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  • Welcome to the page for the 21st SciWorld Conference! This event is hosted by The New Universes Project in association with Ongoing Worlds. This event occurs every year to bring together some of the greatest minds in the simming and role-playing world. Below you will find a table of sessions. If you are interested in hosting a session please contact Josh on Discord at atsumari#0001 or via email at jhina (at) tnuproject (dot) org. You can join the SciWorld discord to prepare for the event.


    Time (UTC) Room 1 Event Room 1 Host Room 2 Event Room 2 Host
    1730 Opening Ceremony Josh (TNU) N/A N/A
    1800 Writing Styles Chat Josh (TNU) The Future of Role Playing: How will simming end? Charles Star (IDF)
    1900 Chat on Fantasy Jolteon & Messenger (RP Wiki) Trivia Charles Star (IDF)
    2000 Trauma in Role Playing   Kim (SU/TNU) Trek Trivia Iggy (DF/IDF)
    2100 Critiquing and Reviewing Kirby (SU/AS) General Sci-Fi / General Trivia Iggy (DF/IDF)
    2200 Worldbuilding: Tech and Culture Jack Pine (TNU/SA) Open  
    2300 Romance in Role Playing Kim (SU/TNU) RP Tech Management in the 2020s Josh (TNU)
    2400 Closing Ceremony Josh  N/A N/A
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