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Project Listing (2018)

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The New Universes Project or simply TNU is a collaborative writing project taking place over play by post role playing games (simms), individual writing and by development of visual novel games to further the series. A tabletop version of the game was attempted between 2002 and 2006. The project has been ongoing from 2001 until now with a short break between 2013 and 2015. It has been coordinated by Josh Hina and various other people with major contributions from Mike Lees, Brian Hill, Rob Werner, John Brandon, Monica Williams, Josh Travis, Jay Galloway and Brian Furman.


The story starts in 2195 following a group of vigilante crimefighters whom worked with a mech pilot to help maintain the peace. From there the story continues to follow this group as they are unfrozen from cryogenic stasis up until their retirement in 4550 prior to the events of the War of 4550 where a thirteen-year-old girl whom was a prodigy to the point of even commanding her own unit of the military on a space station became pulled into this war and saw a change in the government. A few years pass to following the crew of the Shadow Fire a civilian ship hired to do various missions for the Lonhorn Corporation; the ship’s Captain Alex Davis would soon find out the truth of the galaxy and how the Earth Government was just pulling the wool over people’s eyes. She would eventually rescue the later to become President of the Galactic Unified Government called the Galactic Federation; Hukari Carain. Alex would marry her second in command and marine commander only to watch him die in a later battle and retire in grief. At this point the story moved to Hukari and her adventures to change the galaxy and stop people from having a horrible go at things, losing their home, family and life as she and so many before her had. She would later be crowned Empress but move the government to a democratic rule. When the new government was created the Senate of the Federation granted her the title of Lady and named her the President. The two most recent stories Marsia Academy and its child-story The World of Tomorrow as well as Eine Neue Reise Beginnt and its child-story DFS Lavie along with their supporting stories make up the current main plot of the TNU Project. For information on these stories see Marsia Academy or DFS Lavie. For an overall summary of the past stories prior to Marsia Academy see this page.