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  1. Google docs link with personal ship: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vyxDK77WGBf7-EougoFQ_xoXMHiFZ5ppeVWflZTmTPk/edit?usp=sharing Character Information Name: Chantelle Singularum Nicknames: Chan Gender: Female Species: Genetically modified Human Age: 29 DOB: (If I’m given the year) Blood Type: AB+ Physical Appearance Height: 194 cm Weight: 74 kg Eye color: Sky blue Hair color: Beige-Tan brown Measurements: 36(D)/24/36 Physical Description: -See picture. -Muscle density: Fit-Muscular -Legs are longer than average -Body type: Skinny-Average her clothes are made out of Nano-Kevlar. Her Coat can be used as a shield or shelter. Note: her boots look like high heels but the spikes at the rear are actually grav spikes to anchor herself in low-G/zero-G environments or surfaces with reduced grip. Personality & Traits General Overview: Stoic. Bit of an introvert and usually speaks in short sentences. She has a neural interface. Strengths She can easily adapt to most environments and situations. Her marksmanship is acceptable with 6 years of experience. SF Genetic Enhancements: Enhanced Strength, Senses, Reflexes, Endurance/Stamina, Flexibility, Agility, Athleticism, Brain Capacity and processing speed, Situational awareness, Perception and Memory. Weaknesses She’s human. (I find it quite funny that we’re starting to regard “being human” as a weakness) Awkward in social situations. Even with her enhanced endurance. It's not immunity to injuries. Ambitions: Hobbies & Interests: Life History and Relationships Family: a mum and dad History: Chan and her family migrated to the UKG when she was young as her parents found better work, during that time she grew up at a military base and later followed her father's footsteps. At the age of 25 she migrated from the UKG back to Earth after having a short but successful career as survival expert and marksman with the Wolverines (The youngest Operative). Later she enlisted in the Trinity armed forces after the evacuation of Earth Her father is a brigadier general. Education: Bachelor of science in military studies. Languages: She has a translator in her neural interface. Starfleet/Military Service Information Assignment: Service Record: Service Medals: Equipment and gear: Disruptor cannon. (fires high-energy bolts that weaken and destroy the molecular bonds that hold the target's constituent atoms together. They are capable of passing through shields and armor to wreak havoc directly on the target). Binoculars and NV Goggles in one. Medkit. Survival kit. Grenades. Compass. Water filter. Jet boots. EVA/Gas mask. Disruptor cannon information: Weight: 58kg Length: 1.60m Hooked up to a neural interface on the back of her skull, providing targeting data sent to her Special HUD lenses. Removing the need for a scope and meaning that she can fire the cannon behind cover without having to stick her head out. A compact cold fusion reactor at the rear of the cannon provides the necessary energy for firing. Firing modes: -High power (Anti-Material). Used against armored or entrenched targets at range. Takes some time to charge before firing (A turn). After it fires, the muzzle glows red after the large energy-dense bolt fires out of it. This is because the "recoiling gasses" are redirected and then seep out of the muzzle after firing to eliminate the recoil which is equivalent to firing a 25mm cannon. This does risk her position becoming compromised. -Low Power (Marksman). Used against soft targets. Does not take time to charge up. It fires a low-energy bolt in a semi-automatic mode. After 20 rounds it does need some time to cool down (a turn) before firing. Stats, skills, anything rng/roll based scares me. I was told by Atsu that I can ignore it.
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