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Eine Neue Reise Beginnt: Chapter 1

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The New Universes ~ Eine Neue Reise Beginnt ~ Chapter 1 or ENRB: Chapter 1 is the first visual novel collaboration between the TNU Project and LastNexus Studios (formerly Sinister Night Studios) to exit pre-development phases of testing. It is currently in very early Alpha and currently undergoing art development. The story for the VN is complete and follows Sumire Rembrant through her adventures on Marsia Academy up to the point where she joins the Federation. This is the first game in the ENRB planned series. With the cancellation of the first ENRB visual novel following Yuka Layton and that being moved to being a prequel it is also currently the first title scheduled for release. it was listed on Steam as of July 3rd 2019. The first release of the game will be part of the Steam Early Access Program to assist TNU Project Staff and LN developers in creation and fine tuning of the game and its planned in-game puzzles and mini-games. The game's first release is scheduled to be conducted at the end of August or early September depending on final compilation of the version. For more information on the title please see the Steam Store Page.