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The ACU-03 Seeker is an ES class AMC assigned mech initially part of Earth Security Battalion 2 during Earth recovery efforts in the Battle of 4562 the Unit was assigned to the pilots Ensign Kiyoko Ino and Ensign Hikaru Ino. The Unit was then assigned to the ASD and eventually Rigal Combat Operations Battalion Task Unit 17. It now resides on the DFS Lavie as part of the Trinity Operations Detachment. The unit is equiped with long duration quarters and an enhanced AI.

Mech Specifications

ACU-03 Seeker (Kiyoko's Machine)

Manufactured by: UDC RnD Division 12, Arvonus Corporation, Aloris Special Research, Lonhorn Corporation

Crew: 2 (Pilot, Gunner)

Combat Specialization: Close Quarters (Long Range attachments optional)

Main Armaments:

2 High Yield Particle Cannons

4 Auto-Guns

1 Beam Blade

1 Emergency MCS-3 (Master Command System Type 3) (Upgrade)

1 Hypergate Generator

1 Atmosphereic Booster

1 Madridon Reactor with AI Program (automatic ejection system included)

1 Long Duration Flight Kit

Optional Equipment:

1 Meas Rifle

1 Nova Bomb Compacter

ACU-03 Seeker
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