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The Gems were discovered on Hondas by a Delta Force team. They were originally created by Brian Hill of the TNU Council as part of his stories about this world. The UDC began using them after they were found. They did however limit their use and provide them only to Delta force and the Alchemy Commission after intense training. The following is a breakdown of their types and additional information about them. Modification of this was made by Tugar and Scott Y with the advice of the TNU Writing Committee.

Red gems are fire types.

Blue is water and it includes healing abilities.

Yellow is lightning and wind.

Brown is earth also has healing too.

Purple is teleportation and energy transference. Purple can also recharge the other gems or amplify the Gems.

Black is death.

White is life.

Grey aether or the concept of space and existence.

Colorless is time modification. No UDC or GFED researchers have found this.

Technical Information

The following is technical data involving use of the gem system in play. Please note that any person attempting to use a gem during combat without prior understanding and training with gems WILL automatically fail their concentration roll. In order to effectively use gems a user must first train with them For each level of training the difficulty decreases by five; in the SDS if a user rolled a 16 and was only at level 1 for water gems they would succeed in using a water based attack. However; if said level 1 user rolled a 5 they would fail the concentration check. Attack rolls for gems are determined by the GM overseeing combat and the type of attack the player is intending to use.