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Eine Neue Reise Beginnt (Cancelled)

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TNU: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt is the original name of the DFS Lavie Role Play and the title of the first in The New Universes Project Visual Novel Series. The series follows Yuka Layton a 25 year old from the 21st century whom mysteriously ends up in the 46th century. It is considered the start of the new chapter of the TNU stories following a different cast with only cameo appearances from previous cast members. It is being developed by Sinister Night Studios in cooperation with The New Universes Project Council. The project is headed by Luis Martinez (SNS) and Josh Hina (TNU).


The story follows that of the first two missions of the crew of the DFS Lavie from Yuka Layton's prospective.


Yuka Layton - Pilot of the RINZ-00
RINZ-00 - Yuka's Love Interest/Mech Artificial Intelligence
Kirin Dragmawl - Alchemy Commission Agent
Jeane Dumont - Yuka's Love Interest/Chief Diplomatic Officer
Koto Kengori - Chief of Security
Scott Johnson - RINZ-00's Caretaker/Chief Engineer
Alex Werner - Yuka's Commanding Officer
Lars Shogun - Strange Pilot
Risa Ward - Alchemy Commission Agent
Arisa Norinette - First Lavie Commander
James Ross - Lavie Intel Officer
Trent Raven - Lavie Tactical Officer
Lavie - Ship's Computer
Hax Saw - Lavie Medical Officer