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The normal common way of space transit. Zefram Cochrane developed the Warp Engine. Under limited situations people have been able to reach the Warp 10 factor (being at every point at the same time.) Though due to the risks involved Warp 10 was banned by the Lowharah Accord in 3245. Most ships no longer use warp as of 4475. In 4550 the last set of warp capable ships was created. They are estimated to be decommissioned in 4570.
The method used by most organizations in the 4th millennia. It requires a hyperdrive and works much like warp with less risk its use is managed by the ITC (Inter-Universal Technology Command).
Most military vessels and civilian transport agencies use this or the Gate Complex. Slipstream takes you form point A to point B via travel in a different special realm. The risks involved from traveling to common points are low however traveling to unknown locations or from one end of the universe to the other via this method is not recommended.
Transdemensional Gate Systems
This is by far the safest mode of travel in the universe. It connects common points within a network of gateways and allows nearly instant travel from point to point though the gates require a wormhole and stabilization equipment it takes a relatively small amount of time to manufacture a gate. The gate system is also managed by the ITC.

Gem Powered Hyperdrive

Hyperdrive is a theoretical drive system developed by Trinity Space Flight Research on Deep Space 741. It is powered by the purple gems from the worlds of Hondas and Kiru. It was created as a replacement for the damaged slipstream systems and nonfunctional Gate System technology. This technology is as fast as the Gate Systems use and needs to be repowered prior to use. A Gem Recharge Unit (GRU) created by the Alchemy Commission to recharge the gems for field agents; a unit was adapted for use by the DFS Lavie in its testing of this unit. The GRU requires a planet with a suitable magnetic field to convert said energy.