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Simple Dice System

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This page explains the system used for the dice rolls in the play by post role plays. The system exists to help manage certain events; mostly combat and determine a result. The rules of the system and instructions are below:

Attacking/initiating party goes first. Roll a 20 sided die.

Defending/reacting party goes next. Roll a 20 sided die; try to beat the attacker.

Beating the attacker means successful defense.

If attacker rolls higher they may roll an attack die... For normal weapons roll a six sided die. Advanced and instant death weapons roll a 12 sided die.

All players have 10 HP; at 0 they go unconscious... At -10 they die.

If a player is in a mech, vehicle or other enclosure the enclosure gets HP as well determined by the GM under what the structure is and how much defense it would reasonably have.

If a player on the attacking or defending side has skills relevant to the attack, is wearing power armor, using a special weapon or a skill that would make their attack stronger a plus is applied to their roll for attacking or defending up to 10 points depending on the GMs determination on the players skill. A player can also lose points up to 10 for having certain status effects, being injured, sick or otherwise unable to move as fast.


Skill points within the trees posted on the forum are now added to rolls for specific tasks that could have failure which would result in the character's death and anything during combat. Tiers are added to a dice roll in total amounts. If a player were to max tier 2 in a skill they would start at 20 and would only fail if they rolled a 1. Skill stacks beyond tier 3 would create an unneeded level of success in any roll unless facing EU, demi or other similarly powerful enemies.