. Mira commented. "Oh joy a desert! SAND EVERYWHERE!!!!!" Rockyeahh "I do love your logic Nik." William returns to his seat with the kit. Aidan He offered a weak smile. "Unavoidable considering my nature." Rockyeahh "Fair point." he responds. William loads up his gear. "Time to get off everyone. Try not to get sand in your equipment." Aidan As he unbuckled, Nik stood up, adjusting his PDW across his chest, muzzle down but controls within easy reach. His tricorder was calibrated and set to scan. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ The shuttle lands and Mira opens the door turning to the group. "yeah fam; I'm staying here; totally not dressed for sandstorms." She said in her summer dress. Aidan Ayasha winced as he stepped onto the ground. She darkened her eyewear to maximum as she balanced her medical gear. Rockyeahh William steps onto the sand. He puts on some googles and seems to already have found a big stick and starts to walk with it for no logical reason. M82A1 "I believe I will stay here with Mira. This body does not agree with sand." Dawn says ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Maki shrugs. "Another day in the outlands..." She then walks out without any protection. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ 15-Mar-21 01:51 AM <END SIM>
  2. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ 06-Mar-21 08:20 PM <START SIM> Haru had arrived back on the Lavie and packed up some research equipment. By the time she was done she realized it was close to time for the group to leave. She had the transporters move the gear to the shuttlebay then headed there herself. Upon arriving Mira was there. Mira had done some of what was recommended. Made herself look a little older and was not as flat; she still definitely had the schoolgirl look about her though. She was sitting on a cargo box drawing the shuttle. Haru wondered why she was drawing a picture of the little craft but didn't ask. She instead began moving the research equipment into the shuttle. M82A1 Dawn arrives as Haru starts moving the equipment and assists her without saying a word. aqace100 Scott is playing Flappy Bird. Tuncecine Ryuji stay on the elevator operating it with maki for the time being. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Maki proposes that maybe they could have use for Ryu on this mission. "It could also give an opportunity for you to get to know some of the crew Ryuji..." There was always use for security personnel even on missions like this; her skills... while more support in nature would not be as necessary with so many gem users on this mission. Aya (Chan) Chan gets back to her pilot seat, preparing to detach the ship Serena: Chan we're powering their ship with ours, are you sure? Chan: Hmm... Yes, release the docking port Serena: Your funeral if they get mad Chan's ship detaches. Tuncecine "if they could use my help someone will come ask, its not like my skills are particularly offensive in nature." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Maybe we should go ask them then...?" Maki posed to Ryu. M82A1 Dawn takes a small break to hand Maki a small candy before heading back to helping Haku. Aya (Chan) Chan hovers outside near the shuttle bay. Rockyeahh William checks over the Shuttle. "Hmm, I could check it three more times but with this crew anything could happen." He shrugs. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ A shuttlebay technician looks out seeing the girl floating outside the Lavie's shuttlebay. "Isn't that dangerous; wanna come in?" Tuncecine "We can go see if you want though Macaroni, perhaps it won't be too labor intensive." Rockyeahh William raises an eyebrow at the technician. "Oh you get used to this kind of shit." William returns to work with a sigh. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Maki nods and leads the way to the shuttlebay. Aya (Chan) Serena: she's just judging you, menacingly. Chan: I'll be following alongside. Tuncecine Ryuji also walks towards the shuttlebay. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Two can play the menacing stare game..." Mira said from her box waving and then staring at Chan. Rockyeahh William punches in a few codes, while in the shuttle pilot seat. William sends out a message over VX. "OK, this shuttle is ready. Whenever, whoever needs this ship, can take it out." William pauses. "And don't break it!" William quickly adds. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "You are asking your Captain not to break her own ship; how dare you..." Haru said sarcastically as the last research gear is loaded on to the shuttle. M82A1 Dawn giggles. "At least we know what your orders are." She quips with a light tone. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Maki and Ryuji arrive in the shuttlebay as a flight ops tech is finishing the checklist. Maki comes over to the shuttle as Haru comes out to load her personal bags in. "Did you guys need help?" She asked. "I mean whoever wants to go on this mission can... As long as you dont randomly kill the populous. Tuncecine "I mean I don't really feel like filling out the paper work its at least 40 pages." Ryuji said in jest. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "We can't kill everyone indiscriminately... darn" Mira said still sitting on her box. Rockyeahh William watches this conversation unfold. "I don't trust this to go well." William walks back into the shuttle and sits in the pilot chair. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "What could go wrong; I am not bringing a squad of marines... yet..." Haru said to William. Aya (Chan) Serena: Why use marines when you have enough weaponry to sweep a regiment? Chan: Serena. In heavy sarcasm Serena: I was being sarcastic. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Um... you know we have bombs that could wipe out planets right but this is a scientific mission... Talk first, death later." Haru explained to Chan and her AI still getting the joke though. Rockyeahh William thinks to himself, "Are we the baddies?" ♤Oscar♤ Oscar, who was spacing out, snaps out of it and realises that everyone's gone already. He quickly figures that everyone must already be at the shuttles and makes a run for it. "Damn it... Gotta get there before they leave." After a few minutes of running he reaches the bay and quickly gets inside the shuttle, then he mutters as he slightly pants; "S..Sorry...I'm a bit late." Then taking a seat somewhere in the shuttle. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ 06-Mar-21 09:50 PM <END SIM>
  3. [Editor's note: This is just an additional single post that follows on from the previous group post.] Aya (Chan) 25-Jan-21 10:49 AM Back on Chan's ship. Serena throttles up the main powerplant to 80%, once reached she decouples the Guardian Subspace Generator and Guardian Superconductor Power Distributor for fear of overloading the Lavie as 6% of the power is redirected through the docking port into the aux/emergency power systems of the Lavie The shields started to morph and cover both ships, sufficient to protect against space debris, piracy and re-entry. Serena controls all four Guardian Sublight engine arrays individually to stabilize the Lavie and assist the Lavie's bridge with steering Serena: You owe me a data drive of encrypted Guardian technology later for this you know that right, Chan? <END SIM>
  4. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ 25-Jan-21 01:17 AM <START SIM> As the ships systems failed and emergency power started to take over un-exploded panels started to power back on. Haru glanced over the command console that appeared holographically out of a unit in the command chair. They had impulse engines and atmospheric thrusters. Enough to keep them in a non-decaying orbit. Life support was operational and the ships gravity controls were with the environmental subsystems in a safe separate unit. Yay for not being screwed over by zero gravity. Beryond that the ship had very limited emergency sensors and computer access. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ As the volume of casualties start to come in to medical and the bridge; some even over emergency radios it seemed clear that the high voltage masterpiece that just occurred very clearly blew up many things throughout the ship. aqace100 Scott hears all the noise and sees that his system is down so now he can't poof to his other offices. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Ceci pats her dad and smiles, "Big boom equals death... yay!" Aidan Aidan arrived on the bridge. "Okay, let's try and get the ship in a more stable orbit." Tapping the comm, he said. " Engineering, damage report." aqace100 scott just scratches his head at a loss how to help everyone since his specialty is making a BIG mess and says to ceci "what the hell am i good for in this situation?" ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ "Fixy fix...." Ceci turns her hand into a plasma drill!" Rockyeahh William dodges a piece of a panel that flies off in front of him. "Sir, we have significant damage. We have lost power to decks 6 through 9 and the engines are at 30%." He replies to Aidan. William scrambles to put out a fire. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Ai and Ed arrive in engineering and begin to tag people having them beamed via emergency transporters to medical. Those that wre critical anyway. aqace100 Scott sees what Ceci is doing and says, "Well you can do that and make sure we dont all die." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Ceci pulls her dad with her out of his office and to engineering. "Main screen turn on?" She said pointing to the gem drive that was off with a plasma burn filled by dead next to it and an injured Owain whom was now being transproted to medical by one of the medics. "We get signal?" Ceci asked. Natsumi given the volume of people and bodies has the mess hall converted into a triage area. Aidan "Damage and medical teams report to Engineering." aqace100 Scott starts working to fix the gem drive and get it working. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Ceci unhooks the new shield system since it looks like something that doesnt belong to the ship. She peers at it longingly but in reality she is scanning the object to see what happened. Aidan Nik arrived on the bridge to assist with the science of what happened. Rockyeahh William continues to put out fires. "I just need to clear this. Get to the engine damage. Change a few parts. Not die and get to bed sometime this month." William looks a bit unhinged. He may be getting used to the Lavie now. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ All the plasma fires are now out and exploding consoles being responded to by damage control teams. Shuttling bodies was now a duty however though as shuffling the dead was a waste of emergency power reserves until the drive is back online and storing power in the fusion cells. Aidan Ayasha was helping in the mess hall. The scene brought up raw emotion and the myriad of people that died during the transit to Earth II. She shook it from her mind to concentrate on saving whom she could. Rockyeahh Williams start to replace a few fried engine parts. "When in doubt change it for a known good part. When in doubt cry internally." William continues to rant. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ As Aidan was now on the bridge Haru left heading down to engineering to see if she could be of any help; she knew more about gems than anyone on the ship; except maybe Owain... and Scott when it came ot the mad scientist variety of things. aqace100 Scott is scrambling and trying to fix shit, so that they don't die. Aidan Nik turned to Aidan. "Sir, I advised we go back. We have too many systems out and without the shield modifications, it will only be a matter of time before something tries to eat us. I suggest warning the fleet and heading back down." Aidan thought about it. "Agreed. Helm, take us back. Comm, send a mission report and sitrep to the fleet. Engineering, fix what you can, we are heading back to the planet." ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ Unhooking of the shield and restoration of the connectors caused the system to report green. Ceci opened up the gem containment module and jumped into it. The android hugged the gem encased in water and began to raise it out of its containment. It was intact. The module did its job absorbing the overwhelming power and cooling the thing down.The little fembot had the gem up enough for the system to grasp the gigantic gem holding it in place. She then climbed out of the module closing it. Having androids on the crew was helpful. The emergency medical teams cleared engineering and moved to other areas of the ship. Crew began to ferry their comrades to one of the two emergency locations set up. Trent looks over to Aidan. "Sir the gem drive system is entering diagnostic mode. Engineering should have more information for us soon." The ship was now being piloted back down to the planet as one of the communications officers arrived on teh bridge setting up an actual radio unit on the bridge as auxiliary since comms would be unreliable at this point. Aidan "Good, but I can read. We have far too many systems out to head back. Continue back to the planet for the time being." Rockyeahh William finishes the part replacement just in time to watch Ceci climb out of the module. "Well that's helpful," he states. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ The com operator switches to a planet side channel and requests emergency drydock. Rema flight control grants the ship priority permission. The ship begins to limp to a "docking moor" Once the ship is attached to the dock and the arms attach to it holding it in place the shield like before goes around it as a precautionary measure; not to trap it here. Aidan Aidan wanted to swear but that wasn't helpful. He added a few lines to the mission log before it was sent back to the fleet. ♡ ♪ Haru ♪ ♡ 25-Jan-21 02:18 AM <END SIM>
  5. atsumari 07-Dec-20 02:28 AM <START SIM> The group had arrived and delivered the resources to Zed who along with the help of Nik, Tory and Haru was making significant progress in restoring the AI to her full functionality. Meanwhile, over the radio that was taken a communication was heard. Security had found the unconscious men and revived them. Dispatch had locked down the facility. Thankfully they were all hidden here but it seemed the gig was up, as far as them posing as government agents. Aidan Turning to Zed, Aidan offered, "I assume you have other exits since I would rather not have to fight our way out. I'm less worried about my team and I am the civilians here that would be discovered." atsumari The man nods. "Always; though it seems like things are starting to heat up... I think its time we move from passive mode. We have let the government believe we were powerless out of protection for the citizens. Obviously our ships would not have survived their travels to this planet if they were powerless. it is time I talk with the Union about stepping up our game and stopping this corporate madness... Especially now with a proper working version of Ekkes... Thanks to you guys." He said. Meanwhile back at the Lavie, Advocates noticed their guards were no longer outside. A group of soldiers approached the marines outside the elevator whom VX in that they are encountering resistance; rather than fight a losing battle they take the lift back up to the ship. Escape was not cut off due to Advocate patrols converging around the ship; they may not have been able to do anything to it or get up there but nobody could come down. Aidan "Personally, hate injustice as much as I hate politics." Aidan offered. I've even considered having an AI built to take over. One a bit more advanced that would have safeguards to make this the safe haven the people think it should be." atsumari The time for Aidan's meeting with the board had arrived; it seemed that even though the guards here being taken down was an accident the rest was planned to prevent the meeting from happening. Aidan Aidan offered to Zed. "Talk to the union." His com beeped, letting him know governmental meeting. "I need to get out of here. The longer this goes on, the more angry I get about the injustice. Not a good combination." atsumari Zed nodded. "You guys might need transportation... Let me show you something... It is something we have been working on." He took Aidan, Haru, Oscar, Nik and the others into the union part of the underground and into a warehouse space with a cargo elevator that was quite massive. On it was an odd tanklike "mech" with six legs that ran on treds but also had jets on them to allow this thing to jump over stuff. It had anti-personnel and anti vehicle weaponry on it. "It has space for gunners at each station and a flight crew. Should be enough space to get you and your team where you are going safely." "How do you drive it though?" Haru asked. "We've made the controls as simple as possible; I'm sure one of you will be able to figure it out." Aidan Aidan ordered, "Nik, take the controls. I'm no mech pilot, and you reflexes are a bit faster." Nik got behind the controls. Turning to Zed, Aidan offered his hand. "Let's hope, we can turn this around. This should be a safe place for all, not just that clowns in charge." atsumari Zed nodded. "That was the royal families wish or so we were told by Chi before the board took over." Aidan With the mention of the Royal family, Aidan's thoughts went to Sumire. He shook it off, there would be time for daydreaming later. "Thanks. He fished out a spare com unit and handed it over. "Just in case. Us renegade revolutionaries have to stick together." atsumari The man took the com unit and waited for the group to enter the tank turned warbot and upon everyone getting inside he activated a power source. which gave the thing power and then moved over to a control console. "Activating lift controls. Good luck; keep in mind you should have enough ammo to get you through the city. Once the union agrees on a course of action our tactical forces will begin assaulting specific advocate targets. Hopefully it doesn't come to that but nevertheless you will have support out there. Unless there are any questions I'll be activating the lift now and hooking you into the city's communication subnet on a union frequency. This should allow you to reach your ship through this machine." Aidan "Thanks again. Let's see where this takes us, Lt Blom." atsumari The lift begins to go to the surface and panels in the street open up. The spider is in the middle of a city street now and opened up a link with the Lavie. Communications seeing what this was; a warmachine of sorts and who was piloting it just sent it to the bridge to Mira's station. The girl pulled up a holographic map of the city she had been building. M82A1 Dawn, having finished her short break and returned back into the Lavie, goes around tidying up the ship for the time being. Aidan Aidan consulted his maps that Brutus had made over his walks. "That way Lieutenant" He said guiding Nik towards the meeting." Aidan Aidan considered changing into Brutus, but that would be seem to be a bit more forward that he wanted. He did change into BDU's. atsumari The tank encounters a road block. The advocates stare at the massive machine taking up the road. They move behind their transport... car if you could call it that drawing their weapons. One looks at his partner considering how futile shooting at a tank would be and they just clear the way. After much testing it was finally found what frequencies to use with the help of Zed and the Ekkes of the resistance what to send the probe for communications through the shield at. Aidan Aidan transmitted the information to the ship with instructions to have the probe launched when the shield frequencies were synced. atsumari Zed then went to meet with the Captains of the Union. Aidan Aidan was hoping the probe launched before the meeting. The stronger bargaining positioning. He also told the ship to update the probe with current ship's logs and the shield data. atsumari 07-Dec-20 03:30 AM <END SIM>
  6. atsumari 30-Nov-20 03:11 AM <START SIM> Haru opened the other door in the room that they were in which, the AI was stored. There were more people; looking more put together than the citizens of this planet who had nowhere to go; it seemed like these folks were actually ship crews and teams who were apparently prepared to leave but without permission to do so, while at the risk of being shot down by the planetary defences Not to mention having no way to get through the shield, so therefore they were just waiting. Haru then asked. "So; you guys have no malicious intent then; you just want out of here?" She was asking Zed this question and the man shrugged. " I don't have any ill intention; as far as I know most of the others don't either... the government just doesn't want anyone leaving and wants to control the shield and military for themselves. In short, the government or rather the corporations who now control the government like RUD, just want full control without any resistance to their corporate will." "I guess we have something to talk to this governing board about then?" Haru proposed, more directly to Aidan than anyone else. Aidan "Definitely a talking point. " Aidan said he'd expound on it later if he needed to. He added,, "As I see it, they don't see the big picture. Throughout history there are many examples of organizations doing just that, it always ends in failure. People find a way out." Nik closed the cover on the probe. He spoke to Dawn and Tory. "Thanks for the help. Now all we need is more data to find a way to get this through the shield. Sheer force isn't going to do it." Hearing the order that Aidan made, Nik made a beeline for his quarters to change clothing then to start carrying the parts to the away team. "Lumi, meet me at the elevator please. " comicfan86 Dezy made her way to the Lavie in time to see the cargo elevator rise back up. A marine detachment gathering by the supplies to bring them to the underground. "I was sent by the General to lead you to the camp," Dezy spoke unslinging her rifle, "Keep your eyes pealed, we don't want unwanted observers." Tory Trace Tory patted the probe and tried to think. "Shields are still energy in the end. It blocks because there's enough force of the opposing weapon. The missiles will be going too fast to slow down," he said as he thought for a bit. He looked at his wristband to see EVA idling away. Then he turned to Nik. "Perhaps ... we can attach a frequency generator on the probe and missiles. Shields all have an energy frequency and signature. The problem is finding out what the frequency is and we don't know well what their shields are like," he said. atsumari The guard who was at the elevator nodded radioing to Maki that thier escort was here. The lift soon arrived back up to wait to be loaded. Meanwhile, Lumiere made her way to meet with Nik. Operations already had the equipment ready for Nik and Lumi upon their arrival outside to wait by the lift as Maki opened the door sarcastically saying. "Maybe I missed my calling as a servant girl." Aidan Nik was in black jeans and a non descript grey sweatshirt. He didn't really want to carry weapons. As an Android, he was usually dangerous enough, but did pack a fixed blade. Turning to Lumi, he said, "Shall we?" atsumari Lumi nodded pushing the massive cart containing objects and supplies into the lift. She made eye contact with Maki. "You have hatred for this posting don't you?" "Oh; no I always wanted to operate two buttons for a living..." Aidan "And you're doing a wonderful job at it." Nik teased. atsumari Maki makes the elevator go down after everyone was on board. atsumari Morning was nearing by this point, though it was hard to tell without a clock and the planets lighting systems were really the only indication of such, as they became brighter. The elevator soon arrived at the bottom and the group met with Dezy. The group headed for the institute. A short time passes. After they arrive at the entry to the institute, the guard looks rather confused. "What's all this?" Zed had a room prepared for the others since repairs were finished for now and he had shown them the current conditions but now there was a little downtime until meeting with the board and awaiting the supplies arrival down in the underground. M82A1 Dawn enjoys a tea break just outside the ship for the time being until everything else is ready for the probe. Aidan Nik walked up, "All I know is, I was told to bring these rations and parts. Something about stockpiling for emergencies." comicfan86 "We're being forced to stay here, we may as well set ourselves up," Dezy added. Aidan Carmella was following at a distance, looking more like a stray dog. atsumari "Hum... headquarters tends to do that... well..." He opens the side doors which makes a rather large entrance to the institute. "It was odd enough they sent you guys here at night... Probably something to do with that new ship RUD is holding..." He shrugs seeming uninterested. He was just a lowly security man after all. This job didn't exactly have advancement written all over it. Aidan Nik whistled to Carmella. She walked on over as Nik started to push the cart, making it look like he was having to push hard when in reality the antigrav was doing all the work. comicfan86 Dezy continued leading the group to the underground, the guard seemed uninterested, but she had a feeling the further they went they would encounter guards who would be. Aidan Soon the small group approached the second checkpoint nearer to the away team. atsumari The armed men inside the facility looked over at the rather large supply cart. "Who ordered this; where is the requisition form?" They didn't question the 'delivery people' as Dezy was with them and was already cleared for entry... Though they were interested in the contents of the rather massive cart. Aidan Nik adopted a bit of attitude. "I just work for the delivery company." He pulled out a ratty looking pad with the list of parts that were ordered and handed it over. "Something about a repair order?" He said casually as he moved closer to the guard. atsumari The man took the document. "Hum... so that kid is doing repairs... Seems like an instructor should really be overseeing this; I guess it explains why RUD sent auditors so late to make sure she doesn't break anything." He seemed to look to Dezy for confirmation of this. "Why is there a need for rations though; especially this volume of them..." He looked over to his comrade who approached the cart and began to search it. atsumari The man searching doesn't really think anything of the contents and just nods. His partner does wait for an explanation though about food. Aidan "I was told this was for the team coming later to help with repairs. I heard the word 'retrofit', whatever that means" Nik offered. comicfan86 "You never know how long these things take," Dezy added watching the guards carefully, "You think it might take a day, then you find out there's weeks worth of repair work...gotta have food for when that happens." atsumari "... I'm going to need to contact logistics for approval on this volume of equipment entering this section." The man turns around going over to a phone at the wall. atsumari The mans partner notices her careful watching of them and it raises his suspicions. He went from not caring to approaching his station and standing guard. Aidan Nik moves to disable the guard closest to him. atsumari The more senior guard dialed a number and over the phone said "This is RTI Security we have an order for section 3 for the AI candidates area. Was this approved?" Silence for a moment. "Very well sir... Yes.-" Upon his being knocked unconscious facing away from them on the phone his partner goes for his weapon and presses on his radio. "Section 3 checkpoint." Meanwhile, the guy on the other end of the phone confused by silence mid conversation, "Hello?" comicfan86 Dezy quickly brought her rifle up to aim, and opened fire on the guard at the phone. Aidan Nik walks over and imitates the guards voice. "Sorry, dropped the phone. Thanks. Just checking things out." atsumari "Dispatch." "we need assistance at the checkpoint." The man was then shot before he could respond. No response on the radio. "C3; please explain." The dispatcher asked over the radio. Meanwhile the guy on the phone replied. "Why are you calling for something so trivial; just let them through; we deal with how many orders a day; stop wasting my time...!" The logistics man hung up the phone. comicfan86 Dezy immediately ran for the radio to pick it up. atsumari "Checkpoint 3 please respond." comicfan86 "Checkpoint 3 reporting in, false alarm." atsumari "Copy; 0614 clear." The dispatcher replied. Aidan "Nik pulled the guard over to one side. "Great, now I have a patient. Have you ever heard of a butt-stroke or right hook?!" Nik said angrily. "Hand me a Med-kit." comicfan86 "Checkpoint 3 out," Dezy spoke and then clipped the radio to her belt. No sense in wasting a good source of intel. "It was on a stun setting," Dezy told Nik, as she tossed him the med-kit on her belt. atsumari Lumi continues to move the cart forward after the medkit was extracted. She just whistles, "This is not abnormal from this crew, you should remember that much." She just continues to move the cart as if nothing had transpired. Aidan "No, it's not. That's why I'm pissed." Nik offered. "You're in our way? Blam" Checking the guards vital, he was stable. Pulling out a hypo. He gave them both a sedative, then copied the radio's frequency on his own com unit so they would be able to monitor and intercept. comicfan86 "May want to move the bodies, incase their relief comes early," Dezy spoke up and grabbed the guard Nik knocked out. Aidan Nik propped up one of the guards in the nearby chair and sat the other one down near the wall phone, so they looked like they were sleeping. atsumari The cart continues to move and arrives at the gate where the underground is. The guard glanced over Lumi and sighed but let the cart go through. She takes the cart through the underground and to Zed's "lab." Aidan Nik and Carmella follow closely behind. As they arrive. Aidan starts giving out the supplies and had a few of the local inhabitants help out so they aren't over-run. comicfan86 Dezy followed the cart, and once they arrived at the camp, she started handing out rations to any that wanted one. Aidan Nik updated Aidan on what had transpired, then picked up the parts. "So where is the machine?" atsumari 30-Nov-20 04:39 AM Zed directs him to the damaged AI holographic system and terminal. <END SIM>
  7. atsumari 29-Nov-20 03:56 AM <START SIM> As Aidan posed his response the man sighed. "So then what do you want?" He still didn't seem that trusting of the group but he seemed just as willing to get this over with as the rest of them. aqace100 Scott heads out of his bunker with Ceci and takes a walk to explore the planet. atsumari As Scott and the little girl go down the lift Maki just continues operating it; she has become like the door girl. "I'm beginning to understand how the guards at headquarters felt... up and down... up and down... up... and... down." Aidan "I suspect that our wants and needs align more than you suspect. What I want is to be clear of this planet. In order to do that, I need to understand. I need to understand the politics and the reasons behind them. I also need to understand the technology behind it to help the 100's of billions of people that aren't protected while my crew and I are held hostage." Aidan said. comicfan86 Dezy stays with the group as Aiden and the man talk. Keeping Aiden in her sights just in case something happened and the chat went south. atsumari "So you feel the same way the Union does; people should be able to freely come and go as they please unlike the decree from the governing board? As I said before I want something that can show you are trustworthy. You are free to travel down here and even chat with the union but my end and I will still be keeping an eye on you; until someone is a friend one must always keep them in eyesight..." The man looks to another of the ragtag group with him and continues. "Edris show them to the union's section of the underground." One of the soldiers nods and signals for the group to follow. Meanwhile the elevator arrives on the surface. As Scott and Ceci travel they notice how technological and dead this place looked; it was almost more metal, concrete and depresso than the Lavie's innards were. Aidan Aidan replied. "That's fair. For what it's worth. I have no desire to harm your people. I was brought here with the understanding we were fighting a resistance. I have seen no evidence of it yet." comicfan86 "As long as they don't try any funny business with our crew," Dezy spoke, just to make clear she wasn't going to take kindly to the crew being harmed...even if it was a misunderstanding, "We'll get along nicely." atsumari "Resistance is a word governments use to quell any opposition. Best keep that in mind while down here." The soldier escorting the group said as Haru and Lima followed. Lima had fulfilled her end; getting them here but wanted to see where things went so she would stick around. As the younger man than his boss escorted them through what seemed to be a warehouse converted into an emergency shelter they noticed entire families down here. Broken equipment and generally unkept madness. This place was in disrepair and most of its occupants looked in some form of homelessness or joblessness. Soon they would arrive at a closed and locked secured electronic door. The guard would place his palm on a panel next to it that was dirty. The panel didnt read; the man sighed and cleaned off the panel then tried again. The door opened. Upon entry there was another version of Ekkes down here; the planets AI guardian. Her holographic form kept fizzling in and out of existence. A technician was standing in front of a console and banged his metal arm on it. "Work you piece of shit!" Aidan Aidan took scans discreetly. atsumari Lima walked over from the group and knelt down unscrewing some thump screws and pulling a metal case off of the bottom of the panel. "It is that the emitter is broken. One of you an engineer?" Lima asked the group as she started fumbling around with parts after turning the machine off. The hologram disappeared. "Fried..." Lima said as she pulled out a card with burn marks on it. aqace100 Scott turns to Ceci and says, "Looks like we aren't in kansas anymore dorothy." Aidan "If you'd like, I can have an Engineering team sent down to you." Aidan offered. Aidan held out his hand for the burnt card. comicfan86 "I have some engineering training, let me take a look," Dezy spoke moving to where Lima was kneeling, and observed the emitter. atsumari The technician turns around to them. one of his eyes is a cybernetic eye but much less technologically advanced than Haru's. "Damn its like were in the 1960s but with robots..." She said jokingly. atsumari The technician nodded and took Dezy over to another panel in the wall opening it up. "Emitter controls." he shrugged. "Names Zed.... I'm the systems manager down here or well; what is left of down here. Ekkes 1.00; files we were covered from before the board turned her into their puppet. Granted, with no network access she can't exactly maintain anything and this system is as broken as it can get... maintenance man turned technician you probably know more than I do." The guy chuckles. "So what is a well dressed lot like you doing down in the underground?" "They say they are here to help." Edris replied and Zed nodded. "Well; this hellhole could use it... I'm surprised this piece of junk hasn't exploded yet..." Dezy was able to make sense of the holoemitter. It was much simpler than one would be found on the Lavie or on any federation ship for that matter. Parts needed replacing. Aidan "Make me a list." Aidan said to Dezy. "Throw in a pallet of rations and blankets." atsumari Lima noticed a desk to her left and went into it. Opening a drawer she found some parts. One of them was what she was looking for but the rest seemed to be unusable in one way or another. She replaced the burnt one Aidan had with the working one that she now had. Lima then turned on the terminal. It powers on properly, granted with no hologram. "System initializing." A voice said from the terminal. "Where are you lot from?" Zed asked the room. comicfan86 "Nice to meet you Zed," Dezy spoke, and listened to everything as she examined the panel. "Parts badly need replacement," Dezy continued, and got her VX to make the list, "Aye sir, they're holographics is less sophisticated than Lavie's, but I believe we have the parts they need." She also made sure the pallet of rations and blankets were on the list. Once her list was finished she sent it to Aiden. atsumari "We could probably upgrade this whole sad place..." Haru said chuckling. Aidan "Thornton to the Lavie. "Priority one mission. Sending the following the to the Bridge. I want the parts and supplied beamed over ASAP." comicfan86 "Born and raised on a Federation colony," Dezy answered Zed, taking an additional look at the panel, "The beautiful world of New Earth." Aidan "Also sending scans to the science department. Also priority one." Aidan added. atsumari "Federation; I'm not familiar with that organization." Zed said. "We are a galactic alliance of worlds that span sectors of space; in particular this group we are with is called Trinity and its job is to handle complex problems and respond when normal soldiers or exploration personnel cannot." Haru explained. "Well we could use some of that old fashioned galactic "diplomacy" out here... At least on this planet cause those creatures don't listen to diplomats; they eat them. Since your not from around here, I take you came for refuge like the rest of us and were more or less taken captive and forbidden from leaving?" "Wait... they haven't locked up your ship? How did you manage that one?" Zed asked Aidan, noticing his use of coms. Aidan "I took the party sent to take us out and put them in my brig. My people have a unique hatred of captivity. We historically have responded violently." Aidan said honestly. atsumari "And the board didn't threaten to destroy you for it?" Zed asked. Aidan "They haven't sent me that ultimatum yet....and...that would not be a smart thing to say." Aidan offered. comicfan86 "We don't react well to threats either," Dezy added. Aidan "Let's talk more about what I CAN do. You seem to have an understanding of the tech. At least better than we do at the moment. Tell me about this caretaker." atsumari "Ekkes is just your standard AI program; she was created by the royal family to oversee mundane planetary operations... That was until everyone in the Royal family died except the fourth Princess and youngest of the family Chi; before my ship arrived on this planet they didn't have the shield and were barely hanging on; in short those creatures started to infest everything they could and eat. That was when the Advocate forces from all the world joined together with the corporations and created a unified force as working alone didn't really do anything; most nations were on the grip of being annihilated. We arrived and provided tactical support; most of my crewmates including our Captain was killed defending this place. With the help of her fellow students Princess Chi developed the crescent system and other nations on the world joined in to create a planet-wide shield network. Once that network was done the corporations started to demand more governmental control; their rational was that they put in so much work into the shield and getting other nations to listen they deserved some payment for their services. Chi being too young didn't really have the faith of what was left of the government even though the citizens loved her." atsumari "So the corporations convinced the government to outsource running the planet. They took over all things except defense and demanded that the caretaking AI be put in control of governance. Little did the minsters know the reason for that was so they could take full control." Aidan "Where have I heard that story before." Aidan said sarcastically. atsumari "Now the government has been replaced with corporate overseers. The union demanded citizens be allowed to leave; well super corporate land would have none of that. they needed workers." Zed smiled. Aidan "Lavie to General Thornton, we have the pallets of supplies you requested. We took the liberty of adding a few medical kits. Are you ready to receive?" comicfan86 Dezy snapped her fingers. "Medkits, I completely forgot about medkits," She spoke. Aidan Aidan flipped up the com. "Send the boxes of parts and two replicators. Under Marine guard. We'll have someone pick them up." ♤Oscar♤ Oscar sighs. "I'm so tired of every government always giving bullshit to the people.. Frankly, I'd like to smash their faces in." He says as he cracks his knuckles with an irritated look on his face. comicfan86 "May I suggest we use a transport vehicle," Dezy suggested to Aiden. Aidan Aidan turned to Zed. "Are the AI's linked? " atsumari "No. Ekkes cannot interact with her other self for good reason; we don't want reprogramming; this system isnt connected to the network." Zed explained. Aidan Turning to Dezy, "I don't want it easy for the opposition to find them. No vehicles." Aidan offered, "Well, I can see why, perhaps though, that's the chink in the armor we need. If we can 'reset' the AI without disrupting the shield....." atsumari Zed smirked again. "Hold up; the resistance is down here... effectively we are it... well what is left of it... The governing board has painted us as traitors; I'm sure you understand why; its all a control thing." Zed shrugged. Aidan "I would think the communications would be two way. It would need to be able to upload to the system as well as receive updates." Aidan said. atsumari Haru commented. "Wouldn't Lumiere be useful at this point or Dr. Bloom?" comicfan86 "Request permission to escort the supplies," Dezy offered figuring someone who knew where the resistance was based should be with the guard. Aidan "Take Oscar with you." Aidan pulled out the com. "Thornton to Lavie. I'd like Lumi and Nik to carry the supplies in plain clothing. Bring Carmella, but make her a disguise." comicfan86 "Come along Oscar," Dezy spoke, and looked back to Zed, "Pleasure to meet you." She then made her way out to meet with the Lavie. Aidan Turning back to Zed. "Perhaps we can make your AI the new standard and reset the rest. That's the plan anyway." ♤Oscar♤ "Alright." Oscar followed behind Dezy, stretching along the way. comicfan86 "So what are your thoughts on our situation?" Dezy asked Oscar as they left the resistance base. atsumari 29-Nov-20 05:37 AM <END SIM>
  8. atsumari 23-Nov-20 01:43 AM <START SIM> The Advocate at the door at opened the gate and signaled for the others to come in. After he was done screening the group he signaled for them to join Haru and Lima. Aidan Aidan waited for the group. He had his tricorder at the ready, triggered by his VX if needed. He took a momentary scan. atsumari It seemed the scans were merely for this planets weapons and to verify their identities. Since that was done it seemed the guard had no cares in the world involving them. As the others joined Haru and Lima the guard closed the side door. Lima then nodded and said. "Alright so we will be going then." Aidan Nik by now has finished all the software updates he could without more data from the away team. "Dawn, do you have the extra sustainer motors?" M82A1 "Almost, the 2nd missile should be beamed to you shortly," Dawn says as she tags another missile before heading back to the lab. ♤Oscar♤ "Alright, let's get to it." Oscar says this as he stretches his arms out a bit to test the flexibility of the uniform and to see how well it actually fit him, then following the others. Rockyeahh William follows the others through security. Tory Trace Tory is walking through the ship with the ship status displayed on his VX, inspecting some of the repair work completed inside the ship. IF anything, the ship very much ready to fly as far as he can tell. He then encountered Dawn on the way to the lab. "You're looking a bit rushed. What are you working on?" he said to Dawn. Aidan As the missiles came over, Nik wasted no time stripping out the sustainer boosters from the spare missiles. When Dawn came back he could concentrate on the mouting to the comm-probe. M82A1 "A little project." Dawn answers as she heads back to the lab. "We could use another pair of hands." atsumari Lima led the group on further through the institute and down a set of stairs. There was another checkpoint this time with an armored guard. It was just as easy to get through this one. Once they were through the armed guard Lima led the group past a lab and said "This room is where I told security I was taking you; its my instructors office. What we are going to however is further down and in the sub-basement." She then led the group past the room which was quite full of energy. it seemed to be a power source of some kind within that lab. As the group moved further they arrived at a sealed locked door. Lima opened it and they took some old stairs down to the sub-basement level. There was a maintenance room here and a break room but past there seemed unmaintained. There was a broken light down here. It was flickering wildly. Lima took them past it and knocked on a metal door with a slit. She knocked and the slit opened. "Order" The man behind the slit said. "Marcolbian pizza." "I see your total comes to 500" "charge it to my account kind sir." The man nods opening the door. Inside was food stores. It seemed like this was a cafe kitchen of sorts. Lima led the group on past this over to what looked like a freezer. She opened it. The inside appeared to be a freezer but then she moved some boxes out of the way to reveal another door. Upon knocking at it within the coldness there was no response initially. She went to open the door and nothing but did so loudly then knocked again. Suddenly the door opened. It seemed this area was defended by layers fo codes and secret entryways. Tory Trace Tory nodded. "I have some time. Ship's pretty much fixed up. What can I do to help?" he said to Dawn as he followed u behind her to enter the lab with her. Aidan Aidan was taking scans at 30 second intervals. Anything to make sense of the tech and it's people. Nik pointed to the second missile. "Take the sustainer motor out of it, Dawn please finish this one." Nik pointed to the one he was working on. "I am going to make a bracket for extra propulsion." To answer the unsaid question, Nik offered. This is a communications probe. Going to try and make it past the shield to contact the fleet." M82A1 "As you say," Dawn says, doing as instructed. Rockyeahh William continues to follow. "Hmm, now I want pizza" he speaks allowed his thought. "So do you guys take this route often? It seems a bit elaborate. I'd need to keep notes or something?" He asks away like a curious child. Aidan Aidan's stomach growled a bit at the mention of the pizza. Tory Trace Tory went to the missile Nik pointed to and took the panels off. "Is there a plan to avoid detection? I don't think these inhabitants will want these missiles to leave intact, even if they believe the shield could block this," he said to Nik and Dawn. Aidan "Hadn't thought of that. Good catch. Perhaps a few decoys to go with it." Nik said. "I'm hoping that the away team can find out close to whatever passes for the shield frequency to make it to our people. Unless you want to take up residence here." atsumari "If you were a government intelligence officer would you record all of this information without knowing what was on the other side?" Lima said then added. "The key is to not be found." She led the group down a path and arrived at a pile of boulders. She picked a specific one that looked as it it was part of a collapsed room. A hidden door opened. There were guards here but they looked more ragtag than anything. One of them said. "What brings one of the candidates down here?" "These people" She points to the group. M82A1 "If anything we can pass it off as a weapons malfunction or a short circuit." Dawn adds. atsumari One of the guards looks over the group and then to Aidan seeing something in his eyes. "You; explain why your group is here? What can we do for you?" Aidan Aidan with the air of confidence offered, "Are you saying you have something to hide? Can't withstand a simple inspection tour from RUD? What's your name soldier?" Tory Trace Tory thought for a bit as he pulled the sustainer motor out once he unbolted the motor and removed the connectors to it. "How many training missiles do we have on hand?" he asked which would double as a suggestion of what they can use as a decoy. A volley of them covering around the probe missiles would protect it but would also draw more attention to what they're doing, assuming they don't know yet. atsumari The man smiled and laughed. "If you lot are RUD then I am Princess Chi's husband." The man then pokes Lima on the forehead "besides she knows well enough that bringing RUD down here would sign her own death warrant; they wouldn't just have the advocates kill us; she and her family would be part of their mass killing too..." "So you are part of the resistance then?" Haru asked; the guy shrugged. "Not so much a resistance down here as folks hiding from being advocate play toys. if you're looking to get in touch with the union though; we could arrange that. Provided you're trustworthy." "Apparently you failed intelligence 101; giving your whole hand away in one conversation is foolish" Haru said. Aidan Aidan's demeanor changed. "Hardball it is. I have enough firepower in my back-pocket to make this building a smoking hole in the ground. I don't give a shit who's side is whose. Resistance my ass. You don't want to help your people by helping us? Fine. Standing in my way right though, is a REALLY bad idea." "I like idea of the malfunction actually. Since they caused massive damage to us with the power surge and later dampening field caused launch." Nik said with a smile and feigned honesty. ♤Oscar♤ Oscar slowly facepalms and slightly grins. "Heh, of course it came to this again. Way to go fellas." Aidan Nik added. "We can also send out a few drones to test the waters as it were." Rockyeahh William holds back a laugh at the look on the resistance fighters face. He then straightens up and puts on a serious face. M82A1 “Should I call in an alarm before things short circuit?” Dawn asks. Aidan Nik smiled at Dawn's suggestion. "I like you." atsumari The man shrugged. "I think you misunderstand... If you lot were RUD you would have leveled this building already knowing we wee here. You guys wanna talk to the pilot's union or not... doesn't matter to me either way... Killing a bunch of women, children, disabled and poor colonists would totally lower your rating in the afterlife though... So how to you suppose we trust each other then since you're already throwing out threats of murdering kids you guys are probably just as bad as RUD..." Aidan "Then why the fuck are you giving us a hard time?" Aidan asked. His face getting redder by the minute. Rockyeahh "Afterlife?" William scratches his head, confused. Tory Trace Tory would go along with their plan. "We can make it look like the real thing. Simulate the short circuit to the firing control with our own controlled short. They probably already know we have some lightning damage that was inflicted so it won't look too suspicious. We probably will have to fire off three additional missiles to make it look good," Tory said after setting aside the motor and pulling up the circuit diagrams to locate the firing control card that would be used for the missile launchers they will be loading the probe missiles to. atsumari "We are not screwing with anyone; my question was how the hell are we supposed to trust you... yeah you convinced some teenager your trustworthy.... I've got more bodies to protect than just her you see... So you are not RUD... good for you but there are lots of other companies in this world and lots of other deadly things that aren't RUD... like the hunters..." The man said. Rockyeahh "Hunters?" William shivers. Aidan "We honestly need help. It's not going end well for anyone if my ship and crew are held hostage by the government. Trust us or don't. I'm through playing games." Aidan offered. ♤Oscar♤ "Well, I'm down for kicking some ass if they dare to even try lay a finger on those kids." Oscar says as he cracks his knuckles and stretches his arms around for a bit. "As long as Aidan gives me permission to do so, that is." Aidan "I can't help your people if the government lies to us, your people with the exception of Lima here don't seem to care and everyone mistrusts everyone else." He gave his VX a command and Brutus appeared. "Is that RUD standard issue?" Aidan offered. atsumari 23-Nov-20 03:14 AM <END SIM>
  9. atsumari 15-Nov-20 10:15 PM The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 5 4566 Late Night Narrated by Haruka Sumimori While the away team and I were working to gather information on the mission that the planet's AI was sending us on planetary guards from this world; Rema, showed up at the Lavie while its power was being drained by a mysterious phenomena. The crew comes to find out that this was being done to keep the Lavie from leaving. After getting communications back between the ship and the away team I offered to try to get us answers by distracting the guard stopping us from confronting the planet's governor and queen; Chi. We come to figure out that she is largely unaware of the happenings aside from what she is told by her caretaker. Now we must confront the world's governing board who seems to really be in charge and figure out what the truth behind the resistance they want us to defeat for them truly is involved in; our first stop in this investigation; Rema's Technological Institute. atsumari Okaies well since everyone has said nothing or no questions I am going to start us <START SIM> Haru with her group arrived outside of the institute with the young teenage schoolgirl who offered to bring them here. She shuffled the group to the side where another student; at least from what was thought to be a student was. The boy smiled "lIma what brings you here with these types?" He asked as the girl then explained. "They helped my family and I avoid detention from the Advocates. They want to meet with you know who..." "Hum... best bet to avoid institute security would be to act like students... and you're in luck... you fine rich folk probably got a lot of Latium... so lets make an exchange; I'll get you some credentials and uniforms and you pay..." Aidan Aidan offered. "How much latinum?" Rockyeahh William cries internally. On the outside he is forcing a serious face despite being brought on another mission. atsumari "Lets see; we gots... you.... you'll be easy enough to blend in... the girl will be easy enough... but you; why you wearin some uniform?" The boy asked William. Rockyeahh William looks at his clothes. "Well it's my uniform. I like it..." atsumari "... is he new or something?" The boy asked. Rockyeahh "Well yes." William grins like a fool. atsumari The boy then looks over Oscar and Ryuji. "Did you die in a battle or something mate... how you gunna blend in with school and academic types?" ♤Oscar♤ "My face should be fine, so I'm sure I'll blend in well enough. So long they don't take my clothes off that is." Oscar says as he runs his hands across his face and checks his winter coat for stains. (edited) Aidan Aidan hands Oscar a knife. Lose the patches. Pants and tee shirt and he'll look like fine." atsumari The boy nods "10 lat bars" he said to Aidan. Aidan "Wow. That's....a bit steep. I would have to make arrangements for that much. Didn't bring my wheelbarrow of gold." Aidan offered. Rockyeahh William takes off his jacket and shirt and drops it down with a heavy thunk. "I er, have a lot of tools in there..." He now just has a vest on. (edited) atsumari "Or we could pay you in some other way?" Haru posed. The boy laughed. "Question first you don't work for RUD do ya?" "is that some kind of government thing or something; we aren't from around here." Haru asked. The boy shrugs. Haru then adds "if we did work for such a thing wouldn't we automatically say no... so that line of questioning is pointless." The boy smirks. "Now that is something only an academic would say." He walks away going inside the building through a side door and comes back out with uniforms for the group. They were all good sizes; this guy had a knack for picking out sizes on people with limited information. "pay me later. you lot got chips?" "Chips?" "You know implants; security would shit themselves with uncredentialled types running about." Rockyeahh "This child is quite in the know huh?" William scratches his head. atsumari "you aren't very sharp are you." he said to William. Aidan "We would prefer security to not know about us. Could we scan one of the chips?"Aidan asked. ♤Oscar♤ Oscar took the knife from Aidan and smiled slightly. "Thanks, I appreciate that." atsumari "Scan... you repeat that?" "They want to make a copy of it." The girl who was apparently named Lima said to him. "Oh... You gotta mark each one for an individual person or the guard's know; you cant just copy em." "Just get one..." She said condescendingly. "Right..." He walks back into the room and comes back out with a small container. "Its fresh; just gotta change the identifier number for each of ya." He hands it to Lima. She takes out the chip and a small tubule comes out of her hand and seems to examine the chip. "You guys took this from a dead guy didn't you; they deactivate chips of the dead... nevermind; I can make it work... Go away; I got it form here." "But my money." "No; you were useless." She said coldly. he said something in their language that equates to Senpai even though the girl looked younger than him; she was his senior apparently in school. "Go away... the adults are busy." She said. the kid looks defeated and heads back off to his door disappearing into it. Rockyeahh William watches the kid leave. "That seemed a little tragic." Aidan "Harsh." Aidan said to Haru. "i like that." Taking out a tricorder offered it to Haru. ♤Oscar♤ Oscar chuckles lightly. "This girl has potential, I like it too." Aidan "Tech is not that impressive." Aidan offered. atsumari Lima reactivated the chip and handed it to Haru as Aidan gave her the tricorder. Haru copied the chip after scanning it. "So what do you do at this school?" Haru asked Lima "I'm studying to become one of the technicians who maintains the planetary defense shield." Aidan "Knowledge is power." Aidan said. Turning to Lima, he offered. "We need your help. You have what could be called a unique perspective on the situation. We are trying to help your people and ourselves at the same time. Interested?" atsumari "You know; what the uneducated call CRESCENT." Lima further explained. "And I agreed to get you into the school didn't I..." Aidan Aidan smiled. "We appreciate that. Believe it or not, we are not the bad guys. Which while I understand that is something bad guys would say, but I am going to offer you something. Call it a gesture of goodwill." Rockyeahh William watches the conversation. He thinks to himself, "I lost track of what they were talking about. I better try and look like I known what's happening." He starts to nod and smile over and over again like a wind up toy. atsumari She tilted her head at him questioningly. Haru messages William through VX. "It is called negotiation; and she maintains the planet's super shield; you know what blocked us from scanning the planet and what is keeping the creatures out." Aidan Aidan sends a few commands to the ship and a minute later a small box of items appear. "This is something for your people to get to know mine.' He picked up the fist sized box. He turned it on, a small hologram started playing a video. "It contains some of our music, history, and literature. Here are 4 of them. You keep one and pass the others along to people that you think should have them." Rockyeahh William panics. "She knows what I'm thinking!" atsumari "I see. Isn't this something that would be more useful to our historians or diplomats... but okay..." Lima said taking the small objects and placing them inside her pockets. "Anyway we should be going inside as security closes the access to the entrance at 100ɔ." She finishes taking the group out of the alleyway and over to the front entrance after Haru sends each of the team a file through VX containing credentials with randomized ID numbers. atsumari The group gets closer to the entrance. This building was large. Aidan Aidan send Haru a VX. "Think there is a central database we can hack into for the ID chips?" atsumari The group arrives at the front entrance of the building and the door automatically opens. There was a sort of object which people would walk through, scans indicated it was similar to a metal detector. Advocates were at the device. Lima came forward. As she arrived at the gate the guard nodded "You are here late candidate Aionios." "Yep; inspectors from RUD asked for my assistance." The guard nods. "I see. the Crescent maintenance program has not received auditors recently... I assume Instructor Peskct sent you as he didn't want to come so late." She nodded. The guard looks at a screen next to his station and nods. "Well the lab is unlocked." The guard then looks to the group Haru approaches and walks through the scanner. The guard nods. "Welcome Inspector." "They are private contractors with me." The man nods and opens a side door past the detector. "The system won't allow non-staff or students in... please come through here and submit yourself for identify verification" The guard said to Aidan, Oscar, William and Ryuji. Aidan Aidan submitted himself for ID check, also getting ready mentally for the unknown. atsumari The advocate scanned him with the wand; a blue light shined from it going over him as the guard moved it. "You are clear sir. Please step inside. next." Aidan Stepping inside he waited for the rest of the group. atsumari 15-Nov-20 11:41 PM <PAUSE>
  10. atsumari 02-Nov-20 01:37 AM <START SIM> The group had arrived back at the ship and Erin without much with words spoken headed off; there was a need to figure out what was truly going on; even with the information they had pieces were lacking. The government had asked them to fight for them against a force they still had little information about. The bit they knew was that this so called resistance wanted to leave the planet but was their intention to actually kill Miss Chi and how powerful were they... If the enemy was powerful enough that they wanted the crew of the Lavie to fight them.... What truly was happening here and why would the governing board keep this information from Chi; especially if her own caretaker was the only connection to the governing board. Things did not add up. Haru stood outside looking at the elevator system in thought. She felt like just hiding while safe was not a good way tot go about this. There was only so much information they could gather from the ship. There was also only so much they could do from it as well; to wait for the governing boards meeting without even trying anything else. She milled about in her mind about what next action should be taken and if she herself should just go back down to try to find out more information. Aidan Aidan had given Carmella the sensor data he collected discreetly. I wasn't all he wanted but hoped it would help the Science and Engineering departments to figure out what the shield was. He noticed Haru milling about. Walking up, he slipped his communicator into her pocket. "Just in case." comicfan86 Dezy sat at security monitoring sensor information that had been gathered on the ships present location. She had been on leave for a while, and wanted to catch up on everything she missed before now. Tory Trace Tory entered engineering and took a tablet that contained the current tasks completed. "I want a double check of all the repaired systems. Continue with the repairs but once the Gem drive and engines are repaired, secure them from the electrical pathways and restrict access to them. I don't want any outside tampering and draining until we make our exit of this planet," Tory said as he issued orders to the engineering crew. "Shields and communications need to be ready for use at all times," he continued. atsumari Haru after standing in thought for awhile headed over to the elevator system which Maki was still at with marines guarding it. "We should go down." Haru said to Maki whom shrugged. "I can indeed do that but going alone likely isn't the best idea." Haru nodded. "That much I realize but staying here and just waiting for things to happen is equally unwise." Maki nodded and operated the lift. It began to go down. atsumari The marines reported to security that the lift was leaving as was procedure. comicfan86 "Aknowledged," Dezy replied from her station. Contemplating whether she should meet with them. atsumari The lift continued its descent making its way down to the surface. Aidan Aidan hoped that the increased security around the lift in full armor as well as other precautions he'd made would make the council realize that he wasn't going to go gently into that good night. comicfan86 "Screw it," Dezy mumbled to herself, "Security to Maki and the Marines, I'm on my way to meet up with you." She then left the bridge, letting someone else take her spot, while she made her way to the armory to get a few things. M82A1 Dawn heads out from the mech lab to tag another missile for the little probe project before returning to the lab. atsumari By the point that Dezy arrived at the lift it was back at the top. Maki had taken Haru down. Maki said to Dezy "You'll have to run to catch up with her but you can still make it..." As Haru arrived down on the city floor she looked around pulling up a map of her previous travels made by her VX as it used its own mapping system to keep track of her movements. She headed down the street past the path that led to the mansion. She made her way throughout a few city blocks. Soon she came up upon a couple of the uniformed Advocates whom were harassing a couple of what seemed to be homeless people. "You know your kind isn't welcome in the upper district." One of the Advocates said to a man huddled up in a blanket from the rain. From what Haru could understand this seemed to be a family. The man, a woman whom was trying to cook on a fire under a buildings awning. There was a little girl with them as well in a school uniform. She was the only of the three that seemed put together at all. "You shut down my fathers work because it sympathizes with the resistance and how you want to uproot us further... I have to stay here unless you want to explain to the technical institute why I cannot attend." The Advocate glared at the girl. "What gives you the right to question the governing board; you only live because your colony ship came here to seek refuge girl." One of the Advocates goes for a stun weapon to subdue any further resistance from these three in an attempt to make them docile and compliant. Haru clears her throat. One of the Advocates looks back at her. "Last time I checked picking on random civilians was something thugs did... not planetary guards." The Advocate tilted his head. "This doesn't concern you." "You think it doesn't concern me but it does... you see I work with the Administrator." The Advocate laughs. "We control these streets." Haru shook her head no. "We'll teach you some respect then too..." One of the advocates goes to stun her only to get stunned himself. She wasn't wielding anything; that they could see. comicfan86 "Good, I'll let you know if things get bad," Dezy spoke, as she stepped into the lift, and made her way down. She ran as fast as she could to catch up to Haru. atsumari The elevator took her down taking about to the time Haru would find the people to get Dezy down to the surface. One of the marines pointed in the direction Haru went. Aidan With the data he collected, Aidan had found himself without direction. Erin has analyzing things from a societal view and Nik from a scientific one. atsumari Meanwhile as one of the Advocates was stunned the other two that were with him turn their attention to haru. The leader of the three said something in another language that could not be translated. "I really would stop if I were you two." Haru warned. The guard ignored her warning going for his weapon and firing it at Haru. Aidan Walking to manufacturing, Aidan created a new level one power suit, a communicator, tried to mimic some of the clothing he'd seen on the streets. comicfan86 Dezy nodded a thanks to the Marine and ran in the direction. "This is why we should have calisthenics with the gravity increased," Dezy spoke to herself as she ran the distance, she caught sight of Haru and some Advocates, seeing shots fired, she picked up the pace, and got her rifle. "Fire another shot and you'll regret it!" She shouted as she got closer to Haru and aimed her rifle. atsumari The bullet went towards Haru and hit a shield of sorts falling to the ground. The guard rolled his eyes. "I said for you to stop; last warning." As another person came into the area and spoke the Advocates sighed. "Really; so you want to start something ey..." "No; but if that is what you want..." Haru replied to them. "Fools; you'll understand the pecking order here soon enough." The other Advocate picked up the stunned guy and the three left. comicfan86 "Everything alright?" Dezy asked as soon as the Advocates had left. She shouldered her rifle, and relaxed a little now that there wasn't going to be a shoot out anymore. Aidan Carmella started to backfill the data she's taken from Aidan. Information from the scans Aidan had taken while near the young woman, or at last what appeared to be one. Downloading the information in the console he was working on, his fingers flew over the buttons and soft tactile surfaces. He needed to make send of what was going on to give his crew and Captain options. atsumari Haru shrugged. "I mean nobody is being beaten anymore... So what was that about anyway?" Haru asked. The girl crossed her arms looking from Haru to Dezy. "If you truly worked for the Administrator you should have helped them and you should know what is going on here... We are just workers to your kind after all." "I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding here... We are here to offer assistance. We offered aide to Miss Chi." "Impossible; the board will not let Governor Rema out of her estate... Much less be of an actual use; ever since the ship captains asked to leave anyone associated with our sector is seen as sided with the resistance." The girls father then added. "They even shut down the parts factories that were not essential. Basically you work to keep the colony running or they don't let you work." "This resistance you speak of?" "It is just the Captains union; they want to be allowed to take people who want to leave off this planet. the board will not allow it and has labeled the Union as terrorists." The father explained. comicfan86 "Why wont they let you leave if you clearly don't want to be here?" Dezy asked the father a little confused about all of this. If the resistance doesn't want to be here, then the government could get rid of them by letting them go. aqace100 Scott is sitting in the bunker working on a way to get a message off the planet. Tory Trace With the vast amount of work needed to repair the ship from the damage, Tory needed to head to storage to take a quick check if there are enough parts and supplies on hand and if they need to send in a resupply request, provided they survive this encounter in the first place. He would leave engineering with a list to head to the storage area. atsumari "Our daughter was learning to be a technician for the Crescent system. The Technical Institute only recruits the top students into the program. Governor Rema went there before she developed the system." The mother explained as she cooked. "I'm still learning to do that mom" "After the fight with the Advocates... they will expel you." "The Headmaster does not agree with the head of the Advocates and his actions as of late he won't expel me." The girl and her mother continue to speak of the government and how likely due to things with the governing board it seems the academy that trains technicians and other computer workers is at odds with the board even though it is itself part of the government. The father meanwhile answers Dezy "Workers; they want to amass an army, have unlimited workers and force the colony into subservience. Basically; this is the only safe place so they want to make it a monopoly. Workers at my factory disagreed with the board and tried to say something; we were shut down and the leaders jailed. They also have been making up lies about how the Captain's Union wants to kill Governor Rema. She is our Princess... why would anyone want ot kill her?" Aidan Aidan had retrieved another communicator and headed down to backup Haru. He didn't like her alone, and he was a fifth wheel on the ship right now. Slipping into something approximated civilian clothing, he triangulated where her communicator was and headed in that direction. comicfan86 "Makes sense, you can't kill the message, so demonize the messenger, and lock up everyone that's heard it and sympathetic." Dezy spoke, looking at Haru for a moment, "Looks like we'll be put in that category soon." atsumari Maki took Aidan down to the surface. atsumari "Can you take us to this resistance?" Haru asked the man. He nodded. "They are using the basement of the Institute. If the government knew you can bet they would have removed the headmaster and replaced him with a puppet." Aidan Aidan unhindered by companions made up ground fast. comicfan86 "Assuming they don't already have an informant there," Dezy replied, thinking on what was just said. It's what she'd do if she was in the position of the board. atsumari "Well... Could you show us this Institute?" Haru asked and the girl after the argument with her mother ended nodded. "Yeah; I can take you there." By this time Aidan would be near Haru and Dezy. Aidan Aidan slowed his pace as he neared the other communicator. He pulled back his hoodie as he came within speaking range. comicfan86 Well hearing an approaching noise Dezy turned and grabbed her rifle only to stop when she recognized Aiden. "What brings you here sir?" She asked. Aidan "Why stay on the ship when I can have so much more fun causing trouble here?" He said with a grin. comicfan86 "My thoughts exactly," Dezy grinned, slinging her rifle again, "Anyone else coming?" Aidan "No, just me and Brutus. Between you, me and Haru, we should be fine. Besides, who wants to live forever?" Aidan offered. atsumari "I'm too young to die; it would ruin my reputation." Haru joked. atsumari 02-Nov-20 03:28 AM <END SIM>
  11. atsumari 26-Oct-20 12:32 AM <START SIM> Ekkes had informed the away team that the Governing Board would see them the next day. Chi had returned to her work on the shield even while the team remained in her office. It was obvious to her they were not a threat to her; it was as she pointed to Ekkes; if they had any intention of killing her they would have already done so. Haru looked to Aidan with a shrug. "So; what now... since it looks like we will be waiting here... did the stuff do any damage to the ship?" She asked. Leigh In sickbay, seeing what was affected by the power drain. Aidan Aidan responded, "Minimal as far as I understand. I'd tell you more the I am guessing the walls have ears. Let's go back to the ship. I don't want to wait around for 24 hours." atsumari Natsumi had finished with checking over the surgical bay and came out of the room. "Doctor; all is well with the intensive care rooms, isolation and the surgical bay." Natsumi was glad to have another medical officer more senior to her on board again. She after all was so new that being a chief was a tall order; Aidan, Sumire and Erin may have had faith in her but she was only just recently appointed as an attending. Sure the medical staff of the Lavie was small but her in charge.... Such things were intimidating. ♤Oscar♤ Oscar, who was leaning against the wall comments a bit on the discussion; "I also have my worries considering the ship's condition and this whole situation.. It seems way too convenient of a timing for them that they could just start draining our ship's power some time after landing." He says as he clenches his fist tightly. atsumari "The probably have that function set up in that docking bay thing of theirs... I am only guessing but like..." Haru said and then nodded about returning to the ship. They needed to go get the Captain though. Aidan "No argument there Oscar. I want you all to head back to the ship. I'm going to look around for a bit." Aidan Carmella's eyesight combined with her sensor suite scoured the city in the direction she was told the group was in. Wings spread out, she must have been quite a sight for the residents to see a flying dragon. Leigh Thank you doctor. How are our supplies? Are we low on anything? atsumari Natsumi shook her head no. "Everything is in order; thankfully since our last encounter with the space creatures there has only been normal use of sickbay at this point. We are overdue for something critical though; its only a matter of time with this ship." She said pessimistically. Leigh There'd be no need for us if that weren't the case. Aidan Once they were outside the gate, Aidan took Haru aside. "I fully intend to have a safeguard in place. I will not have my ship held hostage." Leigh How long have you served on this ship? atsumari "Only a few months... turnover or death is high here... but even then before me there was only three people in the department aside from someone the crew rescued. The surgeon; Dr. Petell, the chief of medical whom was reassigned Dr. Slane and the nurse whom is also the General's daughter. The department used to have a nurse practitioner before I was assigned here and a social work intern who acted as their secretary but they were sleeping together during work hours is my understanding.... Both were reassigned before I got here. I believe we have another nurse.... somewhere.... We have a paramedic team though.... Ai Roslin our emergency medical services coordinator oversees the medic team." Natsumi explained. Haru nodded. "Best laid plans.... heh... Always have a backup." By this time Erin caught up with the group. Tory Trace Tory had finished taking a survey of the local signals as they were returning to the ship but from the initial results there was too much interference to get a proper reading. THey were probably dampening their energy draining signals or probably even shielding the energy signatures to a good degree. Aidan Carmella swopped down landing outside the gate where the group entered to see the young woman. She waited for the group. atsumari The guard draws his weapon unsure of what Carmella is. Aidan Carmella says, "Please no shoot me, I am waiting for friends." Leigh Good to know. Thanks I'm going to get familiar with the crew records so I'll be in the office. You can take a break if you like. I'll call you back if things pick up. Aidan Ayasha walked into sickbay with a cart loaded with some extra med-kits. "Hi. I'm Ensign Ayasha Thorton. I figured a few spare med-kits wouldn't hurt. You're the new Doctor?" atsumari Natsumi nodded "Thank you." She saluted then dismissed herself. The guard glares at the flying .... object. he said something in an unknown language that could not be translated. Leigh "Thanks. Yes I'm Ashton Rachal," she said offering her hand. "I'll take these and add them to storage." "What dept are you from?" Aidan "Yours." Ayasha said with a teasing smile. "I'm the medic for one of the tactical teams. Before you ask, yes, my dad is the General." atsumari The away team would soon arrive at the gate as the guard is still in a defensive position. "Calm down guy; if she was going to kill you you would have already died. Same with most of the other artificial life forms on our crew; your a corpse if they want you to be... just lower the gun." Ari said to the guard. Aidan Carmella dropped the pack. "Gifts from Papa Misser Aidan." She still had trouble with T. Aidan thanked her, scratching a spot she liked in appreciation. Inside were 4 handheld communicators. Aidan opened one, "Lavie, this is Thornton, Situation report." atsumari "Go for living in the stone age." Haru said as Ari laughed. "No; you wanna see my cell phone hun... that is stone age" "RIP... I forgot you were a cavewoman." Haru retorted back. Leigh "Thanks but I wasn't going to ask." "How many medics are on the team?" atsumari The guard lowers his weapon as he sees communications equipment was what the creature was bringing; he was still confused about what it was. He just let the people go about their things. The group began to head back to the ship. Aidan Ayasha offers, "you are in the minority Doctor. Everyone else does. I am the only true medic but there is one other that has Gem healing items." Leigh Nods, "We'll make it work," she says smiling. Aidan "Lt Blom here Sir. Power has been restored. We are repairing a few minor items. The power drain so far is gone. Dawn and I are working on long range comms which so far do not get past the shield perimeter." Aidan said, "Understood. I want a squad of Marines in full power armor to guard the entrance to the elevator entrance until further notice. No non-Lavie personnel in without my authorization." atsumari "Oh pulling the general card are you... naughty..." Ari said to him whispering in his ear. Leigh Ashton sits at the desk in the modest office reviewing the crew medical records. "Looks like they've been through some rough missions." atsumari The group soon arrives at the elevator after going down the street. Aidan Leaning over, he whispered back, "Sorry, used to being in charge. It wasn't meant exclude you." Tory Trace Tory turned to Aidan as soon as they entered the elevator and out of prying ears of the local guards. "I'll continue with the ship repairs, and assist the communications as well. There is bound to be a gap in the shield generator frequencies that we can probe to send a communique out," he said to them. atsumari 26-Oct-20 01:46 AM <END SIM>
  12. atsumari 19-Oct-20 02:18 AM <START SIM> Haru headed back into the main corridor of the estate and for the door that the guard was protecting which contained Chi-Gina. The Advocate looked at Haru. "Say; think I could have a chat with the little miss?" "Not without the Administrator's permission." "You guys sure like talking in circles... Isn't Miss Chi your administrator?" "Administrator Ekkes." "And isn't this mansion's AI supposed to protect her; royalty and all... you know your head of state should be able to make her own decisions.... shouldn't she..." Haru winked at the man. He let out a sigh. "You fail to understand how this world works." "Then enlighten me..." The guard sighs. SlimJimTim Tim watches the conversation quietly. Aidan Aidan hated the feeling of helplessness. His ship and people could be turned off at a switch. Putting together a backpack, he had Brutus, a tactical anti-ship warhead, and enough firepower to make a nuisance if he had too. It was all preloaded ina pattern buffer in the backpack. Making his way to the elevator, he took the trip down. atsumari Upon arriving at the bottom he was now in the streets as before. Not too far off from the compound of sorts with its niceness which was in far contrast to the dead darkness of a world outside of the confines of Chi's "cage". M82A1 Dawn sighs, “I guess I’ll make sure that we can transmit offworld then.” Aidan NIk offered, "Lets apply some science to this. Even if we can't figure it out, we may found out how to do other things." Aidan While Aidan needed information, he couldn't interview people on the streets. What he could do was monitor any non-encrypted transmissions, read the local media, and soak up what he could. atsumari The Advocate glares at Haru. "The governing board approves who speaks-" "Oh.... so you muzzle your queen.... sounds like she isn't really in charge then.... Who should I really be talking to" "The governing board but only the Administrator can speak to them." "Your talking in circles again... See... isn't Ekkes or whatever a computer.... this resistance you want us to help with... if she is your only link to your leaders then how do you know if the orders you are getting are genuine.... hacking my dear pet or did you or your superiors consider that?" The Advocate shook his head. "No. The resistance could not possibly do that." "How do you know; let's go see if we can't discuss this with your superior?" The guard initially thought she was trying to get passed him; the offer of going with him... This girl was either dense, an idiot or was planning something. The guard motioned for Haru to follow him after checking no one else was with her. Aidan Nik was running scans of the shields, trying to determine it's power source and frequency, if there was such a thing. M82A1 "Do you need help?" Dawn asks Nik as she observes him. Aidan Nik turned to her and said, "Of course. Let's start with the recording and scans of how the people that turned us back on did that. SlimJimTim Tim groups up with the others. SlimJimTim Tim heads back over carefully to where the queen is and opens the door. He checks the room for her. atsumari Once Tim enters the room he noticed Chi was saying something in a language the translator could not translate into the headset she had on. As soon as Tim entered the girl looked over to him. "Oh... um.... Hello. Did you need something?" She asked seeming confused that she had a visitor that was not followed by Ekkes. Aidan Aidan tried to ascertain which direction the main government was and headed in that direction. atsumari Aidan finds the compound with its shield and the nice field around it. An Advocate was outside and he opens the barrier around the mansion. "Welcome back. I trust your travels went well." he said not knowing of what had transpired up at the ship. SlimJimTim Tim replies to the girl "I couldn't help but hear a commotion going on a few minutes ago. What was that about?" He tries to obtain a bit of into as to what was going on around him. Aidan Aidan was used to thinking on his feet. "Oh VERY interesting time so far. How's your day been?" atsumari The guard seemed to be clueless. "It is a great day. hail the Crescent system!" The guard let him pass without incident. Aidan "Hail the Cresent rolls." He shot back as he walked past. atsumari "Commotion; I fear I do not understand what you mean?" Chi asked Tim. "It is rare for guests to be allowed in here; usually Ekkes won't allow anyone in my quarters." She added. SlimJimTim Tim replies, "Sorry for the confusion, I just heard a bunch of words." atsumari (73) Upon research it was found out that the Crescent system as they call it is a dampening field atop a shield atop another field which makes the creatures see nothing when they look at this planet. it also provides the planet protection against attacks. This is why comms cannot go outside. The shield modulation changes automatically. It seems to cycle randomly without instruction to do so as more of a defensive measure to protect itself form those Raiders who come about and fuck with stuff. It appeared to only be blocking the Lavie's comms out of error; it was a side effect of the devices existence and not intentional. Once the actual power draining object was turned off the ship was not being drained anymore. "Oh you mean my talking?" Chi asked him. "It is a native language of this world... Crescent is coded in it; as is Ekkes." Chi explained innocently. "Why did Ekkes allow you here?" Chi asked wondering why he was here. Aidan soon arrived in the large sort of conference hall or throne room; it was not sure what this was. The guard was still gone with Haru. M82A1 "So....It looks like all methods of outside communication is blocked as a defensive measure.......Interesting, but also rather inconvenient." Dawn comments. Aidan Thinking aloud, Nik offered, "Perhaps we could force the system into something we could burst-transmit through." "Just like a random handoff, but a more ordered version. Computers have done it for Millenia. This system isn't that complex. Carmella could run it." M82A1 "A high powered burst of laser comms? Or maybe a one time use relay station outside the shields?" Dawn muses. Aidan "Oooh I like the one time use idea. We could modify a log probe pretty easily. Assuming we can get it through the shielding." Nik said to Dawn. SlimJimTim Tim replies. "Ah, me having a language barrier made it hard for me to understand what was happening. I'm sure you can understand that." He replies to Chi. Aidan Aidan walks into the room finding Tim. "Report." Aidan said out of habit. atsumari Chi nodded looking at him questioningly still not getting a response to her question. She hoped he was not the enemy as she did not recognize him from before. As Aidan entered the room Chi looked to him. "Ekkes will become angry knowing many people have come; please tell me why you are here..." SlimJimTim Tim looks over at Aidan and stands at attention as he enters the room. "Sir." M82A1 "That is if we can get our hands on one in the first place." Dawn says looking at Nik. "Then again we can probably cobble one together somehow." Aidan "We are explorers. We like to meet people and find out things." Aidan said cheerfully. Turning to Tim, he off the cuff said, 'As you were" Nik offered. We can use a scientific probe. It would certainly have more punch and range than a normal log probe." SlimJimTim Tim returns as he was and replies to Chi. "Yes, that's right." atsumari "You came here to explore... Are there the monsters where you come from?" Chi asked. M82A1 "That'll work. Now is just the question of how to get it out past the shields." Dawn says. "Should we also notify the others of this?" Aidan "There are now. How long have the monsters been here? We come from very far away." Aidan said. SlimJimTim Tim keeps a close eye out for guards quietly whilst watching the conversation. atsumari "Many, many generations; our xucash talk of them devouring cities. Many many civilizations came to this world once I developed this shield; it has only been safe here for a few years but this world has become a safe haven from the creatures. You only had the creatures come recently... have you found a way to fight the creatures?" Chi asked seeming to hope. Aidan "We've had a few battles with them. Perhaps if you could share the information of how you keep people safe, we might together find the answer we cannot alone." Aidan offered. atsumari As they were conversing Haru and the guard were coming back. He arrived at the door and stood at his post. "There is no cause for alarm." Haru nodded and headed away like she was leaving. By this time Ari had sent a message to the team; it seemed the governing board of this world was trying to label people who wanted to leave the planet as terrorists who wanted to kill Chi-Gina Rema but that was not their intention at all. They just wanted to leave the planet; the governing board would not let them and was muzzling any attempt at them speaking out against them. Chi nodded as Aidan proposed the thought. "More people working together is a good solution especially explorers from far away." Aidan Answering Dawn he said. I'll send Carmella to Aidan with a mobile comms unit. " "So you are the sole source of the shield?" Aidan offered. "Isn't that tiring?" atsumari "Oh; it does not come form me... I am the technician who maintains the system. I developed it and maintain it while the lieutenant governors manage the planet." She explained. "I do my job and they do theirs. I only become involved if it is needed. I may be the queen but I am not the overlord of the universe." She explained. SlimJimTim Tim quietly moves away from the door. Aidan Aidan's brain also starts thinking of the implications of a virtual cloak to disappear from the monsters. "Then perhaps it's time to have a discussion between you, me and the people that manage the planet." atsumari "I will need to consult the caretaker AI on that." Chi said. Aidan "That's acceptable. I would like a fair exchange of things." Aidan offered. It wasn't a ploy, he was being his normal self, reasonable. It was apparent that this individual was told nothing except what she needed to know. Much like the normal people back on the original Earth. Oblivious to the truth of the universe. It sickened him. atsumari Chi opened the door and the guard turned noticing the others in the room but before he could say anything Chi spoke. "Please summon Ekkes." "Yes Madam Administrator." The guard goes over to a panel entering some information into it. Soon the other girl from before the planet's guardian AI and Chi's caretaker Ekkes comes into the room. She looks quite annoyed. "You were not authorized in here." "Enough. They would like to speak to the governing board." "They could be agents of the resistance!" "No; if they were he would have killed me." Chi said referring to Tim. "He perfectly had the opportunity." Ekkes does not respond further only nodding to her master and leaving the room. Ekkes soon sends word over message that the board would see them the next day. The group had time to explore this world and gather information among other things. Aidan To Dawn, Nik offered, "Start modifying a missile. I'll work on something to get it past the shield. M82A1 "Understood." Dawn says, and heads off to start work on the modifications. atsumari 19-Oct-20 04:10 AM <END SIM>
  13. atsumari 12-Oct-20 3:20am <START SIM> The guards look at Aidan as he mentions wanting to blow up the ship and their comment about just staying here. They did not need to enter the ship if the crew would not let them. Maki though tried of these games looked over at the elevator system behind the guards. it was a manual system and couldn't be hacked due to the nature of how mechanical it was; that much she could tell. That gave her an idea though; without consulting anyone else the girl sighed turning to the void of the sky and hopped off the skybridge connecting the ship to the elevator platform. Tugar Aidan starts paying close attention to what Maki is doing. atsumari As he saw her fall and the guards also watched her fall he lost sight of her. His "friend" though the Brutus suit linked into his VX was able to scale the ship. it was watching under the bridge and saw her clinging to the bottom of the bridge using magic from her gems to press herself against it so it was not like she was holding on she was up against it. So close that the guards actually couldn't see her unless they got close enough to look straight under the bridge. The Advocates initially scrambled and drew their weapons searching but unable to find the girl assuming she was killed by the defensive shield not realizing that just jumping down would it the bubble shield around the ship (which the Lavie crew KNEW was there in the first place). After they stopped looking the leader of the guards says to the group "Are we done with the games... or do my men and I just have to sit out here all day?" As he was conversing Maki moved quietly and slowly under the bridge and platform system making her way slowly to the lift controls and the lift itself careful to both keep her magic active and low enough to not be detected but also keep herself from falling. Tugar "Games would be a correct term. Why don't you tell me WHAT you need to fix aboard my ship? Something my people aren't capable of? Bullshit." Aidan countered. Aidan also called Brutus for backup, and started him heading this way. atsumari "We know what the resistance's tactics are and this are better equipped to handle fighting them." The man said. Maki continued to make her way and eventually arrived at a maintenance panel. into the elevator shaft. Rather than break it she just burned it open and turned the metal on the door to molten metal that then falls dripping away while not damaging the shaft. Basically she just melted the door. She then stood upright on the entryway into the shaft under the lift using wind magic to propel herself up and to the side of the elevator as she climbed the elevator car. Once on top of the car she opens the maintenance hatch jumping in it and landing on top of the car's operator. She stuns him in the head. The other guards noticing the giant robot appear are too focused on the impending battle to hear muffled sounds of their ally in a closed elevator being stunned. Tugar "More than likely this is an attempt to cement whatever dampening field that is hold my ship here. OR tell my crew how to counteract it. Period. Before m alter ego gets upset." Aidan has Brutus start targeting the group through his VX without aiming any weapons yet. Rockyeahh William sits on the floor of engineering. Other crew members around him have a look of defeat upon their faces. The hum of the back up lighting and emergency generators fills the room. "We've tried so much..." William mumbles & sighs. Tugar "It's this miserable gem magic I bet." Nik offered. "That's why it's so easy to dampen us." atsumari The door behind the soldiers opens and an electric line comes out splitting into six comes out stunning all but their leader. As the leader turns around Maki as her gun pointed at his head from a distance. "See the thing is; we have friends down there... now I don't know about you but I don't really have the time for any more stupidity." The man slowly starts to raise into the air and off the safety of the platform. "So; you going to help or should I tell Mega to drop you? And what is this resistance you keep talking about... hum?" "Alright, alright... just... put me down..." "Was that I'll help put me down or I would like to die?" Tugar "I'd start talking and making sure it things that are truthful and useful. She's a part of the crew but I don't really control her per se." Aidan said. atsumari "Down to safety... we were preventing you from leaving... that was our assignment. Our governing board was certain you would not help us fight the resistance and so they asked us to seek other means to compel you to help us." "Oh and that makes people want to help you so much more when you put a shotgun to their face and demand their help...." Maki said curtly. Tugar "So coercion. Help us and we might just give your ship back or maybe not at all. We just kill all of you and take the ship. Is that about the speed of what you are offering?" Aidan said. "Makes me want to leave with all my people and leave you idiots to kill each other." atsumari "No; we do not kill those who come here... the governing board offers them safety; work here and serve in exchange for safety. You have to know this planet is safer than anywhere else in the sector." The man said. "So you make people who come here stay?" "People want ot stay." "And if they don't?" "Why wouldn't they... outside is deadly?" The man states. Tugar "Restore my ship. That is not a suggestion." Aidan said. "Then i want unlimited access to the planet and it's people. Anything less is not only unacceptable but guaranteed to make sure we start helping the resistance." atsumari "I don't have the power to grant unlimited access only the governing board and the AI can do that but I can disable the dampening of your ships energy." The man seemed willing to comply with what he could actually do. Tugar Aidan has Brutus actively scan what the man is doing. "That at least would go long way to stop me being pissed off. Imprisonment is not something we take lightly and I take it as an act of war. Make sure to relay that to your governing body." Aidan also relays a message to the Onyx on their situation. atsumari Mega releases the man back to safety and he goes over to a panel next to the elevator. he disables the energy field around the ship. It stops syphoning power from the ship almost immediately. The communication connot leave orbit. Tugar "I also need to contact my people so that a dozen more ships don't show up when we haven't reported in. atsumari "The governing board has to approve any external communications." The Advocate replied. "Then how about we meet this governing board." Maki said. "That is not possible." "Oh?" "Only Administrator Ekkes communicates planetary issues for the board to discuss. The board then deliberates and has the administrator dull out its orders." "So then we meet this Administrator." "Some of your personnel already have; they are who have been sent to deal with the resistance." M82A1 "Oh dear. If a message doesn't go out saying that we're okay then there will be serious consequences." Dawn says with false concern. Tugar "Okay." he turned to speak to the Marines. "Take all their equipment and put them in the brig. Nothing personal mind you." Aidan said. atsumari The marines do so. Maki secures the elevator so they have a way down now. Communications are also able to be made now. It would also be at about this time that the away team would be given thier orders on where to find the resistance. Tugar Turning to Maki he send the data to Nik and to Maki. "I want to be able to come and go as we please and are they going to be able to turn us off again?" Aidan asked. atsumari "I'm not an engineer I have no idea." Maki said to Aidan about the being able to turn them off again. M82A1 "Well, better do what you need quickly because I doubt that this serious breach in their protocol is going to go unnoticed for very long." Dawn says to Aidan. "More ever, these guards will probably testify against us too if it does come down to that." Tugar "Fine. They want coercion. Bridge. General Thornton. I want 3 high yield warheads readied immediately. Maximum encryption, and made portable on a dead man switch if we lose comms." M82A1 "I......" Dawn just looks really concerned now. "I guess that works for now? Although that does have a serious chance of backfiring and blowing up in our faces if it does. And I do want to see her children." aqace100 scott walks in and sees a pissed aidan and is tempted to back up slowly while screaming "i didnt do it." Tugar "I don't take being a prisoner lightly." Aidan told her. "They just take what they want and as long as they are warm and secure, to hell with whomever they have to fuck to get there? No." M82A1 Dawn lets out a sigh. aqace100 Scott turns to Ceci and tells he to let aidan borrow the q taser. atsumari The little android materializes the death weapon and gives Aidan the weapon. Tugar "I appreciate that Commander Johnson, but we are beyond half measures. I didn't start this conflict, but I am liable to finish it." Aidan offered. aqace100 scott turns to aidan and says "your royal generalness i think its director not commander." atsumari Haru meanwhile in the mansion was just chilling on a bench and realizes coms work again. "Sumimori to communications." "Operator" "When did you guys get back into existence ey..." "A few moments ago when his highness restored the power" "Highness.... mmmm.... alrighty.... well.... status?" "I will patch you to the situation room." Tugar He turns toward Scott, "Is correcting me right now a smart course of action?" aqace100 Scott responds "probably not but would i be me if i didnt snark at the wrong time?" atsumari "Hi; before the testosterone starts a galactic war... why'd you guys drop off?" Haru asked. Tugar "The government in question decided to imprison us and the ship so we would be forced to help them. We have their agents in our brig and for now the ship has power." Aidan offered. atsumari "Force?" So you mean... our mission is a joke.... They said were supposed to help htem fight some resistance; what you want us to do down here... want me to get the Captain?" She asked. Tugar "What I want is the truth. The Captain is good at finding that out." Aidan offered. aqace100 Scott considders his response and says "Should i just have a Ceci net blow up the planet?" Tugar He added to Haru, "There is always 3 sides to the story, the two sides and that actual truth." atsumari "You know for people who have women you two sure like trying ot kill yourselves.... maybe you both need an intervention...." Haru said. aqace100 Scott responds "My girlfriend is a mercenary that LOVES to kill people....sooo ya probably." Tugar "What I need is to not be a hostage." Aidan offered." atsumari "This entire unit murders people for a living... so point invalidated there Doc-tor... As for not being a hostage; you aren't one; notice how power is back; you could just bomb the city since you guys like killing people.... oh.... did I say that out loud.... better solution that doesn't involve me being a sadist.... I can do talk to this resistance and find out objectively what the fuck this planet actually is and we can rip its own head out of its ass.... k?" Haru proposed. M82A1 "Sounds better than us banging our heads in on the bureaucratic wall that is the planet's administrative board." Tugar "I need to be able to protect this ship and crew and I can't do that if we are turned off at the whim of the goverment. Unless you can guarantee they can't do that." Adian asked Haru. atsumari "Guarantee... well.... there is that little girl in that room.... I just gotta feed that guard some nonsense about girlscout cookies...." Haru replied thinking. aqace100 "Why dont we leave the atmosphere and use my plan." Scott replies. M82A1 "How about no?" Dawn immediately replies to Scott. Tugar "Do that voodoo that you do." He replied to Haru in a calm voice. To Scott he replied in a harsh tone "because that's a fucking war crime, Director." "How about something to counteract them turning us off?" He pointed out. atsumari "In the interest of discussion if there are not witnesses.... but I said nothing... time to go to work Haru-san...." Haru said to herself. aqace100 "You know Aidan Haru IS right. "Technically." Scott comments. atsumari She closes the channel as she goes to work. Tugar Aidan offers, "Find me another solution." to Scott. atsumari 12-Oct-20 5:22 AM <END SIM> Rockyeahh 12-Oct-20 2:27 PM Oh and the ground team was Oscar, Kirin, Dawn, Tory, Ari & Haru.
  14. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 5 4566 Evening Narrated by Haruka Sumimori The Lavie has now arrived at a world we detected on sensors and in the hope that it is less hostile than everything else we have met in this sector. A team including members of the science department, team one and I were sent to investigate the world and meet with its leader after the allowed us permissions to dock. We arrived on this strange world to realize it is a cold barren dark sad place but seems un-phased by the space monsters. They have offered for us to do some work for them in exchange for information but something seems quite off about this place. They seem to be unable to see the outside world or interact with it much. Its protective AI also seems rather... too protective of certain details. atsumari <START SIM> The group had split into some had set up a base at Miss Chi's estate; the place seemed safe enough. There was still the concern of being unable to reach the ship so Ari sent Tory and a couple of the others (who are not here) to go see if they could figure out why the lost contact with the ship in a covert fashion. Meanwhile back on the Lavie as power had nearly failed tactical operations moved the war operations center and team ones deployment area to their secondary power systems. Independent purple gems. Engineering's job would be to get power back to the ship but since they were planetside life support was less of an issue than ship security so the main focus at the moment was propulsion, weapons and shields in the event they needed to defend themselves. Mira was overseeing the bridge so the more experienced people could focus on other things with Lumi helping her. Maki was waiting by the airlock outside for others from the crew to go out in search of the away team as a group of Advocates approached. "We ask that you allow us to enter your vessel to render assistance." she shakes her head no. "Sorry; I really am not that stupid you know." As all of this was going on though Haru was outside the base Ari was setting up watching, looking around... in hopes she could figure out something; anything that could explain what was going on with this planet and its actions. Were those forces who wanted to kill the planet's governor, administrator or whatever they called Chi inside the government? Rockyeahh The glow of a handheld tablet lit up Williams faces in the darkness of engineering. "Stay on the ship. It's safe there. Everything is working there. Just another wonderful day on the Lavie." He fumbles around in the dark, using the screen as a torch. Tuncecine Owain lights up one of his chemtorches walking down the aisle being pretty bright. Ryuji uses prome's power to look through the ships hull to see what he could do, as decreetly as he can. atsumari The Advocates get into a staring match with Maki as she doesn't move. One finally says. "We are here at the permission of your commander." "We cannot confirm or deny that information." Aidan By now Aidan had swung by the armory. He was in his a simple level 1 suit under BDU's. A carbine slung with the barrel pointed down, his gem studded service pistol and similar sword. He headed towards the bridge. Nik was on his way to Engineering to give a hand. Tuncecine Ryuji pulls back from the wall and asks prome to find people to form a telepathic communication with so we have some form of comm even if a bit of a telephone game. Rockyeahh William shines his light ahead of him as he moves through the eerily quiet engineering room. "I will kill whoever thought engineering didn't need emergency lighting." atsumari Once Aidan arrived on the bridge he found Lumi and Mira keeping the ship functional and trying to get comms back online to no avail. Lumi looked over at him. "General I guess that they are preping a group from team one to go look for the away team and found out what exactly is going on. My limited sensors show there are men outside the ship. Outside of that... we know little to nothing... go power drain...." She said. Rockyeahh He pauses. "I'd lose that fight.... I'll write a formal complaint." He grins and moves forward. Jack Pine Jack was giving out orders to his subordinates to make sure security wasn't compromised with most systems down right now. He was dropping chem lights as he moved about as to provide light for the crew in darker areas of the ship. atsumari Another engineer down in engineering helping to fix engineering replies to William shaking his head. "You were assigned to a war vessel out in the edges of known space what did you expect Ensign...." Aidan Aidan heads to the airlock grabbing a few marines in the process. "See what else we can find out about the drain. I don't like being defenseless." Rockyeahh William turns in surprise. "I'm impressed every time I discover another engineer who hasn't died. I'll take whatever moments of joy I can get." He shrugs and moves on. Tuncecine Owain was walking towards the engine room with his chemtorch shining bright. Aidan Nik arrives in Engineering with Carmella in tow. He places a tripod down and kicked up some utility lighting on a mech power cell he had lying around. "Would have been here sooner, but figured you might need a head. He tinkers with it for a few moments and three utility flood lamps help to drive back the darkness somewhat. Rockyeahh "Ah welcome to the party Nik." William powers up a back terminal with an external battery. "Well we have enough power for the basics so any extra usage will have to be with these backup batteries. It's hard to run a full system check with so little online but we can't run everything at once without burning through all our power quickly." William grumbles. Tuncecine Owain is some distance away from the engine room but those from the engine room can probably see him. atsumari As Aidan arrived at the airlock the Advocates looked to him. "You seem to be more in charge; we were sent to assist; please allow us onboard." Meanwhile back down at the mansion Haru left the base looking out side and decides to wander about in hopes she might find someone with more information. Aidan "Sent by who?" Aidan asked, his voice was calm but he was rapidly running out of patience. "We haven't talked to any one and it seems someone is trying to render us defenseless." atsumari "Yes; the enemy is draining your power; we were sent to assist by our government." The guy said to Aidan. Aidan "Show me proof." He said simply. Tuncecine Owain enters engineering with a few supplies to also help power up the ship. atsumari The Advocates look from one to another. "YOu cannot communicate... how....?" They stare blankly at Aidan confused. Tuncecine Ryuji will also exit the airlock at this point his hands behind his back "these folks seem lost sir have they lost their way to the donut shop?" Aidan "My ship has no power, which is a really bad idea. The Corbormite warheads contain a magnetic restrictor. They can only remain unpowered for about 15 more minutes. After that......about 1/3 of this planet will cease to exist." Aidan offered with a straight face. It was a bluff, but they did have warheads they could set off though. atsumari The Advocates look from Aidan to Ryuji then to Maki and then look back to each other again. "This is why we are here to help... The resistance are the ones syphoning your power... We must stop them..." The others nod in unison. Aidan "Then tell ME how you plan to do that. I HATE being helpless and right now I'd rather take my chances outside this little bubble of bullshit." Aidan said, his temper starting to get the better of him. Tuncecine "That I believe is a lie." ryuji said calmly "if they could do this they wouldn't be the resistance they'd be the goverment." Jack Pine Jack had fully dispensed the chemlights, the last one hooked to his belt for his own light source as his personnel reported in on the security situation. atsumari "And outsmarting an entire group of highly trained soldiers... yeah... totally professionals..." Maki added. Detecting energy from under the ship pulling power from the ship. The Advocates turn around as their leader then says. "Very well then. We will leave you to your own security. As long as you do not go to the surface our job is finished." Aidan "I guess we all die together then." Aidan offered. Tuncecine "I guess some of us are going to the surface then." Ryuji says with a shrug saying it loud enough to razz the advocates. atsumari The Advocates guard the elevator down to the surface. Aidan "You know it." Aidan offered. "I don't like being fucked with and this has it written all over it." atsumari 27-Sep-20 04:03 AM <END SIM>
  15. The New Universes Project: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt Season 3 - Episode 3: Behold Unto You… December 5 4566 Morning Narrated by Haruka Sumimori After leaving the outpost we spent time studying the data collected from the researchers only to find out that the creatures consume all matter of energy. Based on their age and size we can overload them with power and make them pop due to overfeeding them. They seem to mindlessly consume whatever they find; with a particular interest in gems. Meanwhile as the research teams and engineers were working on recovering the data nonstop and researching with only sleep between us the Lavie’s tactical staff had noticed an uptick in ships from that organization that tried to attack us before in the sectors. We have spent the last few days running about dodging enemy vessels while trying to figure out what has caused this sector to be so unstable. While finishing the data recovery a sensor contact was discovered on a planet that seems to be a civilization; we have set a course for this civilization. Captain Mizriki hopes it might be less hostile and able to provide us more insight into what is going on considering since we were able to detect it; it must be using energy in some form. atsumari 13-Sep-20 12:23 AM <START SIM> The Lavie approached the planet that they had found on scans. It was still emitting an energy signature. it was faint but it was there. They could detect a population on the world though the planet seemed rather harsh. Mira commented from her scans of the planet as she had a 3d map of it from the ships scanners. "It is mostly urban... and when I say mostly; I mean like even the mountains, trees.... the planet is a giant city.... meteorologically.... scans show it is class M but... Well.... storms, lots and lots of storms.... this place seems to have very very long nights" Ari shrugged on the bridge "sounds depressing.... so urban hellhole with forever clouds and darkness.... fun.... It does bring forth questions though as to why it has not been attacked though. Hail the surface." She said to Trent who did so. Upon hailing a girl answered the call. A large crescent was behind her. " Good evening. I am Ekkes the Artificial attendant of Rema. To what do we owe this visit?" "I am Ari Mizriki Captain of the Trinity Ship Lavie... We are exploring this area and have questions but have met much resistance. You are the first people who have not responded to us with hostility. Is there information you could share with us?" "I am sorry; we only share our knowledge in person. I can lower our dampening fields should your ship want to dock at one of our docking facilities and converse with our administrator." atsumari Ari asks her for a moment muting the channel and sending a message to have a security detail get sorted then she looked to Dawn for input and to Tory. M82A1 "We know too little right now. It could be a trap or not. But either way, the information could help." Dawn says. "Caution its highly advised. Should I contact the Mursashi to standby just in case?" keving Kirin gets the security team ready to be deployed when called for and send ari a message "Security is ready for deployment mam." atsumari "If we were closer I would say yes but unfortunately being as far away as we are help would be weeks away... We should exercise caution though I do agree. They don't seem hostile but you never know." Ari agreed with Dawn's assessment of the situation confirming her own thoughts. Tory Trace Tory was listening as he was on the bridge. As Ari was looking for the bridge crew for input, Tory was observing the storms on the sensor readings. "I don't really like the storms and it's lightning strength. Granted our shields and hull could withstand it, but the approach down to the surface would be some strain and be less effective to protect us from those lightning strikes," he said. He was noting that it wasn't impossible but certainly to expect some damage during the approach to the planet surface. atsumari "The ship could withstand the approach though.... and even if we wre hit by the lightening?" She asked for confirmation. Rockyeahh Meanwhile, a funky sound can be heard from engineering. William is dancing in a haze of joy. If we hadn't gone far past cloud 9, he'd be on it. He thinks to himself with a grin on his face. "I didn't die again. Another mission. Pfft. I can survive it all. Hahaha." Tory Trace Tory nodded. "Yes, the ship can withstand it. I'll need to run a damage assessment once we land. Who knows what sort of random electrical damage this planet's storm could do to us. I'll get some extra protection measures on our engines and gem drives to be sure," he said to Ari. M82A1 "Don't expect the sensors to work all that well either after the first strike we take." Dawn comments. Tory Trace Tory switched the cameras to engineering and could see William dancing around in engineering. He seems to be having too much fun there. He pressed the intercom to speak to the engineering section from the bridge. "Ensign Shert. When you're done having your fun, I need you to add some extra electrical insulation to the gem drive and engine components. We'll be needing them for the next mission," he said. atsumari "Their dampening field may affect our sensor systems as well." Mira noted from her station. Ari nodded unmuting the com. "Very well... We will accept the offer of being able to dock and a team of my staff and I will be coming to meet your administrator. I will be bringing some of my security personnel I hope you don't mind." "It is perfectly safe here on Rema however I understand your concern. We will allow your guards and if any of your crew need provisions they will be allowed visas to enter the city following inspection by our inspection authority." Ekkes replied. Rockyeahh William spins over to the controls and types away, while tap dancing on the spot. "I'll get right on it sir." atsumari Ekkes lowered the planets dampening field and Ari told the helm to take them in and proceed to wherever the dockmaster told them. Upon the Lavie entering the planet's atmosphere the dampening field closed around it. They could no longer scan outside of the planet's surface and even long range communications could barely push through the field. They had very limited range now. The ship began to head for its docking port. Ari messaged Haru to have her meet the security detail at the air lock. She then asked Dawn and Tory to join her. M82A1 Dawn nods in response. "If that is what you wish." atsumari The dockmaster secures the ship and docks it to the planet's docking station careful not to damage it. A protective shield appears around the dock to protect it fromt he weather. Something they did not expect. M82A1 13-Sep-20 12:50 AM "Interesting....This could work both ways though." Dawn comments on the shield. Tory Trace Tory monitored the planet approach, seeing that the work William performed certainly is holding. THe ship did rock as some lightning strikes hits the ship, the shields holding to most of the strikes. Upon landing, EVA began to produce the damage reports. "Not bad, a torpedo tube knocked out, some phase cannons showing minor damage, a few sensors shorted, and some minor internal electrical circuits burnt. Nothing the repair droids can't handle within a short few hours," Tory said as he inputted repair commands to the repair droids to begin work. HE then stood up from his station to walk with Ari to the airlock. "The important thing is, the gem drive and engines are intact so we can depart any time," Tory said to Ari as the end of the assessment. Rockyeahh William chuckles to himself as he continues his work. He is starting to fit into the crew, as he loses his sanity. atsumari Ari leads the three of them to meet with the others at the airlock. Upon arrival at the airlock Haru was there with Kirin and Oscar. Haru opened the airlock as the other end closed. The system confirmed outside was safe for them before opening. Upon the door opening there were three guards in white uniforms with hats that looked like something a duty soldier from Earth would wear. These people looked human but there was something different about them. Haru could see it with her left eye, Kirin and Oscar could feel their aura's were different and Dawn could detect something about their energy signature was not the same as a normal human. The man standing the center of the pad salutes in a strange manner with his hand in the center of his chest. "For the Crescent Order; I am Kun-Ou of the Security Advocate... Please follow my men and we will take you to the lift. Her Highness is expecting you." keving Kirin follows the group while monitoring the men that gave a strange aura off. M82A1 Dawn observes and logs the energy discrepancy as the group follows the man guiding them. Tory Trace Tory stayed at the back of the group as he watched them. he would see the others uneasy but he wouldn't be able to tell what might be different ♤Oscar♤ Oscar follows along with the others, thinking about why the aura of the people on this planet is different from normal humans. atsumari The group arrived at a rather strange looking open air elevator that looked like something out of a steampunk manga. Kun stood in the front of it at a panel as everyone entered the guards ensured everyone was in it and then closed the door. Kun then operated a quitch and a light turned on the thing detached from the dock. As the away team looked out the saw that the docking platform holding the lavie was actually floating in the sky. It was suspended by magical tethers. The "lift" they were on began to fall slowly and then moved forward slightly as if Kun was flying it. it then began to descend. Soon it fell further until it reached a landing spot that seemed to be designed for these elevators of sorts. As the guards opened the door the crew saw the city. it was raining currently and seemed like a cold autumn night. The guards seemed unphased by the cold air as it crept into the elevator no longer protected by a shield. "Welcome to Rema." Kun said to them. keving Kirin starts to shiver. atsumari "Weren't we supposed to go through some inspection?" Ari asked Kun whom smirked. "the shield does the inspection; the inspection will not allow you through and our advocates will detain you if it does not let you pass. The shield found you safe and so you are allowed in." Kun explained. Tory Trace Tory wondered if it really was all that simple, a shield that performed the inspection at the same time. He shivered as he kept walking with the group. atsumari Ari had her VX give her a winter coat which materialized on her. ♤Oscar♤ Oscar, being completely unfazed by the weather, inspects his surroundings by turning his head as he continues following the others. "Is the weather always like this in here?" He cautiously asks since he's still being wary of the people here. atsumari Haru pulls up her Alchemy commission uniform coat's rain hood shrugging. This entire place was being powered by energy similar to gems from what she could see. As he asks the question Kun continues to lead the way while saying "Mostly; we rarely get sunlight... longer days do come though and those are when people are allowed time from their work to recharge themselves and meditate on the gift we have been given of being free from the creatures thanks to the Order." He leads them down a street to a mansion with a rather large compound surrounding it and two guard posts. Seeing an Advocate with them the guards open the gate. The mansion is shielded from the rain somehow; even its courtyard has nice plants, trees, a garden and such things. The girl they had spoken to on the coms walks out. "Hello Ari Mizriki and her crewmates... I am Ekkes the colony artificial caretaking program. I also assist the Administrator; Her Highness in overseeing the world. Welcome to the metropolis of Rema. Advocates; you may go. "Yes Madam Administrator." Kun and his men Salute in their way and leave. Ekkes appears to just be a normal android. "would you be so kind as to introduce yourselves?" Ekkes asked. Haru goes first since the conloy's AI knows who Ari is. "Haruka Sumimori; I am the Lavie's research specialist in magical things." Ekkes nods as if noting this for some reason. M82A1 "Dawn, Combat Vessel AI and Caretaker to Ari Mizriki." keving "Kirin dragmawl, security officer." Tory Trace "Tory Trace, Engineer. My own AI, EVA, is present with me," Tory said. His wrist pad flashed a "HELLO" for Ekkes to see before returning to its main screen. Rockyeahh William pauses in his dancing. "Hmm." He raises an eyebrow. "The powers lowering" William exclaims. William desperately attempts to hail the away team. "Come on!" but he's left with silence as the terminal switches off. His eyes widen as emergency life support power kicks in. ♤Oscar♤ "Oscar Kashima, one of Lavie's tactical specialists. I am here as a guard." Oscar says as he crosses his arms, trying to look professional. atsumari Ekkes nods. "Good I have registered you all into the database. Please follow me. I will introduce you to the Administrator." Ekkes leads them into the building and through a door into a large throne room like place but instead of a throne is a desk. A guard is in there. "The new guests are here for the administrator." The guard nods and goes into a back room. A girl comes out. She stands by the desk removing her headset placing it on the desk. "Chi-Gina Rema though most simply call me Chi... I am the creator of the Crescent system and governor... some call me Queen of Rema... I am glad you could join us... Now... How are things out in space... evil and full of pain I would suppose?" She asked. keving "Yes lots of evil and pain and energy flux out there" kirin replies. Tory Trac Tory was looking at Chi-Gina and tilting his head as he is trying to get a better sizing up of her. It was strange how she is a queen, even more so was the lack of a throne. But Ekkes did say she is the administrator as another title so a desk seemed to fit that image too. "You're the Queen of Rema and its administrator?" he said with a questioning tone as he couldn't really believe somone that young looking was in charge of this city, if not the planet? atsumari Chi nods. "Those creatures have consumed more then... it is good the system protects this world... and good we found you and encouraged you to come here. With your skills Rema will be most well protected. There are only so many people where who understand how the magic works." As Tory posed his questions and statements Ekkes seemed to read into them. "Miss Chi was placed in this role as she created the Crescent system. Other ministers manage the operations of the city and I oversee them so she can keep her attention on maintaining the system." "And what is this system you all love referring to so much...." Ari said crossing her arms. "The planetary protection grid, dampening shield and magical field generator." Ekkes said. "How does it work?" Ari asked. "That is classified" Ekkes said not allowing Chi to speak on the matter. "You mention our skills.... what do you mean; do you need our help?" Ekkes nods. keving "What type of help do you require from us?" Kirin asks. atsumari "We require you to provide security, help to maintain the system and ensure city safety. There has been a force threatening to murder Miss Chi as they say the government and the Crescent system are not really protecting the planet but are enslaving it." Ekkes explained. keving "Are they assassins or long range snipers or just mercs for hire?" Kirin replies. M82A1 "I doubt that they know. If they did they wouldn't be asking us for help." Dawn answers Kirin. keving "Hmm good point" Kirin replies. atsumari Ekkes nods "Exactly." keving "I really hope it isnt anyone from inside the guards of the queen or security forces on this planet" kirin says. atsumari "First however though we have noticed an energy abnormality with your vessel; we believe the resistance forces are attempting to syphon energy from your vessel. Communication with your allies at this point will be impossible. The Advocates can still relay information by messenger should you need assistance and bring help here. For now though I suggest rest... you must have had a long trip. As I did say before we will allow any of your crew to come to ground as long as they pass inspection" Ekkes said. M82A1 Dawn raises an eyebrow at this, but remains silent. atsumari Chi returns to her room and the guard stays by the door. Ekkes remains with them. Tory Trace Tory was surprised at that and turned his VX to try to contact the ship. But all he got was static. "comms link disrupted" EVA reported as if to confirm what Ekkes was saying. He then turned to Ari. "We should return to secure the ship. If they are trying to drain our ship's energies, who knows if they can get into our systems," he said to Ari. He then thought of something. "Wait, you're still saying it's alright to let our crew off while the ship could be in trouble?" he said. atsumari "The Advocates would detain them if they were to cause incident so yes." Ekkes said. Ari nodded to Tory sending a message in crypto to Tory hoping he remembered his courses in decoding and remembered the standard keys. Decoded the message woulld tell him to keep his guard up and try to find the source of the energy draining. Tory Trace Tory received the message and didn't ask anymore questions for now, his VX already working to decode the message. He would need to keep an eye out for the hidden attack on their ship. The question now was, what would it look like? Could he detect it while remaining undetected in his surveilance for the source? He knew nothing of this planet's capabilities when comparing to their own tech. atsumari 13-Sep-20 02:22 AM <END SIM>
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